Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thieves & Other Scumbags

Below the surface of this beautiful community, lies an underworld of Meth addicts and other lesser human beings. Many of these people cannot support their habits with legitimate jobs, so they take from others that have earned their possessions.

Such was the case either late Monday night, or very early, Tuesday morning. A young teen owned a 13 foot trampoline that was set up in her back yard. Thieves slithered into the yard and lifted the whole thing out, intact and made off with it. I want that property to be returned now! It would seem to be somewhat difficult to hide a trampoline for very long. Please keep your eye out for a neighbor or someone you know that suddenly acquired one in the last few days. Anonymous tips can either be e-mailed to me, left as a comment on this blog, or phoned to me at 683-9107.

If the person who did this regrets the act, just tip me as to where I might find it, and we'll call it square. If someone knows who did it, please give me the address where it can be found.

On the subject of scumbags, it appears that a boat sunk at it's moorage at the Captain's Wheel last night, was sabotaged. The sunken boat was discovered around 10:00 am by restaurant personnel. According to knowledgeable accounts, the drain plug was removed, and the bilge pump disabled by taping it so that it couldn't operate.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Fund Raising Events

Last week I wrote about the $500 check presented to the ABC food Bank in Athol. What I failed to do, is point out that much, if not most fund raising comes from yard sales and a lot of hard work by many dedicated people. The following is the full press release sent o me by the sponsors:

ABC Food Bank in Athol representing the group’s continued commitment to the local food bank and other community needs. Last October dedicated Council volunteers canvassed the entire Bayview area in a door-to-door campaign and collected over 1200 pounds of food as well as more than $200 in cash. Various fund raising activities make these donations possible. On Saturday, May 23, 2009, during Memorial Weekend, the Community Council will host a gigantic yard sale in conjunction with the BAB Women’s Club. The two groups are asking residents to clear out their homes and garages looking for items to donate to the sale. They are accepting anything except clothing. Call 683-4027 or 683-3468 for directions to the drop off site. Pick ups can be arranged. The sale runs from 8 AM until 2 PM at the Bayview Community Center. Food will be available.

I slipped up and didn't publicize the new yard sale going on this coming Memorial Day Week-end.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Captain's Wheel Robbed

Late Sunday night or early Monday morning, the Captain's Wheel was burglarized. According to manager, Marie Streater, around $1000 was stolen. The day till, night till and one for the next morning were in a locked room, not a safe. It is anticipated that a more secure place will be found to store money in transit.

In other news, the Patio at Boileau's is up and running, sort of. Scott & Jeanne Bjerge, the 2009 operators expect the bar to be fully functional by this week-end, with perhaps another week until the kitchen is full restored. The hold up in the kitchen is back orders on equipment have held them up. At any rate, Memorial Day week-end will find the Patio fully functional, since the Icon was torched back on March 20.Just 64 days have gone by since it was destroyed, with the first week bound up in permitting followed by the destruction and hauling away of the remnants of the once proud little building.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Week In Review

A whole bunch of stuff went down last week. Bridget Cripe saving the life of a 2 1/2 year old, that if left alone much longer, would have met darkness and probable death by hypothermia. The child had wandered from the end of Bunco road to the middle of Twete road, at least two miles and probably with winding around obstacles, more like three. That was rough country for an adult to hike, not just a toddler. good thing he was North Idaho bred and raised. We grow 'em tough around here. Cooper Irwin is and will be the measure that we will grade other small children in our area. Not only Bridget is a heroine, but Cooper hung in there until help arrived, to also be a hero in his own survival.

Then there are the Annuals. A loose group of party animals that congregate at the captain's wheel, having done so for the 26th year. When I use the term loose, it has more than the usual meaning. They started arriving Thursday afternoon. Leaving Sunday, only the bar employees are aware of all the hijinks, since your faithful reporter seeks bed before the real action starts. Still, we had a great time. The weather warmed up for an excellent Saturday out doors at the lawn party area east of the restaurant. As usual, Bayview is never quite the same when they leave. One unfortunate, a second generation Annual, failed to meter his alcohol intake, leaving hisself open to some rather imaginative drawings with a marking pen. further description is out of the question, since there might be civilized folks reading this.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Annuals Strike Again

Tis that time of year again. When the daffodils bloom, Summer is but a dream and the annuals hit town. A tradition born 26 years ago by a small group of men, some even before they settled down into marriage and families. As the years went by, it became a tradition that the week-end before Memorial Day, they gather at the Captain's wheel Restaurant for a week-end of revelry. Since they have branched out into golf tournaments and other more mature stuff.

As the years went by, the group morphed into a larger bunch. This year, formal invites didn't get mailed out, but that didn't stop the core group. These days, the sons of the originators are attending too. We have no information on what the wives do during this four day event and we are looking for a snitch that will inform on them. Currently, the guys are scarfing down dinner and heading into what always turns out to be a week-end to remember.

The weather isn't great today, but by Saturday, Summer is expected to break out, at least temporarily. The tomatoes are going out regardless. Bayview always welcomes the annuals. They are a great bunch of guys and some of them are real characters. For those annuals that were waiting for formal invites, hey, there here, come join them. Above, is a picture of the annuals holding forth on a much warmer day, last year. Lacy, a bartender last year, entertains the guys, and Wow! Is she entertaining, or what!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A 2 1/2-year-old Coeur d’Alene boy was the subject of a major search in the wooded area at the end of Bunco Road in northern Kootenai County. Cooper Irwin, the son of Kevin and Holly Irwin, has been missing since about 1:45 p.m. from a farm house at the end of Bunco Road, where his family was visiting relatives. The boy was reported missing a half hour later. Area residents began looking for him immediately. The search has expanded to include rescuers from the sheriff’s office, Timberlake Fire District, a helicopter from Spokane, and a canine unit. The boy was described by sheriff’s spokeswoman Kim Edmondson as wearing blue sweat pants with red-and-white stripes, a blue flannel shirt over a white T-shirt and brown shoes with red socks. He is not dressed for the weather. (excerpt from KCSD bulletin, updated)

A little after 5:00 pm today, Bridget Cripe, was heading east on Twete Road toward her parent's house, Steve and Monnie Cripe. She encountered a small child, muddy, disheveled, carrying one shoe, the other lost somewhere in the mud. She slamed on the brakes and picked up the child, who was cold, wet and totally lost. Asked his name, he said," I'm Cooper." Still, this 2 1/2 year old had plodded on in the certainty that he would find his parents just around the next turn. Checking with nearby homes didn't turn up any knowledge of where the child had originated, so Bridget called 911. Behold, they had been looking for the small boy for over three hours.

That Bridget Cripe rescued the child wasn't a surprise, but for the youngster to have walked through the woods from Bunco to Twete Road, approximately two miles, and perhaps more, in the time he was gone showed a great deal of determination, but then after all, this tough young man is a North Idahoan.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Blogs Carry World Wide Consequenses

The Internet, while opening up the entire world to opinion, news, and human interest stories, also carry unintended consequences. Most Bloggers actually carry more international readers than do U.S. Newspapers, primarily due to the unavailability of the latter.

I sometimes wonder who is reading my blog. I have a site counter that you can find at the bottom of the Bayviews page. click on that and you can read the numbers, as well as tell where the hits come from. I hadn't done that for a few months, but today I did.

In addition to getting hits from every state in the union, I received in the last 100 visits, hits from Korea, Denmark, China, and two from the United Kingdom. I average, not counting week-ends which are reader poor, about 88 visits per day and about 95 to 100 page views. I also have readers from Germany, Poland, Serbia, Australia, New Zealand, France, Russia and many other smaller countries.

Our little corner of the blogisphere is seen in many more places than one would imagine. While folks argue over political points that aren't going to change any minds, the world is watching and listening. Many in other countries believe the crap that is exhibited on these pages, represent Majority Middle America, and may even create the thought that the government has lost control, and the people are about to revolt. Remember, we are a window to the world, not just to North/south Idaho plus Spokane. Other countries that do not have democracy, which counts rather high, may read the signals all wrong. In many countries, arguing with the countries leaders is a fast way to imprisonment. Just a thought from an old goat.

More Blessed To Give Than Receive

That seems to be the motto of many members of the Bayview Community Council and BABS, which stands for Bayview, Athol,Belmont. These are a group of ladies that spend much of their time doing things for others.

Last summer's gigantic yard sale sponsored by both groups, plus raffles, the traditional lemonade stand at the Bayview daze street fair, 50/50 raffles, Octoberfest, are all fund raisers. These funds are always used for charitable purposes. Today, found BCC Treasurer, Bob Moore, presenting a check to the ABC Food Bank, which covers Athol,Bayview, Careywood, and other surrounding areas.

Many people donate food and money during the fall and winter holiday season, but with logging and the mills shut down, plus layoffs in other businesses, more people are in need than ever before. The food bank is located in the Athol community Center. The food bank's phone number is 683-2101. Donations may be dropped off at the community Center, or mailed to ABC Food Bank, P.O. box 416, Athol, ID 83801

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sometimes It's So Pretty It's Hurts

This is a picture that I took at about 7:55 pm from my porch in Bayview. The sun had been shining through between dark foreboding Thunder Bumpers.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Lakeview ATV Accident

At 12:20 PM on Saturday, May 2, 2009, the Timberlake Fire Protection District responded to an ATV accident on Lakeview Road near the Forest Service 278 road intersection. The ATV operator went off a steep embankment and landed approximately 100 feet below against a tree. Bystanders on scene provided patient care until emergency responders arrived. Timberlake Fire personnel were in cell phone contact with the scene to provide patient care instructions. The patient was not wearing a helmet - we encourage all ATV operators to wear a helmet and other protective equipment.

We responded by land, sea, and air. Timberlake Ambulance EMS 61, Chief 601, and Lieutenant 612 responded from the Bunco Trailhead across the recently plowed forest service roads. Medstar was launched and landed 1/4 mile from the patient. Timberlake Fire Boat 695 responded from Bayview with a paramedic from Northern Lakes. Other ATV operators provided transportation for responders from the boat and helicopter. All responders arrived within about 10 minutes of each other at approximately 1:30 PM. The patient was loaded into EMS 61 and transported to Medstar who then transported the patient to Kootenai Medical Center.
Story and photos courtesy of Timberlake Fire District, Jack Krill, Chief.

Late information has the victim as a woman without life threatening injuries. ... This time. Attention might be paid to the issue of helmets, as she wasn't wearing one. I wouldn't want to meet up with a tree at full speed without one. The next time might be a fatality.