Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Health Issues

I doubt that most of you care a rat's ass about my health issues, but the amazing thing is that at almost 79, I haven't any recent ones if you don't count the prostate cancer about 15 years ago that fortunately, since I have Veterans Administration health care, I was able to avoid surgery in favor of radiation. Something that would have cost about $35,000 if not paid for by the VA, and ruined many facets of my potential sexuality, not to mention the inevitable incontinence  that would have occurred later in life.

Not thinking I would look good wearing diapers, I chose the route to lesser less invasive treatment. One that would have permitted me to have a normal relationship with a woman. Alas, I forgot the important ingredient. The woman.

Up until last week, nothing noteworthy has happened. Then I found out about Kidney Stones. This is probably the only way you can legally get stoned in Idaho without visiting the county jail. I had a mild attack, fortunately passing some small ones.

Tomorrow, Thursday, I will trek over to Spokane for a CT scan to ascertain whether more rocks are lurking in my nether parts.

But when I consider my health against most of the people I know, I am blessed. I joke with my health provider that when I die it will be from nothing.

I was even fortunate to avoid, (so far) the big stones that cause one to writhe upon the floor in agony. Fortunately, there are treatments to destroy these rocks lurking in the shadows and the VA will provide the treatments that most people cannot afford.

Little did I know, when back in 1960, when I mustered out of the Air Force, that I, while serving at slave wages, would eventually become rich with VA health care.I am truly blessed by a system, while not always perfect, eventually gets it right.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Found Cat

I just learned that a house cat that has been de-clawed was found on Cape horn Road. If your cat is missing, call before it freezes I do not have a description yet but will add it as obtained. 683-9107

Monday, December 05, 2016


We are undergoing heavy changes this year as we side into the holidays.

In my lifetime I have witnessed the end of World War 11, the Korean war and the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The death of Fidel Castro and the changes that will occur in Cuba are yet to play out as well as the ultimate results following the huge Republican victory in this year's national election.

I think Raul Castro may institute substantial changes in how Cuba relates to other nations and to their own people.

The U.S. election is very unclear. In a polar like change, the Republican Party has morphed into the champions of labor and a populist base while the stunning defeat by the Democrats is still not understood by themselves as they persist in denial.

It really started many years ago as the Dems abandon labor in favor of racial politics and extreme conservationists. Looking for a new way to get recognition the manual labor force discovered Trump, a man who spoke their language. Anger with the status quo ruled the day.

The University of Washington will be playing in the final four for football national champions

There will be some static from our relationship with China and other Asian nations, not to mention the war against terrorism in the middle east. An ancient curse comes to mind as we enter these ruffled waters. "May you live in interesting times."

PS: Page views since 2005: 475,415 to date. Thank you for following this blog.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Standing Rock

This is an example of biased journalism, once again. Read it if you are open minded. Government and federal district court records show that this standing rock group is a damn lie.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Several Thoughts

I have followed the squealing and crying of the young left of which most didn't vote. After two weeks, I have come to the conclusion that these people should only not vote, but shouldn't be allowed to breed.

The surge of criticism about the cabinet selections before they are even 25% done is damning before the fact. I don't know quite where to start. Trunp has shown a desire to balance his cabinet with both supporters and critics. That is a good thing.

I will drink another wine and add to this tomorrow morning. 

Fidel is Dead

Map of Cuba

After watching the Gonzaga game, then Arizona vs Arizona State, A news bulletin was announced that Fidel Castro died. 1926-2016. Our relationship with that country has been a convoluted one.

First, we liberated Cuba from Spain during the Spanish-American war, along with the Philippines. We then turned Cuba loose to seek its own destiny. But a dictatorship evolved, aided by our Costa Nostra who took over much of the tourist industry, building huge casinos, with gambling galore.

Castro and others came along and staged their own revolution. Only this one was communist backed. Then The Soviet Union proceeded to import missiles that could reach most of the east coast of the U.S. This happened right during the transition from the Eisenhower administration to the Kennedy's.

Caught by surprise, Kennedy botched the invasion of Cuba, but did institute a blockade forcing Russian ships to turn back from the continuation of arming Cuba.Many years have gone by in which we have isolated Cuba from the West, keeping them in poverty.

Unwilling to ease up with the Island's dictatorship in full force, it as lasted many years. My question, is how can we differentiate between the dictatorship in Cuba, and the dictatorship in China, our principal trading partner in the far east.

The answer lies in Florida, where thousands of escapees from Cuba adamantly refuse to give up their sacrifices for a peace unearned by new comers. The Cuban Florida vote is powerful enough to throw national elections  into turmoil.

Now the question is can we, should we, have the political will to ignore that power block and normalize relations with this Island Nation.

Friday, November 18, 2016

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Working Class

There are several labels that piss me off. One is working class. Like DFO goes to work most weeks, juggling news stories, controlling debate, answering his phone while trying to keep track of the day's activities via the police calls. He doesn't work? White collar office workers and government employees don't work, just because they wear ties?

All of these people are working class. They just don't work in industrial or construction trades, all honorable. Perhaps a term such as blue collar workers would be less pejorative.

Then there is the term, "Little People." How can one get more insulting than that?

I spent the majority of my career wearing a suit and tie, working in the mortgage lending field. Back when it was respectable with legitimate income/debt ratios which spelled out one's ability to pay.

I worked my butt off in that endeavor, taking on the responsibility of guiding borrowers into lending programs that were the best fit for them. I too, was a working man.

It is time that the working press, yes they work too, comes up with less insulting labels to describe the various people that exist in our classless society.