Thursday, February 19, 2015


 I just picked this up from Pecky cox's blog. It turns out that ... Well, I'll let her tell it.

Betsy a 71 year old woman living off the grid with no elect. water or sewage, is running out of fire wood and needs help.

Please if you have some extra wood you can spare I will pick it up and deliver it to her.

Please help Betsy stay warm • 208-443 2683. ask for Jim
Kindly share if in #PriestLake area.

If you can't reach this number, call me at 683-9107.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015


During the last week and beyond, the press, both written and broadcast have puzzled over Obama's refusal to call Islamic Terrorism Islamic. After watching several on air interviews of Catholic Priests, Coptics,  and others dancing around the subject of Obama's refusal to label Islamic Terrorism, "Islamic."

It was pitiful and sometimes comical watching all of these religious leaders dance around the issue. Obama's father was a Moslem. He has aunts and uncles in Africa that are Moslems. Nobody really knows what his real relationship with that religion is, and if it were anyone but the president, it would indeed be none of our business.

That he stubbornly refuses to call a spade a shovel, raises questions as to where his loyalties are. I believe that his dad is the reason he won't face reality regarding radical Islam.

On top of that breaking issue, It turns out that former president Clinton, made several tips to an Island of underage young ladies, some not even teens yet, all sex slaves. His guide?A convicted pedophile. Normally I don't mix two stories on one post, but I think. if true, earth shaking news of this an other crimes are going to blow up the Clinton persona. 

It is going to be interesting to see what prominent person, religious or other wise finally brings up these and other subject One comment from Judge Judy was one of outrage regarding the pedophile allegations. Stay tuned.

Monday, February 16, 2015


When are out friends on the left going to rectify the division for and against the Pipeline and of course the reduction of explosive tar sands oil. Both are targets from the Eco-Nazis, each is a separate issue dealing with the same dangers. Obviously, those that are zeroed into anti pipeline  rhetoric are then automatically favoring oil trains that go right through heavily populated cities.

The real mantra of the Sierra Club and other extremist groups is not the transportation of oil, it is opposition to it's end use, which if another country, is none of their business. The spotted owl wasn't to protect the owl, it was to keep loggers from destroying their trees.

Environmental extremists fight fracking. Not because they think it might cause minor earth movement, but because the oil and natural gas produced by this and other methods will be used. That is their bottom line. Stop burning/using carbon fuels.

Today, in West Virginia, an oil train full of cars that were destined to southern refineries, exploded violently, as has happened in other venues. A Pipeline would correct the dangers in transporting volatile fuels by rail.

It is way past time we recognized the hidden purpose that these people support, and stop our government to from siding with them. We need a balance between reckless behavior by mining and other causal effects of leaning so far left we forget the purpose of out journey.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


It would appear that every time a crime of violence occurs, it is immediately forced to pass a litmus test. If the violence is against black people, and especially if the police are involved, the question pops up.

I guess I'm kind of naive, but to hold the same crime to a different standard because one hates another, is not equal protection under the law. So you double the penalty if the state can prove that in your mind, you hated the opponent, which then caused you to become a berserker.

I have always thought that equality meant color blind. Apparently only if you are the wrong race. Until we get rid of the professional agitators that profit from inciting to riot, while the president buddying up to radical opportunists.

In this, the 50th year since racial issues were though over, we are going to fight another bigger battle. Between the 6o's and 'now, agitators have convinced the black community that we as a race are after them using a prejudiced police esteem as there whipping boy. At this time, and this place, no white cop vs black defendant is perceived as neutral racially.


I just finished watching the 50th anniversary of the Show, Saturday Night Live, though it aired on Sunday for you calendar  It was, for use older people, a way to remember those skits that were far in the rear view mirror. There was one though, that stood out not because of it's originality, but for it's audacity.  they did not show it tonight, though many other memorable skits. were.

 It was a faux newscast with Jane Curtin and Dan Ackroyd. He remarked, "Jane, you slut."she then proceeded to tear the buttons off hr blouse and throwing her shoulders out,  suggesting apparently she had better credentials than he.

 Now back in the day that was shocking Actually, it would be today, although back in the 70's they had some censorship, it was nothing like what the liberal press has, with out legislation forced us to go back to the Puritans for a parallel. Still it was entertaining. for those that 50 years ago, sexuality was  a main part of the show.

The other problem was when they brought up the stars from yesterday. As I looked at them, I realized that Jane Curtin would never be able to project as she did. Nor would most of the others. Then I confesses to myself that I wouldn't either.

One of the most inexplicable skits, actually three to be precise, did characterizations of gay men. It wasn't close to being a misunderstanding. The actors were doing everything but tap dancing to prop their roles . It reminds me of when one of my black grandchildren called another a Nigger on Facebook. I unfriended him on same.

Above the glaring double standard, as a whole it as a great show. It started in 1975 and I watched it through out the ensuing years.  Fifty years of unfettered entertainment, where comedy was teasing other that aren't like us. Boy oh Boy, are the next few years going to be boring.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015


There is currently a lot of conversations about whether or not you should have your children vaccinated. Many years ago when I was a fifteen year old, I contracted Measles. The big problem with this sort of situation is short memories. The "If it didn't happen in my lifetime so far, it won't.

Our society years ago adopted vaccinations that allowed us freedom from diseases such as Measles, Mumps, Diphtheria and many others, smallpox included. A well protected populous forgets the horror of Polio and the other aforementioned maladies. As suspected immigrants from countries that do not have a record of universal protection, now enters society that due to Religious, lesser health problems almost seriously,political objections. 

These often come from the far right reflecting what they believe is interference and government control over private issues. There is some truth to the issue of forced inoculations, but there are ways to avoid that.

If your child reports for school without proof of protection, they can be sent home.You see, there are opt out choices. You do not have to vaccinate your kids, but society has the right to keep unprotected children away from germ factories called elementary schools. Your option then is home school, private school or vaccinate.

With all medical knowledge, rests the firm belief by some that by being innocuated you can catch the desease you are trying to protect yourself from. Then there is the red herring that Autism can occurr from measles shots. None of these "Old Wives tails are true."

You have a choice to endanger your family, but it isn't your choice to endanger other kids. Vaccinate or find another way to educate your kids. The epidemic of Measles currently occurring from a stray unprotected person at Disneyland. That has spread like wildfire to all across the country and even internationally. Measles is one of the most virulent of viruses, because just a cough or two in a room with unprotected people can infect about 70% of those exposed.

Thursday, February 05, 2015


Last year, Teresa Long followed her husband to Montana where he supervised several rock projects which has been his vocation. Leaving her position as manager of the Captain's Wheel Resort was tough for both her and her customers.

Stepping in for Teresa was Sara, one of the also well liked by customers and recommended by Teresa When Teresa moved back to Bayview, the owner chose to return her to management in a very hard decision. Sara was replaced by the person she so ably replaced herself.

Sara was invited to stay as a bartender, which was the position she came from. It is always tough to be take a management position, then returning to the job that made her Teresa's favorite. But we all hope she stays with us. If she doesn't, we all wish her the best in whatever endeavor she chooses to pursue.


Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Many people are becoming  worried that what is going on in so many flash points around the world will drag us into World War 111.

We have Russia becoming the trouble makers in Europe, the common market about ready to collapse, China flexing their muscles with an army and navy so large and much more muscle than back in Korea. Now they have modern weapons.

 It isn't necessary to wonder when. Word War 111 has already started with the birth of Arab Spring. Iraq has split into thirds with four different groups fighting over who will end up with what. Iran hasn't been heard from yet, but that doesn't matter. They can pick up the pieces whenever the forces battling each other run out of bullets and sabers. Libia is torn by tribal disputes, stolen weapons are being used in central Africa, having been looted from Libya.

It appears that President Obama will keep his head firmly tucked in the sand. Iran will own southern Iraq whenever they choose to act, with a likelihood of  a real Kurdistan ending up with northern Syria as well as the northern parts of Iraq. We, as the brake pedal in the middle east are not  a dependable ally any  more.

I believe that it is not only possible that some group cooks off a nuclear weapon, but probable. If our country doesn't revitalize our military which is being shrunk ala right after World war 1, when just a few years after, WW11 occurred with almost no weaponry or bodies then as is now. Listen very careful. The future is scary.

We need to become self sufficient with fuels which we are close to, refill the government reserves with oil cheaper than many years. Quit stalling over the Canadian pipe line. We did not elect the Sierra  Club to any office, so our survival will be assured if we stop letting them rule our country.