Friday, April 28, 2006

Boats That Kill

A few years ago, prior to when pleasure boat builders designed for the streamlined look, you could walk completely around your boat, on a flat stable walkway. These boats were designed for safety, not the illusion of speed while stationary.

Now, everywhere you look, boats have curved surfaces. Surfaces that when wet, or waxed, are traps. No longer are boat designers concentrating on the ability to move about your water craft with ease and safely. One only has to look at the picture of the Fox boat briefly, to see the curved side decks. These are not walk-ways, but when putting out fenders, one has to try to navigate them anyway.

Everything about the newer class of cruisers is cabin comfort, and roomy below decks spaces. The open rear cockpit of a fifty footer is about the same size as a 24 footer. The difference? Lots of cabin space, and a deck consisting of curves. Curves that kill.

The next time you walk past a modern cabin cruiser, check it out. Would you want to try walking around the outside perimeter of the deck in slippery, wet, or waxed conditions?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Rufus Mourned

Sadly, newspaper reports have recently reported the sudden and brutal demise of Rufus, the pet turkey in Jacques, Idaho. Incidentally, I live in Idaho, and haven't a clue where or why Jacques is. Wild Turkeys tend to be very opportunistic when it comes to eating, and will gladly line up for donations.

But enough of that. We are here to investigate fowl play! Yes. In this great land of ours, we have at least one harvester, (I won't call him a hunter) who was too lazy to actually go hunting. With the vast surplus of wild turkeys in this part of the nation, he went to a fast food outlet for his bird. Boy, is that ever symbolic.

I recall, many years ago, in an area near St. Maries, Idaho, a man had a pet deer that had been castrated. As a result it didn't grow antlers. This deer resided for many years in this man's front yard. Someone finally shot him too.

Sheesh! If you are to freakin' lazy to hunt properly, go to the store...Buy beef...Buy domestic turkeys...They are better tasting anyway...Sell your guns...Well maybe not sell your guns. You may need them for protection from real hunters.

This morning, in the Spokesman-Review, Steve Banks, a professor of psychology & communications for the University of Idaho, was quoted as saying, "Were talking about cross-species interaction."

Let me explain something to you, Prof. Most wild animals will come to the sound of the dinner bell. Here in Bayview, we have vast flocks of ducks, geese and such. You know, wild birds. Guess what! If I feed them regularly, and that includes wild turkeys, they will open the front door, sit on my couch and attempt to read the paper.

Interaction? There is no interaction here. Do they feed us? Nope! This poor creature thought he had found a free chow line. Well, it was, right up until the last, where he did indeed feed a human. I sincerely hope that when this harvester tries to eat this bird, that he chokes on it.

Incidentally, while most wild animals and birds will adapt to human aids to eating, it is not recommended that you try to hand feed any of our recently re-introduced predators, such as wolves, grizzlies or the occasional cougar.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Runaway Development

The last couple of years have seen unprecedented growth in our region. That's to be expected. We have the climate and the room to grow. What is disturbing, however, is the wealthy developers that have moved in to our area, not to be a part of us, but to build luxury developments for the rich to move in and supplant us.

With Black Rock, Rickel Ranch, and others, the development is for wealthy folks from elsewhere to move in and take our place. No law, of course is against that...Still, a way of life is coming to an end.

Here in Bayview, Bob Holland, of Waterford Park Homes,LLC, has not only moved in with the purpose of developing here, he has what could be construed as a monopoly. Vista Bay Marina, bought by Holland...Being broken up into purchased lots and boat slips.

Bayview Marina, bought by Holland for the purpose of breaking it up for individual condominium and moorage ownership...

Boileau's Marina and restaurant, bought by Holland for the purpose of breaking it up for individual ownership and condominiums...

Scenic Bay Motel, bought by Holland, purportedly with the plan for high rise condos.

Bayview Trailer Park. Long a large part of our town, Holland bought it. Will it stay a trailer park? Or will they, like others Holland bought, be ordered to leave. This more serious than some of the other transactions, because most, if not all of the mobile homes there are older than 1976, when the building codes were changed. The significance of that is that the State won't allow them to be moved, rendering them worthless.

McDonald's Marina, Scenic Bay-J.D.'s, and Bitter end are the only resorts not owned by Holland. It is alledged that Waterford Park Homes has developed retirement communities in Arizona for the wealthy, then pulled up stakes for new adventures.

What will be left behind in Bayview, when he next takes a hike. More importantly, who will be left in Bayview. It appears that what will take place is a gigantic people transplant. Wealthy in...The rest, well, find another place to live. After all, we are just "local yokels."

Friday, April 21, 2006

Judicial Race Heats Up

Most of my life, Attorneys and Judges weren't allowed to even have yellow page ads asking for business. It was considered bad ethics. That policy was changed a few years ago. We have finally arrived, I guess, at the natural end result of that change.

Here in North Idaho, we have a race between an appointed incumbent district Judge, John Mitchell, and his challenger, Rami Amaro. Much has been written about the various qualifications of each, with Amaro's lack of experience being a large issue.

We have what I think is a first in this race, insofar as it has become bitter, with mudslinging , accusations of foul play, and various other high crimes and misdemeanors. It would be entertaining if it weren't so sad. One would think they were running for Congress or something.

Here is a position that requires judicial solemnity, restraint, and unblinking neutrality. The very life and liberty of those facing the courts is at stake.

I don't know, and don't want to know what political party either belongs too, or what political philosophy each believes in. This, I believe gives me an non-prejudiced position to comment from.

It would seem that the candidate challenging, has limited experience as an attorney. It also becomes obvious that Amaro has exhibited what I would consider immature behavior, and has developed a shrill defensive attitude about the various criticisms that she has received. One area pointed to is various bloggers and blurkers, (blurker being the non-blogger commenting from anonymity) on line that have issues with her candidacy.

Ms. Amaro should remember that the public opinion that she is dissing, is the same public that she wants votes from. Shrill, defensive behavior is not the way to convince the voters that you possess judicial qualities.

One should always remember that when digging yourself a hole, the best policy is to drop the shovel before you get deeper.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Once again I feel the need to rant about both Federal & State Fish & Game MIS-management.

A while back I commented about the regional director of the U.S. Fish & Game Department, when he was Quoted as saying about Wolves, "You can call them anything you want, but don't call them predators."

This week, we find the State of Idaho and Feds negotiating on how many Wolves to kill, so as not to loose the herds of Deer and Elk in the Clearwater basin. An ongoing argument as to the future of Mountain caribou in Idaho blames snowmobilers for their demise, ignoring that hunting laws restrict the killing of Cougars, and prohibit the killing of Grizzlies and Wolves.

It seems that these political knuckleheads didn't know why their numbers were reduced in the first place. Herds of grazing animals, such as Elk, Moose, caribou, deer, cows, horses, sheep, goats, well, you get the picture, are no match for any of these Predators. There! I used the forbidden word.

Our ecological extremists want us to stop cutting trees down. Not slow down, but completely stop all harvest of what is a renewable resource. With little or no thought, we have turned our government over to nut cakes that want to stop civilization, and return it to the pristine shape it was in at the beginning of time...

But what about us? Are we next going to see forcible population control or elimination from these people? How long is it going to take before some extremist nut decides to poison our water supplies, or worse.

We need to take back our government and allow our elected officials and those that are appointed under them, run our country, instead of allowing nuisance law suits to freeze all activity these unelected self appointed jerks have assumed with no authority but court injunctions that are overturned, but too late to help, as is with the harvesting of burned trees while they still have value.

We are in the position of having to cut live trees to replace those that are already dead. If that isn't proof of the total lack of common sense, tell me what is...

Monday, April 17, 2006

Tasers Revisited

The recent death of Otto Zehm, an alledgedly developmentally disabled man points once again, not to the Police Officers, but the methods used.

Many people are screaming, "Police brutality." In most of these cases, I don't believe that the officers set out to do great harm to the people that are being subdued. A few years ago, pepper spray mixed with tear gas was used. Now we have tasers, which have been connected to many such unintended deaths.

Originally, the thought was to not have to use lethal force, such as a gun to apprehend a suspect. A noble thought, but perhaps the used of Tasers needs to be tested out by an agency other than the manufacturer, which continues in denial.

Otto might have been a peace loving young man, but something triggered aggression. The police in Spokane, Washington aren't known for abusive behavior, but when approaching a stranger they know nothing about, caution is the rule.

That a very high voltage shock can cause a heart attack is a no-brainer. Lets investigate the manufacturer, not the user.

The police don't want to hurt the suspect, but they also have to fear harm to other innocents, and themselves. I blame the instrument, not the operators.

Since I originally posted this, I read this morning in the Spokesman-Review, that 150 people have died from taser use. Last week, Police trying to keep an escaped cow off the freeway, tasered this 1200 pound animal to death. If they can kill a cow, people are Duh!! Also in danger.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


For years, I have tried without success to define the word "Friend." We all know people that we like, and those that we don't. Sometimes it's easier to eliminate those that we don't like.

But what about the ones that we do like. Are the helpful bloggers that we interact with friends? Or just friendly acquaintances. How about those people that you run in to at the local watering hole. You know, the ones that you enjoy, but don't visit in their homes, or hang out with them.

Is a friend only someone you would make a great effort to help if they were in trouble? Is a friend a person that you have known for years and stay in touch with?

What is a friend?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Immigration Revisited

Back in the early years of this Country, we created a motto that went something like this. "Give us your poor, your starving, your huddled masses". In perspective, what we were doing was asking for settlers for the vast Western United States, which had been purchased by Thomas Jefferson, the Louisiana Purchase.

We no longer have those needs, or that much in the way of usable wide open spaces. While I believe that this country, like most, should have modest immigration, control of our borders is paramount. For every hundred poor Mexicans just looking for work, there could very easily be ten terrorists, carrying not clothes and water, but vile weapons of mass destruction. There exists in our own inventory, "backpack nukes." A weapon that is small and light enough to be carried by one man.

Biological weapons are even easier to conceal, and to spread.

The issue of exclusion or not is only one aspect of the problem. We must be able to control our borders. Building a wall is not that bad, as long as we remember to install gates. We do that here all of the time. If we have an installation that is subject to trespass, we build fences with razor wire on top, and that is within the Country. Can we do less at our border?

Many other Counties, such as Great Britain, do not automatically grant citizenship to those born there, if the parents are not legal permanent residents. We should explore that option. Pregnant Mothers that cross our borders an a day visit, just to birth here are a major problem. How do you keep the Mother of a citizen out of the Country?

Mexico has had within it's power, to control migration through universal education, and job training. Eternal poverty is the cause of illegal immigration, and education is the escape. Perhaps building a wall, AND some foreign aid directed specifically toward education is the answer.

Pardoning illegals that sneak across the border is not even close to an answer. That false promise, bandied about in the press has accelerated the masses that want to get here before the amnesty.

As we start to draw down from Iraq, it might be useful to stage training maneuvers along our southern border, rather than having troops go back into garrison, to begin training in the art of painting rocks.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Welcome to the 20th Century

After either mastering several computer challenges recently, or enlisting friends that aren't as dense as me, I paused, looked at my blog and thought, "This is good." I have a picture now, I learned to upload pictures to the blog, and finally have linked to all of those nice folks that had links to mine without reciprocity.

But that wasn't enough. My daughter, Debbie, innocently asked me if I had a webcam/mike. I said yes, but I don't know how to use it. Two days later, I have yahoo instant messenger, voice and picture capable. I gotta tell yah, a lot of cussin' went on throughout the process.

Now I'm set to video talk to anyone with yahoo. Before I'm done I may wish I'd never gone there. It is exciting. It's like Buck Rogers...Oh, you folks are all too young to remember Buck Rogers? Oh well...

What! This isn't the 20th Century anymore? #&*@##%*&. Now what am I going to have to learn...

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Illegal Immigration

This really isn't about illegal immigration, it's about the attitude about it. Recent large demonstrations have taken place where apparent Mexicans have massed in protest about restricting others from entering this Country illegally.

Large crowds of people that haven't learned our language, wave the flag of another country, protesting that they as Americans don't like our attitude. Immigrants, legal or not, that don't bother to assimilate, as others have throughout our country's history. They don't want to be a part of us. It's our money only that these people aspire to.

By waving the flag of another country, they loudly proclaim their loyalty to their previous home, not this Country. Why should we coddle them, educate their children,grant citizenship to their offspring?

Back to the attitude thing. Friday in Colorado, students at Skyline High School in Longmont, were banned from waving the American flag because it upset the Hispanic demonstrators that were waving foreign flags. Keeping them separate would have been enough. The ivory tower Wackos that can't let patriotism be demonstrated explain much of the lack thereof by our young people.

I just can't believe that in this country, people are being punished for flag waving. Not the Mexican flag...Just ours.