Tuesday, July 03, 2018


Every year, someone loses a dog during thoughtless fireworks use. Visitors with no ties to our community, use fireworks irresponsibly. Hey, it's not their backyard.

First, there is fire danger. I personally do not want to evacuate Bayview due to an Asshole recklessly endangering others.

Dogs, with very sensitive ears, panic when explosives go off. They blindly run until exhaustion then cannot find their way back home. Please either keep your dogs inside or on a leash. If you don't you may lose your pet.

Personal use of exploding devices is illegal in Idaho. If I catch you using them in my neighborhood, you are going to get prosecuted.

Monday, June 11, 2018


Ralph's will reopen Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 12. The new owners are Daveana and Kevin Huff. A grand opening will follow later.

The hoops that the Huff's had to jump through are legendary. When Ralph opened he had to comply with 3 pages of health rules. Kevin and Daveana had 16 pages.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Floating Patio Opening

The Floating Patio at the Boat launch will open for the season Saturday, May 26, flood waters permitting. Other cafe openings to be announced soon.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bayview Flooding

We are now slightly above summer level. The projection is for us to reach flood stage by Thursday. If the warm weather persists, and/or we get drenching thunderstorms, this could be a bad one.

The Clark Fork River in Missoula has flooded out of control and we must be conscious that all that water is headed out way.

Much of the predictions hang on weather conditions. If it cools off next week we can probably get 2011 conditions. If not we could see the disastrous flood of 1997 repeating itself.

Hope for the best, but if you live along the lake shore, prepare with sand bags Good luck to all.

PS: I just checked weather radar. While nothing is close, I did note that the weather is retrograding, or flowing from east to west. This is very rare and when this happens it usually means more violent weather.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Remembering Ralph Jones

Tomorrow, Sunday May 13 will mark a Celebration of Ralph's life. It will be held at the large parking lot on Main Street at 2:00pm. Bring a chair.

The permission to use the parking lot was given by Chan and Teresa Karupiah.

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Possible Flooding

With all that has happened in Bayview recently, a note from Gary McDonald may have gone unnoticed. Our normal Summer lever of 2062.5 here on Lake Pend Oreille may be exceeded by an additional two feet of water. which would cause some flooding here in Bayview.

I was here during the flood of 1996 and also the lesser flood few years later.

In the big flood, water came over the sea wall and went all the way up to Main Street.

Al of this is affected by weather, both negative and positive, but it wouldn't hurt to be prepared.

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Ralph's Celebration of Life

I'm speculating a little, but until his kids get here from out of state next week-end, nothing will be firmed up. Judging from the weather guessers forecasts May 13 looks good as well as Saturday, May20,

Chan and Teresa Karupiah have offered the big parking lot or if poor weather, the Button Hook. Either Saturday noted predict good weather. I anticipate a large crowd that wouldn't fit in n indoor venue.

Updates will apeear here as well as on Facebook.