Friday, December 27, 2013

Larry Justus R.I.P

It is with deep regret that for those of you that didn't hear, as I didn't, that Larry passed away December 4 after a long illness.

Larry, and his wife of many years own and operate the Lakeland RV Park in Bayview. To say this is a tragic end to a man that was everyone's friend is an understatement.

I'm not adding the usual statistics simply because I am unwilling at this time to disturb Liz and her family. I am sure, however that you, her friends would be welcome to call or visit.

There are very few giants in Bayview. Those that have lived and worked here for many years and in some cases, many generations. Liz and Larry have touched many lives and those that they touched are the better for it. Good bye, my friend. I'll miss you.

Friday, December 20, 2013


Deputy city manager, John Engalls recently  revealed that a discussion between Idaho Transportation Department and the city of Coeur d'Alene is in progress. The issue is what to do with the Lake Shore Drive that used to be  I-90.

When the subject of hydroplane races was raised, Engalls stated that if the city annexes that stretch of old highway the seventeen year old law that prohibits Hydroplane racing would apply.

Let's look at that issue. First, the only property the city would inherit is the road bed. All property from the road to the high water level is owned and maintained by the Idaho State Parks Department.

To the east, are private homes of which none have asked to become part of the city. Another possibility would be the East Side Highway district.

Add to the  mix is grandfathered rights that the state may confer to the hydro race, the parks department interests and of course that of the hillside residents. Oh and of course the Centenial Trail.

The key reason for the city not to participate, is that excluding the lake shoulder and the uphill property owners, all that is left if the pavement, of which no tax revenue is possible. Short of making it a toll road, city ownership would only benefit the anti-race people of which after last fall we think are very few.

Perhaps the east side highway district would be interested, as they would benefit from the road taxes the state would transfer. The Eastside district is the most viable and they haven't formed a prejudice against boat racing.

Even if the city were petitioned to overturn the antiquated anti-boat racing law, there would be no guarantee the revocation wouldn't pass. Do I have an axe to grind? You betcha. No governmental body has ever passed a law prohibiting a specific sport, other than the City of Coeur d'Alene. OK, perhaps Bull Fighting, which is not really a sport but a stylized method of torturing and butchering a bull.

High School sports, Iron man, local collegiate sports have their own fan bases. No one sport would poll a majority of voters, simply because of a diversity of interests. As our constitution provides, minority interests are clearly protected on many levels. Personally, I would like to see that old law stricken from the books as outdated and archaic not to mention prejudicial.

This one-sided issue will go away just as other bad ideas have. The race will be held in the same location as last year, excepting lines to weights for buoys would be designed to disconnect immediately after use. Were there problems with the race last year? Absolutely. No local had every ran a race of the magnitude of an H-1 unlimited race. We plane on addressing the errors of last year to make this race as smooth as the Tri-Cities and Seattle venues. We had about 50,000 attendees last fall of which most were from the Spokane/Coeur d'Alene area. We believe common sense and fairness to others will prevail. There will always be a few loud voices against most everything. They shouldn't rule the rest of us.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Dog Walk & Simple Mind

Over the past several years I have watched and listen to the studied observations of these ladies of my age. First, I would like to point out that either or both are much smarter than I, and what's more important, more objective.

The first Blog Fest (named by me) was held in Bayview at the Captain's Wheel Restaurant. I think there were about nine people present including the Blog father. As always in North Kootenai county, Larry was there. My high moment was then I observed a conversation between a former journalism teacher and Larry of whose name I shall not speak, since he, like the ghouls, comes out of the woodwork when his name is mentioned. Dogwalk and simple were there as well.

The reason I mentioned these two gals is that first they have finely tuned antenna when it comes to Bullshit. The second, that unlike most of the contributors here, they don't have an agenda. They use an antiquated method called common sense.These two do not break their claws agaist a stacked deck as occurs often on comments. They merely say what they have to say then they either shut up or as the case may be, go walk the dog.

Ladies, you are what lends intellect and common sense to this zoo. I'm proud to know you.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

An almost Parade

Bayview has an annual par ... er, lighted car cruise this time of year. We can't call it a parade because then we would need to do all of that paper work and get a permit.

So, our Christmas cruise will form at the Flippin' Frog Cafe at about 6:00 pm. Everyone is welcome to participate.

An additional news item is that hydro race tickets are now also available at Super One Foods.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Stocking Stuffers, Hydroplane style

A new and different stocking stuffer idea has occurred as tickets are now available for the 2014 Diamond Cup Race.

So far, the outlets are at:  All Inland Northwest Bank branches, Kootenai Lawn & Garden, and Angel Gallery, in Coeur d'Alene. Grab these unique gifts in time for Christmas. An additional site is Super One Foods.

Pearl Harbor Remembered

As I sat contemplating the memories of Pearl Harbor, I realized that from baby boomers on down in age, this was history, not a life experience. Those born after World War two were for the most part unaffected by those experiences.

I was born in March of 1938 and was seven years old when the war ended, and 3 1/2 the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. At the age I was, not a lot of detail was retained. One though, was. I witnessed adults running out into the streets expecting to see bombs falling from Japanese aircraft. That Japan did not have long range capability was ignored, even by our military.

Farragut was chosen for naval training, not because of the proximity of Lake pend Oreille, but the distance from the vulnerable pacific coast.

This generation along with mine, has 9/11 and the twin towers of New York City as an equally egregious attack, this time against civilians instead of military targets. The war against Japan ended finally, but will the war against Jihadists ever end?

There are only seven Pearl Harbor veterans left to attend their annual reunion. My generation will soon die off leaving Pearl Harbor as only an historical event, not touching many lives unless a grandfather was part of it. Still, we should remember Pearl Harbor as an example of our vulnerability.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Plumbing Woes

I have been fighting a plumbing problem for about one month.I found that the worst place a faucet can go bad is in the shower/tub. Naturally, it was the hot water side. This caused me to have to turn the hot water off on the hot water tank which is accessed outside.

Yesterday, thanks to a very helpful Mark Streater, I drove into town to get a new one. The last time I replaced a leaky faucet, I just pulled the handle off and replaced the double aught washer. No more. Modern technology has once again fixed something that wasn't broke. Now we have stems and seats, O rings and other interesting pieces. In order to find the right parts I had to first remove the old one. Unfortunately, I didn't have the right stuff.

After visiting the two big box stores, Lowes and Home Depot. I bought one at each store, determined not to make a second trip. It worked and I now have normal hot water. The drive home was a different story.

Yesterday morning we started getting lake effect snow which tapered off and then returned about dusk. For those of you that are not familiar with lake effect it is when the air temperature is much colder that the water in the lake. This causes the lake to steam. Thousands of gallons of water evaporated causing a huge cloud which then began to precipitate as fine snow flakes.

As I started back to Bayview, I ran into snow at about Chilco. It got heavier as I got closer to the lake. When I turned east on highway 54 I ran into about three inches of unplowed, drifting snow. By the time I got to Farragut, my car was all over the road. In addition, a deer jumped out so close to me I couldn't have stopped. Fortunately the deer did the right thing and headed for the shoulder.

When I got into Bayview, creeping around sharp turns, (it was greasy slick) I barely made it up the hill and around the hairpin turn on Lime Kiln Rd. But I made it home. I guess it is time to put my snow tires on, huh? 

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Bayview Mercantile

Rumors have been flying around Bayview regarding the sale and reopening of our only store. I met with the purportedly new owner yesterday and asked him about the status. His reply was, "I haven'tdecided yet whether to buy it."

Bottom line, it has not been purchased, it is not opening January 2 as the rumor mill has it. It is still for sale, according to the new Prospective owner, who did not give me permission to name him.

Wistful thinking will not work until someone steps up with an offer that the bank who now owns it accepts. If that offer were made today it would still be spring before it could open.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Some of us, myself included are going to have a free dinner Thursday at the "Flippin Frog'" the former Bay Cafe. Dinner with all of the fixin's will be served between 1:00 and 5:00 pm.

I am contributing my infamous dressing, since the birds will be fried and unstuffed.

As we approach the holidays look for some interesting things about to happen in the next week or so regarding the availability of Diamond Cup 2014 tickets locally for stocking stuffers.

I renewed my car license last week and picked up my state park sticker which you can buy along with a car license for just $10 bucks. Don't forget to ask for the sticker. It's a great buy and is vital to the financial health of the park system.

I am busy soliciting sponsorships for the Diamond Cup next fall. For a small or even large business, the donation is a tax write-off as well as great publicity. The souvenir programs last for years opposed to newspaper ads that expire with the next day's news. People keep them for years. I recently rceived the one from the Seafare race in Seattle for the year I graduated from Renton High School. It was kept for all these years since 1956.

Advertising and/or sponsoring the race will get you an ad in the program that will last like an encyclopedia. A gift as they say, that keeps on giving.

An office relocation for the race is  at 1105 Sherman has just been established and we should have phones and wifi hooked up in the next few days.

Have a great Thanksgiving, I'll see you next week.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Why I Blog

Sometimes when things are slow and no news is flying around the community, I wonder why I continue to do this thing. Last week, if I needed reminding, I found out.

I received a phone call from a last name that I recognized on caller ID, but not the first. James Dotson. After a few minutes of conversation I finally realized two things. I was speaking to a guy retired from United Airlines that we used to call<"Airline Mike." Mike is apparently his middle name.

The second was that he had a much better memory than mine. He recollected when I was driving cab in Coeur d'Alene and even who I was living with at the time. (Cute young Texas girl.) Mike went through about an hour of remembrance from when he lived here.

Actually, he kind of didn't live here. As an airline employee, he worked out of Seattle four days a week. Leaving a car at Spokane airport, he would fly free to and from Spokane, then drive to his hideaway here in Bayview.

He bought and remodeled several homes including a float home. Mike was a genius at minutely getting everything he built perfect. Mike moved away about ten years ago if my memory serves me, which it often doesn't. We weren't friends, just acquaintances that respected each other.

Mike Dotson was calling from West Virginia, where he was raised as a child. He returned to his roots where he is ... yes, remodeling another home. This one an ancient brick home with a carriage house next to it. The bricks he tells me, are about sixteen inches thick.

While it is always good to hear from people that have moved away, it occurred to me that most probably, he contacted me because through this blog he kept track of the happenings here in Bayview, Idaho. So I'll keep plodding along, writing when I have something to say and gliding a bit when there isn't any news of import. Thanks for dropping in, Mike. Glad to hear from you.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Sponsors Welcome

Now that the political season is behind us and the 2013 Diamond Cup is also, it is time to start planning for the 2014 Diamond Cup.

While last year's race had many problems all due to time constraints, instead of six weeks to raise funds to support the race this year, we have nine months. This doesn't mean we can sit back and relax though. Hydroplane races are very expensive. Between now and Labor Day week-end we need about 1 million in new funds, most of which will come from corporate sponsorships, but ticket sales will still be critical.

If we can arrange it in time, perhaps you can purchase tickets for stocking stuffers at Christmas.

Steps are being taken to tighten up security at the site, and those that strolled past security to watch the races free will no longer be able to do so. Some new ideas are being explored even as we speak regarding local sales outlets rather than just Tickets West.

Several personnel changes have taken place to firm up control of the event. One particular legitimate complaint was from people that paid big bucks to have their boat on the log boom only to see others tie up without paying. That will not happen anymore either. Boats roaring up to the log boom without regard to the wake left endangered the boats racing on the course. The half mile no wake zone will also be rigorously enforced with the assistance of the Kootenai County Sheriff Department.

We want this to be a fun filled adventure and a safe one for the drivers on the course. 2014 will be that way.

Anyone wanting to become a race sponsor can either e-mail me or go the the Diamond Cup website. If you e-mail me personally, I'll follow up myself. Questions about the race can also be sent to me.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Nurturing Your Community

Elections are all about caring. Caring about your community and how it is administrated on your behalf. Tomorrow will be critical to that end.

Depending on where you live, either radical Liberals or radical Conservatives will control your area's  politics. This is because radicals are more motivated to vote than the average person.

Here in the Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls area recent years have found an influx of Constitutionalists and anti-government types that have claimed Republican labels so that they have a chance to win elections. During the recent school Board election in Coeur d'Alene, the public became aware of a right wing takeover by the so called Regan Republicans. I say so called, because I knew Ronald Reagan back in 1964 and 65 when he was preparing to run for California Governor. I had his daughter Maureen and then husband, Dave Sills over to my house for dinner. These pretenders would not have supported Reagan and he would not have supported their exclusionary activities either. The attempt to take over the school board failed as it should again in this election. I believe that with Widmyer as mayor and those others such as Kiki Miller and Amy Evans. If Amber Copeland were not running against McEvers, I would favor her. Perhaps she can oppose last election's mistake, Adams when he next is up for election. 

Many of these types are refugees from the John Birch Society, a very extreme group. Whether you favor the progress our two cities have made economically, more jobs, diversified economy, increased tourism and items like the Kroc Center, which was opposed by these RR types, the education corridor, a route to a full time four year campus, The beautiful park and pond at Riverstone, plus the shops and other infrastructure, or want to return to the bad old days of unemployment, lack of professional diversity, your vote is more vital tomorrow than perhaps at any time in the history of these two cities. Those that oppose government should not be elected to run it.

Vote which ever way you must, but please don't leave the decisions to others who may not think like you do. Participate in this landmark election. Be a part of your future.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

2013 Diamond Cup

This is a well written recap of the race and the people who run it.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bayview's Own USS Zumwalt

the General Dynamics Bath Iron Works shipyard. U.S. Navy photo

This picture might look familiar to those that live or play in Bayview, Idaho. The small scale model of what morphed into this ship was tested here by the naval research detachment. This came to Bayviews through the courtesy of Lawrence Killingsworth, otherwise know as the scourge of the Pend Oreille Seas. More can be seen

It is great to see our friends at the base are not hanging out at the water cooler all the time.

"General Dynamics Bath Iron Works on Monday successfully launched the Navy’s first Zumwalt-class destroyer at their Bath, Maine shipyard. The ship, the future USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000), will be the first of three ships in the Navy’s newest destroyer class, designed for littoral operations and land attack.
The ship began the transition from Bath Iron Works’ land-based construction facility to a floating dry dock on Friday. Once loaded into the dry dock, the dock was flooded and the ship was removed from its cradle. By late Monday, the dock had been flooded and the ship was floated off and tied to a pier on the Kennebec River.

SEE ALSO: DDG 1000 Pics – Billy Badass Has Arrived
“This is the largest ship Bath Iron Works has ever constructed and the Navy’s largest destroyer. The launch was unprecedented in both its size and complexity,” said Capt. Jim Downey, the Zumwalt-class program manager for the Navy’s Program Executive Office, Ships. “Due to meticulous planning and execution, the operation went very smoothly. I’m extremely pleased with the results and applaud the combined efforts of the Navy-industry team.”

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Curbing Radicalism

Never in this region's history has it been more vital to pay attention to candidates in local city and county elections. The example of the Adams victory in the last Coeur d'Alene city council election should serve as a warning. His actions and declarations, threatening the elderly lady mayor physically should be a warning for the election coming next week.

With the Coeur d'Alene city election having three vacancies on the council and Mayor, a huge change could take place if the radicals score another victory.

In the race for mayor, we have a successful businessman, a guy heavily invested in our area with three businesses and a background as a comptroller, running against a Woman that hasn't come out in favor of anything. My dad would have called her a ginner. In every issue she has taken a position on she has been against something or someone.

Souza has attacked and re-attacked everything in sight in the name of Libertarian purity. Her whole issue is shut the treasury down along with any spending project whether needed or not. Along with her candidacy is a slate of Libertarians that along with others have fled the ineffective Constitution Party to attempt a takeover of the Republican Party. To many outside our area, they think all Republicans are radical due to the image portrayed by these radicals. We are not.

The huge leap forward that the city by the lake has taken in the last few years is an astounding one. The Kroc Center, Education Corridor, Riverstone, the creation of a model park from what was essentially a vacant field with a baseball diamond and a large parking lot are all projects these radicals opposed.

I urge you to vote for Widmyer for Mayor and Kiki Miller et al for a retention of common sense. Vote against the wrecking ball of radicalism by voting. It has never been more vital that you do so. Remember the old adage, "You get the government that you deserve."

Sunday, October 27, 2013

LCDC The Truth

There has been a ton of negative propaganda against the Lake City Development Corporation, which is a chartered group that operates from tax increments. This simply means that if, in the case of Riverstone of which I have the most information, here are the facts.

The 2012 tax base, which is when tax rates are applied determines how much tax money is owed the county, was 3,052,000. Just a little over 3 million dollars. The land consisted of a former lumber mill, shut down. It also contained a large gravel pit which was also no longer in use, except perhaps by the Mosquitos that bred there.

The number of jobs that used to be in the area, were 5. Number of businesses, 1.

Amount of public money spent in Riverstone, zero. Now lets zip to the present.

First, the new tax base, created by the private development of Riverstone, also in 2012, is $95,000,000. 95 million dollars of tax base that did not exist before. That number is in the lexicon of Urban Renewal, is called tax increment, or the increased value that now can be taxed by the county.

Included in that development are 63 new businesses, 757 new jobs and 459 new residents living in the condos that were tastefully intertwined in the commercial community.

No public money was used to develop this project, just city owned roads and public improvements. Over 3 Million dollars has been paid to the city of Coeur d'Alene in fees along with a lake that was developed from the eye sore gravel pit that previously existed Twenty plus acres of Riverstone private property was donated to the city. That included the new park, and lake, improvement to Northwest Blvd and the prairie trail, a section of the Centennial Trail that borders the Spokane River and passes through Riverstone.

All URA funds were spent on   publicly owned ground and invested in the infrastructure of the city of Coeur d'Alene. $250 million dollars were invested privately to develop the project. For some unknown convoluted reasoning, a small group of anti-government people led by but not limited to such as Sims and Mayoral candidate, Souza seem to think this is Socialism. Since no public money is invested in Riverstone, and the tax base went from 3 million to 95 million, causing huge amounts of tax dollars to accrue to the city of Coeur d'Alene, I'm at a loss, and as a conservative believing in small businesses and private enterprise to see where this is anything close to a liberal project.

Building a community from tax dollars earned from these tax paying developers is the best of Conservative political principles.

Other projects that were made possible by Urban Renewal, are the Kroc Center, The Education corridor adjacent to North Idaho College, the prairie trail and the new public library. In many cases, the library is used by detractors of urban renewal for meetings they hold to stir up trouble. Seed money for the McEuen Park transformation was also provided by the Urban Renewal people.

I lived in Coeur d'Alene back in 1970-72 when the mills were down, the mines were down and people were leaving town in droves. Primarily driven by the Coeur d'Alene Resort, tourism has replaced many of those jobs which then a thriving community, attracted hundreds of small businesses.

So then, what we have are anti-growth, anti-government radicals trying to take over in this upcoming election, all of the huge advances our community has experienced. Not because the common sense candidates for Mayor and city council are not qualified, but because they do not toe the Anarchist line.

I urge you to vote for common sense candidates such as Widmyer for mayor and the other main stream candidates like Kiki Miller and other Balance Coeur d'Alene candidates that have been screened and interviewed as to their views for the future, not the route to yesterday. I read an account yesterday, of a drowning man saved by a fellow rafter. His name is Steve Widmyer. Perhaps Steve can save a city from the same fate.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Have Returned

The principals involved with the Diamond Cup Regatta have asked me to return to the fold. All is well between them and myself. I am not sure what my duties will entail, except you will probably hear my voice when calling the Diamond Cup phone number, which is 208-664-3338. This will not take place for a week or so, but it will happen. They also tell me I'm going to have more responsibility.

I suspect that I will be heavily involved with media relations, as I was last Summer. This is the slow season, but it is never the slow season when it comes to fund raising. Last year we had a total of two months to organize and fund the race. It got done, but with those time limitations  it was pretty ragged.

This year is different. We plan on boosting our boosters so to speak insofar as  making a company donation pay off in publicity for those donors. Now is not to early to donate to the cause. You can contact me at : with any questions relating to supporting the 2014 race.I'm going to be contacting local marinas, since water sports come in all sizes and speeds. So, if you have a need for speed, give me a call. This is a good time to claim a loss on your tax return for 2013. Ask us about how.

I look forward to working with the community and the fine people that I met last year. Let's jump start our fund raising by responding soon. In the period prior to us getting phone coverage at the office, please feel free to call me at home.208-683-9107

This is going to be a great year. With the experience behind us and the physical installations already built it will be much simpler. We ask those people that live in the vicinity of the race course to play fair with us as it costs a lot of money to put the races on and cheaters minimize the chances of continuing year after year. It doesn't cost an individual much to attend the race, but collectively, it is a huge part of our funding. It's early and I'm already excited.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Widmyer For Mayor

As a resident of Bayview, I can't vote in the Coeur d'Alene elections. It's really a pity, since the city also represents the county seat and the center of most activities in Kootenai County.

In the past I have remained quiet about municipal elections held in areas I don't live in. Then it occurred to me that many of the radical rightists that oppose Widmyer live in Post Falls and just drop in to agitate in Coeur d'Alene from time to time.

My heart favors Copeland for council, that spunky young lady that wants to get further involved in her community. Unfortunately, she is running against a popular incumbent.

One thing that jumps out at me is this political freak Adams that somehow flummoxed the electorate into electing him to a position of responsibility. He claims that it is downtown business interests that are backing Widmyer and others.

First, as a conservative, if in fact that is what he is, (questionable) he should applaud the business interests stand since pro-business is a Republican core principle. So what is left that we can label him as? I suspect he is more an anti-government loner that just hangs out with hate groups. Not racial hate, though I have no knowledge one way or the other on that, but just plain hate everything groups.

There are a few in every generation that does not believe in any form of government or regulations. That is their right. They shouldn't however,  be trusted with public office that they opposes on principle. I can only hope that my neighbors to the south show more sense this time around. Anarchists we do not need.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tom Clancy, R.I.P.

Little more than a footnote appeared in the press recently as Tom Clancy died at age 66. Arguably the preeminent Thriller/Military fiction writer of our time is gone. Gone way before his time.

I have, I believe all of the books that were written by him, numbering well over 50 and they weren't minimized in size. Executive Orders, one of his best, Threat Vector and most others number more than 800 pages. Eight hundred pages of I can't put the book down is a wholesale loss of productivity on the part of the reader.

His writing career started out while he was an Insurance agent, with a degree in English. His first book, "The hunt for red October." was published in 1984 closely followed by "Red Storm Rising,: then a deluge of cold war related tales.

When the cold war ended he created wars with an expansionist Japan, the reversing course, sided with Russia against a land grab in Siberia by the Chinese.

His detail was so uncannily accurate that he was questioned by authorities as to where he got his classified information. He calmly pointed to open source information available to anyone that wanted it.

There are others of my favorites. Steve Coonts, Dale Brown, W.E.B. Griffin, but nobody can replace the master. You'll be sorely missed, Big Guy.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Outrageous Closures

The closure of the World War 11 memorial which is in open space, but allowing a rally consisting of left wing politicians and illegal immigrants is a devastating insult to our war dead. But wait, there's more. Mount Rushmore is also closed. Why is that significant? Mt. Rushmore is operated by a private contractor that charges admission. There are no public funds in play at all. The illustration shown below says it all. The Obama administration is showing it's ass to the world. (picture stolen from author, Stephen Coonts on Facebook.)

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The Golden Years

Some rather astounding changes happened when I got old and retired. I disappeared. Yes, I still occupy space and use oxygen needed by others, but I became a non-person. No longer are my opinions valid, nor my knowledge legitimate. It isn't just me, I've noticed that other older people are treated the same way.

You see, those that have come after me already know everything important and when an older person offers a remark, it is a put down to the younger less experienced. Ergo, I am making them stupid. These are fellow adults I'm referring to here.

The first few years that I no longer worked, I faded into the woodwork as the saying goes. My twenty years experience in the Real Estate and mortgage lending field, invalid. Then a few years later, the Spokesman-Review gave me an opportunity to be creative again, writing a weekly column on community events and people features. Folks accepted that, I guess as an old Geezer's ramblings.

More recently, and still unwilling to go back to being a non-person, I became active in the committee to bring Unlimited Hydroplanes back to Coeur d'Alene after a 40 year absence. Suddenly, when that was over, I sensed an uneasy relationship with those around me.

A month ago, a renown loudmouth yelled at me to SHUT UP, HERB! More recently, a younger person, roughly 35 years my junior repeated that slur. I asked him why he was trying to intimidate me. His response was, "You think you know it all." I pointed out that I had never made that claim, nor had I ever suggested that I was more intelligent than others, though this guy was determined to proving that point.

Apparently, I am not adhering to the role that younger people feel I belong in. One in which I don't make them feel like underachievers. Well,their feelings are their own and I won't take responsibility for them. But I won't sit down, shut up or in any other disrespectful way, kowtow to bullies of any age, regardless of their tendency to ape a troglodyte.

Sunday, October 06, 2013


Friendship is a precarious  place, always. When one faces the necessity to contradict that friend, it is even worse. Last week, I blasted an article that was written about the Diamond Cup by my friend, Jeff Selle. In that story, and in subsequent conversations with his editor, Mike Patrick, I determined that it was primarily Doug Miller's  reluctance to return calls that spurred the  dialog.

It wasn't the attack against Miller that stirred me,. it was when it turned into a diatribe against the race and it's future that did.

Nowhere in the dialogue or lack thereof, was there any objective referrence about what went down and how to fix it. I regret that I felt it necessary to defend what appeared to me as a position that very well could have doomed fund raising attempts in future years.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Thursday, October 03, 2013


Well the weather has cooled the water down and here we are again ready for some fishing. The annual fishing derby held in Bayview will kick off with an auction Friday at 6:30 which will include dinner if you are a ticket holder.

The derby itself will run Saturday and Sunday October 5th and 6th. Hours are from dawn Saturday am to 4:00 pm Sunday afternoon.

Prizes are lead by the Golden Trout traveling trophy, followed by Rainbow trout prizes for size 1st and second with third being the largest weight. All proceeds are awarded to the winners with 1st at 50%, 2nd 30% and third 20%.

There are also floating buoys worth $50 each. For additional information call Ralph's at 208-683-2218.

The weather guessers have forecasted from 59 to 62 degree highs with partly sunny skies for Saturday and Sunday. No wind problems were mentioned.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tea Party Congress

This year is shaping up to be a radical change in the way Washington works. The "Tea Party," which is really undefined can safely be known for two things.

One is that they are right of the main Stream Republican Party. Two, and most important is that is was a spontaneous, grass roots uprising by amateur politicians and supported by many that up until the last election chose to stay uninvolved.

Now we as a nation are faced with the inevitable consequences of an out of control president, one that ignores the congress when he can and the Young Turks that were responsible for wresting the house from democratic control.

The primary issue is Obama Care. A program that even many of the original supporters are calling a train wreck. It simply wasn't planned out at all. The vote legalizing it in most cases wasn't scrutinized by committees or the Congressional oversight people. It was rushed to a vote by the democratic leadership fearful that if they waited until people understood all of it's ramifications, they wouldn't have passed it.

We could have easily controlled medical costs by merely passing tort control, limiting liability for the medical industry and radically reducing the class action leaches that pass themselves off as attorneys. 

Large sectors of our population cannot afford the premiums in an all inclusive plan. Those that live in poverty will have their premiums paid for by the federal government. (read more bureaucrats and departments.) As most thinking people realize, the government doesn't pay for anything. They take it from us and then dole it out in lock step with their socialist goals.

Back to the dilemma. If the president doesn't back down, and he won't, and the House of Representatives do not either, our government will shut down. Obama would love that because he is counting on us to blame the Republican Party for their intransigence rather than his bankrupt program.

One of two things are going to occur in the next election. Either the electorate will side with Obama and the hard line Republicans will be voted out of office ... Or, the grass roots that got them there will stay strong and send even more Tea Party types to Congress. This is a major turning point. Do we minimize the federal government back to manageable size or do we leap off the cliff as Lemmings. Time will tell.

Monday, September 23, 2013

$85 Billion

This weekend's paper noted that the federal reserve is buying another $85 Billion in treasury bonds. They have been buying them at the rate of once per month for well over a year. I can't count that high, but do any of you wonder why they are doing this?

Our government has been selling bonds both domestically and internationally for many years, letting the market set the rates and prices. Suddenly and in concert with the administration, the fed is undercutting the market. They claim it is to accelerate growth and job creation, yet while the stock market is doing well, unemployment is still very high. No, don't pay any attention to the statistics on that subject. Remember Will Rogers, who once said there are lies, damn lies and statistics.

Unemployment is kept track of by benefit applications. If a person lost his/her job back in 2008 they are no longer counted, since they have already run out of benefits. Thousands that lost their jobs to cheap Asian labor, represent the uncounted. Perhaps they can be counted by trips to the food bank and food stamps.

Back to the non-recession we are in. According to the statisticians, (see damn lies) our Great Recession ended in 2008. Well, that was when the stock market recovered, mostly due to Obama throwing money at large industry, and doling out millions to individuals.

Something to remember here. This is our money being thrown at us. No, we haven't paid that money yet. That is for future generations to do. Another old quote, I think from Thomas Jefferson, said, "When the government finds out they can bribe the people with their own money, democracy is lost." That is paraphrased, but the intent Is clear.

Back to the lead paragraph. $85,000,000,000 per month for over a year. There are several things wrong with this formula including a massive inflation due soon, similar to 1980-1982. The most serious though is where is the federal reserve getting the money to spend on this program. The fed is not a taxing agency and has no real
income. If you haven't guessed yet, I'll tell you. They are just figuratively printing it. I say figuratively because they do  not print out $85 billion dollars in $100 bills each month. They merely go to their computers and send a message to the treasury that they now have that much on deposit at the central bank and oh by the way, please send the bonds to us.

This my friends is what the FBI calls a Ponzi Scheme, which if done by a citizen earns you many years in a federal penitentiary.

If in the next several elections we haven't changed our votes, we won't have to worry about Tea Party extremism, just the wackos we already have.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Out Of Groceries?

It has occurred to me that there might be a few residents in Bayview that with the Mercantile closed, have no access to groceries. If you or if you know of someone that needs a ride to the store, please call me at 208-683-9107.

I'm happy to help out, but just so there are no misunderstandings, this doesn't mean that if you are out of cigarettes or beer that I will give you a ride. I am available to either the Little town Market in Athol, or Super One in Hayden.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Store No More

The weekend was an active one as in addition to the Farragut Reunion, the Bayview Mercantile closed it's doors. Citing the expense of hiring all of the help, the Bjergos were feeding a loss.

Both have well paying jobs with Scott operator of the Mail Boat and Jeannie a Registered Nurse. This left the store with a larger payroll than it would support. A Mom & Pop operation would fit well, but not if all the help was hired.

It has been more than 15 years since Bayview has been  without a convenience store. It will be sorely missed. Want a quart of milk or a half rack of beer? Drive eight miles to Athol, which has three. The winners will be the operators of the Little Town Market on highway 54.

Those elderly and unable to drive will not be able to shop with a golf cart anymore. This is a huge hit to the unincorporated town of Bayview.

The store is going back to the bank which will be looking for a buyer when they take possession, which could take most of the winter months. If it is still closed next summer, the cost to tourism will be high. Scott and Jeannie ran a good shop and will be missed.  Living in the apartment above the Mercantile are the Darnells, Clint and Jamie. They will have to move soon, as the power will be disconnected.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Bittersweet Reunion

Farragut Navy reunion was a bittersweet experience as those that still survived from Worth War Two become fewer each year.

Brightening this year was Spokesman-Review photographer, Hawaiian, Jesse Tinsley who performed with his ukulele and sang Hawaiian songs. Most of the naval veterans served in the Pacific and either were stationed in the Islands or listened to the haunting Hawaiian tunes over short wave radio as they plowed through the water in search of the Japanese that had attacked Pearl Harbor without warning December 7, i941.

The bitter was the loss of several long time attendees from previous years. Al Sweetman, a favorite of all passed away since last year's event. He and Gene Cooper were fixtures at the flag raising ceremony. Sadly, Gene suffered a debilitating stroke and his wife, Lorraine, also a loyal member of the group, became blind.

Even so, several Farragut Vets, still hanging in there at age 90 plus, were in attendance.

L-R Gene Cooper, Al Sweetman and Park Ranger Errin Bair, circa 2010, who in attempting a eulogy for Sweetman, broke into tears and needed assistance from Ranger Dennis who read it for her. Al Sweetman was very special to Errin and for that matter many others. R.I.P, pal.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Hydro Volunteer Party

An after race party is being held today, Thursday in Riverstone. The party will be from 5-7 pm in the space across the breezeway from the 2040 Main St. address that served as the race headquarters.

Without a doubt many changes will happen before next year's race but a huge thank you is owed to those that in spite of many hurdles, managed to pull this off.

For myself, I was rewarded with the knowledge that I did a good job. This race pulled me off of the rockin chair to become active again. Now that I have become productive, how in hell are they going to put the cork back in the bottle.

To the vast numbers of people that served at the race, what can be said for the long hours, the dedication and toil by the volunteers. I think volunteer of the year should have gone to the person in charge of the outhouses and TP replacement.

Monday, September 02, 2013

Diamond Cup Aftermath

From the comments on Huckleberries and the Scott Maben story in the Spokesman-Review, it appears that more things went right than wrong. I was pleased that the perception was a good job well done. Considering this was a first try, I actually didn't think it would go that well. I suppose that springs from being on the inside where one sees all of the warts.

The area I worked on pretty much exclusively during the week leading up to the race was community relations, primarily with those homeowners and guests living on Lakeshore Drive or roads leading up the hill from it. I know there was a great anxiety from some of these folks as to the potential disruption it would cause them. We haven't heard from them yet, so I will still hold my breath as I was responsible for limiting their discomfort. A great deal of effort went into the attempt to see that residents and their guests were not inconvenienced any more than necessary.

If I have one recommendation for next year it would be to schedule the race the week prior to Labor Day, as their were much more group activities in the private home area than was anticipated. Hopefully, everyone got to where they were going without too much stress.

Also, our typical weather patterns have abrupt changes just before, just after or during the Labor Day weekend. This year, we missed a week filled with thunder storms and rain by one day. This year we needed all the time we could get. Next year it will luck not good planning.

From log boom reports it appears that people were willing to walk long distances to get where they wanted to sit. That also was a concern of mine, but with only one lane of traffic and that flagged as one-way, it was deemed to difficult to take the large buses into the course without  a decent turnaround place to get back out.

I regret that I wasn't there to witness the fruits of my and other's labor in the months preceding the race. Most of the confusion could not be helped. The period between financing being assured and the race was too short. Next year that shouldn't be an issue. I was ill most of the week-end, most likely from stress.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Burned Out

After days of people in my face over resident parking and access along Silver Beach, ticket holder problems, fickle changes in direction by management It came to a head today when the straw broke the camel's back. Faced with fans less than 24 hours from now, the sound guy switched FM frequencies. This, after a thorough airing of 90.5.

This was  by my hand, publicized through the Spokesman-Review, the Coeur d'Alene Press and this blog and by it's republication in Huckleberries on line. Fans going to the race expecting 90.5 are going to come up empty. With no time left to publicize the switch, most race fans will not hear the P.A. announcements.

While I regret the necessity of leaving, I was too close to boiling over to stay. I do not anger easily, but you don't want to witness those times I am. I feel I have a good reputation for delivering factual information (aside from opinion pieces which are entirely another thing)

With my credibility at risk and that of many in management as well, I will not be on the judges stand making announcements this weekend. When I am through, I first examine if in fact I wish to take that step. I do not intend to allow the situation to regress where I end up with a heart attack or stroke.

I wish the race well. I'll be home and out of it. It's just too bad that management couldn't lend support to the office instead of dropping everything in my lap. When trouble rears it's head, the "Wheels" are out of sight. Y'all have a great week-end.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Diamond Cup - Final Lap

We are solving problems as they occur and discovering others as we go along.

One hitch is the P.A. system will be severely limited. To counter that, we will have a low power FM station broadcasting the P.A. announcements as well as Mike Fitzsimmons calling the race. Anyone that has a portable radio can dial in 90.5 on their FM radio.

Other than that, we expect traffic delays, crowds both at the fairgrounds and at the venue itself. If you own bicycles and can park away from the race course, ride in on bikes you can access any part of the viewing area. Should you wish to leave your bike there is a supervised bike corral across from the Beach House.

I'll be perched up on the judges scaffolding sharing the P.A. duties with Mike and another guy. Have a great time at the race and remember, this is our first time at holding an unlimited hydro race. It will be a learning experience.
Mistakes will be made and improvements for next year incorporated. Please give us a pass this first year, but let us know after the race if you encountered an unreasonable situation.,

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Yvonne Wallis, Revisited

It has been more than two years and three surgeries since Yvonne Wallis was nearly killed and her daughter-in-law was, by a hammer wielding crazed neighbor.

Since then she has gone through hell with several trips to Seattle for treatment, six months of twice daily absorbing a liter of antibiotic, taken intravenously.

She is doing well now. She is living healthy, looks great and gets regular exercise. She is a new person Partly due to the love the community has shown her. It prodded her out of her recliner with a wish to participate in life again.

Throughout the whole time the community stood with her, donating money, personal services and then her church doing a complete interior remodel of her home.

Today she has another need. Her car broke. She needs a new starter which with labor will run between $200 and $250 to replace.

Her budget, which derives from social security disability, doesn't allow for keeping a reserve for contingencies. I'm asking once again for community support. This time not thousands, but just a little from a few will enable her to shop for groceries and visit her kids. Please if you can, send a few bucks to me in her name.

Yvonne Wallis c/o Herb Huseland, PO Box 884, Bayview, ID 83803.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Scott Dorman Fun Run

The Scott Dorman Fun run will take place Sunday, August 18 at 9:00 am. This memorial fund raiser is in memory of Scott Dorman, felled about three years ago with Fanconi Anemia.

The run starts at Fedora Pub and Grill and will be followed by lunch there. Prizes and awards, T-shirts and goodie bags. This is a 5 K run Registration is $10.

For more information, call Jamie Tapia @ 509-768-1182 or check the web site at

Monday, August 12, 2013

Athol Daze 2013

Athol Daze cranked off on a beautiful Saturday morning with a parade and a car show at Victory Auto Parts. Throngs lined the main highway which was blocked off by the Kootenai county Sheriff department.

The usual parade had a somber twist this year as we lost three pillars of the community all in one year. City Clerk, Sally Hansen, rode her horse and led another with an empty saddle to honor the fallen icons.

Liz Hasbrouck: Living into her 90's, she along with her long time partner Bob, donated property to the fire district, sponsored parts of the playground equipment in the park and was the originator of the popular money-in-the-straw feature on Athol Daze.

Jerene Bohn: Jerene served as mayor in the 1960's and when the volunteer fire department couldn't function during the day due to as she put it, "the guys were either out in the woods logging, or drunk." She then organized an all women fire brigade, and served as chief.

Shirley Hyke: Shirley was totally immersed in Athol as a city council person and in many other roles, including that of American Legion Post 249 club manager.

The parade was halted at the judges stand as the three were honored.

Less somber was the rest of the parade which featured as parade Marshall, 100 year old Eileen Morse, acrobats, vintage cars, the Queen Tahya Russell and princess Kathryn Phillips as well, and not to forget, the clowns, sponsored by council member Mark Dane. Bringing up the rear was the Timberlake Fire District. Leading as always was the Post 149 American Legion color guard followed by the auxiliary, who are outstanding examples of patriotism.

One of the most appreciated feature was when Councilman Mark Dane sat astride the seat on the dunk tank. As always, money-in-the-straw was the hit as children scrambled after nickels, dimes and quarters.

Lest we forget, An award for citizen of the year was given to Gust Schieve. Gust volunteers any time the word goes out. Recently, he mapped the grave sites in the city cemetery. (pictured below)


Friday, August 09, 2013

Doctors & RNs Needed

The Diamond Cup needs volunteer doctors for triage purposes for the three days the race will be run. We need either three volunteer doctors licensed in Idaho each day, or one doctor willing to serve all three days. The First Aid tent will be manned from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 30, 31 and September 1.

We are required to conduct physical exams on the drivers every morning, Saturday and Sunday race days, prior to race activities. These take place at 6:30 am both days. These can be conducted by Registered Nurses. We need three for just the am physicals. You, of course are welcome to stay for the race.

Volunteer doctors and nurses will receive a pass plus four more for friends or family which is good for the day they serve. Hopefully, there are a few in the medical profession that have a need for speed.   

Sunday, August 04, 2013


When did retreat become our national policy?  Last week, the United States closed 21 embassies around the middle east. Why? Because a rabble of Jihadists scared us. Perhaps I have outlived my culture.

Back not two many years ago, if we were threatened by irregular forces, we would send in a Marine heavy weapons platoon to protect what is American soil in other countries. Now these wild eyed jerks can yell boo and we retreat from our embassies. What must other countries think of our policy of, "cut and run?"

Where has our leadership misplaced it's spine? Or did our current government ever have one? Once we were the most powerful nation in the world. Like in Rome, while the emperor fiddled, our current administration dithers in fear. Ronald Reagan must have rolled over in his grave when the state department disengaged in foreign policy, pulled up it's skirts and ran like hell.

While we paid attention to ideologies and personalities, our government has been busy taking our liberties away from us, then removing us from any foreign policy that makes sense. I mourn for what was a great country. My country.

Now that radical Islam has us on the run, is is doubtful that we can ever claw our way back to a position other countries will respect. We have surrendered without a shot being fired.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

An Athol Icon Retires

Friends & Family!

After 30+ years in business, my grandmother Fran Harms is closing her craft store Square Granny's Craft Store in Athol and I would be very thankful if you could share the attached flier via email or facebook with your crocheting/knitting/crafting friends!  She has a TON of inventory including hundreds of skeins of yarn (starting at $1) and all sorts of crafting supplies which will be at least 50% off. There are hundreds of craft books and patterns marked down to $1 each.  

The sale will be 8 a.m. to noon during Athol Daze, Saturday Aug. 10. If anyone would like to shop but can't make it then, they can contact Taryn via phone or text at 208-661-3891 to set up a weekday appointment. 

Hope to see you there!


Monday, July 29, 2013

Columbia Cup, Now Us

The dates are drawing near for the fist unlimited Hydro race here in 45 years. Those of you that attended the race in Tri-Cities over the week-end, or watched it on television,(SWX) were both awed by the race itself and the interaction of the community. Hundreds of volunteers were present, some that had been present for the entire 48 years that hydro racing has been held in the Tri-Cities.

We realize that such a fan base is only possible by the number of years the races have been held. We are told though, that 70% of the attendees are from Spokane and Coeur d'Alene areas. We need your participation. There is a need for race days volunteers in all venues.

The success of our first of hopefully many years of racing depends solely on the community supporting the race as well as the participation of these volunteers. We can still use two more inside people to spend 2 or3 three hours  in the office, answering phones and coordinating activities, Please feel free to contact us by phone at 208-664-3338 or 208-664-3339. You can also access the web site, and click on volunteers. The best way is to do both. Contact me at the office, Herb Huseland. Let me know of your interest and availability.

As we gain experience in holding the race again, it will build and get better every year. Please be a part in the success of the annual race. We need you.

There is still plenty of room for more vendors for the race. Go to our web site, click on vendors and fill out the application. Upon approval, we will notify you to submit your fees promptly.  Or just drop in at our offices, 2040 Main St., Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83814. We are located one block north of the theater in Riverstone.

Volunteer meetings are being held in the Riverstone Hampton Inn, Thursday afternoons 6:30 and Saturday am 9:00 am. Drop ins are welcome. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Help Wanted-Diamond Cup

While the Diamond Cup still needs volunteers for the race, we have a serious need for office help for the next five weeks. I will be covering from 9-2 pm. We need another person or two to cover from 2 pm to 5 pm.

In addition to our undying gratitude, those that volunteer in the office but not the race, will receive two week-end passes for Saturday and Sunday, Race days Labor Day week-end. Those interested, please call me, Herb Huseland at the office 664-3338 or at home, 683-9107.

Preparations are going on at a feverish pace as the date comes near. Ticket sales are up but we urge you to go to our web site to order yours before the best seats are all gone. Some tickets will be available on site, however. Order from our web site:

If you have never witnessed an unlimited hydro race, it is the Indy 500 and Sprint cup combined. boats that are mostly airborne fly across the water  in excess of 200 mph.  Racing will consist of Friday, August 30 for testing and some qualifying, followed by Saturday preliminary heats with the finals on Sunday.

Friday, if you wish to visit the pits, you can park at the site for a $10 parking fee. Wander through the various race camps, meet the drivers and crews. Trust me, if you have the need for speed, you'll be a lifetime fan. Many from our area travel to the Tri-cities for the Columbia Cup on the River. This year the boats will come to you.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

2013 Bayview Daze Revisited

I don't often write about myself or my family, but after this picture was taken of my newest 7 month old granddaughter, I just had to go there this time. Patience, the subject of this post is as that age does, constantly discovering new things.

I had the family, Son Brian, his wife Jennifer and three young ladies of theirs, Alice, Mercy and Irene over for the fireworks, which incidentally were possibly the best in the fantastic history of the MacDonald's Resort and their traditional show. It must have lasted an hour, at least.

During the afternoon, I brought out my five-string banjo for a little pickin'. Brian brought Patience over to watch. When I broke out with a lusty version of Foggy Mountain Breakdown, our little girl's mouth formed a surprised O. This is a picture I just had to share.

This year's festivities were probably the biggest, since the fourth fell on Thursday, many made a four day week-end out of it. I asked the manager of the Captain's Wheel how many dinners were served. Including lunches, they fed 600 people Saturday alone. If you had to wait for your food for a while longer that normal, now you know why. That breaks an all time record for the restaurant.

The unfortunate loss of the Button Hook put most of the load on the Wheel, with help from Ralph's and the Bay Café.

Ta' Ata Ori Sails no more

A hat tip to Paul Turner and Lawrence Killingsworth for this sad news. The Ta' Ata Ori, a 46 foot Sailing yacht is leaving Bayview for the salt chuck again. Killingsworth has sailed the Pend Oreille for the last eight years in the queen of Bayview, with the previous owner, a total of about 20 years.

In a former incarnation, Ta' sailed the South Pacific, Polynesia and the Orient. The boat will leave Bayview August 5, heading for Bremerton, Washington, where once again it will ride the ocean swells.

When asked, Lawrence couldn't define what he would do next, with a smaller boat a possibility, or, (gasp) even a power boat. The Bayview sailing fraternity will miss her. She sailed with a crew of five, many times including Spokesman-Review's Paul Turner of "Slice" fame. She will be missed.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Diamond Cup Regatta

Sorry I haven't been posting regularly lately. I am working in the Diamond Cup office from 9-3 M-F and can answer questions relating to the race. The address of the office is 2040 Main St, Coeur d'Alene, Id 83814, located in the Riverstone complex. Our phone is 208-664-3338.

We are making great progress toward what we believe will be an outstanding event. That there hasn't been racing in Kootenai County for 45 years suggests that the fan base will be much higher once the local folks have experienced a race. Many people have been trekking to Tri-Cities from both Coeur d'Alene and Spokane for years. Now you can do both or just stay home and watch the race here.

We have it planned where fans can park at  the Kootenai County Fairgrounds and ride shuttle buses to and from the course. That way, downtown parking will not be clogged and nobody will have to fight for a space near the race course. Both parking and shuttle are included in the ticket prices.

We also have room for more vendors, both food and merchandise at the venue. Time is running out for the best spots, so do not tarry. For some that have applied and not heard back, several e-mails were inadvertently dumped fro the web site. For all the information you need, go to the race website. You can also buy tickets through that site: There is still time for volunteers to apply as well.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Jinxed Again

It seems that every time I set out to help someone, my car quits. The first time was returning Yvonne Wallis from Harborview Hospital, when it quit suddenly in the Super One Parking lot. A good Samaritan bailed me out that time, but one cannot always count on that happening.

This time, I was  donating my time to the Diamond Cup Hydroplane Race, a nonprofit endeavor to bring hydro racing back to Coeur d'Alene. For those that are not aware, this is not a for profit venture, but a bunch of enthusiasts putting up their personal fortunes to bring back racing. The cost of putting this sort of race on is around 500,000.00 per race.

On my way back from town this afternoon, I stopped at the Captain's Wheel for a bit, whereas I jumped back into my car and ... nothing. no start, no radio, no lights no nothing. Tomorrow am I will attempt to find out what is wrong and determine what it will take to fix it. Whatever it is, I don't have it. I was hoping this sort of thing would be out in the future somewhere, not now, not when I was doing important things. Oh  well, it is what it is.

***Update: Well it could have been worse. $80.00 later, a new battery and I'm on the road again. Broke, but mobile.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Diamond Cup Volunteers

There will be a meeting of all the committee members and volunteers in a meet and greet gathering today 6:30 pm at 2040 Main St., Riverstone. If you can, please attend.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

It's Over

Bayview Daze Parade Announcer and judges, L-R. Ralph Jones, Sheryl Puckett, Margaret Nelson and Sally Newcombe. (picture by Mike Lee)

As I sit here facing my computer this hour after midnight, it has become totally quiet. The hoards of guests that pack Bayview, left immediately after the fireworks, leaving a few pops and booms from people that still don't get it. You do not set off aerials in a marina. Oh well, I haven't heard the fire department yet so I guess we dodged the bullet once again.

I intercepted a Facebook announcement that a tent was found floating in Lake Pend Oreille floating along peacefully. If you have lost one, contact me and I will put you in contact with the finders. Also, as happens every year, someone left their doge outside during fireworks. It panicked and ran until exhausted. It appears to be a Shit-zu mix. If it is yours, call 683-2553.

As usual, Kevin and the cast of heroes at MacDonalds Resort put on a magnificent show. I hosted a couple from Boise who swore they had never seen a more impressive display. I consistently hear the same remarks, some declaring it is better than the Coeur d'Alene Resort fireworks.

There were a few complaints about food service at the Wheel. I explained that where we used to have two full service restaurants and one smaller one, due to some anti business elements helping out, a late request for a resort license for the Buttonhook was denied last year.

This town is simply not equipped to handle hundreds for food service  in one day. That one couple had to wait an hour for dinner, I explained they were extremely lucky that the overwhelmed crew at the Captain's Wheel got their meal out in that short a time. This was not bad service,, but inadequate facilities to handle the hoards that descend upon Bayview every year at this time.

Hopefully that state can be convinced that a resort license for the Buttonhook is deserved and in fact is necessary for the public good.  Hopefully the crews at the Wheel, Ralph's and the Bay Café will have recovered by Monday, when everyone used to close down for recuperative purposes.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Bayview Daze

It's that time of year again. Bayview Daze will take place next week-end, July 5. 6. 7. Most of the activities will be Saturday, July 6. Things kick off with a Street Fair, followed by our annual parade. Line up for the parade is at 10:00 am with the parade starting at 11:00 am. In honor of the late Jim MacDonald, who sent his sons to a school for pyrotechnics several years ago followed by the first fireworks in Bayview in 1961, paid for solely by MacDonald's Resort.

Grand Marshalls for the parade will be Gary MacDonald and family in honor or their late father, who started the  fireworks shows here. The Parade participants will be directed to enter on 1st Street, turn north on Fir St, turn east on 5th St. and then South on Pend Oreille and then East on 4th St. Entrance to Main St on Corbin. (thank you to Norma Jean for the correction)

Saturday evening at dark will be the fireworks which usually happens about 10:00 pm.

Throughout the day activities will occur, live music. etc. so come on down and help Bayview celebrate. All inquiries about the weekend activities should be addressed to Norma Jean Knowles 683-1980.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hydro Race Volunteers

Here's your chance to get involved with the race this fall. We need volunteers for various duties, including answering the phone at our new office in Riverstone, 2049 No. Main, Riverstone.

Meet and mingle with the race organizers and participants and just an important part of getting the race done. The money is arranged, now we need people to help out.

We have just 60 days to get everything done and not enough help with all of the details that have to be addressed. Don't just watch the race, be a part of it.

Just get on your computer, go to: . Click on volunteers, tell us what your talents are and you will be contacted. Be sure to include your phone number and e-mail address. 

For those that don't have the time to spare, get your tickets through the same site.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Diamond Cup Tickets

Several people, including myself have noted some confusion in getting ticket information as well as the format for the Diamond Cup Hydroplane race scheduled for Labor Day Weekend. Tickets West has hundreds of events that tend to clog the system.

The Diamond Cup Committee, recognizing this has retooled the web site so that you do not have to wind your way through the mysteries of Tickets West. Just go to our own site at:

You will find everything layed out in a simple way so as to eliminate the confusion, then you push a button which switches you to the Tickets West order form. See you at the race. Remember, Friday, August 30, will consist of testing and qualifying plus the vintage boats in an exhibition.

Saturday will be a full day of testing, Grand Prix and H1 unlimited preliminary heats. Rounding out the afternoon will be vintage and limited vintage heats.

Sunday hosts the final heats in all three categories with the Diamond Cup final at around 4:00 pm. Times are subject to change so stay tuned and check the Diamond Cup web site for any updates.

Activities on the course will begin all three days at 8:00 am and wind up between 4:00 pm and 5:30 pm. The official opening ceremonies will take place Sunday at 10:00 am.

Parking will be at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds with shuttle buses to the race site. Plan on being early to get the best seating.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Today's Editorial

I have read the Spokesman-Review from cover to cover for the last 20 years. The editorials appearing usually are thoughtful and express intelligent positions. I do not always agree with them, but for the most part, they are well written. Not so today, Wednesday, June 19, titled, "Idaho GOP running roughshod over voters." If the editor that wrote this diatribe or rant was drunk, he or she is forgiven, for I have also leaned a bit into illogical ramblings  having stayed too long at Happy hour.

I hardly know where to start, since apparently the writer also didn't. This omnidirectional rant apparently set out to expose every fault real or perceived that this poor downtrodden liberal writer perceived. He/she wandered from the social engineering subjects to the initiative process then back to the dictatorship of the GOP due to the 5-4 majority in the Idaho legislature.

My mental image of this editor is one of red eyes glaring at the screen, spittle spraying on the keyboard  from an outraged mouth, holding forth with everything wrong with conservative politics and everything right with liberal causes. Oh, and he/she doesn't hesitate to use examples contradicting themselves.

For instance, toward the bottom (appropriate word) of the rant, and I quote, "Even if that's the case, it's going too far to amend the initiative and referendum process for one special interest." One special interest today seemly is the expansion of Gay, Lesbian and transgender issues. I suggest to you that the GOP has not in your prejudicial words, "panicked" , they simply do not agree with your position.You need to lose about half of your adjectives, since you are embarrassing yourself as professional journalists.

An example of the writers distain is another quote from a former Bonner County official, Cornel Rasor. "I'd hire a gay guy if I thought he was a good worker. But if he comes to work in a Tutu...He's not producing what I want in my office." It is not unusual to use an extreme example to make a point rather than a mushy hard to understand one. You people use that all of the time, including in the body of your rant of today.

Then it goes on to say, "But with one party rule, such power trips are possible. And they will continue unless voters re-establish their role as the real bosses." First, I agree that bad law is passed when dealing with single issues. Secondly, our legislature, while right of many of my opinions reflect the positions of most of Idaho voters. That is called representative government.

For those of you in the editorial department that failed Social Studies in the high school you attended, I will explain: We live in a Republic, not a democracy. A state cannot usurp the power of the federal government, nor can a city or county usurp the authority of the state. This is the form of government that our founders intended and the states agreed with.

Cities tend to be more liberal than suburban or rural voters. That demographic appears throughout the country. While urging more and more special rights for minorities, whether it be sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc. is is important to remember that many of these issues are also single issue items, as they are dealt with one at a time. The collective result can be daunting to those that still think the U.S. Constitution is a living document, not an ancient history book.

Here in Idaho, we do not attempt to overthrow our legislature, but hold elections for that purpose. We have extremists here as I'm sure you do as well. We weed them out as needed, as has recently happened in some so called non-partisan races, and in the case of a Constitutionalist that cloaked himself in a Republican pelt, so that he could spout ultra conservative views. The feds are currently foreclosing on his home for refusal to pay taxes. Besides, the IRS needs the money for their next warm fuzzy conference.

So while it is admirable for you to be concerned for us with our dictators in Boise, we suggest you concern yourself with the one party rule in your U.S. Senators and governors, elected by King and Pierce Counties, not the state of Washington.

Another closing thought, is that since you opted to desert Idaho by discontinuing the weekly Idaho Handle Extra and the Prairie Voice, you keep your nose out of our decision making process and pay attention to those readers in Spokane, most of which are the only ones left. So if you hear an echo, it is the Idaho readers you have lost and cannot now hear your drunken opinions.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Diamond Cup Press Conference

A press conference was held Wednesday with the announcement that the Unlimited Hydroplane races will indeed return to Lake Coeur d'Alene, but at a better location. In the old days, to much shoreline was free and fund raising had become impossible.

By using the State Parks land between the Beach House and Tony's, bleachers will be erected and ticket sold. (Through Tickets Parking will be at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds with shuttle buses taking fans to the race course. Plan your Labor Day Week-end for the big race. Most of you weren't around back in 1968, but trust me, It is top notch entertainment.

Bayview Daze Fireworks

Bayview Daze is almost upon us, and with the events come our annual fireworks show. Some fundraising difficulties have arisen over the last two or so years. Much of it is due to estrangement between what is called Bayview Chamber of Commerce, when in fact it isn't a pro business organization at all, and many of the business leaders in town.

Perhaps it is time for the marina owners to step up. Chan Karupiah, owner of five of the seven marinas in Scenic Bay suggested the other day, that he and owners of MacDonald's and Bitter End marinas get together and develop a plan to subsidize the annual activity.

I personally think it is  a great idea. Most of the movers and shakers that once participated in chamber leadership have dropped out after terms of their offices expired. Perhaps they should rename themselves something like Bayview Community Improvement club or some such.

Business leaders are usually happy to help raise funds and even donate large amounts, but have problems working with the chamber leaders that appear sometimes, anti-business. Let's invite the principle business owners to the table to run the show collectively.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Homosexuality. Equality or privelege

I have been following two parallel arguments, both featuring how society should handle  a subject just a few years ago was felonious behavior. Now most of us have become used to   the assimilation of what used to be referred to in law as sexual deviation. The issue? Homosexuality. Should they be treated with respect? Absolutely! Now comes the complications.

We here in North Idaho, a bright blue state, have, in Coeur d'Alene, a quaint medium sized town that happens to be a destination resort. The Coeur d'Alene Resort, a five star destination hotel and marina dominates the downtown waterfront. We have the usual coffee houses, specialty cafe's, wine cellars and the like. It wasn't always like this. Back in the 1970's our tourist trade was on it's lips. Mining, which is what built the town along with logging had slumped into recession. The mines were shutting down, the mills were disappearing at an allarming rate, and Kootenai county was looking for  a new identity.

Duane Hagadone, Jerry Jaeger and others in about ten years turned the town into a tourist destination resort. Some feel, with justification that the Resort tended to bully the rest of Coeur d'Alene. That happens when you obtain power. Most like power and find no ready reason to surrender it.

Over all, Hagadone, with some notable exceptions, has rescued this city from the doldrums. It, of course would have eventually happened anyway, but since he owned most of the downtown waterfront, hey, he led.

OK, I didn't intend to relate the entire history of coeur d'Alene, just what has at led to the present. The serious recession a few years ago brought huge numbers of immigrants from the cities of California. We here, were not quite ready for this culture shock. Over the years. One of the imports was the acceptance of what we considered deviant sexual behavior. Sodomy.  We even have specialty bars that cater to the lesbian/Gay community. No problem there. Everyone should have the right to associate with those of their choice.

Now, our town has erupted with extremism from both sides. The National council of Boy Scouts has allowed gay boys entrance. Now six year olds most probably are not aware of their sexuallity, but as you climb into puberty, these things appear.I was a cub scout, a boy scout and an explorer scout as a young man and enjoyed the associations with others my age,that we had on camp outs and other activities.

Now come the do gooders in our current society. Those that weren't around during my formative years. I have no problem with giving respect within the community equally to hetero or homosexual people. It is when it hinges on privilege, rather than equality that I say, Whoa!.

Currently, the city Council of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho has passed an ordinance that has not just red necks in an uproar, but the Christian community as well. Mike Kennedy, (no relation) and a man I normally respect, has kicked over the traces and authored this ordinance that tromps all over the religious community which holds that the bible condemns sodomy.

At the same time, the sponsorship of boy scout groups are being dropped by many organizations, with most being churches. I am 75 tears old and have seen much. Good and bad. I have never seen basic principles of the religious community being tromped on with impunity. Congregations are being ripped apart all in the interests of social engineering. Undoing in that last thiry years what took 2013 years to establish, and more if you include the Jewish old testament. Christ has been outlawed.

The text of the penalties clause is attached.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Where Has Time Gone

As I sit here and reminisce about the eighteen years I have spent here in Bayview, something came home to me with a thud. I had just finished talking to a friend of all of those eighteen years, Larry Justus.

When I first arrived here, I was, like most outsiders, treated somewhat roughly by the long time residents. The question often arose, "So how long have you lived here?" Or, "where you from, anyway?" Back then, then the population was very stable. Many families could count several generations of residency in and around Bayview, Athol and even little enclaves nearby that don't exist anymore.

Several years after settling here in Bayview I had the opportunity to write an area column on people, places and events of the past for the Idaho edition of the Spokesman-Review.  I learned more about my neighbors, their families, and the early days of this quaint unincorporated town.

I gained from this, a great appreciation for those who preceded me, and through my studies and writing gradually became accepted as a seasoned resident.

Several people who I first met and then became friends with had a great impact on me. With my infamous memory for names I won't attempt to name most of them, but wherever they are, they know who I'm talking about.

Probably the first were Jim and Jean Campbell, soon to be owners of the Captain's wheel Restaurant, which I had a hand in naming. The next were coincidentally, fellow officers of the then appropriately named the Bayview Chamber of commerce. Lorraine Landwher, and last but certainly not least, Liz and Larry Justus.  Larry, a builder and Liz the longtime beauty shop owner, and a beauty herself.

Since then, Jim &and Jean Campbell sold out and moved into the mobile living lifestyle of snowbirds. Larry retired from building and Liz sold her salon which is now the Idaho Fish and game offices. Liz and Larry developed a beautiful medium sized RV park built around Bayview Creek, which they named Lakeland RV Park.though has been hacked at many times, the creek still exists, the water burbling by the camp sites on it's way sometimes above ground, sometimes underground, to it's exit at Lake Pend Oreille. Liz & Larry traditionally have a happy hour every Friday at 3:00 pm for their tenants and friends.

Now comes why I chose to write this tonight. Larry has a lung disease I can't pronounce, but has been debilitating for a while now. Actually, Larry is in hospice care which he cheerfully explained to me was the end of the line. He said he was dying. I asked what can I do for you? Can I help?  He chuckled and said, Herb, nobody can help me now, but you know, I would sure like to see all my friends again. He then went on to say, happy hour, as always, starts at 3:00. All I want now is to see my friends and bullshit with them until I'm gone. Larry, I'll be there, right on time. Y'all come, too.

Your friends will be with you, either present or in their thoughts all the way Larry. You will not be alone during your final journey.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Post War Hydro Power

With the end of World War Two, thousands of tons of surplus went on the market at pennies on the dollar. Fighter aircraft such as the P-40, P-51 Mustang and the British Hurricane and spitfire all used liquid cooled engines. This led to the unlimitred Hydroplane owners of the late forties to power their boats with Allisons and Rolls-Merlins, most of which were manufactured under license by the Packard Motor Company.

The early efforts were in the Detroit and Ohio River areas in the upper Mid-West. The hull designs were what was called stepped hulls. About half way up the bottom and step up made it easier to plane on the surface, much like the float planes we see on our lakes.

The climax of every race year is the Gold Cup which is held at the last winner's designated course. The 1950 Gold Cup Regatta in Detroit had some surprises in store that shook up the entire industry. Stan Sayres, a car dealer in Seattle, Washington hired a marine designer, Ted Jones. He wanted a high powered boat with less drag than the prevailing boats.

Prior to that race, boats like Such Crust, Tempo, My Sweetie (Bill Cantrell, driver) Miss Pepsi and others dominated the sport with stepped hydros. Jones designed a boat the touched the water at three points. an area of about two inches at the rear of each sponson and the bottom half of the ;propeller. Sponsons were a little like twin hulls, but racier. From a TV rear view you can see all the way through to the bow. The boats were not any longer in the water, they were essentially flying.

The Jones designed and driven boat in 1950 was misleading. It was called Slo-Mo-Shun 1V. It wiped out the field even lapping several boats. The Gold Cup was coming to Seattle. During that winter, another boat was built. Slo-Mo-Shun V. At that point, Ted Jones separated from the Sayres camp and started building boats for other owners, mostly in Seattle.

I mentioned Bill Cantrell in the previous paragraph because he was a power to be reckoned with once he had a competitive boat. He later piloted the Gale boats, the camp that Seattleites loved to hate. Lee Schoenith, owner and Bill Cantrell driver would be the only eastern boat to contest the Seattle boats of the fifties.

New craft showed up named Wahoo, Miss Bardahl, Thriftway, the beer boats, with Budweiser and Miller slugging it out, Rebel Suh, Shanty, Hawaii Kai and Oh Boy Oberto. Drivers were Bill Muncie, Chip Hanauer, Jack Regis, Mira Slovak, Rex Manchester, all legends of their time, but their time was coming to a close. Too many drivers killed, three in one season spelled the end of the open rear cockpit boats. One, Thriftway too was a front cab over, but was designed for two engines but only ran with one. It was un-competitive.

Now a days, we call these boats "Vintage." They will be present at Diamond Cup 2013 along with a new class called H1, Turbine powered. All enclosed cabs with escape features that were faster, but without the Rolls-Merlin roar that we all loved. The H53 turbine powered Helicopter that did yeoman service in Viet Nam had a jet engine that was adaptable to the unlimited Hydroplanes. A new generation of boats were born. Hey, without war surplus we wouldn't have a sport.