Friday, April 29, 2011

Winter's Last Gasp

Residents in this area awoke to snow falling ... Again. But there is hope that this truly is the end. Just think of the trouble we would be in if it weren't for global warming. Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday appear to look much better.

The social season in Bayview Will also kick off with the Benefit Auction and entertainment at J.D.'s Resort Saturday. Auctionable items will be on view at 11:00 am with the auction to start at 1:00 pm. Yours truly will debut as auctioneer. I understand that there will be a ton of goodies available for the discriminating shopper. Tools, furniture, exercise equipment, even a commercial size popcorn machine.

All of this is the brain child of two wonderful people. Samtha & Wayne Hollingsworth. Faced with the disabled Dorothy Carpenter's dilemma of not being able to get treatment for her paralysis, stepped up and organized a huge auction and party for Tomorrow, Saturday. The auction will take place outdoor under tenting in donated space by J.D.'s resort. Starting at 2:00, live music provided and donated by J.W. Harding Band starts at 2:00 with a spaghetti dinner at 5:00. $5.00 donation is requested for the dinner.

Bayview and friends will have the opportunity to both help a neighbor and rock out to the tunes provided by George, Jeanne, Kevin and Daveana. The weather is supposed to behave, so come on down and spend a little money for great bargains, have a brew or two and help Dorothy recover.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sally Newcombe Is Heard From

Hi Herb: A big thank you to you and all the community supporters who signed the petition. I so much appreciate your writings and making the contacts to the proper authorities to get this resolved. Yes, they do have "egg on their faces". I wonder what will happen to the ISP's career now? Probably just a slap on the hand. More than likely he needs the job because he probably has a wife and young kids. He was young. His badge said he had been on the force only since 2007. Not long enough to think before he acted.

I am encouraging anyone who would like to, to write to Boise about this and the improper use of taxpayers money for such a stupid citation. Or write to our local ISP authorities.
Not to mention the emotional distress and anxiety, plus attorney's fees that I have endured to fight this.

Many thanks,

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sticking It To The Man

Normally a well respected agency, the Idaho State Police, has egg on their collective faces today. In less than one week, publicity from my blog, ", Huckleberries on line, S/R, and the Coeur d'Alene Press, caused the ISP to back off on a charge that in pretty much everyone's eyes, was a unjust citation without supporting evidence written by an over zealous trooper.

Sally Newcombe, a Bayview resident was hit in the side of her car February 13 between Hwy 95 and Bayview on hwy 54. Her car, severely damaged on the passenger side door and front fender, sat as an ISP officer showed up. He cited her for Inattentive driving, a misdemeanor, not just an infraction. Newcombe, realizing the lack of guilt in enticing a deer to say hi in a violent way, contacted her insurance agent and a lawyer.

Well, the insurance agent was necessary, but not the attorney. Local people get the word real fast in our small communities of Bayview and Athol. Many locals have had close calls with deer and other wildlife, or even had the unfortunate experience of hitting or being hit by one. Soon, a petition scolding the ISP and demanding the ticket be quashed started circulating. By the time it had about 100 or so signatures, it came to my notice.

Rather than sign the petition, I called the regional office of the ISP and spoke to the Captain, commanding. He promised to look into the case. Since he was going to be out of town for 2 or 3 days, he told me a lieutenant would interview the officer, and talk to the prosecutor about it. The lieutenant called and in the conversation, pointed out twice that it was not normal protocol for the department to issue citations for car animal accidents. He promised to get back to me.

Yesterday, a sergeant called me to explain that they and the prosecutor decided it would be an unwise use of their time and energy. They didn't admit that a mistake was made, but it was apparent that the public arousal took them by surprise. Concern for their image, I'm sure had a great deal to do with the final outcome.

The ISP is to be commended for correcting a mistake, but must be held to a higher standard than the one that snared Sally. It has been suggested to me and others that perhaps some retraining of the officers operating out of this area be held. Certainly oversight by supervision was lacking in this case. Had The captain, lieutenant and sergeant been on top of things in the beginning, this would have been a non-event. Had they, once realized that the ticket was a problem, they could have pissed on the ember before it became a conflagration, in which it will be a long time before that excellent record is restored.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Unfortunate Situations

A reminder that the benefit auction for Dorothy Carpenter will be held at J.D.'s Resort Saturday, April 30. Details are on my former post on this blog.

I have another situation that needs attention. A young couple, he, out of work, she 6months pregnant, live in a rural area here in North Idaho. Their only cooking facility is a hot plate, but that's not the real problem. Their car broke down and they have no money to replace it. I know that someone reading this blog, or that knows somebody that has an old beater that still runs, would want to donate it.

Should a medical emergency arise, re: the pregnancy, there is no way to get to a hospital, or even to the food bank for food. Please, if you have a car that you don't need, e-mail me or phone at 208-683-9107.


***Update on Inattentive driving charge. See post from 4/22

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Justice Served

Recently, I discovered an active petition drive to quash what is alleged to be an undeserved Inattentive Driving citation. Rather than immediately signing this document, I set out to discover the facts surrounding the situation.

According to this petition, the motorist involved had a deer hit the side of her car, An ISP officer then ticketed her for inattentive driving. On the face of it one would assume that this ticket was totally undeserved, and it might well be.

I contacted the Captain in charge of the northern division in Hayden, who returned my call today. As often is the case, it is entirely possible that the whole story is not known. But if this story is true, then an over zealous officer needs to reexamine their training and remember that they serve the community, not the other way around. The commander will be out of town for two or three days, but promised to get back to me as soon as he can research the incidence.

Originally thinking it was the sheriff department that was involved, I called Major Ben Wolfinger, who laughed and suggested that the deer should have been charged with assault on a motor vehicle. I suspect that if there is any leeway in this matter that it will be resolved soon. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dorothy Carpenter's Fund Raiser

As we have written previously, Dorothy Carpenter, having worked primarily in food service doesn't have medical insurance. She has become crippled and unable to walk without assistance. Jumping through the hoops to get help has been a frustrating experience for her and friends attempting to help. Medicaid refuses because there are not children involved and the condition is not life threatening. Problems with Dirne Clinic cropped up, as they couldn't get an MRI, which was concluded necessary for a diagnosis. Going full circle, she needs help from her friends and neighbors.

Several people have stepped up to organize a fundraiser at J.D.'S Resort in Bayview, Idaho,at which several events will take place. First, an auction will be held with viewing at 11:00am, April 30, followed by the auction at 1:00 pm. Several very nice items have been donated as of today, but more are needed. If you have stuff you aren't using that another might consider treasure, bring it down. Currently we have the following items that will go on the block. A commercial model Popcorn Machine, a Cord of Firewood, Tool Boxes, Golf Clubs,a Beautiful 56" X 26" Oak coffee table w/glass inlays, A $400.00 when new, as new Elipses exerciser, which gives you a walking exercise without the pounding on your feet, or in the case of this Spring, rain in your face. It's also great for that late Summer conditioning for cross coutry skiing. Either bring more auctionable items or come on down and take some of these things home. Weed eaters, TV's, other electronics and more coming in all the time.

But wait, there's more! J.W. Hardin's fourteenth final tour will play from 2:00 pm, with original members, George and Jeanne Bruner, Kevin Huff & his beautiful bride, Daveana Pleznac-Huff and most probably many guest appearances. Not only that, but if you can still stand up,a spaghetti dinner @5:00 with a $5.00 donation requested for the dinner.

Y'all come down. It's party time.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

When Chickens Come Home To Roost

I have worried and preached against our industries going off shore for quite some time. In the case that currently is going to bite the consumers on the butt, is auto parts. Most Japanese cars, such as Toyota, Honda, Subaru,Mazda and Nissan assembly lines have either been shut down for lack of parts, or severely curtailed. Even American cars get many electronic and other parts from Japan. Soon the aircraft industry will be similarly hit, since Boeing gets many assemblies from Japan.

Years ago, in the interest of saving money, manufacturers in the United States began shipping electronic components off shore. It has been years since any television sets have been manufactured here. All but a few electronic components, such as micro-chips are gone. Sent to Japan and other oriental places like Taiwan or Singapore.

This and other manufacturing areas is known as putting all of your eggs in one basket, to coin an old phrase. This is a wake-up call to the US government as well as the industries affected. When trees can be shipped to Japan, and milled there cheaper than here, something is wrong. When iron ore can be shipped to Japan, processed into steel, then shipped back to the US market and sold cheaper than our own steel mills, something is wrong.

Currently, according the the Philadelphia Inquirer, and published in the Spokesman-Review, car dealers of many makes are not bargaining with buyers. It's full price or walk.

If we ever get into another war in the Orient, and some fear with China, our supply lines will be compromised in a way that defeated Japan in World War 11. Even without war, a country can blackmail us with the withholding of strategic materials, which could strangle our economy. We had better tool backup for these many items or float through the world at the mercy of others. We used to use Tariffs to even the playing fields until free market became a religious mantra. We are not supporting jobs for Americans with high wages, we are just eliminating their jobs when their labor no longer is competitive.

Practically every consumer item purchased in this country is made in China. Our national debt, for the most part is owned by China. We, in fact have become a third world country by skipping what made us great. In the quest to bring everyone into at least middle income classes, we have eliminated our ability to compete with lower incomes in other countries. We need to use this example of a natural disaster, to rethink how we do business with the rest of the world. My definition of "third world," is that country or area that sells their raw materials to an industrial country for manufacturing. We fit that model.

Ask yourself how many steel workers are employed today compared to 30 years ago. How about the aforementioned electronic industry, here where most were invented. We need to control imports and live within our own economy like we used to when times were much brighter.

Perhaps we ought to re-examine the laws that were passed post great deppression, whereby banks and investment houses could not intermix. The desertion of these laws were a definite contribution factor in our current debacle. Adhering to knee-jerk political philosophy is an extremely limiting way of thinking. Let's get out of the box and find ways that improve the economy for all Americans, not just investors.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Chamer Resignation

I have been informed that Paul Celeri, Vice-President of the Bayview Chamber of Commerce, resigned his office to president, Linda Williams effective March 30 at 6:45pm. Details as to the reasons and issues will be made public at a future time and date by Paul.

Coming up this summer are issues that will affect Bayview Daze and other activities. We wish to enphasize that Paul's resignation was completely voluntary.

The Bayview Chamber of Commerce has been beset for several years now with conflicting interests and has been in constant turmoil. (My Statement.)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Returning Home

Flying home on Southwest Thursday mid-afternoon. I'm hoping for an uneventful flight without extra entertainment vis-a-vis emergency landings. The trip was in some ways terrible and in others, where I got to visit relatives that in some cases I hadn't seen in 20 plus years, it was great. I think I needed to get out of Bayview for a while anyway.

I did a little writing, but the further I get into my novel, the worse the problems are. I may have bit off more than I can chew, but hey, It keeps me from getting bored. Spring is late this year and nothing seems to be progressing toward opening another restaurant in Bayview.

I'm going to take a giant leap of faith and plant my tomato seedlings this week. Warm weather must arrive eventually. We do have global warming and we deserve our share.

Hopefully, the obsessing over the legislature will be over soon and we can go on with our lives without the incessant political bickering. What is, is.If more people turnedout for the primaries and took an active part in the process, we would have a more balanced legislature. Until then we have to listen to sore losers and those that didn't bother to send representatives to Boise that don't seem to please anyone.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Looking Back ... Looking forward

As I sit here in Federal Way, Washington, I've come full circle. I left this place for Idaho 20 years ago. Business and marital failure caused me to seek new horizons which I had left in Idaho in the '70's. One should never go back after a long absence from a place. The changes have been radical. Traffic is horrible, new homes everywhere with tiny little yards separating neighbors from each other. I looked out my bedroom window and found I was staring at the next door neighbor through an opposite window just 12 feet away.

After spending a long week here, I will be delighted to return to the little village of Bayview, where residents do not wish they were some place else. My stay here will be over after Wednesday, I think. Hopefully, I will have an uneventful flight back. Horizon had two air machines break, one while I was aboard and charged me $186.00 for the last minute fare. I will be going back on Southwest for a substantial reduction.

It has been cloudy and sunny alternately since I arrived. I think North Idaho got more rain than here. Visiting relatives you havent seen for a long time is good, but I'm getting a yen for the home stomping grounds. A place that today, some are criticizing as a poor place to live. Ironically, those that are doing so are migrants from the rat race in California and other densely populated areas. Well, we didn't ask you to move in on us and won;'t greive if you leave. Traffic is getting impossible due to this influx in the last few years. It has got to the point that those that moved to North Idaho to escape crime, overcrowding and high taxes, are bringing all of these things with them.

When you leave, please take your delinquent kids and your meth heads with you. We did just fine without all of that. Our rural lifestle has or is, disapearing rapidly due to those of you that move here and promptly try to change us into what you left behind. If you like Southern California better, go back. There are many foreclosed homes there to choose from. Please don't let the door hit you in the ass.

If you think Idaho has betrayed it's citizens with budget cutbacks, check California which is on the verge of bankruptcy, or Washington about the same. Only the rural states that don't expect their government to provide every need they have are surviving financially. School cutbacks, parks closing, road repairs delayed? Just as a family has to live within their means, so does government. With rampant unemployment, taxes are much less as well. If your child is going to miss a class a t school that is going to be discontinued, take them to the library where you can teach them yourself. There are places that provide more educational opportunities, but living in North Idaho has trade-offs that we value. Many that migrate for better opportunities come back later in life, missing the quality of life we have.

Opportunity is everywhere if you look for it without expecting government to always provide for you. Survival has come to mean something entirely different than just 50 years ago. Our expectations need to be readjusted, as politicians, in attempting to get re-elected, promise more and more each generation. Well, the goody basket is empty and if you don't have personal survival skills yer in trouble. This depression is just getting started. We haven't seen the stagflation of 1979 era occur, but occur it will. Too much money has been printed for there to be no piper to pay.

Whining about programs that are being reduced or eliminated, just because that state or county hasn't the money to pay for them is a juvenile attitude, regardless of your age. Times will get better only if you make them better. Do with less until the money is flowing again. Hunkering down is what your grandparents took for granted when times were tough. Get tough as well.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Happy Landings

Although the purpose of my trip to Seattle is sad, some good things occurred. One, I got to say good bye to my brother-in-law, who will die tonight and the funeral will be probably Tuesday. This an unusual situation, but since he is on life support and is irreversible, his life support will be shut off tonight.

Which brings me to the happy landings. Flying Horizon, since I figured Southwest would be full due to the cancellations for inspections, I first got sticker shock. Those old $40 shuttle flights are past history. Because I didn't make my reservations two weeks in advance, the one-way fare was $186.00. But wait, there's more!

I got to the airport very early and went through TSA. Anticipating problems with what I was carrying, I left my shaving cream at home. I did, however, carry shampoo. Too large, the lady confiscated it. She told me that I could check my bag and could keep it, but I figured I could replace the shampoo for less than the $25.00 Horizon charges for a checked bag.

I then reported to the departure desk and was told I could switch to an earlier flight. I said, "sure, let's do it." So just before that flight loaded, the plane broke. I had to then re-establish my original reservation before the bumpees took it away. I succeeded and we took off. The aircraft was a Bombardier 400 turboprop.

About 20 minutes before we were scheduled to land in Seattle, the captain came on the speaker and said, "Folks don't be alarmed at the fire engines, ambulances and other Armageddon type equipment lining the runway. We blew a tire on takeoff,and have declared an emergency.He went on to say it was strictly precautionary, since there were two tires on each landing gear.

Obviously two things happened.First, unlike most flights where landing is in the offing, this one was thoroughly discussed. Being a pilot myself, I reassured my seat mates that there shouldn't be any problem, except the captain would probably lean the aircraft into the good gear during touchdown and not to worry about the angle.

We landed safely and gave the fire department something to do other than the endless gin rummy games that normally take place. The tower stopped us on the runway, where we spent a puzzling 10 minutes. Finally, the captain shut the engines down. The maintenance people pinned the landing gear and the captain then announced we would be towed to our parking spot.We deplaned, and of course I was moved to remark loudly, "Hey, we cheated death once more."

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Sad Times

One of the many disadvantages of getting old are the increased number of friends and relatives you have to bury. Such is the case now. Thursday afternoon, I fly to Seattle to say my last good bye to my long time friend of 50 plus years, my brother-in-law, Tom Keenan. Tom was preceded in death by his wife and my sister a few years ago.

To my niece, Connie and nephews Bill and Larry, my deepest sympathy. Your family has had it's share of misfortune and then some. My heart goes out to you and yours in this, a most difficult time.

It is always difficult to loose a parent. About the only thing I can think of worse, is loosing your own child, which Tom's Mom will experience. I will probably be back in a few days and will resume this blog, perhaps with more pleasant subjects.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Springtime ... I Think

It is officially Spring. Unofficially, it's not. Today we had Thunderstorms, snow, hail, rain. Basically everything but famine and pestilence. Those that are still down south should stay there for a while.

Some signs of spring are here though. Both restaurants, the Buttonhook and Captain's Wheel are gearing up for opening, at least on a limited basis. It now appears, due to the projected delays in obtaining a liquor licence, that the 'Wheel will not open until Mid-May. Hopefully, the 'hook will open in the next two weeks, but don't bet on it.

Some activities in the marinas indicate that boat and float home owners are stirring. Some fishing activities are evident also.

As a follow up to the story about the woman that is having paralytic -problems, it turns out the old chicken and the egg syndrome is still alive and healthy. Dorothy Carpenter, long time Bayview resident and a veteran food service worker, can't walk.
A gradually loss of feeling in one then both legs have reduced her to being essentially home bound. Even the Dirne Clinic won't help without a diagnosis. Therein lies the problem. That would entail an MRI which I'm told would cost in the area of $3000. A fund raiser is in the works with donation cans about and an auction to be held at JD's, in Bayview. More on these activities later. I can't remember a year here with as many health issues and fund raisers.

In other local news, I attended the "hat" party Tuesday at the Bay Cafe. (I won a prized jar of gourmet pickles by Judy and her daughter.) It turns out they have a thriving business, producing a surprising amount of product. One puzzling thing though, was the electric space heater in the dining room. Asked why it was somewhat chilly, I was informed that the owner apparently failed to pay the gas bill, causing the service to be discontinued. Obviously the failed economy has reached the business community.