Thursday, July 26, 2012

HUGE Community Yard Sale

Proceeds benefit the Bayview Community Center

Saturday, Sunday & Monday

September 1st, 2nd & 3rd

9 am  —  7 pm

First & Spruce,  Bayview  (at the Pole Building)

Donations needed. 

Please call 683-1859 if you need a pick up.

Donations can be dropped off in front of the pole building
at any time.

Please Help

There will be no more posts on Bayview Bob Bowen's blog. I last chatted with Bob about his condition a few weeks ago.. He had Leukemia and was at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle. Bob was very upbeat with having received a bone marrow transplant.

Unfortunately it didn't take and we lost him. Long an employee of Idaho Independent Bank, he lived here in Bayview. Bob was looking forward to returning home in 3 or 4 months. Unfortunately, it will be sooner. His cousin, Jan Larkin called me this morning to make sure I heard. Rest In Peace, Bob. Your battle is over.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Women and Men Are Indeed Different

Regardless of society trying to homogenize the sexes there are glaring differences. I'll explain.

Bachelor girl: While in town, realizes she is almost out of laundry. She heads for home to do the wash.

Bachelor Guy: While in town realizes he is out of underwear. He immediately heads for WalMart.

Bachelor Girl: Following dinner, she washes the dishes and puts them away.

Bachelor Guy: Following his dinner looks at the sink and determines it isn't at capacity yet.

Bachelor Girl: Takes half full garbage cans out to the dumpster.

Bachelor Guy: looks at overflowing garbage can and determines one or two things will fit so leaves it alone.

You can obviously see that the bachelor guy knows more about labor saving devices than gals. More beer drinking time, while sunning oneself on the deck.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Timberlake Fire District

A pontoon boat with 8 passengers and 3 dogs is taking on water near the Cement Plant close to Lakeview. Both Sheriff and Timberlake fire boats are rushing across the lake, with the pedal to the metal Friday late afternoon.

Timberlake Fire said:

"All passengers and dogs were rescued and okay. we put 5 passengers and 1 dog on our fire boat and the remainder on the Navy boats. It was a combined effort and all worked out."

Apparently of the eight passengers aboard three were elderly and had trouble climbing out of the sinking craft. Paying absolutely no attention to the widely circulated Thunderstorm warnings which went out over all weather channels including marine channel 16.   When the storm hit high waves estimated at 6 to 8 feet were pounding against the heavily loaded craft. This caused water to enter the front vents. When the fire district boat arrived the sinking craft was kind of beached near the Cement Plant on the south shore of Lake Pend Oreille, Why they didn't even look up at the sky as the storm neared is a mystery. Apparently many adults do not have the basic survival training needed to safely cruise the unpredictable waters of the lake.

Many are not aware that the Naval detachment in Bayview participates in many rescues.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Another Found Dog

Cindy Post writes,
FOUND - A MinPin (?) near the mercantile. Please call 683-1859 if you've lost you dog." This undoubedly was due to the Thunder Storm. I have no idea what a minpin is but if you have one that is missing here it is.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Lost Dog

When the current thunderstorm started a dog ran into the water at the Bitter End Marina. Large white shaggy fur with brown splotches. This dog is disoriented and prbably belongs to someone in an RV or Boat. The dog is at this time unrestrained and has followed the ,an that rescued it back to the Bitter End. I f you have a dog that isn't inside, get them in before they run off in panic.

Weather Or Not

Around 4:15 this am, or as we in the service used to call it, O dark thirty, A very loud thunder bumper hit Bayview. It didn't last very long and with the exception of one short drenching didn't appear to carry much rain with it.

I hear we are going to get another this mid-day, but I have seen many of these dire warnings cross south of Bernard Peak and while hitting the Silver Vary hard, usually leave Bayview alone. Having same that, we'll probably get hammered.

Right now the skies are blue, RV's are arriving for the week-end frivolities and all is well in the tourist industry. Have a great week-end, watch the sky carefully if you are out boating. Thunder and lightning does strike in the middle of the lake and quite often

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Monday night  around 7:30  a homeless woman known to me came rushing through my back door. She asked for help from an attacker living in a motor home sited next door. . I strongly suggested that the best way to counter the pestering she was getting, was to get law enforcement involved.

deputy promptly reacted. Not waiting for back up he accosted the suspect, who then pulled a gun on him. To the officer's credit, he didn't immediately shoot him. Risking his own life, he talked the gun man into laying the gun down.

By 9:30 or so the situation was resolved. I asked the officer why he didn't shoot the guy pointing a gun at him. He replied , I identified myself as a police officer and asking him to put the gun down. The officer was totally authorized at that point to shoot the suspect. He showed at the risk of his life, a moment of judgement. The suspect put the gun down,  which saved his life.

Tonight, Roland Wayne Hughes  is in custody with a charge of domestic battery, with a $10,000 bail set. The homeless person that sought refuge in my home is gone. Is it something in the air? He was parked within feet of the location of Larry Cragun, murderer and serving a life sentence. Proving that fruit indeed doesn't fall far from the tree, the deputy's  name is  Brad Wolfinger. A secret source within the department told me that Brad and is wife are shortly expecting a baby. A third generation cop?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Readerboard Vandalized

Sometime between 7:30 am and 8:30 am Sunday morning, someone took letters from one side of the reader board and spelled out derogatory words that defamed the women of the Bayview Chamber. I am not going to repeat them as I then would be guilty of the same. Chan drove by at 7:30 and saw no changes. He received word of the vandalism at 9:45 From Sheryl Pucket who took a picture of it and then circulated it throughout the community.

Two things are happening as I write this. First Chan is offering a $500 reward for the name or names of the perpetrators. The second is the Navy security department will be asked to review the security cameras facing the Buttonhook.

About the only way out of this is for the guilty party to march into Chan's office and apologize to him and to the Chamber as well. If you don't you are going to have consequences.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It Ended Before It Began

This week was a sad one for everyone connected with the Panhandle Sun. I resigned for several reasons that will go unsaid, Monday. Today, I read in the current issue that our editor, Mary Jane Honneger is also leaving.

I think that everyone connected to management will need to take a long look at current expenses versus advertising income and modify some of the parts that aren't making it. I enjoyed another gig at writing after over four years with the spokesman-Review, but in order to track down stories that matter, the corespondents need more than expense money to write quality stuff.

Anyway, I'll wait and see how things shake out. I do know one thing for sure from my days with the spokesman-Review. People will pick up a paper because many times the subjects of the stories are friends, associates or even themselves. Readers are attracted to writers that have a following. Which style fits them. They like to read about their friends, community issues. It makes them even prouder to live here.

Good luck, Mary Jane. You gave it all you had. Leadership can eat you up if one isn't careful, and sometimes even when you are. Go with your head high.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Bayview Daze 2012

Sunday morning following the previous night's festivities, dawned so quiet you could hear the fish swimming by in Scenic Bay at Bayview, Idaho. Last night, Saturday July 7 was entirely another thing. Permanent residents hunkered down knowing that the thousands of visitors would soon be gone.

Saturday started out with the usual parade, which was managed this year by Norma Jean Knowles who probably is still looking for the mind she must have lost organizing the parade. Norma Jean, You did a great job. A new feature this year was a carnival which was arranged for by Chan Karupiah of J.D's Resort. Add to these activities were thousands of revelers crowding the aisles of the street fair looking for souvenirs. Dan English marched in the parade with the other three Kootenai County Democrats.

It was impossible to estimate the numbers of visitors since many were spread out in marinas on boats and float homes as well as RV spaces, which have been oh so rare lately. Other than the family orientated activities of which there were many, the late night crowd gathered around the local watering holes ordering their favorite beverages by the hundreds and listening to any of the five or six different musical venues.

The Carnival was shoehorned into a spot that wasn't originally planned for, but a few naysayers managed to thwart several plans of action. The street parade had a closure permit this year which allowed room for the carnival rides. We had more vendors than in the past but the great organizing ability of Paul Celeri, past Vice President of the Bayview Chamber of Commerce.

One of the more amazing feats was the removal of three derelict mobile homes in one week, tearing them down, disposing of the debris and plumbing and wiring the spaces for RV spaces for Scenic Bay Marina. By Saturday afternoon all spaces were rented. Unfortunately, one adventuresome party shot sky rockets toward the lake, injuring a child that was tent camping below the lime kilns.

Parade Grand Marshall were this year's queen, Mandy Skala and last year's queen Nannette Bradetich, L-R

Chance Long, playing at the Captain's Wheel

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

This Is An insperational That Will Leave You In Tearss

I'm Not quite Done Yet

True to the vast reservoir of rumor mongers here in Bayview,  started like a Nevada forest fire. As the first old wreck of a mobile home went down, people had me being evicted, then condos built in it's place. Three unlivable and vacant trailers were destroyed. In there place Scenic Bay Marina has already converted the space to RV parking.

I'm not going anywhere. I talked to Paul a couple of days ago. He had just been asked the same question. "Is Herb going to be evicted?" Well either it was a well wisher concerned about my well being or someone wanting to immediately start the celebration.

Paul's comment is, "you got to be kidding a guy that pays his rent on time, every time, gives us no trouble, evicted? Get Serious. No, Herb is just fine where he is at." Chan, if he wished to build condos, owns several lots at Vista Bay, already zoned for multiple dwellings.

Here's the real scoop. Prior to my moving in 17 years ago, this was in fact all RV parking. The new owners figured year around income was better than summer part timers, switched back to single wide mobile homes. Unfortunately the folks that moved in were not very responsible. One side of me were tweakers. For the uninitiated, that means Methamphetamine. The other side housed a murderer that is currently serving life for the murder of Patty Heath and the seriously  injured Yvonne Wallis, of which that story has been told on previous posts.

The units were unlivable and taking up space from visitors that come Summer found the only other RV park full and Farragut State Park full all Summer. The reconverted spots should add about 6 more RV locations. Plans are underway for a thorough clean up and redecorating this into an attractive lot with a real good lake view.

I have spoken with Chan about the plans and he assured me I was not going anywhere. If anyone has questions about the project, feel free to either comment on this post, or privately e-mail me at

Come on down. There are boat slips available as well as camping, both tent and RV at both locations, Lakeland RVs and Scenic Bay Marinas Don' forget, there will be a carnival with rides galore. Something that perhaps should have happened years ago. With the old setup, only the Saturday of the three day weekends was effectively active. With rides, many tourists will stay the whole three days.

Still Room at the Inn

In an almost unbelievable quirk, there are still RV sites available in Bayview for theBayview Daze celebration, July 6-7-8. Check with Lakeland RV at 683-4108 or Scenic Bay Marina @683-2243.