Monday, May 21, 2007

For The Record

Recently, an e-mail has been circulated around North Idaho. This e-mail describes the author's undying contempt for Bob Holland's antics in Bayview. Many have asked if I wrote it. No I didn't. While I agree with some of this missive's points, I wasn't the author, nor do I know who wrote it. The reason I am writing this, is that when I publish something, I always sign my name to it.

I, probably coming out of the Blog Wars, have a deep dislike for those writers that cast stones but are unwilling to back it up with their identity. Sometimes, of course, people will cut and paste things that I write, then forward it around on the Internet. That type of thing can't be prevented by the author. Whoever did write this missive, however, was pretty much spot on with his/her assertions.

Boileau's Marina employees recently called Fish & Game with the good news. They thought their waters were teeming with newly hatched Kokanee. Alas, the are Red-sided Shiners, a native of B.C. After Googling this fish, I learned that our Gerrard Rainbows will eat them, but they hang out in shallow waters. Some evening, if you should be skulking about on one of the many docks here in Bayview, see a monster trout rise, it probably came inshore to feast on these fish. They have also been known to cross-breed with Pike-Minnows.

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