Monday, December 18, 2006

Death Defying Acts

Whether your favorite adventurer is a mountain climber, white water kyaker, parachuter, stunt pilot or whatever, millions of dollars per year are spent rescuing them.

The American people are a generous sort. Willing to help out their neighbors when in distress. Stepping up, such as in the Groene situation. I applaude that spirit.

What gets to me though, is that adventurers such as the three lying dead on the slopes of Mt. Hood, in Oregon, decided to face the challenge of climbing one of the stormist, snow blown peaks in the Country during bad weather. Did they get a comprehensive weather report before tackling the Mountain? I would hazard a guess that they did not.

For too long we have footed the bill for reckless adventurers when their foolish behavior gets them into trouble. I believe that if these people insist on doing these kinds of things, that they should be required to sign a waiver that explains they will be responsible for all expenses of rescue, and require them to bond the government, or arrange for private financing of the bail-out.


Bill McCrory said...


You used exactly the correct term: Reckless adverturers. These are people who believe they are capable of overcoming any adverse condition, and they're willing to risk other people's lives to prove it.

Wordslinger said...

First of all, I should let you know that I am the tech support guy you spoke with tonight on the phone. Thanks for the URL.

I have to agree as well. I don't think that people should be inhibited from doing these sorts of things; after all, who are they, or we for that matter, to tell anyone that, 'No, you may not climb that mountain. I forbid you!' However, I agree that tax payers certainly should not be footing the bill for these people. I say enjoy yourself, but don't complain when your reckless behavior gets you into trouble. You know the risks when you head out your door.

Herb said...

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