Monday, April 25, 2005

Reaganism Again

"It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession; I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first".

Saturday, April 23, 2005


Well, it was swell while it lasted. Micro-management, and too many duties for a guy my age, doomed my relationship with Waterford Park Homes, dba Vista Bay Resort.

I won't be your bartender and hamburger flipper after all. Maybe you can still try my chili, if they decide to serve what I froze. Life goes on, and I will resume my search for "what I want to do when I grow up".


Monday, April 18, 2005

Horny Old Goats

Much has been written lately about polygamy and horny old goats. As a horny old goat, I seriously resent that. The presumption that if you are old and sexually active, it's disgusting, comes from the wasted youth that thinks that they personally invented sex.

While I don't personally agree with polygamy, it's more that I could never find a way to understand one, let alone multiple wives. After all, how many Dog Houses can one sleep in?

But back to my personal resentment...

If you are a single male that has had several recent sexual encounters, you are a Stud...A man that is admired. Forget the lies he told to temporarily befuddle the young ladies...After all, that's expected, right?

On the other hand, a senior citizen that wants a little affection, is called names and is reviled.

The Old Goat

Monday, April 11, 2005


I'm going to clarify what is either a misconception, or a tongue-in-cheek reaction. Gaming machines, as they exist in Idaho are just that. While the state licenses them as "amusement only" machines, that is where the tongue-in-cheek is.

A few years ago in Shoshone County, all of the bars and private clubs were raided by the FBI. All machines were confiscated, and proceeds seized. After a long investigation, including plants and surveillance, the FBI concluded that not a single bar was using the machines as "amusement only".

Certainly, after all that, our County Prosecutor, as well as our Sheriff, and all other interested parties, knew what was going on. This is the definition of the word "Tolerance".

Only after the greed of the Idaho State Gaming commission entered the picture, and pointed out to law enforcement that the activity was illegal, did any enforcement occur.

All the owners and operators of these machines operate them as gaming machines! All of them pay off to winners!

This tolerance policy has existed as long as boot legging in the Silver Valley has. No harm, no foul. Our law enforcement people didn't think it hurt anyone, so as independent North Idahoans, they ignored it. I suggest that if you care about this issue, boycott the State lottery in protest.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Fish & Game Confusion

I'm a little confused. About one or so months ago, a bulletin was issued by Idaho Fish & Game stating that they had a surplus of $30,000. They decided to donate it the the Lake Pend Orreille Spring Fishing Tournament.

Just before the Idaho Legislature adjourned, this same agency petioned the state for an increase of licence fees, pleading poverty.

Please, can anyone explain this to me?

Friday, April 08, 2005

Moral dilemma

Post Falls police, accompanied by State liquor control board officers, and State Lottery people, busted the bars and private clubs in Post Falls Thursday for possessing gambling machines. Duh! They have had these machines under a tolerance policy that has existed for more than thirty years.

A moral issue? No way! It was, according to State Lottery officials, a competitive issue. "It is costing us millions per year, said this officious official".

Apparently, gambling is O.K. only if it's run by the state. I personally don't like the machines, but question the justification for the heavey handed use of the law to kill competition.

Herb Huseland

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


The Sun is setting over Scenic Bay, and the whitecaps have subsided. My Maple tree is starting to bud, and the forsythia is blooming...

Dang, it must be spring!

Tomorrow, I must drag myself out of bed, and plod over to Vista Bay Resort, where I will be forced to laze the day through next to the sparkling water with nothing but the sound of fish swimming to break the silence. Ho Hum, I guess all of us have to make sacrifices.


Monday, April 04, 2005


Today I want to talk about relationships, and how they affect a small town. Tim Jones just wrote me saying,"Ideas are more important than work".

I agree...Having said that, I believe that good people can disagree on a single issue, and still remain good people.

A very emotional issue has overtaken Bayview. The controversy over Fish & Game building a huge rifle, shotgun, pistol range in Farragut State Park, has pitted Friend vs. Friend and Neighbor against Neighbor. To paraphrase Tim,and my own opinion, "issues are important, but friendships are forever".

I have watched relationships deteriorate to shouting matches, and long time friends that are not speaking to each other. Some opponents of the range, have started a campaign to enlist special interests people to join the local chamber, so that they can outnumber the present members, and "throw out those that disagree with their position on the gun range.

That kind of enthusiasm is more accurately called radical behavior. To want to suddenly become active in the community, is a good thing. To want to be active for the aforementioned reasons, is very base behavior.

Please remember, that win, lose or draw on the gun range, we'll still be here, and will have to be able to live with each other. Please, people, take a step back and examine your motives and your behavior...

Herb Huseland
Bayview, Idaho

Saturday, April 02, 2005

I'm so confused

I started this blog, at the urging of Dave Oliveria. During the start-up days, I was totally retired.

Now I find myself working full time, 45 hours a week. I'm loving it, but. Alas, I have been neglecting my blog. Since I started my blog, I have seen many other blogs show up. Apparently, most of them are more interesting than mine. Daily, in the Huckleberry column, several blogs are mentioned. Mine is not. Perhaps the blog phenomenon has over taken me, and more talented people have taken over. If so, so be it.

I now have to decide whether to continue this thing. Sometimes I find humor in stuff, and have to express it. Sometimes I have serious issues, and the need to express those.

Alas, what I need is feed-back. If you have enjoyed my past raving, please indicate by commenting. If not, then your silence will communicate all that is necessary.

Your Bayview Comen-tater,