Wednesday, May 28, 2014


It has been a week since I was a participant in an electoral drubbing. Two things popped out at me after a few days reflection. One, was with no experience in running for office and unable physically to walk the precinct and knock on doors, I was in a difficult spot. The second was running against a well prepped caucus. Extremists of both the left and right tend to be highly dedicated to their cause, even if that cause is off the rails as a practical matter.

I actually gave a sigh of relief when it became obvious that the entire slate I was wedded to was soundly thumped.  I wouldn't have wanted to serve in a minority role where attending county meetings without the opportunity to effect change would have been in vain.

Although as a astute observer of the political wars, I just didn't think dirty tricks and lies, half truths and outright fabrications were issued against me recklessly and often, would happen in a neighborhood like ours. I was wrong.

Mysterious e-mails,  comments that came to my blog of which I didn't post, indicated that I was several things I hadn't thought I was. The town drunk. I would wager that in the last year I have visited bars about 8 times, always leaving after a self-imposed limit of three beers and often as not, just two.

A leftist. I was brazenly told that I was left of Barack Obama and that I made Obama look like a tea party enthusiast. It seems that the big lie is fair game for out local Wackos. For the record, In other than local elections for mostly non-partisan offices, I have voted straight Republican since my first one which was for Barry Goldwater, 1964. Since through Nixon, Reagan three times, (once for governor) etc. etc.

Fifty unbroken years in which I have voted this way. If this is leftist, then perhaps my labeling of the Wackos is pretty benign. 

Whether I run again is too far ion the future for me to say. I will be 78 next time around and may not be in good enough health. But if I do, all the stops will come out and I will win. One comment laughed at me over the 91-50 vote loss, claiming I was the better known candidate. Yes, but through the years of writing both in the Spokesman-Review and nine years of blogging, I undoubtedly have offended some, as I have never been shy of offering an opinion on almost anything.

That said, and since I didn't have the advantage of being on the winning side with the losses across the board, I consider 50 votes as a plus, and then the large number of people that I number as friends were not in some cases, not even aware that the 20th of May was the election date.This accounts for why the totals. I choose to take from this experience the positives and I want to thank each and every one of you fifty, that knew me and had faith that if elected I would do a good job. Fifty votes from an electorate that was so moved that only 22% chose to cast their vote, yet without a doubt will be the first to bitch about a government they didn't help choose.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


My brother, after reading my last post, sent this. I thought it worth sharing.

Herb--Sorry to hear you lost, but you should have no regrets.  As they say, you left nothing on the playing field, having given it your best shot.  I am reminded of a favorite quote from Teddy Roosevelt about daring to get into the ring:

"Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat."
To those that sent hateful things, I deleted your vitriol. Hate is a disease that overtakes the hater, not the hated .


It wasn't so much my defeat at the precinct level that was so stunning. After all, this was my first attempt to run for any office at any level. But the total repudiation of all of those candidates, some very qualified, others not so much that surprised me. Even Matt Roetter, arguably one of the hardest workers of the Reasonable Republicans went down.

Tondee I expected to lose. It seems that county commissioners stay just long enough to piss off a majority of voters that after all, don't much care for government anyway. But for some of the others to lose, many much more qualified for office than the winners, suggests that litmus tests of what degree of political philosophy one has is the only test for success.

Sims,Souza, Brannon, Nonini, all marginally qualified, but speaks the ultra-conservative mantra, won. Brannon's last job was working the counter at a surplus building supply outlet spoiled loser in other elections and probably the worst County Clerk we have ever had, won.

Because it wasn't a win here a loss there, I don't think it had much to do with personalities. What I believe because of the consistency of the losses, is that the frustration the voters have toward Obama and his minions, they collectively flipped out and went hard right.

Having met and worked with some fine people in NIPAC, I am more upset about their repudiation than my own loss. I lost with a 40 % margin to a little known person that apparently fit the mold for the new age in Kootenai County Politics. The moral here is, if you have momentum on your side, and you work harder and spend more than your opposition, you are likely to win.

It will be an interesting few years ahead. but sometimes the pendulum swings abruptly as it has this year. We could see coming from this, a rejuvenated Democratic Party. But not just yet. If the Rally Right people don't govern well, it will open the door for liberal causes to fill the vacuum.

And finally, I want to thank those that voted for me and mourn those that couda, shouda and didn't.

Monday, May 19, 2014


Tomorrow is the primary election. One that could be historical in it's results. I will not bore you with electioneering today. Many have posted absurd last minute allegations as to their beliefs and that of their opponents. Poor manners, but I guess if it didn't work, nobody would do it.

Have a great day and be sure to vote tomorrow.

Herb Huseland

Thursday, May 15, 2014


A few minutes ago I opened a comment made in rebuttal to my column of yesterday. In it, which I din't publish, though I might have if the person didn't hide behind "anonymous." This person objected to my use of the words, "Kook" and "Extremist." He went on to suggest that I was left of Obama. Go figure.

I'm posting some stuff from NIPAC website that proves interesting. First, a link to how the Kootenai County Central Committee voted last fall when they apporved a resolution tabling the vote indefinitely, to remove the 17th amendment plank from the state party supporting the repeal of the 17th amendment. For those that haven't much luck remembering numbers, that was when after the early years of our country, when distances were difficult along with communications, U.S. Senators we elected by state legislators. The 17th gave the vote to individuals. Apparently, comfortable with control of the legislature, they want the control to extend to choosing Senators. In other words, you vote to give up the vote. This link tells you which precinct committeemen (women) voted which way. For the record, my opponent for precinct 4, Clay Leander voted for the resolution to be tabled along with a majority of the committee.

KCRCC_17th Amendment Vote Minutes_November_26_2013

This site also gives recommendations for reasonable republicans if you wish to use it to guide your vote. f you don't know the candidates, the next best thing is to ask someone you trust.

The only way the extremists can hold control is if you and others don't cast a vote. The election is upon us. Next Tuesday will tell the tale.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Extremists tend to be much more activist than people that actually have lives. This minority gets their voters out, when many busy with jobs, raising families and other pursuits sometimes cause folks to think that their votes don't matter. They do.

When the three school districts got together for a shared tech training school, an improbable vote was set up. In order for the school issue to work, all three districts had to approve it.  It was approved here in the Lakeland School district by 5 votes.

If you want the county and state to continue to be run by fanatics that want a return to the gold standard, nullification, which voids federal laws in Idaho and the most odiferous of them all, repealing of the 17th amendment.

For those of you that get the numbers mixed up, the 17th was when after 125 years of U.S. Senators elected by state legislatures, the broken system was fixed. The 17th. Now we can vote directly for our senators. For those that like trivia, that is where the term Statesman came from. Now these boobs expect you to vote for the right to not be able to vote.  The 17th was approved by 36 of the states. How many of you think those states are going to turn the clock back?

These issues are not even probable if they were local and state issues. They are non-starters. Yet these people howl at the full moon and yearn for yesterday. Even my opponent for precinct committeeman voted to repeal the 17th amendment in the County Republican Central Committee. Why they took such an asinine vote shows the control over which the former Constitutionalist and severe libertarians have dominated out area. Realism has deserted many of these stalwart Wackos.

Whatever you vote, do not let the extremists win due to low poll numbers. Get out and vote even if you favor the wackos. Just participate. Oh, and vote for Herb Huseland for Precinct Committeeman. I like the constitution just fine the way it is.

Friday, May 09, 2014


I just realized that some things, you do different when getting old. A few minutes ago, with my face full of computer, I thought I heard rain on the roof. So ... I call up accu- weather.  Now I could have just got up and opened the door, but I'm so used to weather forecasters that don't, that I emulated them by heading for on line weather.  It said it wasn't raining, so I ignored the sounds.

Then there are the trips to the refrigerator. I struggle up out of my recliner. Don't get addicted to those things. Ya can't get out once you have sunk into the bliss of one. I think it might be something like alcoholism. An afternoon nap is too much and  and a few minutes isn't enough. Living in a recliner is a bit restricting, yet the same amount of time spent free in the recliner as you might have spent in a bar is an amazing financial difference.Back to the refrigerator.

How many times have you got up, walked to the kitchen, peered into the fridge and can't remember why you got up, let along what you wanted in the fridge. I do this a lot. When I was a teen, it was a serious foraging trek. Now it is looking for something that is tasty. I spend over $150 per month at the store, fill my freezer, yet there doesn't seem to be anything good. Loss of appetite strikes too.  The only good thing about that is when you eat out, you can take the next day's meal home with you in a go box. That of course if you can afford to eat out.

When I was younger, my mail had all kinds of ads for pre-approved credit cards. No all I get is pre-rejected ones. My junk mail tends toward stuff like hearing aid ads, advertisements for assisited living, and of course the obligatory ads for Viagra, Cialis and stuff. First, any couple that are bathing in separate bathtubs, can't be very romantic. I'm not very good at throwing a football through a tire swing either. Besides, none of these pills find ladies for you.

Interest rates are interesting, too. When I was younger, a card with a $7000 limit was 7.5% interest. Now they proudly claim that regardless of the 25% interest rate, you get money back with every purchase. If people buy into that it's no wonder why they have to charge that much.

Mornings. To working people, mornings are a time of waking, drinking a quick cup of coffee and rushing out the door to work. This all happens before 7:00 am. To a retired person, mornings are a time to get up to pee. Then if you can, you roll over and go back to sleep. Morning, noon or night mean nothing other that when your favorite TV show are on.

My cable powered telephone can now call Mexico too. Free. Do I get a refund if I don't know anyone in Mexico? No. I think I do know people in Yuma and Phoenix, but they slyly go to my blog to find out what I'm up to  without having to talk to me.

Getting old is aches and strange pains in places you never found them before. Your body begins to deteriorate. I go to the doctor and complain about stuff. He kindly says, it's just getting old, Herb. I tell him I'm going to check in with him anyway, since I have no previous experience being old. The only thing good about my age is that I made it this far without expiring. There are those however, that will dispute that.

You see, once you are old, your opinions get clearer, truth is evident in your every thought and you become very wise and all knowing. Do you suppose that is why my phone never rings? Even from Mexico?

Monday, May 05, 2014


Don't forget candidate night at the Captain's Wheel in Bayview, Idaho. Wednesday, May 7 at 7:00 pm.
Candidates that are attending are: Ed Morse, Fritz Wiedenhoff-State Legislature. Tim Herzog, County Commissioner. Don Pischner, Kootenai County Clerk. Laurie Thomas, Kootenai County Treasurer. Oh and I almost forgot. Myself, Herb Huseland, precinct 4 committeeman. Mike McDowellwill be present as well.

This will be your only chance to meet candidates in Bayview. The event is invitational regarding candidate speakers, but the public is of course invivted to hear and ask questions of all.

If you come early, have dinner at the Captain's Wheel. It would be our way to thank them for their donation of the space and time.

The primary election is coming up soon. May 20. Your polling place is at the Bayview Community Center. I am supporting NIPAC candidates for the most part. We are trying to take back the Republican Party from the successful attack of 4 and 6 years ago by re registered Constitutionalists and Libertarians

The County Central Committee is made up of the 70 precinct committeemen/women. When a vacancy occurs as it did upon the county clerk, Cliff Hayes's recent death the central committee apppoints 3 candidates. This list is then used by the county commissioners to select from. This is how we ended up with Brannon as interim Clerk. He is from the "Rally Right" group of ultra-conservatives that changed from the Constitution party to Republicans  for the purpose of controlling the local party.

NIPAC, North Idaho  Political Action Committee is represented by these candidates, for the most part. If you are not registered to vote, or are registered as un-affiliated, you can register as a Republican when you go to the polls May 20. We will help you with that when you come to the Wheel Wednesday night. Be There.