Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hate Crimes

A hate crime may be thee only one where the motive outweighs the act itself. If I punch someone in the nose, I'm guilty of third degree assault, a misdemeanor. Conversely, if I utter an ethnic or racial epitaph before the punch in the nose, I'm then guilty of a felony.

Folks, punishing a person for their motive rather than the act is blatantly UN-American. I don't advocate racial or ethnic slurs, but they fall under the category of poor behavior, not felonious crimes.

Why this hasn't been tested in an appellate court  blows my mind.

In this one generation we have allowed people to tramp all over our rights of free speech. Political correctness was born from the left wing press and carried forth by the Democrats.

Freedom of speech has been voided by those that only accept that speech with which they agree with. God help us all as we swirl down the proverbial drain of a people who once was free..

Monday, February 20, 2017

Mexican Farm Workers

Back when I was a teen, way back,in the 1950's, we had no fast food outlets at all. The route to teen income was either an allowance from parents, or in Summer, the bean fields.

Flashing forward 60 years, the valley that stretched from Renton, Washington to Puyallup, Washington, some eighteen miles, was solid bean fields. There weren't enough teen age workers that could pick fast enough to overcome the youth grab ass tendencies. After all, pursuing the opposite sex was paramount in our minds, bodies, and dreams. What to do?

Braceros. Braceros were Mexican farm workers that could pick three times as fast as we slothly teens.  They were paid by the hour, since by our scale it would have cost the farmers more than they wanted to pay. First mistake, but then this was the 1960's where our sense of justice did not extend to our neighbors to the south.

From time to time I spoke with some of the Bracero's I much admired them for their ambition and productivity. The way it worked, was that the Mexican farm worker were imported for a season's work in he fields. When that season was done thy could, if sponsored,  follow the crops north to fruit orchards. etc. The bottom line here, was they were imported by employers, then taken back by them as well. When winter came, they rejoined their families in Mexico.

I do not know what happened to that program. Perhaps it was the farm workers union of the 1960's. That is a valid concern. Importing alien workers must not be allowed to undercut the living wage of resident farm workers who are here legally. Importing lesser wage workers would first not be right, and secondly, would create wars in the farm community.

Why hasn't ts occurred to our government?

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Winter From Hell

Something told me this winter was going to be a challenge. It is. While 2007-2008 had more snow, the below zero weather followed by more than a foot of snow has stopped people in their tracks.

For those that still believe in the groundhog predictions, stuff it.

At this point, with the snow being rained on, we now have a foot of slush, too deep to drive through. I can only hope that the Mercantile delivers, because I'm going nowhere fast.

As it looks now, and it's 10:00 am Sunday, that the rain is going to change back to snow. I see ice ruts in our future.

As always, be safe.If you do not absolutely have to be somewhere, don't go. Besides, you get great gas mileage when not driving your car.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Thank You

As I see 499,163 page views, since I started this blog 11 years ago, passing 500,00 tomorrow, I realized after reflection that I haven't thanked those most responsible for this success.

First,none of this would have happened if Dave Oliveria hadn't urged me to do this thing. Dave is ring master at Huckleberries on line, the North Idaho blog sponsored by the Spokesman-Review. When Steve Smith, former editor of the Spokesman-Review expanded to North Idaho with the Handle Extra  then the Prairie Voice, he recommended me as a correspondent for Northern Kootenai County, a position I held for about five years. When the S/R pulled in it's horns, discontinuing the Idaho editions, I was done. In my area of coverage, between Athol and Bayview,  the paper lost 60 subscribers. People that liked me to write about them and those events that were important to them.

The format for Bayviews, was designed for me by StebbiJo. The design that I still use.  She was a wealth of information and assistance during those early days where my computer skills were practically non-existent.

Then there was Bill McCrory, retired secret service officer. I must have called him at least three times a week for technical advise. He never hesitated to patiently help me over those hurdles.

While there were many more, these were the ones that made it all possible. Most likely, I will cross the half million page views tomorrow. Thank you all again. I just wish I would have done this way sooner.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Justice Gorsuch, Nominee

The nomination of 10th circuit court judge, Gorshuch came as a surprise to nobody. He was approved at the circuit court level by acclimation.

The issue of Constitutional Constructionists vs. going with the flow as progressives have favored bring up an important issue. Has society evolved and they want to go with them, or did starting with the Warren Court, push them into this evolution.

As was president Trump's remarks reflect, many voted for him solely on the basis of keeping the supreme court to the original job of following the U.S. Constitution. This is a heavy mandate. One that will bite democrats on the butt if they fail to realize why they lost and why he won.

Some in the progressive wing will commit political suicide if they ignore this. My hope is that the Senate does not have to use the nuclear option to shut down the negative voters. If they do, it will be on the heads of the recalcitrant Democrats.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Obamacare Replacement

In the world of trite phrases, one stands out today. "You can't have your cake and eat it too." Two proposed changes in government controlled health care are impossible to make together.

One is to continue to cover people with pre-existing conditions, the other is to eliminate fines for not staying in the program. The key here is adverse selection. If fines are eliminated, you will see a mass defection by young healthy people that cannot afford the insurance to begin with.

Throw in the ones who stay, most of which would be sick people without any options and you have a failed program.

One truth is we can't after creating a health plan for already sick people, throw them out on the street.Backing out of this flagrant attempt at socialization of medicine is going to be more complicated than most think.

While I'm not famous for supporting welfare programs, I see only one solution.

Go back to qualifying health and age wise as always was the previous criteria, and expand Medicaid to include those who cannot qualify for health insurance. Radical, yes, but how else can health insurance return to sane costs.

We must also reform prescription costs to match what other countries like Canada has or allow importation from other areas.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Misogynistic Behavior

Misogynistic behavior seems to be wildly bandied  about regarding the Trump victory. What is missing is those examples of really bad examples.

What should be leading the discussion would pretty much include the entire middle east, excepting Israel. Where a rape victim can be stoned to death by her family and many other outrages.

Let's look at our own examples in the presidencies:

Prior to the end  of WW11, then General Eisenhower commissioned a buxom English woman  in the U.S. Army. She was his driver... and more. (Non-citizens may not be commissioned officers in our military.)

President Kennedy routinely played with young ladies in the White House Swimming pool and of course the bedrooms as well. He even shared with his brother, Bobbie, the sexual favors of Marilyn Monroe.

Then we have Bill Clinton, who left only one child from his marriage, apparently due to his unavailability to the marriage bed.

Now, A Republican is being chastised for having an active sex life. Well, if he wants to shed Melania,  come to me, sweet thang.