Tuesday, February 10, 2015


There is currently a lot of conversations about whether or not you should have your children vaccinated. Many years ago when I was a fifteen year old, I contracted Measles. The big problem with this sort of situation is short memories. The "If it didn't happen in my lifetime so far, it won't.

Our society years ago adopted vaccinations that allowed us freedom from diseases such as Measles, Mumps, Diphtheria and many others, smallpox included. A well protected populous forgets the horror of Polio and the other aforementioned maladies. As suspected immigrants from countries that do not have a record of universal protection, now enters society that due to Religious, lesser health problems almost seriously,political objections. 

These often come from the far right reflecting what they believe is interference and government control over private issues. There is some truth to the issue of forced inoculations, but there are ways to avoid that.

If your child reports for school without proof of protection, they can be sent home.You see, there are opt out choices. You do not have to vaccinate your kids, but society has the right to keep unprotected children away from germ factories called elementary schools. Your option then is home school, private school or vaccinate.

With all medical knowledge, rests the firm belief by some that by being innocuated you can catch the desease you are trying to protect yourself from. Then there is the red herring that Autism can occurr from measles shots. None of these "Old Wives tails are true."

You have a choice to endanger your family, but it isn't your choice to endanger other kids. Vaccinate or find another way to educate your kids. The epidemic of Measles currently occurring from a stray unprotected person at Disneyland. That has spread like wildfire to all across the country and even internationally. Measles is one of the most virulent of viruses, because just a cough or two in a room with unprotected people can infect about 70% of those exposed.

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