Thursday, December 28, 2006

Waterford Park Strikes Out

At a recent hearing before the Kootenai County Hearing Examiner, Waterford Park Homes, LLC was denied approval of a conversion from a commercial building next to the boat launch, to that of a residential condominium.

This project has long been a sore spot with local residents, who feel Bayview is becoming a "Company Town", owned and controlled by Bob Holland, owner of Waterford Park Homes, LLC.

The following points were raised by the examiner, as part of the recommendation for denial. Waterford Park has the option of appealing to the County Council, but it is believed that after so many egregious actions by the applicant, there probably won't be a friendly welcome there either.

.The property is currently zoned commercial and is not appropriate to be used as residential purposes.

.There is insufficient parking available for a residential condominium development.

.The development does not meet Americans with disabilities Act certification.

.This development currently has various Red Tags from the Kootenai County Planning and Zoning Department and the Idaho Department of Lands for development code violations and has proceeded with work on this development without required permits.

.It sits on the identified flood plain of Lake Pend Oreille.

This should drive a nail into the heart of a very unpopular developer, were it not for the fact that the community doesn't have the proper permit for that, either...

An interesting conjecture would be that now the building has gone through the construction for the conversion without permits, can it be then retro-constructed back to commercial, or would that permit be denied, too?

The moral of this story is that after buying, then throwing out mobile home owners in one park, and after having given eviction notices to another, creating several dozen homeless, the tight knit community of Bayview is outraged.

When I was in the service, we had an expression that fits here. "Don't pee in your own mess kit."

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Gerald Ford...RIP

I honestly never liked Jerry Ford. He, through his caretaker role as president, let his ego rule him, and caused the Reagan era a delay that was critical, insofar as it allowed Jimmy Carter into the Presidency, and the decimation of our armed forces.

Yet he was an honest man...A principled man. He actually thought he could win the election that he lost to perhaps the biggest loser that we ever had as a president.

I go to bed tonight, with these mixed feelings. Having said all this, however, rest in peace, Mr President. Unlike others, you never shamed the office.

History will undoubtedly treat you better than we will.

Storm Clouds on the Horizon

As I prepare for the year 2007, several vagrant thoughts cross my mind. What I believe I'm seeing is the period just before a thunderstorm hits. The hair standing on end,ozone smell in the air, the waiting...

Some of the same storm warnings are apparent in human behavior. People seem more aggressive, less polite...As always, folks are killing each other in the name of God, Allah, (same God)or just because we use a different Prophet as an intermediary.

In review, Catholics and Protestants still fight over religious differences in Northern Ireland, even thought they worship the same Deity...

Shiites are killing Sunnis, even though they both follow Mohammad...

Muslims and Christians over the World seem bent upon Crusades 11.

In Israel, Hamas and the PLO are fighting over whether to eradicate the Israelis now, or later, and let us not forget the Kurds, screwed out of their homeland by Imperial Great Britain, after the "War to end all Wars."

All of these religeous wars, killing in the name of God, plus the freaks. Rogue Nations such as North Korea, that want power for power's sake.

I wonder...I worry...My hair is standing on end and I smell ozone...

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve in Bayview

I stepped out on my deck a few minutes ago. The Village is dark and silent, except for decorations that twinkle over the water of the bay.

The kids and grandkids called today wishing me a Merry Christmas. Taking a day off from Potato Salad, I'm baking. The Seahawks lost again. Life goes on.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Promised Land

I have been fighting Internet Explorer for over a week. First I down loaded, as instructed, IE version 7. They called it Beta 7. Now I know what beta means. "Experimental."

I couldn't stay on line more than a few minutes, without the system going into "program Not responding." They didn't respond...I did!

After switching between version 6 and 7, I finally gave up. Suddenly, from the hinterlands, a voice appeared. They were friends, there to help. There was Adam, and a lady,(sorry I didn't get your name) from the contractor that services Time-Warner, late at night.

Then there was Backwoods Bob, Bill McCrory, and Tyskoduk. They all stepped up to help me in my fathomless ignorance of what happens when your computer has a mind of it's own.

Finally, I sucked it up and typed in: An amazing thing happened. When I down loaded Firefox, they brought my cookies, favorites, and all other stuff that had been saved on other programs.

I am now not, as you can see, locked out of I am free to cast aspersions upon the character of the bad guys, praise the good ones, rake muck to my hearts content, and of course, send forth unsolicited opinions on many various topics.

I have reached at least one, of the promised lands. (The next might be tougher)

Thank you all for being there for me and Merry Christmas to all...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Microsoft Sucks

Lest any of you think I have a fixation on sucking, let me explain. I have been denied access to posting on this blog for two days. The reason?

I routinely downloaded an update from Microsoft from Internet Explorer version 6, to 7. This is called a "Beta" version. Every 20 minutes or so, the program would become unresponsive.

I have been very critical of Time-Warner recently, but I got help through one of their contractors that provide tech support. We finally decided to delete version 7.

That worked fine, except in the process, I could no longer access the blog. Yesterday, Bill McCrory spent a huge amount of time patiently trying to lead me to the promised land. We finally gave up. Today, another fine fellow, Backwoods Bob, who is a computer engineer, came to the rescue.

It turns out the "Beta" means experimental. Bob was able to go into Microsoft Support and discover that their "Anti-Phishing" program has flaws that is causing service interruptions. We deleted that, tweaked version seven and all is fine today.

The Wordslinger from Ontario,Canada in Tech Support, Bill McCrory, and Backwoods Bob are the most patient I've ever known. Try talking out a problem with a mostly deaf person, and I'll guarantee most people would give up in disgust. Thank you all.

Now I can go back to muckraking and expounding unsolicited opinions.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Death Defying Acts

Whether your favorite adventurer is a mountain climber, white water kyaker, parachuter, stunt pilot or whatever, millions of dollars per year are spent rescuing them.

The American people are a generous sort. Willing to help out their neighbors when in distress. Stepping up, such as in the Groene situation. I applaude that spirit.

What gets to me though, is that adventurers such as the three lying dead on the slopes of Mt. Hood, in Oregon, decided to face the challenge of climbing one of the stormist, snow blown peaks in the Country during bad weather. Did they get a comprehensive weather report before tackling the Mountain? I would hazard a guess that they did not.

For too long we have footed the bill for reckless adventurers when their foolish behavior gets them into trouble. I believe that if these people insist on doing these kinds of things, that they should be required to sign a waiver that explains they will be responsible for all expenses of rescue, and require them to bond the government, or arrange for private financing of the bail-out.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Famine & Pestulence Next?

Our good friends the Cascades didn't step up this time. Thursday night, all hell broke loose. We had winds of forty to fifty miles per hour, punctuated by gusts of who knows. The top half of trees that had stood for a hundred years or more, twisted off and fell,usually on top of something.

Since the papers have covered this story well, I will bore those of you that are local. For those that live in the mid-west, they're going to say, "What's the big deal." For those Snowbirds that are from this area...It's a big deal.

Because of the sharp rise in the foothills that we call home, tornados, although not impossible, don't occur often. What we get, is in a strong storm, downbursts that will twist the tops or even the top half of large living trees until they snap.

Thats what happened Thursday night. I would have reported this earlier, except for the fact that my power was out for more than 24 hours. I became a refugee. Friday morning, I hopped in my very fortunately undamaged car, and surveyed the damage.

The famous Bitter End Pine? Gone...Or at least half of it. A tree that has been threatening our Trailer court? broke into little pieces, missing everything. (If you didn't know, yes, I am trailer trash.) Yes. One of those people that retired without large pensions. Not your fault. My bad, but nevertheless, here I am.

In Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, just south of us about 25 miles, a different story. Two trailer park/RV parks experienced serious damage. In Spokane, Washington, West of us, four deaths occured. At the height of the storm, we had 50,000 folks out of power. 50,000 might not seem like that extreme, except we are rural, and 50,000 power users represent several hundred square miles.

Those of you that have boats in the local marinas? Don't worry. The winds came at us from the West, Southwest, and the marinas at lake level suffered no damage that I have heard of. Had the wind reached thse velocities from the other direction, it would have been bad.

I retreated to a motel in Coeur d'Alene, whence I rediscovered the local night life in the city. Then, retiring to my room, I wondered if my home was alright. I wondered that all night. This morning, broke with sunny skies, windless and beautiful.

All I had suffered was loss of sleep. My home is fine, and all of those of our community. Somehow, we dodged the bullet. I will sleep well tonight. I wrote this so that those of you that winter elsewhere, could too...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Time-Warner Sucks

Time-Warner Cable appears to be headed for self-destruction in a big way. Since they took over Adelphia, here in North Idaho, we've had nothing but problems. Within the first few weeks we had service interuptions that lasted from hours, to days.

Now, in a dispute with the local Fox outlet, we will lose fox, and possibly Fox Sports Network if they don't come to agreement before Midnight tonight.

The current dispute is over whether Time-Warner should pay KAYU, a UHF station, and Fox outlet for Spokane, Washington and surrounding areas.

Both sides actually have made gross misrepresentations while stating their positions. KAYU is a UHF station with very limited broadxcast radius. With cable, their advertisers get a huge boost in viewership which should and does make more money for the station.

Time-Warner, has dug their heels in over this issue, claiming that the station is viewable by antenna, ignoring the fact that direct broadcast is very limited. T/W is on the eve of losing Fox, and the resulting loss of NFC football coverage after today. This would take the coverage of our regional team, the Seahawks, and Mariners away.

In the opinion of Bayviews, these entities need Babysitters, not Litigators.

The giant sucking sound you will hear tomorrow, across our area, will be the telephone overload, as disgruntled Seahawk fans rush to order either DISH or Direct TV...

Friday, December 08, 2006

Religious Warfare

Somewhere, somehow, we have lost the ability to call a spade a shovel. In the ever increasing desire to never offend anyone or any group, we hear nothing about the truth of our War against terrorism. That truth is that we are at war with a religion.

Certainly, not all Moslems are warlike, or terrorists, but a large enough percentage of them take to heart the directions that Mohammed left regarding the killing of infidels. When he was driven out of Mecca to Medina, he returned, killing all of his detractors in the process.

I believe that until we recognize why we are at war, and approach it from the religeous warefare angle, we can't win because we are not participating in the same contest they are.

We have the Saudis, supposedly our friends, funding terrorists every bit as much or more than Kaddafi ever did, but because of politics our government covers it's eyes, ears, and mouth, much like the three monkeys of "see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil."

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bayview Invaded

Bayview was invaded today. No, not by black helecopters from Canada, (they need passports now, you see) Not by philandering Cops, but by birds.

Big White headed Bald Eagles. As magnificent as they are though it sometimes pains me that our National symbol is a carrion eater. I guess that Turkey Buzzards were'nt National or sexy enough, but they have much the same diet. Roadkill tops the menu, but for December at the Lake. Then, their attention turns to dying, spawned out Kokanee, or Blueback as we locals call them.

These birds will hang around Bayview and environs until they have cleaned up every scrap of decaying fish, at which time we will run them off for having severe halatosis.

We invite those bird watchers to join us in celebrating the arrival of the Eagles, and your participation in "Happy Hour" which ohmygod, has already started without me. I'm outta here.

Monday, December 04, 2006

TV Networks Rule?

Well, the BCS has spoken. Florida will play Ohio State, instead of Michigan. I truly believe that the networks have with the power of the dollar, completely taken over any close calls that occur under the present system.

Lets step back a moment. When Ohio State, #1, beat Michigan, #2 only by three points,at Ohio, which with home field advantage was a toss-up and Florida with an identical record was beat by #8 Auburn, I have to question the objectivity of the decision.

Strength of schedule can hardly favor Florida, with the SEC only having about three competitive teams, and Big Ten, or Twelve, or what ever they are called now, never gets a rest from top flight competition.

I think it boils down to TV. They thought that two teams playing each other for the first time would be more interesting than a rematch...But was it fair and objective?

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kootenai County Prosecutors Flaunt Porn

While deputy prosecutors are in the County Courthouse on a daily basis, trying to convict child porn offenders, and other crimes of a personal nature, the prosecutors were caught recently by the Spokesman-Review, trading porn and child porn e-mails in a joke format.

Fresh from the Joseph Duncan case, one wonders what in the form of evidence is circulated as "funny" e-mails among law enforcement and the Prosecutors office. We need a huge broom...Right now...

For the story on this, go to Huckleberries

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Names & Places

Two or three years ago, I went on a road trip to beat all road trips. I started in North Idaho, went the Northern route ending up in South Carolina. I came back by the Southern States, up through the Ozarks, Branson Missouri, and on the the West coast by way of Phoenix, Arizona, thence back to Idaho.

One of the things I always wanted to write about, was some of the outstandingly funny names for some places. Now, I readily admit that I live right next door to Athol, Idaho, so I'm not picking on just one region.

Most of the fun stuff is in the South. I credit them with having outstanding senses of humor. For instance, how about Wetumpka, Alabama. This is a place that students reach high school age before they can spell their town's name...

Flippin, Arkansas...Now there is a town that must party a lot. How about Zephyrhills, Florida. Windy there perhaps. Oh yes, folks, there really is a Tallahatchee Bridge. It crosses the aforementioned River just past the Talladega Raceway of NASCAR fame. Nothing was being thrown off the bridge as I passed though.

Los Banos, California, which if I remember my Spanish is translated to, "the toilet", was an interesting name for a town, but I would have picked Rialto for that name, myself.

Anchorage, Alaska isn't hard to figure out, but how about Anchorage, Kentucky? Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is one of my favs, but Bug Tussle, Oklahoma beats it out.

Truth or Consequenses, New Mexico, named after the game show...

Some visualization is required for many of these names, but I urge you not to use that while considering Humptulips, Washington...

Monday, November 27, 2006

Solutions in Iraq

I am not a military genius, but during my life, we have fought five major wars, and numerous minor engagements. Simple observation, plus some military experience, mated up with the fact that I don't have a a personal agenda, qualifies me to speak on this subject.

What got me started, was reading a fine editorial by Michael Goodwin of the New York Daily News. To paraphrase him, we need an outside the box solution, not just a tweaking of the existing plan. (I use that word loosely)

He goes on to suggest embedding US troops in the police and army units. The logic here is sound. These folks can't very well take off on a vengeance crusade, with our people with them. He further wonders why this hasn't already taken place. I think I have the answer to that one. Politics. We set out to turn the government back to the Iraqi people too soon. Having wed ourselves to that course, our government is having trouble using reverse gear.

Back in the Sixties, President Kennedy set up an irregular Army unit called Special Forces. They were irregular in the sense that they did not exist to fight battles and charge the enemy, as the Rangers did. They led indigenous forces that were under trained for their mission, in fighting their own battles.

Sound familiar? Yup! The mission that the Green Berets fulfilled in Viet Nam. Today we have a large contingent of these A-Teams available, but we aren't using them for which they were trained. The following is a cut & paste from the Army mission that explains the Special Forces and their role.

Special Forces Operational Detachment A (SFOD A) The "A Detachment" or "A Team" is the basic SF unit. This twelve man unit is specifically designed to organize, equip, train, advise or direct, and support indigenous military or paramilitary forces in UW and FD operations. The detachment has a commander (Captain), XO (Warrant Officer), and two enlisted specialists in each of the five SF functional areas: operations, weapons, engineers, medical, and communications. Each SF company has one SFOD A trained in combat diving and one SFOD A trained in military free-fall parachuting.

Attach these guys to each Iraqi unit, with the ability to call in air strikes if necessary and we might find a way out of this mess. We then pull back our line troops to the porous borders of Iran and Syria to hold territorial integrity.

That's my take on this...If any of you have a better idea, let's hear it...

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Silent Days

It is much like I imagine the sight one would see if everyone fled Bayview during the night. The Christmas poem comes to mind. "All is calm, all is bright." Not a single sound is to be heard here today.

The snow drifts down, coating the trees and roofs with winter white. Tomorrow is supposed to usher in a winter storm.

Wait, I see a fisherman's boat sliding into the bay. Hopefully, he or she has the winning fish in the current fishing derby. My newest neighbors, driving the junker that starts up every morning at 5:30 AM sans muffler just arrived,and the spell is broken. The snow stops and a blue sky emerges...

Monday, November 20, 2006

Snowbird Study???

Saturday's Spokesman-Review revealed that fact that a WSU Assistant Professor recently received a grant to, get this, spend the Winter in Arizona! He is according to this article, studying the interplay between permanent residents and snowbirds.

This educator shows his elitist side when stating, "I'm an expedition-type backpacker." and "have never been in an RV, much less slept in one."

OK, he is to be admired for admitting up front, that he has actually no qualifications to study RV folks. None at all. Turns his nose up at those that don't camp out in a sleeping bag on the ground at 30 below. Probably shops at all the "In" outfitters, you know, L.L. Bean and such. Anyway, I digress.

This smarmy, unqualified individual just got PAID to do what the rest of us can't afford to do, because not all of us can afford $3.00 per gallon gas, and 6 miles per gallon on our firmly parked RV's.

The source of this magnificent grant wasn't revealed, and a good thing. They then avoided the ridicule that I would have heaped on them. Am I envious? Bet your ass I am. The only way I'm going to get anyone to pay my way to Arizona this winter, is to piss off so many people that they take up a collection to get rid of me.

In case you haven't guessed yet, this is my first installment on the aforementioned plan...

Friday, November 17, 2006

From Under The Rocks

Well, It's started, and even before the newly elected Congress is seated. It would appear that the far left and moderate wings of the Democratic party are already in full battle for party control.

In an unbelievable attack, Robert Scheer, from the ultra-left, is attacking the Dems for not supporting the Pelosi choice for Majority Leader of the house. Disregarding both the overwhelming vote for Hoyer, and reality, he hacked away with generalities, slogans, vitriol and essentially, threw down the liberal gauntlet, declaring the war for control to be on.

My take on this new war, is that more casualties will ensue from this internal dispute than our "Occupation" of Iraq. I use the term occupation, since "War" denotes uniformed official troops fighting on the battlefield.

All this, before these newly elected leaders have even taken their seats. As I read the editorial page of our Spokesman-Review, it occured to me that the Republican Party has to do nothing. Attack nothing. Let the Democrats self-destruct. They don't need any help...

Monday, November 13, 2006

Auctions, Indeed!

It has come to my attention that an auction has recently been held, for the goal of having lunch with several minor officials. Hey, don't get me wrong... If these folks need sponsors so that they don't have to buy their own lunch, far be it from me to interfere...

On the other hand, (do I sound like a one handed economist?) If we are going to start sponsoring lunches for good causes, I am willing to volunteer myself for the good of the community. There are several very good reasons for this, the first being that I am cheap.

I must assume, while we are at it, that someone other than the aforementioned big wheel picks up the tab. Should that not be the case, I humbly withdraw my name as a volunteer er...Victim, ah..."Blogstar."

Sunday, November 12, 2006

North Idaho Says Goodbye

Sunday at the Captain's Wheel was all about saying goodbye to Jerry Berry, principle owner of the Wheel, friend to all and a great guy.

A potluck dinner, a celebration of Jerry's life, and a bunch of deranged musicians, doing what Jerry loved the most, performing music 'till the cows come home. Over thirty musicians crowded into the Wheel to pay respects to one of the great Inn Keepers we've known.

The crowd, estimated at over four hundred, staged through, sampling the food and the many memories of Jerry Berry. There were never any strangers in the Wheel when Jerry was present. He would come over, throw an arm around you and make you feel like a million dollars.

He would have looked at the festivities, then probably use his favorite expresion, saying it was "Hoodakai."

At this hour, the party still goes on...We'll miss you, Guy...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hate Crimes...Over The Top, Or Not?

I have mixed feelings over this issue. There are really good arguments for both sides of this.

First, It looks like the Sand Point Judge abrogated her duty, in slapping the hand of the man, (not boy) that criminally assaulted a minor girl.

Secondly, is the issue of hate crimes. The debate can swing to and fro, but it appears to me that mebbe the pendulum has swung too far again.

To attach a "I hate you because," (choose your own category)to the crime, in many cases raises the level of what normally would be a misdemeanor to the level of a felony.

Not because the injury was egregious, but because your motives were politically incorrect.

In the case of the injured teen, the charge should have been aggravated assault, a felony.

To re-classify this to a federal hate statute, might or might not fly. Definitely, an appeal, or civil suit is in order.

For the higher purpose of designating simple assault as a hate crime, elevating it to felony status, needs a very lot of discussion...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Aftermath

Democracy spoke loudly yesterday. Many issues were out front from corruption to the occupation of Iraq.

It does not surprise me that the Republican Party lost both houses of Congress. It would, however surprise me if the Democrats prevailed two years from now.

I believe that the overturning of the Bush doctrine was President Bush's own fault. Once he formed an opinion or direction regarding most of his policies, he became rigid in support of them. Perhaps he felt secure with control of both houses of Congress. Many mistakes, including the disbanding of the Iraqi Army, and many other miscues that showed poor planning, became evident as events played out.

Our political parties and their supporters have become so polarized that the vast majority of middle America can no longer identify with either the radical left, or the radical right. Bottom line, most Americans are not radical. Only during the nomination process does the radical element rule, leaving us with the choice of one radical or the other.

What happened yesterday should be a wake-up call to both parties. "Your success depends on the people that hired you.

In perusing the comments tonight, I ran across a comment from a person that I had previously respected, although he was of the opposite political persuasion.

In one sentence, he lost all of my respect, because he chose the low road in commenting about the personal life of a winning candidate that he was opposed to.

Crapping on our fellow men/Women doesn't add anything to our lives. It just shows how shallow we can be...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Jerry Berry 1935-2006

O CAPTAIN! my Captain! our fearful trip is done;
The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won;
The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring:
But O heart! heart! heart!
O the bleeding drops of red,
Where on the deck my Captain lies,
Fallen cold and dead.

O Captain! my Captain! rise up and hear the bells;
Rise up—for you the flag is flung—for you the bugle trills; For you bouquets and ribbon’d wreaths—for you the shores a-crowding;
For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces turning;
Here Captain! dear father!
This arm beneath your head;
It is some dream that on the deck,
You’ve fallen cold and dead.

My Captain does not answer, his lips are pale and still;
My father does not feel my arm, he has no pulse nor will;
The ship is anchor’d safe and sound, its voyage closed and done;
From fearful trip, the victor ship, comes in with object won;Exult, O shores, and ring, O bells!
But I, with mournful tread,
Walk the deck my Captain lies,
Fallen cold and dead.

Poem by Walt Whitman...

Jerry Berry has left us feeling a great loss. Those of us that knew him as a friend, as an employer and as a guest. His greatest legacy was that we heard repeatedly, "he made us feel welcome, whenever we came in." No Innkeeper could ask for a better epitaph.

There will be a celebration of his life, and his deeds at the Captain's Wheel, Sunday, November 12, at 2:00 PM. This will consist of a potluck dinner, and what we assume will be a rambunctious jam session consisting of the music and musicians he loved so much...

Friday, November 03, 2006


Bayviews has discovered evidence through folks that were both there, and have talked to the rape victim since the attack.

There is now, not any doubt that a rape took place. The Idaho State Police are investigating, which is as it should be. There are whispers that the Sheriff Department attempted to sweep this under the rug, even to the point of intimidating the victim. That accounts for the story about the victim not wanting to press charges.

I gotta call bullshit. This Asshole lured a woman that had been drinking into a situation where there were no witnesses. She has since then left town, feeling that North Idaho doesn't serve justice.

How, can a government expect the citizens to respect law enforcement, when some of the officers approach Nazi like attitudes. We have Kootenai County Deputies that are Bullies, invent reasons to stop motorists, and even, according to one attorney I talked to, lawyers are afraid to oppose in court, for fear of reprisal.

When I grew up in the forties and fifties, law enforcement officers were revered and honored as those that protected us. We waved to them, and they waved back. We always knew that as kids if we were lost, stranded or otherwise in trouble, we only needed to call a cop.

Now look at us. How could we have allowed our honored officers to become depraved monsters, looking for busts, and harrassing our citizens. More interested in arrest stats, than justice. The sad part of this whole thing, is that the "code of silence" prohibits those good guys that serve, and know why they serve, and who they serve, to speak up.

Perhaps we should rename them "Piece Officers, rather than Peace Officers. I am Herb Huseland, and if you Piece officers want to screw with me, go for it.

Sheriff Deputy Shamed

In new developments, Bayviews has learned that the sexual adventure featuring an unnamed deputy and an unnamed partner have some interesting features.

First, it is unclear whether the partner was a victim of rape through intimidation, or willing. Secondly, it happened here in Bayview.

State Police investigators have been prowling the local businesses, taking statements from involved witnesses. We will bring you more, as information develops.

We are unwilling, at this time to speculate too freely about this, as a possible victim should be able to keep their identity secret.

Bayviews has learned, however that the Deputy was known to this person. It was also learned that they went to high school together.

Apparently, this Officer, whose beat did not include Bayview, met the woman outside the bar to give her a ride home. What happened after that is pure conjecture.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Milestone Reached

I installed Site Meter around February 1, of this year. Today, I passed 10,000 page views. Thank you all for your interest in an old Codger's rants...


Total 5,248
Average Per Day 36
Average Visit Length 1:15
Last Hour 1
Today 20
This Week 249


Total 10,030
Average Per Day 51
Average Per Visit 1.4
Last Hour 2
Today 66
This Week 358


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Worst of the Best

What should be one of the most beautiful times of the year, what with the leaves turning to gold, The air is clear and winter approaches is not this year.

This year, the fall beauty is marred by the shrill voices of political extremes and bottomless discontent. I haven't seen many recently that have stepped back to observe the mayhem that is taking place.

The saddest part of the whole scene is that these idiots that sling mud, (and worse) don't even have a clue as to how many people they are turning off. Many people that I talk with just simply ignore the political process these days. They don't believe in either of the major parties, or for that matter, the minor ones either. They are drop-outs.

How much further can we go, before the majority of the population turns off, and then what? Isn't that a recipe for dictatorship? If serious candidates don't step up soon, we will have only the choices of extremists from the left, and the right, with nothing in between.

What I mean by serious, is those office seekers that have more depth than a few sound bites in a commercial. Candidates that look for consensus, rather than a way to bury the opposition.

I despair...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween at the Wheel

Hilarity reigned at the Captain's Wheel last night. As usual, the costumes were original, great, and on occasion, very popular.

One celebrant walked into the main Bar carrying a sign that brought down the house with cheers, whistles and the occasional signal that the subject of the sign was number one, using an alternate finger, of course.

The subject of ridicule was "Bob". One can only wonder which Bob he was referring to. Could it be that Bob Holland of Waterford Park Homes was the one?

Holding the sign was Chad, former employee of Waterford, and yours truly, Bayview Herb.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Inappropriate Endorsement

This Morning, October 28, I received an automated phone message from a man whose first name is Drew, last name unheard. He represented himself as from the Idaho Department of Fish & Game, and urged me to vote for Brady for Governor.

I believe that it is inappropriate, and possibly illegal for a State employee to actively campaign for or against a political office seeker. My blog is down, so I am sending this to Huckleberries,and INWBA, in the hope that it will get out...

Halloween @ the Wheel

Most Bar/Restaurants consider New Years Eve as the biggest nite of the year. Not so, the Captain's Wheel in Bayview, Idaho.

Halloween Nite brings out costumed people from miles around to party at this Bayview location. Tonite, the customers will stand four deep at the bar, looking over a vast array of very carefully thought out costumes and makeup.

I am working, thank you Lord, in the kitchen until probably 10:30, and will miss dressing up with the rest of you. I will, however, come out long enough to hoist a drink to you ghouls and other weird characters.

Happy Halloween Y'all

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Yuma, Arizona

Several of my friends...Maybe most of my friends, are wintering in Yuma. Today, while perusing my site meter, I noticed that I got a visit from there. This cannot be a random hit. Someone down there, has decided that they needed to find out what was happening here in Bayview, if for no other reason, than to gloat about the difference in weather.

I noticed this morning when perusing the Spokesman-Review, that the temperature in Yuma was 99 degrees yesterday. I can only say to you guys, were you perhaps a little quick about going south? On the other hand, ( sound like a one handed economist don't I) I am going to join you all for a couple of weeks this winter, when you least expect me.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


HJR 2 is a proposition to be voted on here in Idaho prohibiting same sex marriage and other same sex partnerships. Idaho already has a law prohibiting same sex marriage. That leaves the other, more subtle items. Civil unions or contracts between same sex partners would also be illegal.

Some consequences of this proposed law might prohibit me from hiring or appointing an attorney-in-fact, or granting a power of attorney to another of the same sex. I might be prohibited from co-owning real estate or other property with a male business partner.

While I am in full support of the current law prohibiting marriage between members of the same gender, civil unions and/or contracts, rights of inheritance, etcetera, are none of our business.

This proposal is bad law, full of unintended consequences, and overkill. I recommend a no vote.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Duncan Trial

At last they got it right. Joseph Edward Duncan, kidnapper, child molester, mass murderer, plead guilty this morning. For weeks, the majority of our area's citizens, family members of the victims, and County Commissioners have begged the prosecutor to plea bargain this case for the sake of 9 year old Shasta Groene not having to face her molester in court.

Based on the previously leaked agreement that was rejected, and the announced provisions today, it would appear that the defense caved on an important issue. That being following the federal trial upcoming, the right of Kootenai County to re-impose the death penalty is retained. As it is now, three consecutive life terms without possibility of parole were handed down.

Bayviews applauds the attorneys involved for doing the right thing, even if belatedly. While some surviving relatives still wanted the death penalty, Shasta Groene was the only one that personally had to go through the entire experience, and her interests should be paramount.

It now appears that if the federal trial does not convict, or doesn't opt for the death penalty, the County will. Kudos also, for the great coverage by Tayrn Brodwater of the Spokesman-Review, who should be considered for a Pulitzer prize...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Idaho Proposition 2

Proposition 2 here in the State of Idaho sounds wonderful. Protects private property owners from unreasonable taking. What isn't so wonderful, is that through the smoke screen of hyperbole, this law, if enacted would essentially eliminate zoning laws.

The part of this proposition that deals with land use, holds that the State, or subdivision thereof, cannot limit what you do with your property. If the highest and best use is a wrecking yard, or slaughterhouse, then you can built it, even if your property lies within a residential area.

Passage of this proposition would visit anarchy upon us. It's simply bad law.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Veterans Hospital Death

Swimming against the current, as I tend to sometimes, I have to disagree with the majority of folks that are chastising the V.A. for not reviving the elderly vet that collapsed in the parking lot, recently, in Spokane, Washington.

Like most government installations, when quitting time comes, it is sudden and thorough. The V.A. emergency room had closed a few minutes earlier than the man's arrival.

Where the criticism is unwarranted, is that every Vet, including me, got a letter a few weeks ago, announcing the closure of the ER at 4:30, PM. This was due to budget constraints, and a lack of after hours use.

If there is blame here, it belongs to Congress, which has consistently underfunded the VA, even while processing hundreds of Iraqi injuries. I read this morning, where a Congressman, McMorris was going to investigate. If this is the case, I suggest that this congresswomen use a mirror.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


The two day Oktoberfish tournament kicked off in Bayview at the Captain's Wheel Restaurant last night with an auction and fishing derby rules and sign-up.

Over two hundred liars, (oops, make that fishermen and women) which made it kind of crowded. We have no numbers as to how many well intended fisherpersons didn't make it out on the water, but it was a hell of a party, anyway.

Yours truly made his first attempt at making German Potato Salad for the event, which apparently was successful. Winners and such will be posted as I get the information...


The winners of the Oktoberfish derby were as follows:

First place, winner was Frank Whitney, of Chatteroy, Washington. His fish was a Rainbow, 10 pounds eleven ounces. He won a prize of $3809.00 and possession of the traveling trophy, the "Golden Trout."

Second place, was taken by Dan Covey, Post Falls, with a 'Bow weighing in at eight pounds fifteen ounces, for a prize of $2285.00.

Third, was taken by Bill Rogers of Hayden, with a rainbow weighing in at eight pounds fourteen ounces for a prize of $1524.00.

The derby was a great success. Special thanks go to Ralph Jones, who organized the entire affair for the Bayview Chamber.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Political Warrior

I have been reading an exciting biography this week. It's the Life and Times of L. Keith Bulen. He was a king maker in Indiana, creating careers for such luminaries as Senator Lugar, and the current Governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels.

Later, Bulen became the convention coordinator for the 1980 Republican Convention, held in Detroit, as well as holding the position of Eastern Regional Coordinator for Reagan/Bush.

It brought back memories of my own early years as a Young Turk in the Reagan campaigns of the sixties. So many parallels exist, that I felt like I lived in this biography myself. It is an extremely well written book, but then I may be prejudiced. You see, it was written by my brother, Stan Huseland. I'm very proud.

I can even arrange for the purchase of this book, if anyone is interested...

Thursday, September 28, 2006


I wrote this yesterday, and posted it, but google apparently lost it. Essentially, what I had to say is that Waterford Park homes is in the deep doo-doo again. It seems that they bought a float home to remodel for an office, having given up their previous space to condos that don't have occupancy permits.

Well, it turns out that they don't have one for the float office either. Something about commercial use permit for a float home in a residential setting. As a result, no sewer hook-up is available to them. The employees are having to walk up and out of the marina to use the public toilets at the Boileaus Condos.

It has been pointed out to me that occupying a building without plumbing is illegal, yet there they are.

One employee that I talked to yesterday, said that all of the hourly employees were laid off, including him. When I asked him why, he replied,"The County shut us down."

I'm not quite sure what that means, other than the previous info that we have had, but it sounds like Waterford Park Homes, LLC and the local projects are starting to crumble a little. Could it be that the bankers are getting nervous too?

Breaking all the rules is bad, even when you have friends at court. Breaking them when you have made enemies of practically everyone, can be a disaster. Shape up or ship out, guy...

Monday, September 25, 2006

Fish & Game Biology

A recent article printed in the Coeur d'Alene Press, Idaho fish and game expounded on the fight to save the Lake Pend Oreille fishery. Aside from the we will never stop fighting and don't give up this ship rhetoric, the finger of guilt must point toward Fish & Game, and the Army Corps of Engineers.

Kokanee survival is the key issue here, but first we have to visit the food chain.

Algae is the basic food, eaten by phytoplankton, which is eaten by Kokanee which is then eaten by all the rest of the fish. Several issues affect the survival of the Kokanee, among them, the accursed Mackinaw, or Lake Trout.

The most damaging of the cases of this fishery demise, however, is not the predators. It's the management by the aforementioned agencies. For the first two or three years, phytoplankton is the source of food for these vanishing fish. Every fall, the Corps of Engineers flush the majority of algae and phytoplankton down the Pend Oreille River, as they rush to lower the lake level before the Kokanee spawn.

That sounds pretty good, if it weren't for the fact that to save the spawn, they are flushing the food source through rapid draw down. Picture your bathtub. Pull the plug. The swirling water will take anything light that will float down the drain. So it does on our lake.

Another factor, and possibly the more important of the two, is the 1968 introduction of Mysic Shrimp by Idaho Fish and Game. In an apparent attempt to provide more food, they failed to realize that shrimp avoid light, and only feed close to the surface during the hours of darkness, sinking to several hundred feet down during daylight, the periods that the fish are feeding, thence the twain don't meet.

The latest, and most ridiculous plan is to hold off on the draw down until after the Mackinaw spawn, hoping that they will spawn in shallow water, then drying the spawn with the draw down. Immediately following that, the lake will be flushed at an even faster rate, so that low pool will be reached in time for the Kokanee spawn.

It doesn't help to spawn more Kokanee, if there isn't any food for their survival. Will they never learn? Or is it all about Bonneville Power, and the water needed downstream, and politics as usual.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Greed Has Many Forms

Controversy flared yesterday, when the Idaho State Supreme Court rendered a decision regarding the high water mark on Lake Coeur d'Alene.

For those of you that are from out of the area, or unfamiliar with the issue, lakeshore residents along an area called Sanders Beach, have had trespass problems for years, as a street separates their houses from the strip of beach in front which they own.

For many years, the property owners have had problems with trash, loud parties and such in front of their homes, and in clear violation of property rights.

Because some prior owners, certainly not all, allowed public access, suggests that they were guests. Some have taken that as a public right to free access.

My position here, is that if the public good needs to be served by owning this beach, the public, through either City or County auspices, must purchase it, by either voluntary sale, or condemnation. The public must never be allowed to take property without compensation.

Recently, a local judge ruled that the high water mark denoting public/private ownership boundaries, was 2130 feet. This is two feet above the Summer high water level, excepting floods and such. The historical high water mark was several feet lower, prior to the building of a dam, which raised the level to it's current 2128.

The Supreme Court ruled 5-0 to overturn the local judge, and established 2128 as the true high water mark. It is sad, because some disagree with their ruling, they have cast aspersions as to the intelligence, or integrity of these justices. A unanimous decision suggests that the decision was based on good law, not emotion.

It would behoove those in opposition to look inside themselves, and ask if it isn't emotional attachment, rather than legal right that has formed their positions.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Fiver

I recently posted an(I thought)innocuous comment on Huckleberries, a Spokesman-Review on-line blog. It was about an actual experience I had, on a night off at the "Wheel."

I had an occasion to sashay into the Men's room, (Beer had been flowing) when I happened to look down. Behold! I was peeing on a genuine five dollar bill. I stopped and thought. Then, gingerly, and by the tips of my thumb and finger, extracted said bill from it's nest.

I quickly walked it across to the sink, where it underwent a vigorous scrubbing. I then pressed it between two paper towels, and returned to my table. After great thought, and recognizing that I was going to owe my waitress a tip, I generously donated said fiver to the cause. (Later, I told her of the source) She laughed and accepted it.

Unbeknownst to me, and after an abbreviated remark to this effect on a comment segment of "Huckleberries", a feature of the Spokesman-Review, it hit the funnybone of the blogmeister of the S/R, Dave Oliveira. He posted it on the S/R blog. Then again, and then to add to the indignity, printed it the the paper.

I hadn't time to finish the paper this morning, so I didn't catch the print part. I went to the Post office for my mail. One friend was in there laughing about it when the postmaster ran out to tell me she would never eat my potato salad again.

Well, ma'am, unless another fiver shows up in my lifetime, I have great doubts that your health is in jeopardy...

Monday, September 18, 2006

Blogfest IV

I can't think of anything to say that hasn't already been said by Mari & Stebbijo, except to ditto the great time part.

I haven't been heard from for a few days, due to another communications blackout. I'm half-installed for Adelphia broadband, and my phone line went dead again. I personally think it's the Navy Base and of course, the black helicopters at work.

But I digress. We had a rather small but lively blogfest, with surprise guests, Spencer, and the newlyweds, Sam Taylor & bride.

Sue Turner showed up and was a delight. She ended up in a spirited but civil discourse on growth with Spencer, which is kind of like trying to train the fox, as he is entering the hen-house. Spencer being a developer, and Sue appearing to be no-growth. I politely struck up a conversation with another at that point.

We missed all of the folks that sent regrets. We would rather have had them with us, than regret missing it.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Meetings & Stuff

Busy day for me today. I ventured into the big city. Coeur d'Alene. Got a haircut, caught the hearing at the Courthouse between plaintiff C.A.R.E., which is a large citizen's group in and around Bayview, vs: defendants, Idaho Fish & Game.

The issue was a summary judgment barring development of the WW11 rifle training range into a world class range, where hundreds of sportsmen attend competitions, and the addition of a skeet/trap shooting range, all on property deeded to the state for the purpose of wildlife enhancement. It failed.

The true issue seems to be who runs out of funds first, the State, or the volunteers from Bayview...Duh!

After picking up Chinese over on 4th St, I met with our group of bloggers at the Kootenai County Courthouse, where we held a "Meeting in a Box. Dan English provided the meeting room. I'm convinced that he attended just to make sure we returned the pens in the kit.

I got to meet two other guys that are very interesting, and well informed. Thom George, and Mike Kennedy. Bill & Lisa McCrory also attended. Onward to Athol, where I croaked out two or three tunes at a Karaoke session, thence home.

These days off are going to kill me yet. Don't forget the Blogfest this Saturday, at 2:00 PM at the Captain;s Wheel in Bayview. Some new and interesting folks plan to be there. You plan on it too.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Making Waves

I met two wonderful Ladies this afternoon. They had just met, after 61 years of separation. You see, not all of the sailors at Farragut Naval Traning Base were Guys.

Phoebe DeGree of Bend Oregon, and Donna Lee of Portland, Oregon came to their first, and probably last reunion of Naval Personnel that trained here during the forties.

It turns out that they were bunkmates during 1944-45. Both were clerical Waves, serving the permanent party, or as they were known, "Ship's Company".

Donna had the upper bunk, Phoebe the lower. Fast friends for the last two years of the war, they separated to go their various ways. Phoebe married a sailor from the base. Both widowed now, they were charming company for an hour or so before it was time for them to leave. You see, they were both going out dancing at the Athol American Legion Post.

Oh, if I could only keep up with the likes of them.

Friday, September 08, 2006


This weekend marks the 20th reunion of the WWII Navy Veterans that cycled through Farragut Naval Station, during the war. The Greatest Generation, and I have no problem in using that name, is aging and has announced that this is it, the last reunion.

Sixty three years ago, a huge effort was put forth to establish a Naval Basic Training Facility. The base was built, literally, from the materials onsite. Trees were cut down, milled onsite, then the green lumber was used to construct the entire installation, except the brig.

Today, the brig, built with concrete blocks, is the only building that was saved. According to the several vets that I interviewed, none of them were residents of the brig.

The organizers of the annual trek back to where they suffered the indignities of the Drill Instructors, have grown old, and tired, and unless younger Navy Vets come forth this will be the last one.

This week-end, we are enjoying the last great visit. Our lunch crowd at the Wheel was so great that I was asked to give up part of my day off tomorrow to help with the crowd. I am honored to help, and we here at the Captain's Wheel are honored by the visit of these, our heroes of another era.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Blogfest IV

Blogfest IV is on. We will meet in a social setting at the Captain's Wheel Restaurant in Bayview, Idaho, Saturday, September 16 at 2:00 PM.

All bloggers and blurkers are invited. It probably goes without saying, but for the few, only friendly non-combative folks are invited. Leave the on-line hassles at home, and you are welcome. We would like to see some of our friends from Spokaloo Falls show up, too.

This blogfest is not to be confused with the "Meeting in a box" gathering that some of us are putting together for Wednesday, September 13 at 6:00 PM. That group is for Kootenai County residents only, but is going to be mostly bloggers and blurkers. This meeting will be at the Kootenai County Administration Building on the floor adjacent to the Drivers Licence office. We have been specifically invited, as the planning people think we have something special to contibute.

I would appreciate an RSVP on both gatherings.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Planning & Zoning

For those that I haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet, I was recently asked by the Kootenai County Planning Dept. to conduct a "Meeting in a Box." This essentially, is a small group, 10-20 people in a forum, from which opinions about future growth will be discussed.

This is especially noteworthy, since I don't think I've ever heard of Government doing this before. That tends to make Kootenai County the for-front of citizen participation. My specialty, it turns out, is to gather up those ornrey Bloggers, corral them in one room, and ask them to put up or shut up...

I have accepted this challenge, and I hope that you do too. All Kootenai County, Idaho Bloggers, Blurkers, and ner' do well's are invite to this citizen input group. Who knows, a County official may show up to show you that they care...

This meeting will be held in the Kootenai County Administration Building. Lower level parking adjacent to the drivers licence office, and humorously, next to Planning and Zoning. Straight down the hall to the end, in meeting room A-1.

The date, September 13, Wednesday, 6:00 PM. Several very interesting people have committed to attend. If you want to get up off your dead *** and be counted, this is your chance.

The meeting room was graciously offered by County Clerk Dan English, who will be our host.

I ran into County Commisioner, Rick Currie and his lovely wife at the Captain's Wheel in Bayview the other night. I remarked that we would be holding this meeting, and when...

When he was about to leave, I suddenly had a thought. I walked up to him and exclaimed, wait a minute...If we do this, how can we complain about everything you do, if we become part of the process...He grinned, and said, now you are catching on.

A big cheer for the only incombent Commissioner, and a pretty nice Guy.

In an era that has spawned many politicians, with varied agendas, it is very refreshing to meet a guy who just wants to "Git er done".

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Justice Trembles

It has come to our attention that in all, Waterford Park Homes, LLC has had eleven projects red tagged by the County. According to my sources in Building & Planning, all have been ignored, none have been lifted. When we were about to invite all residents of Kootenai County to build without permits, we hear that the Kootenai County Prosecutor is planning possible criminal charges.

When respect for the rules is flagrantly ignored, government must act, or forever be insignificant. We are happy that belatedly, the enforcement end of things will be protected.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Jim Wilson

I woke up to a nightmare today. Every Friday, at 4:00 Jim Wilson showed up at the Captains wheel. He had one drink, then asked, "Is there any of Herb's Potato Salad left? I always had a go box full of potato salad for him.

I made potato salad Friday. Jim showed up on schedule. Before clocking out, I made a go box for him, like always. I brought it out to him, and thanked him for his loyalty. He left with good wishes, and he thanked me for the Potato salad, and left, after buying me a beer for the courtesy.

Jim died in his sleep last night, and I find myself breaking into tears, and I don't know why, except my keyboard keeps getting blurred.

God Bless you, Jim...

May you have a safe journey to what is beyond. I loved you Man...

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bayview Disappears

As I looked out over the bay this morning, I realized I couldn't see across it. Smoke billowed down to lake level, smelling like a forest fire. I thought at first that it was one. It is hard to believe that the grass seed farmers were that callous.

Apparently they were. Traffic on Highway 95 between Chilco and Athol slowed to a crawl, as visibility lowered down close to zero. People in Bayview were choking with the air close to unbreathable.

Silverwood Theme Park, a tax machine that pays much more in taxes to the County than farmers, was obliterated by the clouds of smoke. Usually in these conditions, one or more guests or employees are rescued by ambulance.

Hopefully, the EPA will change this. That the fields were burned even though forest fires were already smoking up the sky was criminal. Recently, the EPA ruled that they were going to tighten up the rules.

It is terribly unfortunate, that our elected state officials didn't care enough to make these changes. Now the Federal government will. It's about time.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Comprehensive Plan

The Kootenai County Planning Department has held out an olive branch to those that oppose growth. This doesn't mean that growth won't happen, it just means that we are being asked for our opinions as to how to control it.

I applaud the Department for it's forward thinking idea of "Meetings in a box."

This is an informal way of collecting opinions from many different sources. I was honored to be selected by the staff, to conduct, host, and produce the results of such a gathering, consisting, but by no means eliminating others, bloggers. It amazes me that someone from the County would think that we bloggers are opinionated, but there it is...bloggers throughout the County that have opinions are invited to attend.

This is not a substitution for the blogfest earlier announced. That will occur in late September or early October. The purpose of this exercise is vital. It will form the master growth plan that we will have to live with for years. Done right, we shouldn't have to deal with a flurry of conditional use permits, or exceptions, as is now the norm...

Since this is a business meeting, I will attempt to hold it in Coeur d' Alene, date and time to be announced. The meeting must be held before September 29, as that is the deadline for comments. I need RSVP from those that are interested in attending. Please direct these to me at:

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Army vs. National Guard

I pretty near choked when I read the article in the Spokesman-Review about 550 soldiers from Ft. Lewis being assigned to fight fires in Central Washington.

That is the job of the Washington National Guard. If they are not available, where are they? Iraq? If the Guard is in Iraq, while regular army troops are hanging around in garrison, it makes me wonder if we have this backward.

Guard troops are to be used only in case of National Emergency. Other that that, their contributions to the community are riot control, flood and firefighting...

These are under trained citizen soldiers helping out in their own states. I don't like what I'm seeing, what with Northern State Guardsmen and women being assigned out of their own states for border patrol, or foreign duty, while the Army sits in garrison and trains.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Dog Days of Summer

There is a mystery about August. One day, people are swarming into the resort areas like ours, the next day they are gone. The weather is great...Maybe the greatest week-end weather we have had in memory.

Is it the cool nights that have descended upon us? The shopping trips for school clothes/supplies? Who knows. All I know, is that the seasonal heat has disappeared, the nights are cool again, and my tomatoes are ripening a month earlier than usual.

That brings us to another subject. Tomatoes. I have raised tomatoes as a religion for many years, both on the coast, and here. This year, with slightly modified methods, and great weather, I hit the jackpot. I have ripening tomatoes. Big ones. Blossom -end rot is still a problem, but not as bad as previous years. If I could find a place to buy calcium foliage spray, I would win that battle.

Labor day week-end is almost upon us. I've worked hard this Summer, which was good for me. Dropped from 200 pounds to a svelte 179. Anyone of you that knew me in my youth would wonder where I put 200 pounds. I do too. Hopefully I will keep it off.

I am still contemplating a blogfest, probably one or two weeks after Labor day, but need to consult DFO before setting a firm date.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hollandville, USA

I am posting this as a community service, as requested by a great friend and community stalwart. For those of you that don't know, a moratorium on new float homes was put into place by the State of Idaho, several years ago. Apparently, they figured out that the float home owners didn't represent enough votes to form a dissident group. Fighting from behind for years, the Float Home Owners Association was created for the purpose of keeping the marina owners from totally controlling the price of moorage. Moorage that they can't leave.

"To all Bayview float home owners,

As some of you may know, Randy Ragan and I have been meeting with Bob Holland to push the dockominium concept forward. After several discussions, we have an outline of the anticipated program, which has been substantiated by Mr. Holland. I have attached it to this email in both MS-WORD and PDF format. Both documents read the same.

We are organizing a meeting with all Bayview Marina float home owners for this Saturday (Aug, 12th) @ 10:00AM. We have arranged with Steve from the Buttonhook restaurant to open early for this private meeting. Mr. Holland will not be attending this meeting.

Hope to see you there.

John Ragan

MOR Manufacturing, President

5676 E. Seltice Way

Post Falls, ID 83854"

Monday, August 07, 2006

Bayview Chamber

Tuesday evening will be the usual chamber meeting at 7:00 PM. What won't be usual, is it will be followed by a potluck. I am about to trek down to the Captain's Wheel, where I have been commissioned to make a huge bunch of potato salad.

We expect around 70 or 80 folks to attend, so it will be a huge bunch of potato salad. Unlike the splinter group, numbering 15 by their own count, we have a large membership mostly comprised of individuals, with great support from local businesses.

I hope to see all of you there...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I learned something of value this week. Actually, I learn something of value every week, but this one was special.

I had just posted my last,"Whacko." I was in the process of copying my first paragraph for the purpose of pasting it to INWBA. Bad things began to happen. In three tries, I failed to highlight the offending three lines.

Every time I tried, the whole article would turn blue. I couldn't get the @*&%#@@ lines to highlight separately. I turned blue. I decided, (I had a few drinks prior to this decision) to punish my computer.

Never try to punish your computer. This mass of chips and garbage invented by that #@%*@# guy Bill Gates, is in charge. I head butted my screen. Nothing. Then I slammed my mouse down hard on my pad. That got my computer's attention alright.

The mouse was broke. The moral of this story is, of course, never try to outsmart the ugly gnomes that inhabit the mysterious computer. I was out of touch for three days, until I could run to town, get Office Max to recommend a new mouse, (I am now the proud owner of a Microsoft mouse) and then streak back to Bayview to install it.

Actually, remembering the 70's, streaking might not be the correct terminology. Bottom line, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DISCIPLINE YOUR COMPUTER. IT WILL RETALIATE.

Sunday, July 30, 2006


I have heard about, and actually experienced people that were a bit left or right of center, but this one took the cake.

I'm sitting at a neighborhood bar, having my first beer of the afternoon. It's a nice day, the sun is out, maybe a little too out. I was introduced to a man that was representative of all the answers.

I was awed. A man that had all the answers. I've looked for someone like that all my life. I listened carefully. Here is what he said, paraphrased.

The 9-11 Twin Towers debacle? CIA." Didn't you know that the navigation systems in modern jets can be flown anywhere remotely? "

His whole theory was that our own government attacked the twin towers to use as an excuse for attacking various other countries.

This jerk-off had maybe one or two problems with his analyses. First I am a qualified pilot. His idea that a commercial airliner could be made into a guided bomb was flawed in several ways.

First, The flight was a regularly scheduled flight, booked days in advanced. Secondly, the idea that an airliner could be remotely controlled, to crash into the twin towers is bullcrap.

This particular conspirator theorist, was an idiot. What is scary, is that someone might listen to him or his ilk.

For your information, should someone try to tell you an airliner can be directed to any target, here is the truth. Category three aircraft have on board radar, capable of zeroing in to fogged in airports, or those runways that are below normal minimums. In order for a commercial plane to land using this precision system.
You see, the target airport must also have the same equipment, thereby electronically controlling the descent and landing of that aircraft.

When idiots get just a little information about advances in navigation aids, they tend to idiotise. I confess, I had never actually run into one of them until now.
It is to me unbelievable that an otherwise intelligent person could get lost in this stuff. You tell me...I can't figure it out...

Monday, July 24, 2006


Blistering heat has descended upon us. The last several days have been especially uncomfortable if you work in a restaurant kitchen. It has been 120 plus degrees at the Captain's Wheel kitchen lately. Many diners visit us because it's too hot to cook at home. Don't forget to show your appreciation for those that do it for you.

Customers and employees alike have taken to jumping into the lake clothes and all, to beat the heat. No end is in sight though the nighttime temps will start down soon. Alas, I am preparing to go to work tonight. It's not much fun in this heat. Fortunately for the customers, the rest of the building is air conditioned.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Real Story

Yesterday, I posted a rebuttal to the article by Maghann Cuniff of the Spokesman-Review. In it, I pointed out that this small group of dissidents are not representative of the vast majority of residents.

Today, I'm going to get more specific. This morning, I was contacted by a Bayview Water & Sewer board member, along with the patriarch of Bayview, Jim McDonald.

I stopped over at McDonald's Marina to chat with him. This is a man who feels heartbroken, that his work, and that of others since he and a few adventuresome souls started the Bayview Chamber in 1954 is being dragged in the dirt by some easterners and other recent emigrants.

These people invariably, after moving here for the peace, tranquility and ambiance in our area, settle in, then pine for the things they left behind. One of the officers, Tom Lloyd, moved here from Vermont one year ago. Bob Moore, another recent move six years ago.

We even had the so-called president, or whatever, state that they didn't want Bayview to become a party town. Well, let's see. We have around 750 permanent residents, and several hundred folks that recreate here in the Summer. We have seven resorts, five watering holes, two major restaurants. People have been partying here since the Navy held the big camp-out in Farragut back in the forties.

You people didn't have to move to a resort community, and hey, it's still not too late for you to leave.

Since the chamber was established in 1954, modeled more after a community Club than a chamber, and definitely not controlled by business only many public services have been brought forth by this chamber that you are dissing.

Establishment of the Bayview Water and Sewer District. The formation of a fire district, now merged with Athol to become Timberlake Fire District. Sponsorship of the 4th of July fireworks, and many other public services too many to name.

A small group of radical thinkers came forth, tried to take our chamber away from us last year and was rebuffed. Whether rank and file of this cell are all the same bunch is arguable. We here in Bayview have a very democratic forum in our Chamber of Commerce/Community club.

Bayview is small, and doesn't need splinter groups claiming the right of representation of our community. Especially people that are so new here, that they don't have a clue as to who has accomplished what. Visit with people that have made a difference in this village before you mouth off.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Summer Time

The lyrics to "Summer time, and the livin' is easy" crosses my mind today. Between vicious Thunder storms, we have had what I have never seen here in North Idaho.

All of our bad weather has happened in mid-week. Every week-end has been gorgeous. What's up with that? Tradition has it that all bad weather happens on week-ends, and good weather starts on Monday or Tuesday, ending of course on Friday or Saturday.

Bayview has been somewhat quiet recently, unless you count the remarks of disidents starting up their very own community club, because they couldn't control the Bayview Chamber of Commerce.

Well, that brings up another subject. A staff reporter working for the Spokesman-Review, interviewed several people that, I've never heard of, that stated the Chamber is representing business only, and not the community. Not true. While there are about five businesses that have membership in the Chamber, about 90% of the membership is are individuals.

The problem is in the quality of reporting. If all you interview are of the opposition, then what you have is a newsroom editorial, instead of information. I realize that "If it bleeds, it leads" does dominate, slanting opinion by either not trying to interview others, is not news...It's just the opinion of a very few.

I'm sorry, but I just can't ignore this...When I ran spell check, it stopped at newsroom. It turns out that the alternative they suggested, was"mushroom."

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Almost Tragedy

As happens every Summer, a boater got in trouble in bad weather. A sail boater in this case. It wasn't just bad weather, it was a severe thunderstorm that swept through the south end of Pend Oreile Lake, late Wednesday Afternoon...

Weather can change in an instant, but in this case, the weather was apparently ignored. For at least one hour, it was obvious that a severe thunderstorm was tracking toward Whiskey Rock, and south.

According to officers on site at the Kootenai County boat ramp, the boaters were rescued by Bonner County Rescue crews.

I question why, with all of the electronic aids we have, such as weather radio, radar, why boaters that have no more qualifications than the money to buy a boat they are not qualified to operate are allowed to go forth upon this lake of ours, with the knowledge that we will rescue them if they get in trouble.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Impropriety in Bayview?

Recently, allegations of egregious flaunting of the County and State building codes have surfaced. According to the parties that have complained, Waterford Park Homes, LLC is the suspected culprit.

A long list of items, such as permanently setting park model mobile homes in a flood plain, illegal filling of portions of the lake, building showers and rest rooms in the Vista Bay Marina, all without permits.

Two of this companies' R.V. Parks are alleged to have sewer and water lines in the same ditch, no backflow prevention installed, all done without licensed plumbers or permits.

The list goes on. If these charges are true, one has to ask, since regulatory agencies have been complained to, where is the enforcement? It seems that the water district, EPA, Building and Zoning all have been informed, yet rumor has it that red tags have been torn up and ignored, and business as usual with arrogant references to the local folks as "local yokels."

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I have a site meter on my blog that tells me what area my hits come from. giving the fact that some are accidents, such as through googling, etc., others are not.

I truly hope that some part of my content pleases, informs, or otherwise entertains you. What drives me nuts, (Not a long trip) is the repeats that occur over and over. What started me up on this, was that I got another hit from Friday Harbor, in the San Juan Islands. I spent many wonderful times on that Island in my youth.

If it pleases you, please, stop to comment on the posts that you read. Tell me what you like, and what you don't like, but TELL ME!


There are many out there that have preconceived notions of what is right and what is wrong regarding the public Shasta Groene. I am no Child psychologist, and neither are the others that seem to always know best. My experience is as a Father of four, Grandfather of sixteen, and Great-Grandfather of three.

My memory of both my own childhood, and that of other children, including my own, is that Kids like to fantasize. Carnivals, Circus', parades, make-believe playmates.

While escapism is frowned upon in adults, it is accepted in children, even encouraged. What Shasta dreams about in the middle of the night, we'll never know. Escaping reality is sometimes healthy. The applause of the many parade watchers, waving back at them, I'm sure gives her a feeling of being loved by many.

I don't think anyone can do better than that.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bayview Survives Again

I am writing this at what I consider my bedtime. Right! It's not even late yet, right? Well, it's 10:40 PM, the fireworks have gone off. (Incidentally, :30 duration for those that have been wondering)

We got slammed. I'm thinking that next year,I will be more careful. No longer will the Herbster invite strangers to our town. I will only invite single older women to town, and then only with references.

Ex's are not necessary for the references. We had a great time, I think. Sam Taylor introduced himself to me, which was a great pleasure for me. I misled him, unintentionaly, about Karaoke, which turns out to be one of his fun things, along with mine. I was misinformed about the date. Turns out that Karaoke will take place Sunday night.

I didn't get a chance to meet Tayrn Brodwater, rumored to be in town, but I suspect that I will have that pleasure tomorrow. In case I don't make it through the weekend...This Is my epitaph. Go, Bayview...

Friday, June 30, 2006

Bayview Craze

Here we are at last. This Saturday will usher in the 4th of July activities in Bayview. Festivities start at 11:00 AM, beginning with the street parade. If you aren't in town before 10:30 AM you will be subjected to a wait, while the parade goes by.

We have stocked up on your favorite beverages, and expect the usual unbelievable crowd. After an afternoon of food and beverages, take in the very good fireworks display that will take place around 10:00 PM.

I'll be at the Captain's Wheel. I hope those of you that attend our celebration, stop by to say hi to me.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Bachelors Rebel

The recent ad for single ladies, seen in the Nickle's Worth has everyone talking here in Bayview, Idaho. Mostly it's the female population that is all agog with curiosity.

The burning question of the day is, "who placed the ad, and who are the Batchelors of Bayview. As to the author, I am sworn to secrecy. I might possibly be a spokesperson for the group, except we never have meetings, don't have a clear idea of who is one, and don't have officers to appoint a spokesperson.

In the eleven years I have lived here, many conversations have hinged on the lack of single adult women here in Bayview. It seems that the choice is, move to Bayview and remain without a partner, or stay in town where they hang out. We like it here in Paradise. We go without. Now, with this grass roots rebellion, it is clear that at least some bachelors are unwilling to have this continue.

The core group seems to hang out at the Captain's Wheel Restaurant, but they can be found all over town, from well off business people, to blue collar workers, and of course we single retirees.

The new motto it seems is, "We are damn mad and we aren't going to take it anymore."

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bachelors of Bayview

Today's issue of the Nickle's Worth, included a rather different plea than the ordinary ad.

In today's issue, a plea for single ladies, rang out over the land. It seems that where we have many very fine ladies that come up to this spa on the lake, most are unfortunately accompanied by a male partner.

The anonymous author of this ad cries out for all of the ladies, that feel left out, neglected, or otherwise ignored. We want you right here in Bayview.

With the upcoming Bayview Daze celebration prior to the fourth happening the weekend of the 1st, it is apparent that the Bayview Batchelors are tired of being ignored. In a recent interview, one such replied, "sure were Rednecks, but were friendly."

My view of this whole affair, is that the adventuresome, fun-loving ladies, just don't know we are here.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bayview Daze

Most normal communities celebrate the fourth of July on, of course the fourth. Bayview is different. Tradition in Bayview, is to have fireworks and the major celebration on whatever Saturday falls nearest to the fourth. This year, it is Saturday the 1st of July.

This is a great bonus. It allows you to experience two 4th of July celebrations, and two sets of fireworks. Our fireworks here in Bayview rival any other venue, and you don't have to give up the traditional 4th, since Coeur d'Alene has there's on the 4th.

From Saturday morning, the 1st, at around 10:30 am, (watch the clock if you are driving into town...You will be stopped at road blocks on both sides of town. You will sit there until the street parade breaks up, about an hour later. One can either fume at the delay, as some out of towners do, or dismount, and enjoy one of the last traditional small town fourths.

Following the street parade, we have craft booths galore, three restaurant/bars to lubricate the dry throats that always seem to sprout up. I'll be at the Captain's Wheel, ready to welcome you all. If you do stop in, be sure to ask your server to find me. I will stop and greet you.

Toward evening, around 9:00 PM, we will have a lighted boat parade, followed by fireworks at around 10:00. (Subject to the degree of darkness)

By the 4th of July, hopefully, we here in Bayview will return to what passes as normal, whatever that is...

For parade information, call Liz @ 683-4108...

Friday, June 16, 2006


I recently re-read the constitution of the United States. I paused at length when I read the Thirteenth amendment, section 1, which I will record here.

"Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

The last seven words of this article seems to me to be very clear. Guantanamo is subject to our jurisdiction. We are holding prisoners there that are not convicted of a crime, or war crime. We have not given them prisoner of war status.

If one turned the situation around, it turns out that right or wrong, most of these people would tell us that they were defending their country from invasion. From their standpoint, that makes them patriots, not criminals.

I believe that the time is overdue to separate the true criminals from those that were simply captured in combat. Try the guilty in a tribunal such as was conducted at Nurenburg, and send the rest home.

We cannot scrap the constitution just because it is more convenient. It's there in writing for all to see. We must obey.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Verizon Rains..Er, Reigns

You all may wonder where I disappeared to. Well my phone has been out of order. Since I use dial-up, so has my computer. Yesterday, I called from the Captain's Wheel. 1-800-483-1000.

I get this nice lady who starts asking me questions. It soon became apparent that instead of a nice lady, I was having a conversation with a computer. This is not easy. (I wonder if they have an area at Hewlett-Packard that manufactures nice ladies for the phone company?) Well, I digress... This is what took place.

Q: Are you calling from the phone that you are having trouble with?
A: No! If the damned thing worked well enough to call you on it, I wouldn't have bothered you.

Q: I did not understand your answer. Please answer yes or no.
A: No.

Q: Do you have a dial tone?
A: No.

Q: If we have scheduling problems, can we reach you at this number?
A: No, I told you It's broke.

Q: We will have someone out to fix it tomorrow between 8:00 AM and 12:00 NOON. If it is our wiring it will cost you nothing. If it is yours, the first :30 will cost you $91.00.
A: Say What??

Q: I'm sorry, I didn't understand your answer. Please answer yes or no.
A: OK, fine, thank you...

Obvious to me are two things. One, a computer has more patience than I, and is much more polite. It was their wiring, and I was not charged.

The fact that the outage was coincidental to my try-out of the new weed eater I bought was not brought up. Anyway, I'm back...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Weather, Whether Or Not

Is it me or have we had more intense Thunder Storms this Spring than usual. Last week-end, we had a short but intense rain storm that was of tropical dimensions.

Last night we have a fantastic light show. More flashes and booms are forecast for our immediate future. What I'm seeing though, is more intensity. Down blasts and tornados that were very rare, are coming more commonly.

Is it time to build an Ark? Is this going to be the pattern all Summer? If so, our fire season will be interesting.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Free, Free, Free at Last!

It probably isn't a secret that I thoroughly enjoy working at the Captain's Wheel Restaurant, here in Bayview, Idaho. What many don't know, was that I became more and more disenchanted with my new job at Silverwood. Two things happened that changed everything.

One, The management at the Captain's Wheel showed appreciation for the work that I have done with the salad bar, and other duties. Two that appreciation took the form of offering me more shifts, more chances to make even more potato salad.

I grabbed that like a drowning man. I quickly resigned my position at Silverwood, and am now preparing even more gastronomical delights, which will be available on week-ends. No longer will you have to go out for dinner on a week-night to experience these wonders. Herb's salad bar will be available all the time.

Your cup doth runneth over, I know. Hold back, take a deep breath, and come on down...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Blog Power

As this area's bloggers churned the bits & bytes out over the lame duck county commissioners ban of Huckleberries, and we honored our country's fallen, peace fell over the area...Until Tuesday, when the bloggers and blurkers of our area, inundated the County Courthouse with indignation.

By Thursday morning, it was all over. Two of the commissioners saw the light, or perhaps the political darkness that their actions were creating.

On a lighter note, I had a visitor during the week-end. Green Libertarian was in town, and stopped by for conversation and a brew or three. We had a great time, and decided that people of different political persuasions would probably get along with each other better, if they could meet from time to time, face to face. I appreciated the visit. More of you should come up. It's a great place to spend a day or so.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Huckleberries Banned

Save Huckleberries!

While it is no longer a secret that Kootenai County computers have locked out the Spokesman-Review blogs, and more specifically, "Huckleberries on line", Bay Views has a solution.

For you frustrated county employees. Just comment on Bay Views. HBO will pick up the comments and anonymously repeat them. If I'm blocked, check the blogroll, and just rotate through them. At some point, they'll get tired of looking ridiculous.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Kootenai County Repels Juvenile Losers

While elections seldom cause the losers to celebrate, there is usually a period where by the losers become adjusted to the fact that they have been fired. Unfortunately,here, in Kootenai County, Idaho, that's not the case.

Two out of the three incumbent County Commissioners that were up for re-election were defeated last Tuesday. Rather than gracefully exit,(they have seven more months to pout), they have shut out all public communications from the County Administration building. Open government has come to a halt, while the exiting Commissioners lick their wounds.

I'm ashamed to admit that I voted for both of them the previous election. Had I only known that they were children, that couldn't accept disappointment, I would have saved us the trouble, by not electing them to start with. Apparently, all contact with the press, or at least the press that isn't in bed with them, has been prohibited.

What we have now, is a county without a government that cares.
Folks, don't expect either of these defeated commissioners to be elected Dog Catcher in the future. They blew it.

This could get interesting, with commissioners that just want to get back at their detractors.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"Voters Won"

"Voters won", is a quote I shamelessly stole from a statement Larry Spencer, of Athol,Idaho made, after receiving election results that brought all his horses in first.

What struck me, was that in that statement, made at the pinnacle of victory, the meaning goes much further. Even the voters, who's candidate lost is still a winner. Why? Because every time we vote, we re-establish democracy.

The only losers yesterday, were the people that were eligible to vote, and didn't. They, of course, will be the ones we will have to listen to for the next two years or so, about how our government has gone straight to hell.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bayview Survives

As dusk lowers over Bayview, this Sunday night, not a sound is heard. Perhaps the ripple of a fish rising in the bay. A dog barks. Someone kicks the dog. A robin sings it's evening song. All is quiet.

The Annuals have left. Bleary eyed, and shaken, the Annuals, a group of men that have been coming to Bayview for 23 years, or more, showed up with three generations of revelers This week end. It was fun. These guys come from all walks of life. From heavy equipment operators, to doctors, lawyers and such.

They congregated at the Wheel, where the lawn party began, Friday night. By Saturday night, I'm sure some were wishing they were back home, where sleep was normal, and the garden needed weeding. But, no, this group of stalwart fellows, are fearless.

When I left the festivities, I can only say this. Wives and sweethearts can breath freely. These guys were way too plowed to get into trouble. Hopefully, they all got home safely. We look forward to the Annuals invasion next year.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Male Bonding

Much has been said about ladies getting together for quilting bees, and such. Here in Bayview, we have another phenomenon. Actually, we have several, but this week-end, we play host to the "Annuals".

These annuals are not of the flower garden variety. Back about 23 years ago, the Peck brothers, made a trek to Bayview to party one week-end. The next year, they invited friends. From there, it kind of got out of hand.

Twenty -three years later, these 25 or so friends, congregate in Bayview, to sample a few beverages, spend a week-end male bonding, and generally having a great time.

We have no information on what the wives and significant others are doing to mirror this tradition, but then, I'm not their reporter. To this date, we are informed, none of the above mentioned friends have ended up in jail. This is either due to immaculate behavior, or they have paid off the cops.

Let the party begin. Reporting from the Captain's Wheel, this is Bayview Herb

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Breaking News

Bill & Lisa McCrory were seen yesterday in Bayview. It seems they were checking out the salad bar at the Captain's Wheel Restaurant. Braving the twists and turns of our famous "Goat Trail", otherwise known as US 95, they risked life and limb to catch a glimpse of Herb's Salad Bar Groupies, but alas, they were missing.

It is not known whether the McCrorys survived this trip. The drive, certainly not the gourmet meal they experienced. Nevertheless, these brave people deserve the admiration of us all, as they took huge chances, hoping that Bayview Herb's salad bar was all it was advertised to be.

That none other of our loyal readers dared to be great, (sorry, borrowed that from some other scam)to be the first to experience the modest greatness of Chef Herb, is to be expected, after all, we all know that Bill was trained to throw his body in front of a bullet, if his president was threatened. This act, coming to Bayview, of course, held similar risks.

We await further developments, breathlessly.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Unintended consequences

Last night, during a comment session in the "Huckleberries" on line Spokesman-Review, the subject of older trailers came up. One anonymous commenter called them "Slum Trailers". While I'm certain that many trailers are of slum quality, we here, in Northern Idaho have thousands of people living in pre-1979 mobile homes.

I chose the year 1979, because that's the year the federal government passed a building code, requiring copper wiring, 40" snow roofs, etc. The reason I titled this post as unintended consequences, is that while the county is merrily taxing us at a ficticious value, the state is refusing permission to move any of these older homes. That essentially, brings the value down to zero.

While many folks think like the commenter last night, that we that live in these homes are, trailer trash, blights on the neighborhood, well, you get the picture.

As property values have increased, more and more trailer parks are throwing these homes out into the streets, of which they are forbidden to use. Without either the right to move them, or compensation from the park owners, we, who live in these homes are living on borrowed time. Soon we will be homeless. Many of us are seniors, living on limited incomes.

We have no protection from eviction, or from the state who tells us we can't relocate them. It's a classic case of condemnation and confiscation. Recently, here in Bayview, Idaho, Waterford Park Homes is and has already evicted home owners that have had homes here for decades. Many are being torn down as I speak...More will follow, since they bought out the main trailer park here in town.

If lawmakers want the respect and support of their citizens, then they had better legislate a solution. Otherwise most of the trailer trash will continue to not believe their government is here to represent and help them, and injustice will continue to triumph.

Currently, the only due process we get is, "don't let the door hit you in the ass."

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

My mother is long passed away. However, there are two ladies that were my wives, and bore me children. I would like to honor them today. They, in way different ways, affected my life in a very positive manner, and of course, brought me children.

Dolores, my first wife, and mother of my first three children, and April, the mother of my fourth. Both fine people, and great mom's.

I salute you today, as well as my daughters, which are also moms, and very successful ones. Bless you all on this special day.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Posse Comitatus

In the news, currently, is exploration into the idea of using U.S, troops to guard our international borders. It seems that both the defense department, and governors of the border states are looking for authority and funding for such a venture.

The Posse Comitatus act of 1878 has been mentioned as a possible barrier to such a plan. After reading the act itself, then the mission of our armed forces, it seems obvious to anyone that doesn't have his or her head buried in the sand, that this is constitutionally the primary function of our military.

Our Army, etc. is commissioned for the purpose of protecting us from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Perhaps the most basic of this principle is the protection of our borders from invasion. Invasion doesn't have to be battalions or divisions, it can be 20 or 30 people walking across the border at night. Some to find work, others, I'm sure for more serious purposes.

If an uneducated peasant from Mexico can successfully infiltrate our borders, it should go without saying that terrorists can do even better.

This blogger believes that not only is using the military legal, but vital to our security.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Salad Chef

Just a quick note...I have been hired, along with my other job, as Salad Chef at the Captain's Wheel Restaurant, in Bayview. I only work Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so if you want a salad bar, where everything is made from scratch, mouth watering home made potato salad, and many other favorites, I'm back after several years doing other things.

Stop by in mid-week to a great dinner, topped off with the best salad bar in town. Don't forget to say hello when you come down.

Bayview Herb

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts

Just when a hint of sanity occurs, something new crops up. It seems that the State of Idaho, which participates in "Lotto", recently put out bids for a new vendor. Apparently, the State doesn't have the knowledge necessary to do this themselves.

Just down the street, we have the "Coeur d' Alene Tribe", clearly experts at gambling enterprises that we could have recruited, but no...

The two bidders, were a company in Rhode Island, and the Greek firm, Intralot. The Greeks won the bidding by allegedly promising better service...From Greece? We can't do powerball by ourselves, but by crossing the Atlantic, and the Aegean Sea, we will get better service...

O.K., now I get it. In a flurry of righteousness, the State of Idaho, rather than banning gambling, has hired the Greeks, in a subtle attempt to hint that gambling is almost the same as bending over and...

Wait a minute! I promised myself I wouldn't get into ethnic stereotypes, and here I go. Anyway, I don't like it, but then I'm a buy local guy, myself.

When I have to fly somewhere, I make sure the plane was built by Boeing.

Why, with all of the expertise we have in this Country, can't we manage our own ports, own our own beer companies, and run our state owned gambling dens. We are selling off our Country like a corporate raider. Let's stop being fair, and start supporting our domestic businesses.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mexican Take Back

Recently much has been written about Mexicans taking back the Southwest. It ain't gonna happen. First if the Mexicans wanted to be a part of their backward country, they would stay there, not immigrate to the United States, legally or otherwise.

Let's start with Texas. When Santa Ana attacked at the Alamo, 50 or so of the Mexicans fighting that day, were behind the walls, defending the Alamo with their fellow Texans. What is overlooked, is that the vast majority of the Texans fighting for liberty were Mexicans.

The Californians were mostly Mexicans as well. True, the influx of Anglos were apparent, and of course, the gold rush that came later provided more emigrants from the States. The facts, however, were that Mexico ruled California from afar, with appointed Governors that didn't represent the people. Mexico City was a huge distance from the Californios, who suffered under the tyranny of the Mexican dictators.

California was given to the United States by the people that lived there. The streets of Los Angeles are, for the most part, named after influential Mexicans such as Alvarado, and many other wealthy Mexican merchants and landholders.

Communities such as Irvine, and others are still owned by the descendants of the Grandees that held Spanish land grants. Land grants that were honored by our government when California petitioned for entrance to the U.S.

The Gadsden Purchase was worked out amicably between governments, so as to connect the Texans to the Californians, adding southern Arizona and Southern New Mexico, which was under Apache control, not Mexico's. We paid 15 Million for it.

No, we won't loose it back for the same reasons that we got it in the first place. The residents chose to be in this country. Other so called historians have altered the facts for political purposes. Most legal citizens and residents of Mexican descent don't want uncontrolled immigration either.