Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Reverse Racism

When I watch TV these days, seldom if ever do I see a scene or commercial without a black person in it.

Police are maligned and shot by minorities, yet when as in Chicago no media that I have seen shows any black on black violence which after all is prevalent. Nor do they show police officers assisting civilians.

This is a one sided show that misrepresents the reality that prevails in 95% of police shootings. In Kootenai County, Idaho the sheriff advertises for officer trainees with no results. Why would any young person  set themselves up in a dangerous job that is also thankless.

Yet we the white race are pummeled with hate from people that are not downtrodden, but are actually being treated as a privileged class. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


I am glad that I will probably die in the next few years. The parents that populated San Francisco in the 1960's with pot, free love and radical political positions, have spawned a generation of anti-American  radicals that are now running our country into the ground. These radicals now are grandchildren of the '60's radicals

While anti-Vietnam rallies were probably the largest harm to this country, their spawn is even worse. They have been raised by those weirdos from the 1960's.

Enter the riots in eastern cities in the east, like Baltimore, Missouri and others Now, instead of blaming black criminals for the deaths when shot by police, the leftist press is making the officer the villain, while protecting the communities they serve.

Segue to the present and we have football players, most  who are bringing down millions in pay, feel oppressed.  How anyone can feel sorry for players that have taken advantage of our system and with great effort climbed the hill of success then claim they are downtrodden.

I have been a Seahawks fan since I attended their first game in 1976. No longer. This team, management and ownership have chose political correctness, (read leftist agenda) over honoring our flag and trashing old fashioned patriotism.

How about being straight up here and naming it a fake issue.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Nuclear War

Well, we have finally achieved an enemy that s both crazy, and capable. New North Korea is targeting San Francisco. Frightening?

Wat a minute. There are some potential advantages here. They nuke San Francisco 
 and we bomb  Their capital.

Tit for tat. They lose their entire government, we lose Pelosi. I consider this a good trade off.  Just sayin.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Seasonal Changes

I think we can all agree that fall has arrived with a vengeance. From 80 straight days of heat and drought to heavy rain, hail and cooler temperatures... Overnight.

Now, once the fires are out we can prepare to bitch about rain, snow and  other nasty weather. By spring we will all pray for global warming again.

Boats are leaving Bayview in droves as cruising weather is gone. Staying of course are the fishing boats that are preparing for the fall Derby September 30-Oct 1st. See Ralph at 683-2218 for info and tickets.

Sunday, September 10, 2017


There have been many criticisms of various charities during ts trying time with Harvey and Irma. I think some of the remarks about the Red Cross perhaps unwarranted.

When a disaster strikes, many new charities pop up, most of them legitimate, but not all. These temporary organizations disappear after the emergency is over.

Not so the Red Cross. While yes, there are permanent staff that are well paid, so would any standing business that had such wide spread links and functions. They do not invent themselves when an emergency happens, but are standing by fully prepared to jump in with all of their facilities, immediately.

Obviously, they have a higher overhead than the temps. We should try to examine all of the factors before demonizing some without solid facts.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017


There is much controversy regarding illegal immigrants that came to this country with their parents as young children. I woke up after a dream sequence a couple of days ago and before the president declared the program dead after 6 months. This gives congress ample time to either pass a law legitimizing these people who are now productive adults or not. These laws that were ignored by President Obama, but without the law permitting it should not have been done.

I am in favor of law abiding Dreamers being allowed to stay and either work or pursue an education. Having said that, congress needs to step up and do it's job.

It's poop or get off the pot time.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Weather Relief??

Weather relief may be just around the corner. While most of us revel in the nice weather sometimes happening after labor day weekend, it is not typical. Recently the long range forecast (Accuweather) said no rain until the 27th of September here in the North Idaho Panhandle.

Today a different story. Monday, September 11 shows a significant thunder storm followed by a day of rain and drizzle. This then follows a pattern of off and on rainy weather, punctuated by some sunny days.

The following week the day temps should fall into the '60's. Yeas, you heard me right. Bye bye, 90's.

We can only hope that this is true and some of the wild fires will drown.