Thursday, November 01, 2012

GOP Defined By Many

While Halloween can be weird and scary, an election year can even be worse. We in the GOP have our wackos just as the far left has theirs. For some reason, the far left types don't upset me as much as on the right. I suppose it's like a family member flipping out and embarrassing me.

Many of you that do not live in North Idaho and follow this blog, (and there are many) probably won't recognize some of the names that I will use in this post, so I'll attempt to explain.

Yesterday, Larry Spencer, a failed candidate and general all around political gadfly, announced unctuously, that he was going to vote for Dan English, Democrat instead of the Republican. His reason? the Republican, Morse in his mind is a "RINO," which is used by the wackos to claim that while they represent the center of the conservative movement, others are Republicans in name only, or RINOS. Translated, Morse beat Spencer's pal, Hart who was so totally discredited that several respected Republicans filed against him in the primary which he lost.

This could be construed as funny if it weren't a serious situation where political branding is very important. Spencer went on to say that while he wouldn't vote for a RINO, English, being a democrat wouldn't cause any harm in the Idaho State legislature, due to the small numbers of democrats in that body politic.

The funny part is that Larry Spencer and a few fellow travelers are so far right of center as to be on the outside looking in. As a matter of fact, many were members of the Constitution Party previously, or other stratospheric political groups. Perhaps I should have said group, since some are probably consisting of just one person.

To put this into perspective, in my view, which I do not claim any particular position in the curve grading system, Larry Spencer ranks somewhere between Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun.  For him to call anyone else a RINO is ridiculous, since he, himself is just that.

He and I do have something in common this year. While declaring his first ever vote for a democrat, and why, I am voting across party lines too. But I'm doing it because I felt that either the candidate running as a Republican was a member of the Wacko party, or that the democrat in the case of Dan English whose public service dates back years in public office and quite often in just humanitarian acts such as youth counseling and treatment.He was an original organizer of a home for disturbed or behavior challenged teens. (Anchor House) For the record, if anyone cares, it is my first vote in a partisan election for a democrat or I should say democrats, since I voted for the first time for John F. Kennedy. My reason then wasn't because he was a democrat, it was because I resented that the public perception was that a Catholic couldn't win since the Pope would then rule our country. For the record, I'm not Catholic either.

Well, he was elected, and while in his short period in office was somewhat flawed, the Pope didn't attend cabinet meetings. That is somewhat parallel to this year with Romney being LDS. Ironically, Reid of Nevada, the ultra liberal senator and majority leader and Senator Hatch, also an LDS member are about as far apart as one can get politically, proving that Salt Lake City will not become the new US capital. God love those who will vote for Obama, a black person that was raised in a Muslim world, but will not vote for Romney because of his religious beliefs. Another irony? Perhaps.

Former city council member and Kootenai County clerk, English rises so far above his opponent that Morse's only claim to fame is that he belongs to the so called Reagan Republicans.

I also have endorsed Cheryl  Stransky whose opponent, Barbieri of Dalton Gardens, urges people to remove their children from the Godless public Schools. As I pointed pout in a previous post, Yes schools are godless, but not against religion, they are simply religion neutral. We call that secular.   Those candidates that follow that far off trumpet still trying to knock down the walls of Jericho, will not get my vote, ever again. I guess by some standards I am being called a RINO, too. Well, one nice thing about our Republic is that we get to label ourselves rather than having a dictator do it for us.

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