Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Grand Canyon

I am happy to report that my (ahem) goal oriented brother has actually survived the trek from rim to canyon and back to rim.

His Sons also survived, although with probably longer recovery periods.

I am in awe of this waste of senior citizen energy. My hero is Norm Chad. You know, a beer, and the remote should handle all sporting situations.

Well, I have to sign off now...You know, nap time...

Sunday, August 28, 2005

My Brother

I have an older brother. He is Stan Huseland; Author, PR guy, Journalist and Great guy...

Tomorrow, August 29, he and two Sons will hike down the Grand Canyon to Phantom Ranch, thence back up to the South Rim.

He has always been goal oriented, (stubborn) and not withstanding the 125 degree temperatures, will undoubtedly triumph. I, however, will be looking for a softer spot on the couch, while reading another of my many novels.

I would not try to hike to the corner store at 125 degrees, let alone down the Grand Canyon, and back up. Using my television without a remote is an imposition.

This successful idiot brother of mine will succeed, of course, like he does at anything he sets out to do.

He will turn 70 years old this October.

I love yah, Guy...

Monday, August 22, 2005

Massive Tree Kill in Faraggut Park

For the past six weeks, those of us who travel back and forth through Farragut State Park on Highway 54 have witnessed a large tree kill.

This started, unlike pest kills, where the top new growth of the trees die first. The browning of the needles began at the bottom, soon to become systemic. Hundreds of all varieties of evergreens and others are dying, all on the same schedule.

I contacted the Idaho State Transportation Department, at their Regional headquarters in Hayden, Idaho. I was referred to the district Superintendent of road maintenance. When I brought this phenomenon up to John Perfect, he had not been aware of this previously. He promised to personally inspect the situation and get back to me, which he did promptly.
It appears, where the seemingly obvious was overspray of a defoliant, there are other possible culprits, such as the chloride spray used in the winter, and possibly plowed back into the trees. This is less than obvious, but then I suppose if the hot spell over stressed the trees in combination of the salts, it could be the cause.

To Mr Perfect's credit, rather than gloss over the situation, he is calling in the Silvaculturists from the Department of Lands to diagnose the cause. If it is transportation's problem, he sounded like he would take corrective action.

Until then, we have probably lost hundreds of trees, both on Highway 54, and 95 North of Silverwood Theme Park.

More on this as the situation develops...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Timberlake Fire District implodes

I have lived in Bayview for only ten years... In that time, we had a volunteer Fire Department that was run by well meaning, but poorly trained good old boys.

Two or three years ago, we consolidated with the Athol Fire Department. The partnership with Athol, (wrongly referred to in a recent Spokane Spokesman-Review as Athol Fire Department) and Bayview Fire District occurred. The surviving entity is the Timberlake Fire District, consisting of Athol, Bayview, and Cape Horn.

Several things happened that were very good. First, by consolidating the two weak fire districts, into one, we gained a more powerful taxing district. Secondly, somehow, we managed to capture a great Fire Chief in Rich Graeber.

I have personally witnessed two occasions where the first arrival in the emergency was Rich Graeber. He was a great asset to the community, not just as a fire chief, but as a person. I cannot believe that he left us willingly, or without regret.

We, here in Bayview, and yes, in Athol too, will miss him. But that's not the end to this story. Somehow, politics have overpowered common sense...

Has the desire to be important overcome the desire to have a great fire department? I think so, and so do many others that were shocked to hear the news. I believe that the commissioners needed to be in the limelight, and resented the chief his popularity. How sad!

There will be more from this column on this subject, including full participation in the next Fire District Commissioner election. I'm about throwing the rascals out.

Friday, August 05, 2005


Although many forgot, or ignored it, August 2 was an election day. To most people, it is choice, that determines who and how many vote.

In this case it wasn't! An obscure elective position on the Lakes Highway commission was at stake. Obviously, I live in Bayview, as does the incumbent, Hanson. We have enjoyed, over the years, very good road maintenance from Lakes. Great snow removal, repairs made in a timely manner.

Was this an even playing field? I think not. When I went to the Bayview Community Center, our normal polling place, I found nobody home. The next day, I found out I would have had to drive 24 miles into Hayden to vote. I don't know if the challenger lives in Hayden, or where he lives, but by bending the availability of polling places to the south, I'm quite sure that he picked up a huge advantage, since us local Bayview folks were not served, informed or without extraordinary effort allowed to vote, I claim foul.

I have religiously scanned the Spokesman-Review for information. It must be a slow count, as I have been unable to find out who won this crooked up election.