Friday, April 03, 2020

When Givers Rule

I was feeling sorry for myself earlier, then I stopped in at the Bayview Mercantile. The cashier slipped two boxes of facial tissues into my bag. When I got home I noticed my name had been added to each box. I subsequently learned that an unknown person bought them and asked that they be delivered to me.

Later, I notice a woman getting out of her car in front of my place. She stepped up on my deck and handed me a bag. It was a care package from the Bayview Christian Church.

Such neighbors we have. I am now stocked up with tissues of both kind and plenty of food. But other seniors are probably in need, which probably will mean a lady from the church will be visiting soon.

To make sure connections are made, please leave a post stating your age and/or infirmity long with a phone number which I will pass on to church members. God bless you all.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Business Closures

Of Bayview businesses closed hopefully temporarily, are the Captain's Wheel Restaurant, and Ralph's. These are prohibiting inside seating. Ralph's is currenly serving takeout which can be eaten in the various outside areas. Also takeout is still aailable.

As soon as the situation at the Wheel is clarified, I will report it. Right now, Kevin and Daveana are ready to serve you.  The Merc is open with required hand sanitizers provided.

The key to our survival is do not hoard. What you take that you don't need is taking it away from those that do, some desperately.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Unintended Consequences

With Washington bars and restaurants closed, followed by Coeur d'Alene, Hayden and Post Falls, is sending diners and drinkers to areas that are still open.

Already, I am seeing an influx of Spokane County licence plates. Villages like Bayview will now see transplanted virus carriers arriving  here. This will possibly save these areas some sickness, but

only to shift the danger to us multiplied. So much for isolating.

(I interrupted to answer the door. A kind soul handed me a box of kleenex in response to a facebook post asking for same. )

Such generosity was offset though by the Bastards that have stashed a year's supply of T/P and other products needed by those of us that have trouble getting around. These Assholes should be shot.

The risk has been shifted to the suburbs by selfish towns.

Friday, March 13, 2020

CDA Press story

I followed the story in the cda press re: the 23rd. If none of you read the paper, that isn't my fault. I did however not know the identity of the on duty bartender, nor did I name her. Perhaps it would have been better if I clarified my target. It was management policy, or lack thereof that was a t fault. Kim is one of my favorite [people, one that I wouldn't ever personally attack. Read the paper, fools.  

Unreasonable Fear

Today on facebook I read from many sources that there is a run on toilet paper. The stores are rationing it and folks are stocking up napkins, paper towels, and kleenex.

What the fuck is wrong with you. If you stock up in a normal way, without filling a room with unneeded stuff, there will be plenty to go around.

Unneeded  panic will produce a shortage of these items, not the virus. Stay away from crowds, cut back on social gatherings, and if  anything, just buy a few face masks. Do not hoard.

Stay out of bars, restaurants and theaters or  for that matter, avoid crowds. Then just go on with your life.

Where this ridiculous panic is going is creating an emergency, not solving one. Get a life, folks.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Historical vs Hysterical

The collective ego of the far left seems to feel that if something unusual happens,we control it by our collective actions. We are told by the experts that global warming is caused by coal and other related stuff.

An example or two, I am 82 years old. In my life experience, coal stoves were in every home except those with furnaces. A few years later most switched to oil stoves. Now these radicals claim we are currently on the road to hell anyway, even with electric and gas fuels. But lets regress back to our global climate in the past.

The last Ice Age, but not the only one, affected our area, Washington and Idaho. It was labeled  the Pleistocene Epoch. The last 15000 years covered our area with the Cordilleran. Ice Sheet. One result was a 300 foot drop in sea level.

As the ice crept forward  , it measured about 7000 feet deep as it crossed what is now the U.S./Canadian border. It dwindled down to about 3000 at its terminus near Seattle.The Strait of Juan de Fuca, Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands were terra firma. These waterways were formed as the ice sheets retreated, gouging out new routes for the soon to be islands and inlets letting ocean water to flow inland.

During the periods between ice ages, Southern Greenland became a farming community founded by Danish explorer, Lief Erickson. There is too much information for just one post, so I'll sign off for now with follow ups later.

Next up,the great flood on the Clark Fork River.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Hans Neubauer, RIP

Yet another area icon has been lost. I wrote a tribute mostly dictated by his lovely three step-daughters several years ago. Today I must write another.

Hans arrived with friend and co-worker when Chan bought the Scenic Bay Marina, thence when the developer, who had bought up troubled resort properties got the y herself..opportunity to snap up these resorts at pennies on the dollar.

As before, the tribute was that he was a great Pop. This time it is about his work ethic, his integrity and his friendly approach to doing business. His loyalty to Chan is legendary.

We will all miss him. It is our understanding that Lynn, his widow does not want to run J.D.s by herself so reopening is up in the air. We understand that there will be a tribute this Saturday, time unknown. (2:00 pm)

Scenic Bay Marina  won't be the same without him.

Monday, August 05, 2019

Abolish the boat launch?

I was chatting with a woman yesterday about the dangers of boats launching, swimmers in the water and fishing all happening at the same time.

She had a simple solution. Abolish the boat launch and substitute a swimming beach. Leave the docks for boaters to access local businesses.

As intriguing as this sounds, boat trailers would not be crowding parking, and boats could launch at Farragut. I'd like to hear some comments on this.