Thursday, September 22, 2016

NFL Football

The warm weather going away triggered a metamorphosis. The floating patio has forced air heating, three flat screen TV's a Thursday/Monday night menu and more. They have transformed the sun drenched deck off Summer months to an indoor Sports Bar.

Not to leave the Captain's Wheel out, they also sport three flat screen TV's and know where to find football on them.

The patio has back the manager, Amber Graves after a week of mourning and funeral activities for her niece. It is to the Karupiah's credit, Chan and Teresa, that they understood and allowed her time to get back together. They held her job open until she was ready to return. A class act. Amber and sister, Brittney were awed by the community support they received and wish to thank everyone for their support.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

WSU Football

Coach Leach has two problems. One, he solved by solidifying his relationship with his players. The second though, is by taking the word of his players that they are always innocent of felonious behavior he has alienated the community and fans across the state of Washington.

Football teams and it's players have several things in common. First the are usually large, aggressive and live on a social pedestal. Secondly, they hang together and support each other. On the field of play, this is normal and desirable. Out carousing late in the evening, that is not desirable at all.

Coach Leach, instead of lecturing his players about such things as behavior and curfews, consuming alcohol and or drugs as violations of their scholarships and team rules, he instead berates the police for "picking" on his players. The problem of charging players is that if one assaults  someone, five of his teammates say in unison, that isn't what happened.

Well, like much of the racial protesting, it is possible that there are more athletes causing trouble than those that are not, as in crime stats show minorities commit more crime than other races and that it is the police that are at the blame for incarcerating more minorities than their population percentages warrant.  There is a glaring parallel here.

To sum up, not only is coach Leach not leading a winning program, he isn't training his guys to be good citizens either. His tenure at Beer U is now very at risk. He no longer has the backing of the community or the alums.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Pain Medications

That opiates or drugs derived from Opium are being abused, is a given. Still, in a throw the baby out with the bath water ruling, the Center for Disease Control has published guidelines for the prescribing of these drugs. Each state is a law unto itself in this matter, but all pain clinics and doctors are being urged to comply.

What we will get it this trend is realized, that in yet another bureaucratic move not approved by congress nor recommended by the president, is a massive crime wave where pharmacies will have to fort up and drug thefts will soar. Those unable to obtain pain medication from the black market, Writhing in pain, will send the suicide rate into orbit.

This is not the answer. Extreme measures will cause more damage than the currently addicted. In many cases, chronic pain that cannot be reversed would justify addiction as the lesser of two evils.


Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Adilynn, R.I.P.

Yesterday, a tragic car wreck took the life of Adilynn, daughter of Brittney Johnson who works with her sister, Amber Graves, at the Floating Patio in Bayview.

There is nothing we can do to bring her back, but for a time, both employees of the Patio are going to have their incomes affected. If you want to help, put  a few bucks in an envelope and drop it off either at the Patio, or the Scenic Bay Office, of mail your donation to Scenic Bay Marina, PO Box 770, Bayview, Idaho 83803

I cannot imagine a deeper tragedy than losing one's child. Please pray for all of the affected in this terrible event.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Congress Screws VA

A little known program in the Veterans Administration is the Home Health Aide Services, or (HHA). This program is designed to keep aging Veterans out of more expensive Assisted Living facilities or Nursing homes.

Those veterans that live alone, have no care giver, are eligible for up to sixteen hours of home care that includes light house cleaning, bathing, meal cooking, laundry, etc.

I applied for this service and was sent a brochure outlining these benefits.The only requirement is that the veteran's health provider must recommend the vet and approve of the need. He did.

I then waited a month hearing from nobody. I called the Social Work Services at the Spokane, Washington VAMC. The person that I talked to said they were over capacity for the program. This didn't make any sense, due to the program outsourcing these services.

Finally I got a call back from the person in charge of that service. Joseph (509-434-7558). It seems the congress underfunded the program severely. While many are eligible, currently, 80 Vets including yours truly, are on a waiting list in just the Spokane region. Apparently someone on the program has to die for there to be an opening. I'm told one such person has been on the list for a year.

This program which guarantees home health care, is broke. Congress must pass an appropriation to reestablish the fund. If 80 are waiting just in Spokane, one wonders how many more around the country are in the same boat.

I contacted Congressman Raul Labrador's Meridian, Idaho office (208-888-3188) which was not aware of the problem. But they are now and will be lobbying for a cure. It wouldn't hurt to call your congress person to complain bout the problem and attempt to get enough members of congress interested and aware of this gap in benefits.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Christ the King Love Pantry

Flying under the radar, is a food bank that is very different than other community based organizations. The Love Pantry, operated by Christ The King Lutheran Church, aptly named since the food for the most part comes from the Christian love of the community from the congregation members. Over 4000 People have been served in the past year.

Fueled by volunteers: organizer Jim Preston and populated by the following: 
Dennis Lorenz,Darryl & Rita Miller,Lee Erwin,Jim & Colleen Preston,Lowell Nelson,Toby Heldreth,Tom Muhly,Candy and Larry Comer,Rosalie Williams,Rich & Annie Whipple,Tex Ritchie, and Dr. John Land. In addition, volunteer students from Lakes Middle School regularly volunteer.
In addition to the donations of their time at the Love Pantry, they can be seen weeding and cultivating
not to mention the harvesting the weekly  vegetables which go directly to the Thursday meetings of the pantry, which operates from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm every Thursday. Other than the many contributions that are given by the congregation, Winco Foods is a large contributor, as well as 
USDA and second harvest.

 Once a month, a program instituted by Dr. Land provides 10 family bags which hold only fresh foods and no  prepared ingredients.  They have the ingredients for a family from 4-6 along with directions on how to fix them. Recipes included.

This accomplishments several things. One, it encourages people to use fresh ingredients, rather than the more expensive frozen and canned foods that are loaded with preservatives and excessive salt. It provides ingredients and recipes for preparing a dinner for a family of 4-6.

It educates people on how easy it is to simplify the preparation for their family. An added benefit is that it encourages families to eat together, something that has been missing in many if not most families and used to be the glue that got the family together at least once a day.

Dr. Land, a transplanted Englishman refers back to Medieval strip gardens but for those of us that are old enough to remember, it was like the victory gardens of WW11. 250 years late for the revolution, he is still determined to make a difference. He has.

The services that the church provides are Heritage Health mobile medical services that visit every two weeks. Pastoral services are also available for those needing spiritual assistance by  Pastors Bob Sunquist, John Muhly and Deacon Larry Comer. The church is located at 1700 Pennsylvania, in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho


As I watched smoke roll in to Bayview Sunday, I wondered whether they were new fires or just wind direction change. I went to all of our local TV venues, only to find week-end specials. No bulletins or interrupted programing, just business as usual.

This morning however, banner headlines proclaimed three serious fires in our area.

One wonders that if Aliens were to arrive from outer space on a week-end if we would have to wait until Monday to find out.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Funding Request

From time to time I see a need and do my best to help. Such is the case today. I come to you seeking help for a woman who shall remain unnamed at her request.She labors daily helping the elderly with housekeeping and other personal needs.

Last fall's wind storm knocked down trees, killed the mobile home she lived in along with her car. She managed to find another car, but it needs tires and shocks. If we have a snowy winter, she will be forced to give up her vocation of helping the elderly. Helping others is her vocation. Now it is she that needs help.

I'm asking you to help if you are able. Please send checks payable to "Mr. Tire," and send them to me, Herb Huseland, PO Box 884, Bayview, ID 83803