Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bonner County Embarrassed

It would appear that the failure of Bonner County's equipment to find John Fix's body has resulted in embarrassment for not seeking help from Kootenai County, who may have more sophisticated equipment that would help with the search.

Said help was requested and was granted by sheriff Ben Wolfinger recently, according to a blurb in the paper.

Without a declaration of death by authorities, his widow and family would have to wait seven years for a death certificate to be issued. In the mean time, the family is going to suffer severe financial difficulties in addition to the horror of loosing this fine man and father/husband.

I recommend that his closest friends start a "go fund me" account to help out.

We can only hope that the intensified effort will find the body, even if it isn't recoverable, which could lead to a declaration of death, triggering social security benefits.

Sheriff Wolfinger is to be congratulated for his marine division offering help.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Drownings Revisited

By happenstance, as I was walking up the boat ramp in Bayview yesterday, I spotted a pickup with Bonner County Sheriff lettered on the side. I meandered over and asked the person who was not in uniform why they were not doing more to find Santa.

He introduced himself as the  officer in charge of the marine division in Bonner County. He went on to explain very patiently about cold water drownings. Bodies in the water go to the bottom rather quickly, unlike in warmer areas where they pop up before taking the plunge.

In other words there is no chance of recovery or discovery in water 1100 feet deep. Side scanning sonar is only effective in shallow water above 200 feet deep.

In the interest of accuracy and fairness I felt it necessary to retract the allegations I repeated about Bonner County.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Bad Santa

John Key, alias "Bad Santa wasn't really bad at all. He was loved by many, especially his two best friends, Anne DuPont and Chris Gormsen. None of us ever heard a bad word either from him or about him. Most that knew him well did not automatically assume he was drunk when he and his boat separated company off Cape Horn over last week-end. Many feel at age 67, he may have experienced a heart attack.

Personally I prefer that a huge fish dragged him into the water. What is terribly disappointing is the lack of cooperation from the authorities in Bonner County. According to Chris Gormsen, best friend and side kick, the Bonner County water cops told him first, they would stay out there until John was found.

Then made the excuse that their side view sonar was broke and they withdrew. Last weekend the community responded with over a dozen boaters scouting the shorelines looking for their friend. I called Sheriff Ben Wolfinger with a question. Did Bonner County ask to borrow the needed equipment that could discover where Santa's body is? " Ben replied, not that I recall, and I would have been told if they had."

The attitude sucks. One wonders why citizens that are not Bonner County residents are perhaps second class. Or maybe they treat their own that way too. Just be glad we live in Kootenai County where we have a government that cares, a sheriff's Department that pulls out the stops to support our citizens when in trouble.

We will always miss Bad Santa.  He was the real deal.

 "Please join us as we celebrate the life of John A. Key, A.K.A Bad Santa. The celebration will be held 7-15-17 at the Bayview Community Center located at 20298 E. Perimeter Rd. Bayview, Idaho 83803 from 2-5 pm. This will be a casual event with light snacks provided. Please feel free to share this post so we can celebrate with ALL who loved John."

Friday, July 07, 2017

Dangerous Heat

Us seasoned citizens (I'm 79) have to be very careful when the temps exceed 95 or so. Heat stroke, heart attacks and such can occur. This cannot be much fun.

For me, I'm going to hunker down with my air conditioner, which is now working just fine. I hope others taker care as well for safeties sake.

Have a great safe week end.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Restaurant Capacity

A couple of years ago the Captain's Wheel Restaurant received complaints about slow service. This was due to hundreds of visitors in town with only one full service restaurant open.

This could happen again this year with the Buttonhook closed. Limited menus are available at Ralph's and the Floating Patio, but I advise folks to dine early before the rush.

The unfortunate result with the Buttonhook, is a small group of anti-business left wing people who especially resent Chan Karupiah, owner of several marinas including the Buttonhook.

A recent hearing by the road district in response to an easement request by Karupiah, was faithfully attended by this anti-everything group. They are not just harming the Buttonhook, but also the community. The negative impact on tourism will soon be felt if we don't have enough dining facilities to handle the crowds. Without this easement connecting the Buttonhook with Harborview marina, no resort liquor license can be obtained.  

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Summer Time

Many of you might wonder why the dearth of blog posts. It is simple. It's finally warm out and instead of writing I'm experiencing. Today and Monday we are supposed to exceed 90 degrees.

Bayview Daze is approaching fast. The parade, street fair and fireworks will be on July 1, Saturday. Come on down. This year the combat veterans will be honored.

Kick back and enjoy.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Horrible News Coverage

As I went on line this morning, I found it fascinating that the news media couldn't let go to the shooting at the Congressional baseball practice. Sure it was newsworthy, but not for three news cycles.

Before noon today, it was announced only on Accu-weather, did the story of a blimp crashing into the golf course at the U.S Open. Rather than depart from the mock congressional baseball game, they ignored it.

Finally, around 7:00 pm a runner, below the main story, mentioned that this happened.   What should have been a headline news story got  erased by another political one.

In this day and age, I suspect the Hindenburg disaster would be ignored, if an juicy political story was unfolding. God, where is 24 hour news when you need them.