Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Prognosis & Treatment options

Well, Part of the waiting is over. For those of you that are sensitive, read no further. What I want is opinions, either by commenting in this blog, or going to my e-mail which is hhuseland@aol.com...

As I have learned, I have two viable options. Radical prostate removal with all of it's be-product, or Brachytherapy, which is the insertion of radioactive seeds.

I'm going to have to make a hard choice here, and would love to hear from anyone whith prior experience. If you wish to comment anonymously, you can do that here.




Bill McCrory said...


Which does your doctor recommend as the best option?

cdadave said...

Herb, I just hope you get thru all of this; my prayers are with you. Having the whole thing removed makes the most sense, because it would be all gone. But, if the "radioactive seed" thing looks good to your doctor, that might be something to try. You could still do the "total removal" option if the "seed" thing doesn't work out.

When I was doing research on tumors (my mom had cancer), I read about powdered "Shark Cartilage"; you mix it in with whatever you drink. What it's supposed to do, is to kill off the blood vessels in the tumor. Blood Vessels in tumors are much more fragile than in regular tissue. If you rob the tumor of its blood supply, theoretically, the tumor dies.

You could maybe do "naturopathic" medicine along with your other options. A doctor told me that "naturopathic" medicines aren't going to hurt you in any way. Maybe the utilization of those, in combination with radiation or whatever might be effective.

You can tell I'm way out of my league here, but I hope for all the best with you and your condition.


Phil said...

Herb! We rode the train today and you weren't there. I asked the girl (young woman, whatever) about you and she snapped at me, "I'M THE CONDUCTOR NOW!! ME! HERB IS SOMEWHERE ELSE AND I AM THE CONDUCTOR!!!!"

Gee whiz, she's terrible. She gave the little spiel at the beginning, "There's the saloon, there's the candy store, there's the ice rink." Then she was quiet for the rest of the first half of the trip. I look back there and she's sitting there staring out the side of the train chewing on her fingernails.

Then, just before the bear show, she leaps up and says, "Oh, uh, there's a gold mine up here..." Only she pronounced the words as if the mine were made of gold -- Like there's a golden mine up ahead. Weird.

After the show she quickly told us about the history of the train. And I mean QUICKLY. The people sitting around me were asking, "Did she say they bought this train from Disneyland?"

Okay, so then she shuts up again for the rest of the trip. Not until we get back to near Thunder Canyon does she do her routine like she's bored, reading from a piece of paper.

Absolutely a downer, this new conductor.

Phil said...

P.S. Hope you are feeling well!

jon said...

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God luck with it : )