Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rumors Confirmed

While nothing is signed yet, rumors swirling around Bayview Were confirmed today. Tina Arendt, Manager of Waterford Park Marinas, told us that the Scenic Motel and also the View of the Bay Mobile Home and R.V. Park are for sale.

With the majority of the old Bayview Marina unable to produce income, this appears to be an attempt to recoup cash. One wonders, however, why, after the mass eviction notices issued by the Corporation last Fall, there are still signs up advertising for new tenants. More as we learn it ...

Monday, May 28, 2007

When Better Late, Than Never...Isn't!

My print column for next week was going to feature Legion Post 149 and the Memorial Day Observance at the Bayview Community Center. Information provided to the Spokesman-Review indicated a 10:30 am Flag Ceremony in Bayview, followed by a service at the Athol Cemetery at 1:30 pm. It turns out that neither time was correct.

When I showed up in Bayview at 10:15, I was told it was over. I called the Legion at Noon for verification of the 1:30 start. Wrong. It was Noon, ergo there will be no story on Memorial Day festivites in my column.

Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. Oh well, onward and upward ...

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Social Graces

Yesterday afternoon, while quaffing a brew at the Button Hook in Bayview, I had several interesting conversations. I like to show up there once in a while to show that after all, "It's just business."

Along comes an older Guy, balding, slightly chubby. He walked up to me and stuck out his hand. I checked it for weapons, then shook it. He said, "Hi Herb." I said,"Hi Bob." He went on his way, I went back to my brew.

Bob Holland can be a very socially gracious person, as can I. Perhaps he realized that though I have been holding his feet to the fire, that I didn't build the fire, nor did I place his feet in close proximity to that fire.

Life goes on. It's, after all, Bayview ...

Friday, May 25, 2007

Bending Over Backward

Yesterday, I deleted a post that I wrote for the first time, ever. I deleted it because I got a call from Steve Wetzel, attorney for Waterford Park Homes, LLC. He objected to my reference to the inviting of the Coeur d'Alene Press to a meeting they held. His words, paraphrased, were that no press was present at that meeting.

I accepted the fact that as a respected attorney, he wouldn't lie to me, and I am sure he didn't. What tripped me up was having not read the Press article until today.It became obvious that in some intimate way, the Press Reporter had special access to the principals right after the meeting, if not during. The spirit, it seems, if not the letter, of what I wrote is alive and well.

Still, I am satisfied that I did the right thing. If there is any doubt that my facts are wrong, I will again do what I did, although I have gained an appreciation for those media editors that require more than one source for publication.

A late Morning message from a representative of the Idaho Department of Lands, suggests that the Press article was highly inaccurate and had inferred quotes that weren't his words at all.

An unfortunate side effect of this whole thing, is that because I wouldn't reveal my source, an executive in the Waterford Park organization has announced their intention of conducting what I would call a Witch Hunt for the person they think had loose lips. Apparently, telling what was about to become public knowledge anyway through a controlled or at least manipulated Media Source, was considered disloyal.

Why Wetzel, then Waterford Park Manager, Tina Arendt were upset to the extent they were, since the crux of the post by me was essentially, if not literally, correct, is puzzling. Perhaps shining a light on these things makes some scurry for the shadows.

It grows curiouser and curiouser ...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Bad

From time to time, when throwing spears at the bad guys, one gets thrown inaccurately. Such was the case yesterday. A person that I felt would know, mentioned a meeting between Holland, Fish & Game and the Dept. of Lands. That person also told me that the Coeur d'Alene Press was present. They weren't. I jumped to conclusions and wrote an unfair post. For that I apologize.

I received a call today from Steve Wetzel, attorney for Bob Holland. Before anyone jumps to conclusions, it was a very polite respectful talk. Steve felt that I had written this inaccurately. I had. A meeting did take place and did include the authorities mentioned. The inaccuracy was that the Press was present when they weren't.

One would like to think that mistakes are never made, but they are. It is especially bad when attacking the character of one's target. The man is guilty of many things. He wasn't in this case.

It turns out that, based on the Press' article this Morning, that while Wetzel said they weren't there, that they were visited with by at least some of the principles after the fact. Favoritism is not, of course against any law, still, planting news when you think the other paper might be rougher on you is suspect behavior on someone's part.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mike Lee Speaks

There is a story in Bayview that was not fully told in the newspaper. How a group of dedicated volunteers can save a small town from big money developers and high priced attorneys. How we the people can be served by our government if we become involved and care enough to demand justice.

Community action is often a thankless job (with no pay) of endless research, countless meetings, and the inevitable backlash from uninformed members of the community. Those who endure to success or failure are heroes and represent democracy at its best.

The Developmental Analysis Committee (DAC) of the Bayview Chamber of Commerce has labored beyond the call of duty to preserve and protect Bayview, Lake Pend Oreille and our way of life. They deserve our gratitude and respect, but the work is only beginning.

If you love North Idaho, let it show, take action!

Mike Lee
Bayview Idaho

This E-Mail was received this Morning. I felt it was profound enough let Mike tell it in his own words. Thanks Mike ...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Cops Guard the Portals

The news that Lee Newbill, Police Officer with the Moscow Police Department died trying to protect those that he serves, is disturbing, of course. What I think we must do at times like this, is re-examine where we have been lately.

Spokane Police, Spokane County Deputies, Boise, on and on. When ever a gun is present, it can be used. Police officers have to have guns to keep those that shouldn't have them from running wild. It is sad to learn of Officer abuse. This usually results in loss of life. Two or perhaps three instances of Officer abuse have been widely circulated in the past year.

Maybe it is time to examine the risk these Guys & Gals take. Back when I was young, (editors note, ancient times) our police officers were just there to either help, or to write traffic tickets. In Renton, Washington, where I grew up we had Ernie Henry, the motor cop and his brother the detective. In Issaquah, Washington, they had a town marshall that had to be 50 or 60 years old. As I recall, he was reputed to be a mean Bastard, but he kept the peace.

Sure, when Police officers get into what is a firearm situation, some react well, others don't. We MUST remember that these officers have to make split second decisions between shooting a suspect and having the watch commander calling your home with the sad news that your husband/father/son has been killed in action.

In this, today's drug culture, more violent crime is committed by perpetrators that are essentially out of their minds, with drugs. One of the most difficult things is to be able to read people. Normally, one can tell whether the person sitting next to you at a bar or restaurant is friendly or not. Not if they are Cranked. People can unexpectedly go off without warning.

In this, the Moscow, Idaho incident, we morn, not just for the innocents that died this day, but also for the Officer that died trying to save the people that he was sworn to protect. This man gave everything he had. He gave his life.

For The Record

Recently, an e-mail has been circulated around North Idaho. This e-mail describes the author's undying contempt for Bob Holland's antics in Bayview. Many have asked if I wrote it. No I didn't. While I agree with some of this missive's points, I wasn't the author, nor do I know who wrote it. The reason I am writing this, is that when I publish something, I always sign my name to it.

I, probably coming out of the Blog Wars, have a deep dislike for those writers that cast stones but are unwilling to back it up with their identity. Sometimes, of course, people will cut and paste things that I write, then forward it around on the Internet. That type of thing can't be prevented by the author. Whoever did write this missive, however, was pretty much spot on with his/her assertions.

Boileau's Marina employees recently called Fish & Game with the good news. They thought their waters were teeming with newly hatched Kokanee. Alas, the are Red-sided Shiners, a native of B.C. After Googling this fish, I learned that our Gerrard Rainbows will eat them, but they hang out in shallow waters. Some evening, if you should be skulking about on one of the many docks here in Bayview, see a monster trout rise, it probably came inshore to feast on these fish. They have also been known to cross-breed with Pike-Minnows.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Not Political Philosophy

Recently, I was asked if I weren't siding with the Liberals regarding the posts about Waterford Park Homes, LLC. This isn't, in my estimation a politically conservative or Liberal position.

From a liberal activist position you could see "Fat Cat" strikes again. From a conservative viewpoint, one could, and I do, realize that the multi-million dollar economy on and around Lake Pend Oreille is at stake. Primary usage of the Lake is fishing. When Kokanee were plentiful, one could see boats scattered all over the lake fishing for them. For the trophy trout trollers, the opportunity to catch a rainbow trout that topped twenty pounds was the draw.

There are seven major resort/marinas in just Bayview alone. Three of them are owned by Bob Holland of Waterford Park Homes, LLC. In the long term, we are going to see some of these businesses whither away, including the ones that are owned by Holland. Fortunately for him, he will be long gone. The subsequent owners will be faced with bloated costs and false values that will never pencil out.

Holland is and has been a slash and burn investor. Buy cheap, throw some improvements into the mix, then sell and beat feet.

In the aftermath, Marinas that heavily depend on the middle class fishing crowd, will suffer mightily. Already, the lack of traditional fishing has moved many out of the lake. High moorage fees are moving the rest out.

Recent activities by Waterford Park has accelerated this movement. It has been heard from Holland's own mouth, that he intends to get rid of the trash/local yokels, moving wealthy vacationers in. With the fishing industry gone, that's about all that is left. One wonders, however, how you can sell float home slips over a lake bed that you don't own, for $150,000 each to people that can only enjoy a Summer season that is three months long.

The goose that has been laying the golden eggs has flown off, Pal, and that is the opinion of a fiscal conservative ...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Guest Editorial

Idaho is known for it's plentiful wildlife and pristine forests and beautiful lakes and streams, especially here in Northern Idaho. Now, with the county allowing the over building on the South shore of Coeur d'Alene Lake, Rathdrum Prairie and possibly here.
We know what happens to wild life when they get pushed out of their normal habitat.
How many of the long term residents do you think will survive Holland's and now Chan's big plans to build condos? How many folks have we already lost to Holland's money making scheme?

How will the confined aspect of Bayview handle all that expansion?
Where will all the middle income folks go when the fat cats move in?
How well do folks from California protect the environment? We worry about losing the Kokanee here in the lake, as we should, and how that will change this lake as we know it forever.

It ends up that we are on the same endangered species list that Kokanee are on.
Bayview, as all the other areas mentioned previously will be gone and changed as we know it forever. The real Idahoans will become extinct just like the Kokanee.
The deer used to hole up in the now cleared area right below Moonbeam, CT.
That's just a very small example of what's yet to come if our county leaders don't get the picture. Hayden has already gone from rural to semi rural.
I don't know if that helps.

After writing the E-mail to *** that I forwarded to you, I thought, HELL, we are in the same spot the Kokanee are in.

Dennis Damon

Herb's comment: Dennis, you are right on. One correction re: Californians and the environment. Most of California doesn't have an environment to protect. That being the case, as well as newcomers from other large urban areas, don't have any experience with living in tune with ones surroundings, unless, that is, they are sidewalks and high-rises.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Encroachment, Again!

This is the site where retaining walls allegedly encroach on down to the low water mark. It also is the scene of the now infamous Kokanee Massacre. Today, the Sun shines down on dead fish floating around waiting for Seagulls to pounce. Diving birds are having a field day.

All work has stopped on the Marina as ordered by the Idaho Department of lands. One wonders that if, instead of modifying or repairing the old existing docks,tearing them completely out may have voided any Grandfathered right to recover what is now open lake. These leases must be terminated. Holland should not be able to bully, buy or threaten his way to his version of a new Bayview.

One also wonders how the above pictured float home owners will access the homes when the water rises to Summer levels. The Idaho Department of Lands should not allow any further work on the Marina until Waterford Park Homes, LLC tears out the illegal retaining wall and restores the shoreline to its natural state, or at least rebuilds the wall back where it belongs.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Child Abuse

I have followed, avidly the articles on child abuse, but today I found a case much closer to home. I ran across a kinda Cute Grandma this afternoon. She had her two younguns along. Wait! let me digress! I have diligently read the blog written by my friend, Tayrn Broadwater, entitled broadh2o.

In these blogs, I have been led to believe that these children of hers are malefactors of the first degree. Children that are incorrigible. A young man and young woman in their early growing stages. I believed this tripe. I even went with the Chocolate Cake Caper as proof.

Today, I learned different. Two innocent young Angels that denied everything they were accused of. It turns out that the real perp was Grandma. Not the one I met today. Grandma set a perfectly good chocolate cake in front of the aforementioned Angel, expecting her to ignore same, while coloring in a book. This was an obvious case of entrapment and the accused deserves a new trial.

I met the offensive duo today. One was a fine young man called Boo. The much maligned young lady? Her name is Goo ... I was honored! Oh, one more thing. I have discovered that Goo is a flagrant flirt. Got it from her Mom, obviously ...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Recently, an E-Mail from Waterford Park Homes to the Float Home owners asked the Float Home People to petition the State Land Board for permission to continue work on the walkways, so that the residents wouldn't be further inconvenienced. Some recipients felt a veiled threat was left dangling regarding what if any efforts on the part of the Marina Owner's would be made to maintain uninterrupted access. It turns out that management doesn't seem to think a similar petition from the Corporation would be welcome.

Today's Spokesman-Review revealed that two of the most recent additions to the Land Board thought free market is the way to go regarding rents charged to Float Home Owners. Unfortunately, the 1998 ruling by this same Board, prohibiting any additional float home construction, eliminated the free market from the equation. Free market is all fine and usually good excepting when paired with a monopoly, in this case, State ordered. This residents, some of them for well over 20 years, don't have access to the free market. Why should then Marina owners have that right.

One of the usual problems with Ideologues of either the right or the left, is that instead of applying logic, they use knee jerk reactions instead.

A last thought...Holland, typically blames employees when his plans are questioned. In the three years he has conducted business in Bayview, he has continuously ran roughshod over the "Local Yokels", trying to supplant them with a wealthier clientele. The streets of Bayview are littered with the bodies of former employees. Three General Managers in three years, all that made this poor misunderstood philanthropist suffer through their sins. The latest firing, which may or may not have coincided with the current scandal, is just another, oops, I've been caught again. Off with my employee's head.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Peace In The Valley

A quiet Sunday in Bayview. No pile drivers incessant thump, thump, thump. Only one front end loader working at the Harbor Marina (Bayview Marina) desolately scooping trash into a dumpster. One local reported to me that the old Boat Works that had been in the repair business for over 20 years had severe pollution surrounding the site as oils and solvents had been dumped out on the ground regularly.

One wonders if the Kootenai County Building and Planning Department is aware of this, and if so, why they haven't required a core sample of the site which is, as we understand it, preparing for new construction. This alleged pollution is within 30 feet of the Lake.

My personal inspection of the site of the fish kill shows trash littering the spawning beds. large sheets of metal roofing material as well as a potpourri of pretty much all the junk one can imagine.

One hope locally is that the County, State and if necessary the Federal Governments just shut the Guy down permanently. We watch. We wait. We'll see ...

For another view on this situation go to

BREAKING NEWS: Bayviews has discovered that the sewer line from shore to the float homes at Bayview Marina was cut when old pilings were dragged out of the water back around the middle of April, allowing raw sewage to flow directly into the Lake and the spawning beds. Our understanding of this is that the repairs were just recently made, and that sewage has been leaking for days ...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bayview Waters Roiled

No, the waters aren't roiling from thousands of Kokanee hatching. Unfortunately, it is from scandal. The fallout from the Spokesman-Review column and editorial, not to mention your loyal Muckraker, has been huge.

Shrieks of dismay are resounding all over the West Coast and from the Canadian Border to the depths of Boise. A well known local activist even showed up to get a guided tour, prepatory to calling his political friends in the capitol.

For those that haven't read any of these reports, a developer, anxious to get ahead of the boating season, jumped not the shark, but murdered thousands of the just hatched Kokanee by the incessant pounding of a barge pile driver,driving steel pilings for a walkway out to the boardwalk at newly named Harbor Marina (formerly known as Bayview Marina). Visiting the site last evening,I witnessed trash,building material, dumped in the water covering the spawning beds of these endangered fish.

Not just the spearing of these spawning beds but the seismic shock caused a massive die-off of the last large spawning beds in the lake. A combination of steep shorelines and deep inshore waters makes most of the lake's 44 mile shoreline unsuitable for spawning. The Villain? Bob Holland, President and owner of Waterford Park Homes, LLC.

Since Avista and other Dam Operators pay reparations for the loss of fish habitat, it would seem that Holland should be sued for the damages, both present and future to this valuable fish run.

The following is a letter to the editor, printed here with permission.

Reparations required

A stop work order and a $2,500 fine for the damage to the kokanee spawning beds in Bayview by developer Bob Holland and his Waterford Company are ridiculous. This developer has consistently disregarded the zoning and permitting process of Kootenai County.

Until Mr. Holland and his company restore the spawning beds and make monetary compensation to the people of Idaho, I would suggest the following actions be taken: First, all permits issued to Holland/Waterford should be revoked. Second, all work on his projects should be stopped. Third, any new requests for permits should be rejected.

What is the compensatory value for the spawning beds and the value of the years of work to bring the kokanee back? I'm not certain but perhaps somewhere between $500 million and a billion might get Mr. Holland's attention. While a person or company has a right to develop their property within the constraints of the law, they do not have the right to destroy that which belongs to us all.

Marilyn Saunders

Bayview, Idaho