Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Hans Neubauer, RIP

Yet another area icon has been lost. I wrote a tribute mostly dictated by his lovely three step-daughters several years ago. Today I must write another.

Hans arrived with friend and co-worker when Chan bought the Scenic Bay Marina, thence when the developer, who had bought up troubled resort properties got the y herself..opportunity to snap up these resorts at pennies on the dollar.

As before, the tribute was that he was a great Pop. This time it is about his work ethic, his integrity and his friendly approach to doing business. His loyalty to Chan is legendary.

We will all miss him. It is our understanding that Lynn, his widow does not want to run J.D.s by herself so reopening is up in the air. We understand that there will be a tribute this Saturday, time unknown. (2:00 pm)

Scenic Bay Marina  won't be the same without him.

Monday, August 05, 2019

Abolish the boat launch?

I was chatting with a woman yesterday about the dangers of boats launching, swimmers in the water and fishing all happening at the same time.

She had a simple solution. Abolish the boat launch and substitute a swimming beach. Leave the docks for boaters to access local businesses.

As intriguing as this sounds, boat trailers would not be crowding parking, and boats could launch at Farragut. I'd like to hear some comments on this.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Athol Relocated?

The story in today's Coeur d'Alene Press outlined several features, but left other glaring errors and omissions.

To start with it featured prominently the Silverwood Theme Park which indeed is a fine place to recreate. Still there are problems with the story by Tyler Wilson.

For starters, you cannot reach Athol from Hwy 53. Athol is framed by Hwy 54 which is the main street. Also, to arrive at Farragut State Park you must be on Hwy 54 as well. But wait. There is more.

Just four more miles you can access the premier vacation spot, Bayview. Nestled on the shores of Scenic Bay and adjacent to Idlewild Bay, the only sheltered waters in Lake Pend Oreille.

Seven marinas serve people from all parts of Washington and even Oregon. The sailing capitol of   North Idaho fishing and swimming, these activities rival Silverwood.They both serve the recreation needs, just in different ways.

Real Estate is also available both lots and homes with a fantastic view of the sparkling waters that treat residents and visitors alike.

So please return Athol, Farragut State Park and yes, Bayview, too.


Thursday, June 06, 2019

The Lake House

Many of you are wondering why The Lake House aka floating Patio has been closed for the past three days. It will reopen today, Thursday June 6.

The closure was due to significant damage suffered from last weekend's severe Thunder Storm. Repairs have been completed and Natasha & company are again operational. Come on down.

Saturday, April 06, 2019

Mueller Report Bullshoot a lot of info

Prosecutors are not asked to find the innocent, only the guilty and then only if a crime has been committed.

for those of you that rely on opinion over facts, you need to stop  casting aspersions based on philosophy and other Quackeries, and start using governing tactics along with communication aimed toward the inaccuracies of the socialist left, leaning harder every year.

This country cannot survive in a maelstrom of bitter denunciations and falsehood. Win at the ballot box if you will, but stop tearing this country apart.

The mainstream media is harping on the premise that the prosecutor is hiding something. He is. a protection for those that were found not guilty of any crime and any further info on them is not legal.

People on the far left or just crazy, stop it.

Friday, March 08, 2019

Passed stats

Eureka. I passed 601,000 page views without looking back.Thank you all for your interest. These numbers are since I started this blog which if you are that interested, you can scroll back to the beginning for.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

W.E.B. Griffin,R.I.P.

My two favorite fiction authors, Tom Clancy and now William E. Griffin 111 who wrote under the pen name of W.E.B. Griffin died at 98 years old a few days ago.

A veteran of the Korean war, has been there, done that and yes, has the T-shirt. He wrote several series on WW11 and Korea covering the Marine Corps, army, Special forces, CIA and many other facets of combat.

He is survived by his son who co-wrote several books with him.

An unhappy coincidence is I grow older, many of my friends and those that I admire have gone before me.