Friday, December 30, 2016

New Years Day Delayed

A "leap second" will be added to this year's New Year's countdown to compensate for a slowdown in the Earth's rotation.

The extra second will occur as clocks strike midnight and a time of 23:59:60 will be recorded, delaying 2017 momentarily.

A leap second last occurred in June 2015 and this will be the 27th time it has occurred.

The change is required because standard time lags behind atomic clocks.

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) - responsible for the UK's national time scale - uses the atomic clock to provide a stable and continuous timescale.

Along with other clocks across the globe, it provides the world with its coordinated universal time.
NPL senior research scientist Peter Whibberley said: "Atomic clocks are more than a million times better at keeping time than the rotation of the Earth, which fluctuates unpredictably.
"Leap seconds are needed to prevent civil time drifting away from Earth time.

"Although the drift is small - taking around 1,000 years to accumulate a one-hour difference - if not corrected it would eventually result in clocks showing midday before sunrise."

Atomic clocks use the change of electron energy levels to tell the time.
The time created by the clocks is used in GPS location devices and is used to control the wave frequency of television broadcasts.

The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service in France tracks the Earth's rotation and announces the need for a leap second.

(From the BBC)

Friday, December 23, 2016

Eleventh Anniversary

December, which is fast disappearing into the rear view mirror, is my eleventh anniversary writing this blog. In that time I have collected 483,028 page views to date. Thanks for contributing by followinmg my rants, writings and philosophical ruminations.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Holiday Season

Well, we've dashed through most of December, survived the bitter cold. Now, we are on the downhill side for Christmas and New Year's day.

I would like to extend best wishes from Bayviews to all that read my blog. Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

School Bus Seat Belts

 Image result for school bus pictures

I am amazed that this is even an issue. Give it a huge Duh! If you are driving your children in the family car, you must secure them with seat belts and seat them in the back seats so they cannot be killed by air bag deployment. (Another thread for another day)

If parents are penalized by the authorities for failure to protect their children, why are school districts allowed to transport the kids in a lose peas in a pod grouping, where they can fly around the interior bouncing off other seats and worse when involved in an accident.

The horrible accident recently in Tennessee brought this discussion to a head and it needs to be addressed with safety as the rule, not cost. Are we to quantify the value of a child's life?

Recently, a mother and two children were involved in a serious accident. One child was injured, the other, thrown out of the car, died at the scene. The mother was charged with manslaughter. Why then, if she is guilty of a serious crime, are the schools not? Ironic? Yes! Double standard? Of course.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Bayview Water & Sewer

We will not be having a Bayview Water and Sewer Board meeting on December 20, 2016. We will have our next meeting on January 17, 2017, at our normal time. We will see you all next year. Have a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.  
Thanks very much.

Richard Doney, Chairman Bayview Water and Sewer

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Weather Convergence Zones

Today I am going to bitch out the U.S. Weather Bureau for inaccuracies as they regularly apply to Bayview and some extent, Athol. If you subscribe to Accuweather on line, you will notice time after time, a split in the storms.

These are caused by the storm hitting Mt. Spokane, splitting north and south and converging in the Silver Valley. Tonight, I watched Accuweather do it again, and incidentally they just repeat what the US Weather Bureau gives them.

The snow storm was supposed to hit Bayview around 7:00 pm. Then they kept backing it off, until it finally started about 8:40 pm. Switching to radar, sure enough the storm split and went north and south of us until finally the main body overwhelmed the mountain effect.

I am going to make every effort to educate the weather guessers to the reality that we have a mountain guarding our portals Wish me luck.

In the mean time, Monday the weather is predicted to turn very cold with night time temps in the single digits. Drip those faucets folks, since we are due to another several days of frigid weather. If the temps Sunday go above freezing as predicted, the powder on our roads will partially melt, and the refreeze making the Monday commute dicey. Be careful out there.

My caregiver, yes I have one now, went above the call of duty today and dug my car out. Way to go, Chrystal.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Health Issues

I doubt that most of you care a rat's ass about my health issues, but the amazing thing is that at almost 79, I haven't any recent ones if you don't count the prostate cancer about 15 years ago that fortunately, since I have Veterans Administration health care, I was able to avoid surgery in favor of radiation. Something that would have cost about $35,000 if not paid for by the VA, and ruined many facets of my potential sexuality, not to mention the inevitable incontinence  that would have occurred later in life.

Not thinking I would look good wearing diapers, I chose the route to lesser less invasive treatment. One that would have permitted me to have a normal relationship with a woman. Alas, I forgot the important ingredient. The woman.

Up until last week, nothing noteworthy has happened. Then I found out about Kidney Stones. This is probably the only way you can legally get stoned in Idaho without visiting the county jail. I had a mild attack, fortunately passing some small ones.

Tomorrow, Thursday, I will trek over to Spokane for a CT scan to ascertain whether more rocks are lurking in my nether parts.

But when I consider my health against most of the people I know, I am blessed. I joke with my health provider that when I die it will be from nothing.

I was even fortunate to avoid, (so far) the big stones that cause one to writhe upon the floor in agony. Fortunately, there are treatments to destroy these rocks lurking in the shadows and the VA will provide the treatments that most people cannot afford.

Little did I know, when back in 1960, when I mustered out of the Air Force, that I, while serving at slave wages, would eventually become rich with VA health care.I am truly blessed by a system, while not always perfect, eventually gets it right.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Found Cat

I just learned that a house cat that has been de-clawed was found on Cape horn Road. If your cat is missing, call before it freezes I do not have a description yet but will add it as obtained. 683-9107

Monday, December 05, 2016


We are undergoing heavy changes this year as we side into the holidays.

In my lifetime I have witnessed the end of World War 11, the Korean war and the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The death of Fidel Castro and the changes that will occur in Cuba are yet to play out as well as the ultimate results following the huge Republican victory in this year's national election.

I think Raul Castro may institute substantial changes in how Cuba relates to other nations and to their own people.

The U.S. election is very unclear. In a polar like change, the Republican Party has morphed into the champions of labor and a populist base while the stunning defeat by the Democrats is still not understood by themselves as they persist in denial.

It really started many years ago as the Dems abandon labor in favor of racial politics and extreme conservationists. Looking for a new way to get recognition the manual labor force discovered Trump, a man who spoke their language. Anger with the status quo ruled the day.

The University of Washington will be playing in the final four for football national champions

There will be some static from our relationship with China and other Asian nations, not to mention the war against terrorism in the middle east. An ancient curse comes to mind as we enter these ruffled waters. "May you live in interesting times."

PS: Page views since 2005: 475,415 to date. Thank you for following this blog.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Standing Rock

This is an example of biased journalism, once again. Read it if you are open minded. Government and federal district court records show that this standing rock group is a damn lie.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Several Thoughts

I have followed the squealing and crying of the young left of which most didn't vote. After two weeks, I have come to the conclusion that these people should only not vote, but shouldn't be allowed to breed.

The surge of criticism about the cabinet selections before they are even 25% done is damning before the fact. I don't know quite where to start. Trunp has shown a desire to balance his cabinet with both supporters and critics. That is a good thing.

I will drink another wine and add to this tomorrow morning. 

Fidel is Dead

Map of Cuba

After watching the Gonzaga game, then Arizona vs Arizona State, A news bulletin was announced that Fidel Castro died. 1926-2016. Our relationship with that country has been a convoluted one.

First, we liberated Cuba from Spain during the Spanish-American war, along with the Philippines. We then turned Cuba loose to seek its own destiny. But a dictatorship evolved, aided by our Costa Nostra who took over much of the tourist industry, building huge casinos, with gambling galore.

Castro and others came along and staged their own revolution. Only this one was communist backed. Then The Soviet Union proceeded to import missiles that could reach most of the east coast of the U.S. This happened right during the transition from the Eisenhower administration to the Kennedy's.

Caught by surprise, Kennedy botched the invasion of Cuba, but did institute a blockade forcing Russian ships to turn back from the continuation of arming Cuba.Many years have gone by in which we have isolated Cuba from the West, keeping them in poverty.

Unwilling to ease up with the Island's dictatorship in full force, it as lasted many years. My question, is how can we differentiate between the dictatorship in Cuba, and the dictatorship in China, our principal trading partner in the far east.

The answer lies in Florida, where thousands of escapees from Cuba adamantly refuse to give up their sacrifices for a peace unearned by new comers. The Cuban Florida vote is powerful enough to throw national elections  into turmoil.

Now the question is can we, should we, have the political will to ignore that power block and normalize relations with this Island Nation.

Friday, November 18, 2016

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Working Class

There are several labels that piss me off. One is working class. Like DFO goes to work most weeks, juggling news stories, controlling debate, answering his phone while trying to keep track of the day's activities via the police calls. He doesn't work? White collar office workers and government employees don't work, just because they wear ties?

All of these people are working class. They just don't work in industrial or construction trades, all honorable. Perhaps a term such as blue collar workers would be less pejorative.

Then there is the term, "Little People." How can one get more insulting than that?

I spent the majority of my career wearing a suit and tie, working in the mortgage lending field. Back when it was respectable with legitimate income/debt ratios which spelled out one's ability to pay.

I worked my butt off in that endeavor, taking on the responsibility of guiding borrowers into lending programs that were the best fit for them. I too, was a working man.

It is time that the working press, yes they work too, comes up with less insulting labels to describe the various people that exist in our classless society.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Trump 2016

I don't view this year's presidential election as an anomaly, but a serious long term polar shift in partisan politics.

It all started several years ago when the Democrat Party chose to abandon organized labor and switched to racial minorities. For years, labor had no advocates. Suddenly, they all rose up simultaneously, as a group. They chose to adopt or take over the GOP.

Following a somewhat billionaire redneck, these blue collar workers voted in the Republican primary for Trump. The only question was whether they would just  make noise, or would they, many for the first time ever, go to the polls and actually cast a vote.

Now we have a party that is distinctly divided into a new labor party, along side of so called Tea Party  conservatives. This could develop into several different scenarios. We could end up with three political parties very easily, which would leave the Dems in control.

What ever happens, it is going to be very interesting. So far the labor interests are just at the presidential level. but that could change, as the labor people flex their collective muscles.

Trump's selection of cabinet and judges will reveal a lot. He can make up his lack of experience with judicious choices for his cabinet. With congressional leaders distancing themselves in order to protect their majorities, relations with Trump could be strained at the very least.

One thing for sure, the next few months will not be boring.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Bayview Poll News

County Clerk, Jim Brannon reported that as of 9:30 am, 109 votes were cast in Bayview. Wow!

Monday, November 07, 2016


I missed out on a sure fire way to riches recently. I came up with a public service that would cause money to pour in on election day.

All I had to do was buy a ton of clothespins that could be sold at polling places so those that wished to avoid the odor coming from some of the choices, could apply the clothespin to their noses.

Alas, a great idea went up in smoke when I couldn't find any clothespins for sale anywhere. Oh well, back to the drawing board as they say.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016


Defining Deplorables according to the arrogant Hillary Clinton is any blue collar worker that is tired of elitists and fumbling bumbling politicians that accomplish nothing but running for public office.

Drug prices? tort reform? veterans suffering VA budget problems and bad management? All of these unfinished problems can be laid at the feet of the current administration and their policies, plus the congress, made up mostly of attorneys, that will not vote to fence in bad laws and worse lawyers.

In my adult lifetime, lawyers were not permitted to advertise. Now the airways are flooded with class action suits that attack every pharmaceutical product as soon as it hits the streets. We need more real people in public office. Doctors, businessmen,  yes and even laborers.

Many of us think that Hillary, Bill and other elitists are the real Deplorables. Please do not vote for a criminal that would be impeached leaving us with a no name VP as president.

If Trump turns out as his detractors say, we can get rid of him quickly, leaving us with a real qualified president, Governor Pence.

The Bell

A few years ago I had the opportunity to visit the Onion Creek School's reunion. My mother taught there in 1932. The original school bell was still there. I can understand why a couple of people would want to ring the bell in McEuen Park.

Faced with a bell, most of us would immediately want to ring it. I fully understand why the couple did so, accidentally damaged the one in Coeur d'Alene.

When I was taken on a tour of the original one room schoolhouse, I too, rang that bell.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

My Opinion

In recent events, along with the previous FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's misuse of official State Department communications, several things are coming together.

The odd way FBI Director, James Comey dismissed the allegations of misuse of classified material, choosing to characterize it as sloppy but not criminal is and was suspect.

Combined with the fact that our current Justice Department is the most politicized in my memory, suggests that James Comey was coerced into dropping the charges that could and should have been levied. A recent interview with a retired federal judge brought out the emphatic statement that intent is not an issue in laws pertaining to security matters.

That would make sense as to why he suddenly reopened the investigation. The controversy within the FBI faced Comey with a difficult choice.His reputation versus following the party line which obviously is pro-Clinton. He chose to go with his sense of integrity in what is a scandal of epic proportions, much that will come out only after the election.

The huge scandal though, is when Director Comey asked the Attorney General for permission to investigate the Clinton Foundation for corruption, he was turned down.

Whether one is a liberal or a conservative, our country should trump (no pun intended) partisanship in favor of integrity. Lacking that, I'd rather have another peanut farmer, than Hillary. She makes Slick Willy look like an angel.Clinton is right. There is a double standard, just not the one she spins. Justice and equal treatment under the law va blatant partisanship.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Save the Orcas

An Associated Press story in Sunday's Press bemoans the shrinking of the Puget Sound Orca pods, citing starvation as the primary cause.

They went on to say we could reverse this trend by tearing out the Snake River dams, allowing more salmon to survive.

This is probably true except for one small detail. The Snake River flows into the Columbia which enters the Pacific Ocean. Why this geographic genius thinks Puget Sound would benefit is beyond me.

Perhaps they took two conservation subjects, combined them to make points on both. Still, if a reporter wants to write about fish runs in Puget Sound, he ought to do a little more research.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Kaepernick Syndrome

I have given a great deal of thought to this demonstrative behavior at Football games. One, the right to protest is basic. The question though, is the setting.

When a player is in uniform and present at a game, he is representing the team he plays for. As such, if allowed, the inference is that the team approves of the action.

Using a captive audience, such as at a football game is a misuse of that privilege. If that protester wants to speak out or act out to support a political position they should do so off the field of play and on their own time.

As has been pointed out by other athletes, while they have a right to their opinion, so does the public who may rebel against that which they disagree. Consequences are always possible.
In Kaepernick's case, he lives a mansion that is worth millions. It is terribly hard to classify him as one of the down trodden.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Unpredictable vs Shyster

I have decided to vote for the unpredictable Trump who might be OK if elected, rather than the very predictable Clinton who has a closet plumb full of skeletons.

While Trump just might choose qualified cabinet members and accept guidance from a Republican congress, Hillary will tilt the government hard left except when she is selling influence.

But the biggest issue is the Supreme Court. You may favor liberal issues or Conservative, but with a court that doesn't waiver from the constitution, we maintain balance.This is vital. There are those people out there that want to shred our government into a socialistic mob where the recipients of government largess outnumber the tax payers. When that happens we cease to be a democratic Republic and proceed down the drain.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Our Election Choices

It has been obvious that neither of our presidential candidates are fit for office. What to do? Well, first develop the key issues.

Back in the 1950's, former California Governor, Warren was named chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The rulings that followed, invented a new form of government that only vaguely resembled the constitution. This was the beginning of the liberal movement that decreed that the old fogies of yesteryear no longer mattered. They institutionalized Changes in constitutional reviews.

You see, the high court no longer reviews laws with an eye toward the constitution, but to legal precedents from previous court decisions.

No longer encumbered with previous precedents, they stray away from the bible of our country.
Now we have the choice between two unqualified candidates. One, Donald Trump, doesn't have a clue as to how to run a country. That can also be said for many others that ascended to that office.

On the other hand, we have supreme court justices with one foot in the grave and in one case, a mouthy liberal that needs to quit for the sake of the court's reputation. When a justice cannot or will not separate their personal opinions to the rule of law, they are no longer representing us.

Now we have the  other candidate. Hillary Clinton. A well known enemy of the military, a liberal that will appoint up to possibly three new justices, A left turn in our government is assured. In addition, she will continue to allow jobs to pour over seas for cheap labor. We avoided that for many years. We used tariffs to equalized the playing field.

Pay no attention to the polls. They don't have access to the blue collar workers that if they vote, will decide this race.

If Trump is the disaster that the left predicts, we can have him put of office very quickly. The cooperative efforts of the democrats, along with the establishment Republicans can kick him out in weeks, leaving Pence, a highly qualified guy as president.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Trump For President

Clinton or Trump? Since neither candidate is suitable, I'm going with Trump. If in fact he is the disaster many are predicting, we should be able with the help of Democrats and establishment Republicans to kick him out. We would then be left with Pence, who is far above either candidate.

On the other hand, Clinton is so firmly in control of the Democrats, we could never get enough votes to oust her from office.

So I'm going with the wild card. I'm thinking about selling clothespins at the polls for those not able to stand the smell of this election.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

2024 Summer Olympics

I read today that Rome, Italy has pulled out of the running for the 2024 Olympics, joining Boston and Hamburg, Germany in declining further consideration.

Left are Los Angeles, Paris and Budapest. Los Angeles still has the infrastructure from previous Olympic games, with a swimming and diving facility and of course the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Paris won't stand the security test and Budapest will not be able to afford it. That leaves the Los Angeles Coliseum instead of the Roman Amphitheater. This will disappoint those were were lobbying for a new event from the past. Christians vs Lions.

Monday, October 10, 2016


Today's weather forecast according to Accu-Weather is interesting. Tonight's low 29 degrees with a bit of snow. That is the local forecast for Bayview.

If in fact it does happen it will be the earliest I can remember. If squirrels are harbingers of a cold, snowy winter, the ground behind my home is covered with the waste left after these rodents finish off a pine cone.

Many people are predicting a snowy winter using every thing from Farmer's Almanac to how high bees nests are off the ground. Me, I'm a student of the law of averages. Been lucky for a couple of years? Then this will be the big one.   

We'll see.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Hurricane Mathew

In all of my years watching hurricanes hit the east coast, they would always turn NE out into the mid-
Atlantic. For the first time in my memory, if ever, the storm track is predicted to bounce off the Carolinas, then turn 180 degrees and head back to the south where it would meet it's tail in the Florida Keys. They weather guessers are not talking about that and what effect it would have, but it is sure unusual.

My brother has a winter home in Tampa Bay. It is a park model in a rented space. If the storm track shifts a bit to the west, the Gulf Coast could get it, too.

Hurricanes are unpredictable. Kind of like a spoiled child on steroids. I hope those that think just because they weren't driven out in their lifetimes, they won't die in this one. According to the Weather Channel, the U.S. hasn't seen a category four since about 1898 hit the Florida coast. Good luck toe the ignorant ones that will not survive this time, and prayers for those who do the right thing and still succumb.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Butt Out, Spokane

As far as protests go, I seldom agree with them. This is primarily because if you are in the majority, you have no need to protest.

The vast majority of protests come from left wing minorities, whose opinions are not widely held.

In the case of oil and or coal ports, the people near the affected areas have a right to protest, even though I and many others disagree with them.

In virtually all cases, the principle they are claiming, pollution, etc isn't really what they are trying to stop. It is the same as the Spotted Owl. In that case nobody gave a damn about the owls, it was about not cutting trees. They coined the vague phrase, "old growth," instead of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.

Just don't even thin the forests. Do not cut down any tree for any reason.

The same applies to oil and coal. These are environmental extremists.

Yesterday, I read where the Spokane City Council voted to support a protest, get this...of a pipe line from North Dakota to Illinois. This is not a Spokane issue. Butt out. Extremists feel they have the right to control everyone, not just their neighbors. Sheesh!

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

2016 Oktoberfish

   This past weekend Ralph's Coffee House held our 12th annual OktoberFish Derby here in Bayview.
It would be great to share our results with the public.
I have attached pictures of the Adult and youth winners
 OktoberFish 2016 winning fish L/R
Brooks Fickenscher (Spokane)    1st place 15.36lb
Ron Harrelson (Twin Falls)           2nd place 14.50lbs
Dan Whitney (Spirt Lake)              3rd place 14.36lb

Youth A  
Carson Laybourne  (Sandpoint)   1st place
Daisy McCorkle  (Athol)                2nd place
Morgan Beitey   (Spokane)           3rd place

Youth B
Eli Day (Spokane)    1st place
Samantha Day (Spokane)  2nd place

 Thank You for your consideration 
Ralph Jones (Derby Master)
Ralph's Coffee House 

Thursday, September 29, 2016


Small towns, such as Bayview ebbs and flows emotionally just like individuals. I haven't posted much recently, because I'm depressed.

Depressed that we lost a beautiful young girl of 6 years, and depressed along with most of us, ins sympathy with the survivors. Lives have been turned upside down, relationships negatively affected, and the horror just keeps building for all of us that know the families involved.

It doesn't just end with a lifetime sentence of guilt and mourning. Soon we will see law enforcement add legal guilt to that already felt by all involved.

Bayview is collectively saddened by the reverberations that are occurring and will continue to occur. A young moth's life is in ruins and the Kootenai County Prosecutor will probably drive the last nail into that life. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

NFL Football

The warm weather going away triggered a metamorphosis. The floating patio has forced air heating, three flat screen TV's a Thursday/Monday night menu and more. They have transformed the sun drenched deck off Summer months to an indoor Sports Bar.

Not to leave the Captain's Wheel out, they also sport three flat screen TV's and know where to find football on them.

The patio has back the manager, Amber Graves after a week of mourning and funeral activities for her niece. It is to the Karupiah's credit, Chan and Teresa, that they understood and allowed her time to get back together. They held her job open until she was ready to return. A class act. Amber and sister, Brittney were awed by the community support they received and wish to thank everyone for their support.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

WSU Football

Coach Leach has two problems. One, he solved by solidifying his relationship with his players. The second though, is by taking the word of his players that they are always innocent of felonious behavior he has alienated the community and fans across the state of Washington.

Football teams and it's players have several things in common. First the are usually large, aggressive and live on a social pedestal. Secondly, they hang together and support each other. On the field of play, this is normal and desirable. Out carousing late in the evening, that is not desirable at all.

Coach Leach, instead of lecturing his players about such things as behavior and curfews, consuming alcohol and or drugs as violations of their scholarships and team rules, he instead berates the police for "picking" on his players. The problem of charging players is that if one assaults  someone, five of his teammates say in unison, that isn't what happened.

Well, like much of the racial protesting, it is possible that there are more athletes causing trouble than those that are not, as in crime stats show minorities commit more crime than other races and that it is the police that are at the blame for incarcerating more minorities than their population percentages warrant.  There is a glaring parallel here.

To sum up, not only is coach Leach not leading a winning program, he isn't training his guys to be good citizens either. His tenure at Beer U is now very at risk. He no longer has the backing of the community or the alums.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Pain Medications

That opiates or drugs derived from Opium are being abused, is a given. Still, in a throw the baby out with the bath water ruling, the Center for Disease Control has published guidelines for the prescribing of these drugs. Each state is a law unto itself in this matter, but all pain clinics and doctors are being urged to comply.

What we will get it this trend is realized, that in yet another bureaucratic move not approved by congress nor recommended by the president, is a massive crime wave where pharmacies will have to fort up and drug thefts will soar. Those unable to obtain pain medication from the black market, Writhing in pain, will send the suicide rate into orbit.

This is not the answer. Extreme measures will cause more damage than the currently addicted. In many cases, chronic pain that cannot be reversed would justify addiction as the lesser of two evils.


Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Adilynn, R.I.P.

Yesterday, a tragic car wreck took the life of Adilynn, daughter of Brittney Johnson who works with her sister, Amber Graves, at the Floating Patio in Bayview.

There is nothing we can do to bring her back, but for a time, both employees of the Patio are going to have their incomes affected. If you want to help, put  a few bucks in an envelope and drop it off either at the Patio, or the Scenic Bay Office, of mail your donation to Scenic Bay Marina, PO Box 770, Bayview, Idaho 83803

I cannot imagine a deeper tragedy than losing one's child. Please pray for all of the affected in this terrible event.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Congress Screws VA

A little known program in the Veterans Administration is the Home Health Aide Services, or (HHA). This program is designed to keep aging Veterans out of more expensive Assisted Living facilities or Nursing homes.

Those veterans that live alone, have no care giver, are eligible for up to sixteen hours of home care that includes light house cleaning, bathing, meal cooking, laundry, etc.

I applied for this service and was sent a brochure outlining these benefits.The only requirement is that the veteran's health provider must recommend the vet and approve of the need. He did.

I then waited a month hearing from nobody. I called the Social Work Services at the Spokane, Washington VAMC. The person that I talked to said they were over capacity for the program. This didn't make any sense, due to the program outsourcing these services.

Finally I got a call back from the person in charge of that service. Joseph (509-434-7558). It seems the congress underfunded the program severely. While many are eligible, currently, 80 Vets including yours truly, are on a waiting list in just the Spokane region. Apparently someone on the program has to die for there to be an opening. I'm told one such person has been on the list for a year.

This program which guarantees home health care, is broke. Congress must pass an appropriation to reestablish the fund. If 80 are waiting just in Spokane, one wonders how many more around the country are in the same boat.

I contacted Congressman Raul Labrador's Meridian, Idaho office (208-888-3188) which was not aware of the problem. But they are now and will be lobbying for a cure. It wouldn't hurt to call your congress person to complain bout the problem and attempt to get enough members of congress interested and aware of this gap in benefits.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Christ the King Love Pantry

Flying under the radar, is a food bank that is very different than other community based organizations. The Love Pantry, operated by Christ The King Lutheran Church, aptly named since the food for the most part comes from the Christian love of the community from the congregation members. Over 4000 People have been served in the past year.

Fueled by volunteers: organizer Jim Preston and populated by the following: 
Dennis Lorenz,Darryl & Rita Miller,Lee Erwin,Jim & Colleen Preston,Lowell Nelson,Toby Heldreth,Tom Muhly,Candy and Larry Comer,Rosalie Williams,Rich & Annie Whipple,Tex Ritchie, and Dr. John Land. In addition, volunteer students from Lakes Middle School regularly volunteer.
In addition to the donations of their time at the Love Pantry, they can be seen weeding and cultivating
not to mention the harvesting the weekly  vegetables which go directly to the Thursday meetings of the pantry, which operates from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm every Thursday. Other than the many contributions that are given by the congregation, Winco Foods is a large contributor, as well as 
USDA and second harvest.

 Once a month, a program instituted by Dr. Land provides 10 family bags which hold only fresh foods and no  prepared ingredients.  They have the ingredients for a family from 4-6 along with directions on how to fix them. Recipes included.

This accomplishments several things. One, it encourages people to use fresh ingredients, rather than the more expensive frozen and canned foods that are loaded with preservatives and excessive salt. It provides ingredients and recipes for preparing a dinner for a family of 4-6.

It educates people on how easy it is to simplify the preparation for their family. An added benefit is that it encourages families to eat together, something that has been missing in many if not most families and used to be the glue that got the family together at least once a day.

Dr. Land, a transplanted Englishman refers back to Medieval strip gardens but for those of us that are old enough to remember, it was like the victory gardens of WW11. 250 years late for the revolution, he is still determined to make a difference. He has.

The services that the church provides are Heritage Health mobile medical services that visit every two weeks. Pastoral services are also available for those needing spiritual assistance by  Pastors Bob Sunquist, John Muhly and Deacon Larry Comer. The church is located at 1700 Pennsylvania, in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho


As I watched smoke roll in to Bayview Sunday, I wondered whether they were new fires or just wind direction change. I went to all of our local TV venues, only to find week-end specials. No bulletins or interrupted programing, just business as usual.

This morning however, banner headlines proclaimed three serious fires in our area.

One wonders that if Aliens were to arrive from outer space on a week-end if we would have to wait until Monday to find out.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Funding Request

From time to time I see a need and do my best to help. Such is the case today. I come to you seeking help for a woman who shall remain unnamed at her request.She labors daily helping the elderly with housekeeping and other personal needs.

Last fall's wind storm knocked down trees, killed the mobile home she lived in along with her car. She managed to find another car, but it needs tires and shocks. If we have a snowy winter, she will be forced to give up her vocation of helping the elderly. Helping others is her vocation. Now it is she that needs help.

I'm asking you to help if you are able. Please send checks payable to "Mr. Tire," and send them to me, Herb Huseland, PO Box 884, Bayview, ID 83803

Saturday, August 06, 2016


Has anyone but me noticed that Bonneville Power has stolen a full three inches of Lake Pend Oreille water all Summer?

Yes, they stopped filling the lake at 2062.32 instead of going to normal Summer level at 2062.5. These fractions are in tenths, which equates to a full three inches of surface water we didn't get this year.

One again, they are treating natural Lake Pend Oreille as a reservoir with which to do as they please.

Here is a link to the official level of the lake.


Friday, July 29, 2016

Nouasser AFB, Morocco

I was recently contacted by a lady who's husband had served in my squadron, the 1603rd Suppron, some 58 years ago. Her 81 year old could have served while I was there, but in a separate career field.

Her son ran across two blog posts that I wrote back in December, 2014, describing our location and role in the cold war.She contacted me for info she didn't have access to, which I provided. Her husband suffers from Dementia and sometimes perks up when discussion of his service is brought up.

Armed with material and pictures from that era, the family visited Dad who visibly perked up with some memory of those times. For that reason, in case anyone else want the dope on Nouasseur, I'm publishing links to these posts.


The latest poll that I saw yesterday showed Hillary 1% in the lead which is essentially a tie. I would have thought that a convention bounce would have occurred. This race could get very interesting if a neck and neck event is in our future.

Stay tuned and fasten your seat belts, folks. No matter what else you do, don't risk losing friendships over a difference of opinion. You aren't going to change anyone's position by arguing, so keep it to yourself.

I have been refusing pollsters as they call. They don't need to know how I'll vote.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Democratic Ambition

Eight years ago, we elected a president because he was black. Not because he had great experience in executive positions, or he had seasoning in congress, but because he was black. A significant number of Americans chose him because they thought it would be the right thing to do. The breakthrough from the sludge of slavery and lack of opportunity that is the mantra of the left and an excuse for not trying by many in the black community.

Nothing has changed. Al Sharpton is still blaming black crime on the cops, as are many other rabble rousers. Nobody is preaching accomplishment over it's not our fault. If I, as a young man were to have been convinced of that, I'd be on welfare.

Now we have yet another liberal goal. The first woman President. It doesn't seem to matter her lack of ability, or her lack of honesty, or her greed in accepting money from any country willing to fund her private billion dollar nest egg. When are we going to choose a president by requiring principles, integrity and experience, rather than what color or what sex the candidate is.

I suspect the next election cycle will produce the first LGBT candidate.

These extremists don't care about the quality of the candidate and haven't for years. It's all about knocking down suspected barriers and social engineering. God help us if the Trump revolution doesn't pull us out of this cycle.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Great Orators

In my view, there have been three great orators during my adult life. Everett Dirkson, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

As Bill Clinton spoke Tuesday night, he took a snarly, opinionated liar and abuser of governmental rules and systems, and elevated her to sainthood. To say that he was an effective advocate is like saying the Pope is Catholic.

Whether he can negate all of the problems that her candidacy brings to the table, only time will tell. But if she cannot overcome the negativity of her record, it won't be Bill's fault.

The former President hit a home run on her behalf.

Show & Shine

                                Marina Choice Award
                                Peoples Choice Award

Scenic Bay Marina held it's third annual "Show & Shine car show last Sunday. Over Eighty entries participated in what several observers suggested was the best car show in our part of the country, even topping Lost in the Fifties.

Yet unlike the Sand Point show, there were no traffic jams, no bottle neck like the long bridge to test motorists tempers.

A band was provided for the event, Phil & the Prescriptions, which spilled over to the bars and restaurants in town, which added to the festivities.

We all look forward to next year's big event.

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Aside from the occasional seagull screeching over the bay, a calm settles upon the bay and it's surroundings. The most beautiful sound we hear at this hour is nothing other than birds chirping.

A silence falls over our bay that magically turns our town into paradise.

Then comes shrieks and screams as people on the docks play grab ass while diving into the water, chasing each other.  Why these scum are not aware or do not care about others either recreating or actually living here is only explained by they just don't care.

Finally, while the best part of the evening was wasted,  Some great neighbors from the RV park came over, for an hour of wining, and conversation. It was great and I have been invited to their place for tomorrow. Life in the slow lane is sometimes wonderful.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

What MADE America Great

Since I am in my late 70's, I'm going to share knowledge that apparently most of you are too young to have experienced. We have to go back to the miserable years of the First World War, Following the allied victory in 1918, The United States disarmed. We sliced our navy and Army in less than half of the strength of the war years.

Come 1939 with the European war threatening Great Britain, we cranked up the most awesome  Industrial economy known to man. (O.K., Woman, too) We were totally unprepared for a war in 1941. Mostly because of the total disarmament after WW1.

In two years, we were cranking out one liberty ship a week, barely enough to beat the German U-boat score. We produced twelve Aircraft Carriers, and trained crews and pilots to man them. By the end of WW11, we had over 40 Carriers, and dominated the Germans and Japanese.

This was made possible by the industrial might of these United States. Today, our electronics are all manufactured in the orient,mostly China.

Our heavy industry has been outsourced to Japan, China and other regimes, not all of which are friendly to us. Our previous heavy industry sites in the  northern Midwest are referred to as the "Rust Belt."

While we have been picking up bargains at big box box stores, thousands of trained, machinists, welders and other manufacturing geniuses are shipping their expertise off shore for others to benefit.

We at this time could not win a WW11 or any other war. Suppose we get into a situation with China, which is currently viewed as probable. Are we then going to ramp up our production of defense electronics, and other vital equipment only to be told there would be a moratorium on these things.

Check it out. Find out where our vital materials are being manufactured and whether we can control their production.

And now we can understand where Donald Trump is coming from. Unlike the absolutist free trade advocates, or the opposite, unleashed trade unions, we need to bring our industry home, and apparently he is the only visionary the noticed it.

We need to take our country back from Eco-Nazis of the absolutism of damn near everything. Denying the logging of renewable resources, but balancing ecology issues with the continuation of our civilization.

Bring back our greatness? Just allow us to operate industry along with the application of safety filters. Balance production with safety issues of which in this country, are already in place. We cannot and have right to dictate to other counties as to what fuels they use. Yes, the extremists can achieve their goals, but they don't give a rat's ass about the consequences to this country

The issue of oil train derailments could have been solved years ago by approving the pipeline from Canada, but no, the ecological cartel wanted total victory. That is to say no fossil fuels ever again. Well, dream on, Assholes, until we have viable alternatives we need these things to function. But then Functioning has never been high on the Radical left's agenda.

Let's go with Trump and see what shakes out.


Wednesday, July 20, 2016


to Dave
Most severe thunder storms bypass Bayview. Being in the shadow of Mt. Spokane, most systems are diverted either north or south of our quiet little bay.
For you folks who are not conversant with how a Cumulonimbus operates it's like a miniature hurricane. The outside walls are where the heavy rain and hail come flying down. The center is where, depending how strong the up force is, sends the rain up the chute where when the hail gets two heavy to make he trip down, it spits it out to the outside of the storm. This forms two walls, if you are observing the storm from head on.
Today, about four o'clock a storm hit Bayview head on. That is to say we hit first the front wall, then after a few minute pause the second wall hit. All in all, it lasted for about 25 minutes and was a hell of a show.

The last time I remember any storm this severe was in I think 1996, July 4th when a storm ran from south to north up Lake Coeur d'Alene up over Hayden and came at us from Bernard Peak. That storm lasted several hours, but for intensity, this one was as good.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Republican Convention

Day one of the convention that folks from the left and of course MSM, proved them wrong. Obviously, they will disagree at least with content, but they were victims of their own propaganda in predicting Chaos

All of the speakers were. on message, and acquitted themselves well. The CNN commentators who could hardly be labeled Trump or even Republican supporters were impressed with the professional deliveries. They were especially impressed with Trump's wife who gave a scintillating speech about the other side of her husband, and at the same time, outlined the hot topics she, as fist lady, would address.

Again, obviously, the speakers hammered on Hillary's record of disdain for the rule of law. and of security issues.

This, Folks, might just turn into a horse race, after all.Remember the blue collar revolt that is backing Trump over off shore job loss. Wouldn't it be interesting if the Republican Party was the new champions of labor. Could happen.

The rampant dissatisfaction of where our country is headed isn't helped by what is shaping up as a race war, either. More after tomorrow's session.

Feel free to contact me at: or 683-9107


Open Warfare

It appears that it is open season on cops. Apparently, criminal members of the Black Community have declared war on Cops.

Hardly a day goes by that some atrocity or another goes down. I'd put money on another such murder during the Republican Convention.

Not waiting for an investigation over cop shootings around the country, it immediately becomes open season.

One of two things or perhaps both will happen. Either we will be hard pressed to find a Cop when we need one, or the Cops will strike back. I can see a ot of early retirements in police departments across our nation. I don't blame them, either.

With our president as cheerleader-in-chief, the black community will not settle down. At least we do not have to watch All Sharpton on TV nightly though.

Where this will end, nobody knows. Or in fact will it end at all. Open warfare could very easily break out.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Black Racists Exist

It would seem that the word racist is used more today than ever before. I believe one if not the principle reason is that the black community has cheerleaders, otherwise known as rabble rousers.

I listened to cable news until I couldn't stand it any more yesterday. But one interview stood out. It was a woman that pointed out our current president is still a neighborhood organizer, just writ large. She was black herself.

The leaders that consistently apologize or shift blame for black crime are as guilty of racism as was the KKK. Barack Obama, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are among others, trying to make the case that everything wrong in the black community is the fault of white people.

Well, I have news for you reality dodgers. When people do not take responsibility for their actions no improvement will ever happen. We, as a country are in denial.

Black activists are on the offense these days, spurred on by their enablers.

Friday, July 08, 2016

A Gray Rainy Day

Today, as I look out over the bay, Scud hangs out of a drippy cloudy sky. Bernard Peak is obscured by low clouds and rain.

It is hard to imagine last week-end even occurred, with hundreds of tourists enjoying the street fair, parade and Sunday's fireworks show.

Not a sound penetrates the silence, as no traffic goes by, nor boat noise, or even a lawnmower. It is like the town is vacant with little or no activity.

Fortunately, the bulk of Summer is still ahead and the sun will shine again. ... I hope. 

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Agitator-in Chief

Our Agitator-in-Chief  is at it again.It would appear that his only goal is to start a race war in our great country of opportunity. The stories of other areas of conflict like, Baltimore, and other current hot spots in Minnesota and now in Dallas, consistently blamed on the racist white community.

Common. Does anyone remember the peace and tranquility that existed before Obama became head agitator for the radical black community?  No, I didn't think so.

Memories are very short, especially when political agendas are rampant.

This country, with Black Lives Matter and other singular racial issues, is on the edge of a race war. A war that cannot be won by either side, other that the complete destruction of our way of life.

As we stagger toward the November elections, we must ask ourselves who is trying to destroy us?  Obviously, the two predominant candidates are not the most proud representatives of our culture. I can't remember a breach this large in our history, since the Tories and the Whigs.

Bayview Daze Crowds

I got a glimpse of how the settlers felt when their wagon trains were circled with a thousand Indians surrounding them. My isolation was interrupted by large numbers of party types. Mostly from my perch,they were peaceful, but there is always at least on that gets out of line.

The fireworks were magnificent as always. I don't really know what went down in the town center, since I was house bound due to lack of parking. I've got a hitch in my gitalong, so can't walk much.

The weather cooperated and I believe the local businesses prospered.  At least we didn't have a forest fire this year. The Sheriff's Department cracked down on fireworks and after a very short start, officers responded quickly. The folks got the message and desisted.

We here in Bayview hope all of our visitors had a great time. We'll see you next year and the rest of the Summer.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Boaters endangered on Pend Oreille

Boaters on Lake Pend Oreille are urged to watch out for logs and other floating debris after a log boom failed at the Clark Fork Delta’s drift yard. A debris field about 100 yards wide and a quarter mile long has been spotted near Memaloose Island in the lake, according to the Bonner County Sheriff’s Department. Additional logs have been spotted from the Clark Fork Delta to Hope, Idaho. Lt. Ed Jochum of the department’s Marine Division was planning to fly over the lake Wednesday afternoon to get a better idea of how large the affected area is. “It’s moving into the heavy boat traffic area,” he said. “All of it’s a hazard. We’re doing our best to mark it through flagging and solar lights, but it’s going to be impossible to mark every log.”

The boom that catches woody debris flowing out of the Clark Fork River and into Lake Pend Oreille was broken for six hours Tuesday. The breach was discovered around 3 p.m. and a temporary fix was put into place around 9 p.m., said Bill Dowell, a spokesman for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which operates the drift yard. During that time, logs and other debris escaped from the drift yard. Some of the logs with big root wads are easy for boaters to spot, but other material floats just underneath the water, Jochum said/Becky Kramer, SR.

Most likely, the drifting logs will head for Priest River outlet, but don't slam the pedal to the metal in any part of the lake. Having the bottom ripped off is a quick trip to the bottom. Wear you life jackets and slow down

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Should the city re-double its effort to find lifeguards for Coeur d'Alene's City Beach?

Bayview Daze Activities

The biggest weekend of the year is upon us. Bayview Daze will feature six bands, Food galore and enough beverages to sink a battleship.

A change this year for fireworks, switched to Sunday night, with the parade Saturday morning. The street Fair will be Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

Starting with the Patio, a full bar both at lake level and upstairs. Cranked music. Kitchen open except Sunday where a BBQ will take over. Closing will whenever the traffic dictates.

The Buttonhook will be open for fine dining from 4:00 pm and will cater a BBQ at Mario's along with a full bar. In addition there will be a beer garden in front of the Buttonhook.

JD's will feature 2 bars and a BBQ all week end. Music by Phil and the Prescriptions Friday pm, with Innersanctum Saturday and Sunday nights with Tru-Tones Sunday afternoon.

The Captain's Wheel will serve from a limited menu so that fast service will hopefully prevail. Music provided Friday and Saturday by Cary Fly with Last Chance Sunday night.

Hopefully, I got the spelling right on the bands. I don't like to take information over the phone since I'm hearing impaired and can't hear too well either. Come on down have have a blast Starting Friday night through Monday.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Market Panic

The markets around the world panicked Monday. This wasn't news. World markets revolve around panic, rumor and guesses. There is no logic to the fire drill attitude that investors exhibit.

This is tradition, folks. Traders, the world over, try to stay ahead of the market. Ever heard of this? "The trend is my friend.?" In every day language, this is called second guessing information that hasn't yet developed into reality.

Wait two or three weeks and the market will rebound to where it was. Why? Because it was never really harmed in substance.

New free trade treaties will bloom, panic will subside and Merry England will once again  be the world's oldest democracy.

The Common Market has bloomed into a world government cheering section in which individual countries were being coerced into a European one world government that would have eventually destroyed democracy and the merit system that has made us great.

That Great Britain led the way is a good thing, since we in this country are forgetting out history, our roots, and our traditions. Lest we forget the slavery issue, we inherited it from England, which promptly ceased the importation of African Slaves, which were captured by Arab traders, and or hostile tribes who sold their enemies into slavery.

Our past isn't perfect, but those Millenniums that would wipe the board clean of those historical accomplishments that we achieved are driving this country into a place that is being dug by know  nothings.

You may comment by e-mail.

Friday, June 24, 2016


Given the loss of sovereignty, I'm surprised it ever got off the ground in the first place. This has gone much further than sharing a market place.

From the first, I didn't think a common currency would work due to the diverse economies involved. I Think the entire program will unravel. All these countries can go back to what they did before joining the union. The lack of control over unchecked immigration set it off. Those countries saw and are seeing France and Germany lose their identity due to open borders.

The countries involved need to dust off trade treaties no longer in use and reactivate them as needed.

Exiting the Common Market is not plowing new ground. Europe has ruled independently for centuries.  A new world order is undo able and was doomed to failure. As I understand it, other countries are on the verge of following Great Britain. We are living in interesting times.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Other Side Of Bayview Blog

Most of the folks around the Bayview area know there is another blog here called The other siade of Bayview. Siince 10 months ago, when Blogger, Norma Jean Knowles upgraded her computer, she has been locked out.

Recently, she started it over adding a numeral 2 to the end of the name. You can now access this blog by going to: http//

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Hours in Bayview

Most businesses in Bayview are either at full staff and operating on Summertime schedules or about to.

The Mercantile has extended their hours to 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Ralph's Coffee House is serving dinners now Wednesday through Saturday up to 6:00 pm, in addition to their usual breakfast-lunch hours, starting at 8:30 am.

The Floating Patio is open 7 days per week from 11:00 am t0 9:00 pm.

After opening last week-end, the Button Hook is currently operating from Wednesday through Sunday, 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm for dinner.

The Captain's Wheel is currently open 7 days from 11:00 am to late evening, depending on volume

The weather is supposed to be Summery from now through August, so come on down..

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Friday, June 17, 2016

What If ... Trump Wins?

I recently read an article that looked forward to a possible Trump win in November. I learned several things I didn't previously know or at least remember.

First, the convention is not obligated to select the nominee's choice for Vice President. Historically it has, as a courtesy, gone along with the nominee's choice. So then, the party establishment could pick a seasoned statesman to run with Trump.

As far as a cabinet goes, the senate always has to vote on appointees, but could go further by sending the president a list of qualified cabinet choices.

Another possibility that occurred to me, is that some of Sander's supporters might switch to Trump.One interesting possibility is since the Democrats abandoned labor unions and other blue color workers, for the ecological extremists, perhaps Trump will bring them into the Republican Party, in a polar shift.

It's kind of hard to imagine the Republican Party as the new champion of labor, but stranger things have happened. After all, according to Bernie, Clinton is controlled by Wall Street. Hm?? 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mariners vs. Rays

I guess it was the advent of the tracer that made us all aware of where the strike zone really is, opposed to where the middle aged umps are guessing at it's location. All season, I've been yelling at my TV, which of course is an affliction of us aged ones.

Still, tonight's plate umpire should be canned. His number, I think is 29. I say that because wisely, he never turned his right shoulder toward the camera. His inability to recognize the borderline strike zone kills precision pitchers that like to hit the corners, of which this incompetent couldn't find with a seeing eye dog.

One pitch was almost dead center in the strike zone, but with a submarine pitch he got fooled right along with the hitter.

He couldn't find high or low, nor could he find in or outside pitches that hit the black. His only saving grace, was that he screwed both teams equally.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Bayview Daze Changes

Bayview Daze has some changes. Typically, we have the parade, street fair and fireworks on the Saturday nearest the 4th. This year, because the 4th falls on Monday,  The fireworks display will be Sunday night.

The iconic restaurant, the Button Hook will open next Friday, June 17. The initial hours ill be 4:30 through the dinner hour, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

This will alleviate the over crowding that occurs during  the summer months at the Captain's Wheel, which currently is the only full service restaurant operating in Bayview, Idaho. This blog supports all Bayview businesses equally and without compensation.

Friday, June 03, 2016

I Told You So

For those of you that missed my post of last week where I pointed out the incongruity between opposing both the Canadian pipeline and also the long trains full of Bakken crude, your ship has come in.

When a contest between trains and pipelines carrying oil to the world market places collide, a situation in the Columbia Gorge  occurs. Radical   ecologists, or want of a better term I call Eco-nazis, the point is that blinded by the fervor  stop all carbon fuels, they have lost sight of the marketing of said fuels.

The issue isn't whether we stop selling coal, or oil to the orient. It is whether we, or some other producer does. So the bottom line is convince the Chinese to use smoke stack filters like we do, of like lemmings, protest the transportation industry to stop doing their job.

Coal, from Wyoming and West Virginia will find it's way onto the world markets regardless of opposition from the Sierra Club and their fellow travelers.

Today, several Union Pacific Oil cars are burning furiously in the Columbia Gorge, shutting down Interstate 84. Will you fervent interlopers never learn? You are merely opposing interstate commerce, not the burning of carbon fuels.

First, find doable alternatives, before tearing down current markets.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Coal Trains

I am about to enter the rant zone. I've had it with the lefties bouncing from one anti people issue to another, while trying their best to destroy the human race, so they can more efficiently return our globe to whatever it's natural state was. probably without dinosaurs, though.

These issues are a scam to disguise the real purposes intended. First there was the spotted owls. These silly jerks didn't give a rat's ass about owls. They just wanted to make logging stop. They succeeded in the national forests.

Then there was the pipeline from Canada, connecting existing pipes to the short connector that was to cross the border. There again, it wasn't about how oil is transported, it was and is about stopping the use of coal, oil and anything that burns.

So now the pipeline is dead, Canada is building it's own. So now the howl goes up about the dangers of coal and oil trains passing through Spokane. That is a Trojan Horse as well. These extremists want at all costs to stop the use of carbon based fuels. Folks, you can't have it both ways. You kill the pipeline, more trains. You kill coal ports, Mississippi barges will take their place.

I was born in the late thirties and spent a childhood in the forties watching most everyone burn coal in their cook stoves or heating units. More coal was burned in this country during that period by many times than is used in today's power plants. We had a coal bin with home delivery. The entire foothills of the Bellevue to Puyallup was coal mines back then. Towns like Black Diamond and others were the gifts god created for us.

Many things in life are dirty. Disposing of human waste is dirty, but they haven't figured out a way to stop us from pooping, have they?

It wouldn't be so bad if these philosophically blinded had a substitute, but they don't have one, except nuclear plants, which they oppose as well. Allowing a misguided few to control our future is blatant insanity. You people have created your own  situation. Live with it.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Egypt Air Flight 804

I have some, though not all answers to this event. First, I am a pilot with many hours. Not an airline pilot, but aerodynamics are the same with a Piper Cub and a Boeing 747. Just the applications differ.

At 38,000 ft, where the air is very thin, it's  unstable. The higher the plane flies, the faster it must go to avoid stalling. A severe 90 degree roll to the left would immediately stall the aircraft, which probably caused a snap roll, which is to the opposite direction. That would have resulted either in a spin, or what is called a tight spiral, neither of which would be recoverable in a high performance aircraft.

There are absolutely no jet pilots that practice snap rolls.I have. One scenario, is an electrical short in the rudder control electronics. Remember, these aircraft are fly by wire, which means they use electronics rather than cable and pulleys to control the rudders and ailerons. Or in modern planes, ruddervators and flaperons. If the rudder votes hard left, the aircraft is immediately out of control, resulting in a stall and most likely a fatal spin.

The news programs are pretty much talking about terrorism with very little discussion on flight control malfunction. If, and this is purely speculation, the auto pilot had a glitch causing the rudder to slam to the left, it would have resulted in my scenario seen above.

This doesn't eliminate the terrorist theory of course, but it offers a credible alternative.

The news media, as usual, has jumped too far, too fast at the terrorist theory.

Comments may be directed to

Annuals Invade

This is the annual weekend of the Annuals, a loose group of men that started coming to Bayview well over 30 years ago to party. Eventually most got married and had sons who now come with Dad to this bachelor extravaganza.

Since an unfortunate meeting with a law enforcement officer two or three years ago, Marie Streater has provided a shuttle between the encampment at Farragut and the Marianas in Bayview, protecting everyone from DUI's.

This is  a fun loving group that is well behaved and welcomed by all here in Bayview, Idaho.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Rest In Peace

Two huge memorial/Celebrations of lives occurred Saturday, May 14. One for Lorraine Landwehr, held at Farragut State Park near Bayview, Idaho, and one for Roger Kellmer, held on the patio of J.D.'s Resort.

I was only able to attend the second one here in Bayview, honoring long term resident and good guy, Roger Kellmer. Standing room only was the situation as more than 100 old friends both from Bayview and those he grew up with and worked with from Potlatch and his tire shop in Wallace, Idaho.

I'm told that half the town of Bayview attended the event at Farragut. The other half was at J.D.'s. Many old friends that no longer live here in Bayview, came out to say goodbye to their old buddy, the "Tire man."

Roger excelled at fishing and playing pool. Every Winter he would appear during pool league, and back when he had a ride, on the lake, where "Tire Man" was his marine radio handle.

Though mourning his death was the occasion, I got the impression that it turned out to be more of a joyous party. He would have liked to be host, and maybe he was.

His two daughters, one living in Post Falls, Idaho and the other trekking in from Tennessee, were on the scene, alternatively laughing and crying and many people spoke of their experiences with Roger. It would be nice if they would attempt to visit us in Bayview in the future.

Many remember Mike Dotson, alias Airline Mike. He was unable to attend, since he now lives in West Virginia, sends best wishes to all. He was a good friend of Roger's.

With Liz Justus, Lorraine  for many years ran the Chamber's Bayview Daze activities. Especially the parade. They both will leave a hole in the fabric of Bayview. This has been a year of many of our leading citizens leaving us.The old guard is fast disappearing.


Friday, May 13, 2016

County Council

At the top of the list of qualifications for a commissioner, is integrity. By deliberately cheating on his building permit, Stewart has shown he doesn't have any. He built a beautiful pole barn with a barn like exterior, but in reality it was a luxurious house on the inside.

As a result, he violated building codes and cheated on real estate taxes. Areas that as a councilman he is charged with enforcing. For that reason I am voting for Chris Filios.

The 2 year term is a no brainer. Duane Rasmussen, a moderate Republican attorney is my choice.  You may have other choices, but above all, participate. Bitching about county policies without voting is absurd.