Friday, September 30, 2005

Inheritance Tax

They just never quit, do they? The lead story in the Region section of the Spokesman-Review today,shows the have nots are once again attempting to rob the haves...

An organization calling itself the "United Vision of Idaho" have called on Idaho Senator Crapo to end his support for the repeal of the federal estate tax.

They contend that the loss of revenue from this governmental larceny will suck funds from programs that benefit the low income people. Here is a quote. "We question how anyone can put the interest of 51 millionaires ahead of the interest of...Ordinary Idahoans, " said William Whittaker, a Boise State University professor of social work.

Now, THAT'S a real endorsement for sending your kids to that school. Go to college so that you might learn to steal what someone else has earned, so that you don't have to bother with the work involved yourself. The point here is very simple, people...

The money that these families have accrued belongs to THEM! Just because the have nots outnumber the over achievers does not confer the right of confiscation...

I will go to my grave with part of my last pension check unspent, or not. I am not even close to wealthy. Being poor does not confer the right to take money away from people that were smarter, worked harder and were more dedicated in their careers.

These 51 millionaires so casually sniffed at, are probably the leaders of business and industry that have created jobs and wealth far outweighing their own for the community. Robin Hood, get thee behind me!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

My Cancer Treatment

I have had many requests for updates about my prostate cancer and subsequest treatment. Well, actually, there was just one guy that said something to the effect that "would you just shut up about your reproductive stuff"?

I will enter treatment October 12 at 1:00 P.M. Everything being equal, I will exit said treatment at about 2:30 P.M.

I am going to have what is called Brackytherapy. Essentially, that is inserting radioactive isotopes into my prostate.

I have been told that there are certain restrictions...

Such as I can't approach pregnant women with-in six feet. I am happpy to report that this will not be a problem, as no woman has come within that distance for a very long time, pregnant or not.

I do however, now have the prospect of having a beacon...You know, like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer...

Everywhere I go for about two months, a certain portion of my body will glow in the dark. This is really great, since up until now, I've used a night light to find the bathroom.

Hopefully, in six months or so, I will be back to normal.

I send this message, so that you may feel sorry for me as I stand depraved, deprived, and very upbeat about the whole thing...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


My Granddaughter, her husband, and my first Great-Grandchild will flee the Houston area tomorrow morning.

I urged them them to leave tonight, but, alas, the young know more than we do. I explained that fleeing to Waco, due north, was the wrong direction, and that the eye was going to hit Waco, dead on.

I suggested that they go west to San Antonio, which is about the same distance, but should be out of the path of the Eye.

I don't think they are going to listen to me. I pray that they will be safe.

Why is the wisdom of age wasted on the young?

Monday, September 19, 2005

Autumn in North Idaho

I have run out of items to be pissed off about, unless it would be Clinton, breaking away from the bi-partisan effort of the Clinton/Bush fund raising effort.

Instead, I would like to point out the beginning of Autumn. Alas, I don't have the skills of Phil or others, and haven't the slightest idea of how to take electronic pictures, and then in some mysterious way, actually put them on the screen. You see, I am old.

I learned to type before electric typewriters, which, I might add, are already out of style. I am a prisoner of a technology that I haven't a clue about.

It seems only yesterday, that I learned where the on/off button was on my computer. Now, I'm expected to know how to not only check my e-mail, but also, actually go on to the internet, to find out about things I didn't previously know about.

The thought occurs to me, at this time, that maybe, just maybe, this stuff is totally unnecessary.

Have I lived this long, just to discover that information is obsolete, and only impressions are of value?

But enough of that...My tomatoes are doing what they usually do at this time of year...Turn bright green, just before the first frost.

The town drunks are tuning up for the winter, and I don't have a clue as to what I will do, other, than I won't do the rocking chair bit.

On the other hand, the leaves are starting to turn, the harsh 95 degree weather of a few weeks ago are gone, it was a wonderful day today, and will probably be again tomorrow, as Indian Summer slides in. I think it's time to go fishing!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2005


I am going to step into the politically incorrect abyss and talk about not just bigotry as seen from people of European descent toward minorities, but all kinds of bigotry and discrimination.

In my last blog, I talked about the blame game, and how both publicly elected officials, and the usual show biz radicals immediately pointed to the White community to scream about discrimination.

We as a society have become accustomed to being called names by the radicals of color, and have even accepted it as their right to do so. If given a mirror image of this principle, it would be considered horrible, unacceptable right wing behavior.

Bullshit! If one accepts, as I do, that we are all equal, then it flows both ways, Baby! Those of us that disagree with the double standard are usually branded as racist, right wing Bigots. Well, Bigotry comes in all sizes, shapes and colors.

To step aside for a moment, have you heard things like, "How long you lived here, huh? Or, you from where? I'm talking about regional bias. We have all kinds of differences. Regional, Race, Country of origin, What School you attended, and on and on and on.

I've had it, and hereafter, will only deal with people just like me, or lacking anyone in that category, people that think just like me. After all, everyone else is (pick your category) and not acceptable.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Blame Game

After reading article after article, editorial after editorial regarding the blame for the Gulf Coast tragedy, I have come to a conclusion.

A disaster, any disaster, whether caused by man, or nature, attracts those that have radical agendas. Writers, and/or special interest groups that hate Bush, or anything Republican, choose the disaster as a vehicle for attack, whether or not logic prevails.

Undoubtedly, the formation of the Homeland Security Department was one of the culprits. Any super agency that is new and untested, as this one, is ripe for bureaucratic bungling. We had a perfectly good FEMA, only to merge it into Homeland Security.

Any agency of the Federal Government is by nature a gigantic slug, made operational only by years of professionals toiling in the trenches, trying to overcome the political insanity that surrounds them. Some are incompetent, others not.

Homeland Security, with the paint still wet on it's office signs, simply wasn't ready yet to do anything of great import. Budgets were still being fought out in the halls of Congress. Executives were still settling in, learning their jobs.

As it was pointed out in this morning's Spokesman-Review, Federal Assistance to the States is only available after the States declare a disaster area.

Perhaps it is time to review the various departments of Homeland Security. It is definitely time to start funding the Coast Guard at higher levels. This department is perhaps the most well trained for disaster relief and at the same time, perpetually under funded.

State and local Governments, and the people that ignored warnings to head for high ground are much more to blame than the Feds. The Mayor of New Orleans can only throw racially motivated knives at Bush, when he would have been much more effective taking charge. Racists, as we are learning, come in all colors.

The Governor of Louisiana, when faced with this challenge, breaks into tears, totally unqualified to lead.

Two words, REACTIVE and PROACTIVE come to mind. Reactive screaming of racial motivation is not the answer... This was simply a case of many incompetent, small people, not being qualified to lead during this horrendous experience.

Perhaps it's time to become proactive, and find solutions, replace those that are not up to the challenges of office or position and learn from this how to do better next time around.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Dear anonymous

I recently wrote a blog, criticizing the Timberlake Fire District for not being able to appreciate the recently departed Fire Chief.

I just read an anonymous comment suggesting that the Chief had covered up an egregious act by one of his staff, and that, in effect, I didn't know what I was talking about.

A tax supported agency such as a fire district is obligated to keep the people that hire them, "read public", informed about important events that affect us all. Hiding behind "It's a personnel issue" and the implication that it's none of our business is bull-poop.

Being uninformed, or worse, misinformed is not a proper function of elected officials. I have no way of determining whether this source was accurate, since they didn't sign their name so that I could follow up.

Being, what I consider, a responsible blogger, I would never alter the known facts to support someone that didn't deserve it. Staying mum on the facts simply encourage rumors, most of which end up being not true.

The key here is the word "KNOWN". If I have served any function here, it would be to get the subject out in the open for others to question.

If the officials involved here know of a criminal act performed by one of the staff, it would be their obligation to report it to the authorities for proper action.

I sign my name to everything I write, whether fact or opinion. It would be helpful that others do the same...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

More About Farragut State Park

As a follow up to the previous article, "Massive Tree Kill in Farragut", John Perfect got back to me. It seems that yes, the State killed the many trees by improper use of herbicides.

Unlike most Government Leaders I've met, Perfect was straight forward and honest about it. He regrets the mistake, and indicates that the State will alter the practices to prevent reoccurances.

One of the most picturesque views around, is the drive through Farragut State Park, here in Bayview, Idaho. Unfortunately, that view, as seen through the tunnel-like four miles through the heavily treed route, will never be the same.

Talking to Randall Butts, Park Manager, it seems inevitable that the trees will probably be cut back anyway, as the encroaching tree line imperils traffic, and gives cover to deer, wild turkey and other game animals. One only has to hit a turkey in flight to realize the damage it can cause. I know, I hit one doing 60 MPH.

One point that Perfect made, and was seconded by Butts, was that probably the Park and D.O.T. haven't coordinated their efforts as well as they could. Hopefully, they will put their heads todether for future maintenance, such as the center island, which neither agency keeps up adaquately.