Friday, August 05, 2005


Although many forgot, or ignored it, August 2 was an election day. To most people, it is choice, that determines who and how many vote.

In this case it wasn't! An obscure elective position on the Lakes Highway commission was at stake. Obviously, I live in Bayview, as does the incumbent, Hanson. We have enjoyed, over the years, very good road maintenance from Lakes. Great snow removal, repairs made in a timely manner.

Was this an even playing field? I think not. When I went to the Bayview Community Center, our normal polling place, I found nobody home. The next day, I found out I would have had to drive 24 miles into Hayden to vote. I don't know if the challenger lives in Hayden, or where he lives, but by bending the availability of polling places to the south, I'm quite sure that he picked up a huge advantage, since us local Bayview folks were not served, informed or without extraordinary effort allowed to vote, I claim foul.

I have religiously scanned the Spokesman-Review for information. It must be a slow count, as I have been unable to find out who won this crooked up election.

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