Friday, March 24, 2017

What Wait?

Yesterday March 23 was my 79th birthday.That meant renewing my drivers license among other things.

Rising early, an unusual event for this retired old guy. My schedule was as follows: First, a haircut, which due to mostly weather related events was delayed to the shaggy condition, so it was my first stop in Hayden. There was just one customer ahead of me.

Dreading the expected long wait at the DMV, I, believing a lengthy period on my butt. I walked in and behold! while all of the windows were full, nary a seat was occupied in the waiting area. After a ten minute wait I approached the deputy hoping my glasses on order at the VA would not be needed. The lady that served me acted like I needed a white cane and a seeing eye dog. But explaining the glasses on order hadn't arrived yet, she begrudgingly passes me, took my $30.00 and Wallah, I was done.

Unfortunately instead of leaving Coeur d"Alene at two, heading to the Spokane VA for a scheduled CT scan, I had time to burn. So I had an early lunch at a Chinese restaurant. In my car I noticed it was just 12.03. I reached the VA at 1:00, with a 3:00 appointment. I went ahead and checked in and lo and behold, only waited for about 10 minutes to be ushered in.

My adult kids and assorted granddaughters expected me at around 3:00 pm, and it was just 1:30. So I played with my two youngest while waiting for the older ones to get home from school.I got to watch a cd of a school play from last year that I missed.

After a birthday dinner with a birthday blackberry pie instead of cake, I headed for home, reaching Bayview around 8:30. Sucking down a beer at the Captain's Wheel, I pulled in a home with all my chores done including making my reduced Real Estate tax exemption and application for sales tax reduction.

A full day that went off like it should always, ahead of schedule and without a hitch. I now have to wait for the proverbial other shoe to drop. The law of averages suggest I'll have a bad day to balance the ever present karma. Not bad for an old codger, eh?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Standing Rock Trash

I have been following the debate over the Dakota pipeline with great interest. The Standing Rock Lakotas have been very militant about clean water and the potential damage to the  environment.

Well, we all want clean air and clean water. But using that well worn excuse for shutting down just about everything won't wash.

Banks and government entities have been boycotting not only the pipeline, but any company connected to the project.

The real big issue here is extremism in the protection of our environment. This is only justified by those people and groups that trek to the nearest project themselves showing that they are pure in these alleged violations by their own behavior.

Today, in an AP story, the cleanup of the site where all of these people and tribes camped out there left behind 835 commercial sized dumpsters of trash. In my judgment that is not the way to support a cause that charges others with the same thing. Irony? Or perhaps just a cruddy group that doesn't live the lifestyle they preach. Walking the walk is more important than talking the talk.

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Cannabidiol Use Medically

"In conservative Idaho, efforts to put a medical marijuana initiative on the ballot failed last year and two years before that. The only exception is a similar supervised use of cannabidiol oil to treat seizure disorders in up to 25 children, which Otter signed as an executive order in 2015."

This is excerpted  from an AP article which appeared in today's Spokesman-Review

I know of a child that was wracked with seizures until given Cannabidol oil, AP or doctor? stopped the seizures cold. Unfortunately her doctor says it is illegal. Who is correct? The Doc? Or the ap reporter?

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

State of Our Union

Only the most jaded of the left wing proponents can find fault with the president's state of union message. Earlier today, an on line poll dominated by left wing types were asked to grade Donald Trump's presidency. This with just five or so weeks into his presidency and even without his full cabinet confirmed. Every one except me gave him an F.

Tonight, President Trump gave perhaps the most scintillating speech  I have ever heard. He started by honoring black history month then condemned violence against minorities and the Jewish community. He honored our veterans especially those that have given their lives in the line of duty.

Tonight, the president flung the gauntlet down. Either help us govern, or face the voters if you don't.

There were so many positives during this speech that I cannot repeat them all. Congratulations Mr President, today you truly became a president in deed as in name.

I won't go any further with this, since either you didn't watch the address, or you did and were blinded by party politics. Either way, it was your loss.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Cape Horn Road Closed

According to Sheryl Puckett, who sent out an e-mail, Cape Horn Road is washed out east of the summit, just past Terrace Road. A stretch estimated at 30-35 feet long, 6-8 feet wide and 20-25 feet deep has closed the road.

Water lines were severed at the scene and have been shut off. Please avoid the area as it is very unstable.

Update: Cape Horn Road is now open to all traffic and the water lines are secured.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hate Crimes

A hate crime may be thee only one where the motive outweighs the act itself. If I punch someone in the nose, I'm guilty of third degree assault, a misdemeanor. Conversely, if I utter an ethnic or racial epitaph before the punch in the nose, I'm then guilty of a felony.

Folks, punishing a person for their motive rather than the act is blatantly UN-American. I don't advocate racial or ethnic slurs, but they fall under the category of poor behavior, not felonious crimes.

Why this hasn't been tested in an appellate court  blows my mind.

In this one generation we have allowed people to tramp all over our rights of free speech. Political correctness was born from the left wing press and carried forth by the Democrats.

Freedom of speech has been voided by those that only accept that speech with which they agree with. God help us all as we swirl down the proverbial drain of a people who once was free..

Monday, February 20, 2017

Mexican Farm Workers

Back when I was a teen, way back,in the 1950's, we had no fast food outlets at all. The route to teen income was either an allowance from parents, or in Summer, the bean fields.

Flashing forward 60 years, the valley that stretched from Renton, Washington to Puyallup, Washington, some eighteen miles, was solid bean fields. There weren't enough teen age workers that could pick fast enough to overcome the youth grab ass tendencies. After all, pursuing the opposite sex was paramount in our minds, bodies, and dreams. What to do?

Braceros. Braceros were Mexican farm workers that could pick three times as fast as we slothly teens.  They were paid by the hour, since by our scale it would have cost the farmers more than they wanted to pay. First mistake, but then this was the 1960's where our sense of justice did not extend to our neighbors to the south.

From time to time I spoke with some of the Bracero's I much admired them for their ambition and productivity. The way it worked, was that the Mexican farm worker were imported for a season's work in he fields. When that season was done thy could, if sponsored,  follow the crops north to fruit orchards. etc. The bottom line here, was they were imported by employers, then taken back by them as well. When winter came, they rejoined their families in Mexico.

I do not know what happened to that program. Perhaps it was the farm workers union of the 1960's. That is a valid concern. Importing alien workers must not be allowed to undercut the living wage of resident farm workers who are here legally. Importing lesser wage workers would first not be right, and secondly, would create wars in the farm community.

Why hasn't ts occurred to our government?