Friday, September 30, 2005

Inheritance Tax

They just never quit, do they? The lead story in the Region section of the Spokesman-Review today,shows the have nots are once again attempting to rob the haves...

An organization calling itself the "United Vision of Idaho" have called on Idaho Senator Crapo to end his support for the repeal of the federal estate tax.

They contend that the loss of revenue from this governmental larceny will suck funds from programs that benefit the low income people. Here is a quote. "We question how anyone can put the interest of 51 millionaires ahead of the interest of...Ordinary Idahoans, " said William Whittaker, a Boise State University professor of social work.

Now, THAT'S a real endorsement for sending your kids to that school. Go to college so that you might learn to steal what someone else has earned, so that you don't have to bother with the work involved yourself. The point here is very simple, people...

The money that these families have accrued belongs to THEM! Just because the have nots outnumber the over achievers does not confer the right of confiscation...

I will go to my grave with part of my last pension check unspent, or not. I am not even close to wealthy. Being poor does not confer the right to take money away from people that were smarter, worked harder and were more dedicated in their careers.

These 51 millionaires so casually sniffed at, are probably the leaders of business and industry that have created jobs and wealth far outweighing their own for the community. Robin Hood, get thee behind me!

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