Friday, April 30, 2010

Rusty's Buttonhook Opens

A soft opening of Rusty's Buttonhook Inn will open for the bar only, Thursday, May 6 at 11:00 am, closing at 10:00 pm. There will be food service probably a week later. The complications of starting from scratch with personnel, food importation and inventory selections will take at least that long.

The menu, while keeping the high end meals for those that want that, will also be a full service menu. A full price range will be available for the public.

More as I have it, when I have it.

Park Benches

I defend any one's right to petition for redress of wrongs, either real or imagined. Having said that, I also believe that one should choose their targets carefully. Niggling over every act that you disagree with is like the old tail of crying wolf. You spend your credibility recklessly by being in constant opposition to everything.

In a Bonner County Bee article, several Bayview residents were quoted as in favor of replacing a park bench near the public boat launch in Farragut State Park. Park officials have been on record as believing a bench in a high traffic area where boats are being launched is a recipe for a pedestrian accident. They have offered to place a new bench out of the high traffic area.

Some from our community have decided that this park bench caper is so important that they should do a sixties era sit-in. Some were quoted as officials from the Bayview Chamber of commerce, lending that reputation to this comical stunt. One can only wonder how many folks out there in newspaper land are spitting out their coffee laughing after reading of this vital world crisis.With our economy in the tank, unemployment high and behavioral issues out of control, that such a petty cause would engender such activism.

A few years ago, when Fish & Game decided to resurrect the world war two firing range for sport and suddenly declare it as an existing facility, the community rose up in rage for any number of reasons, including down range safety, and noise levels. A large core group formed at that time called C.A.R.E. that forced along with the cooperation of a local attorney. That was an issue that was worth fighting for. This one is not.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Buttonhook to Open Soon

The Buttonhook Inn Restaurant will open very soon, possibly this week-end, but for sure next. The lease is signed, we are looking for help in several areas and as soon as we are staffed, we'll be open. The Buttonhook for you that aren't familiar with Bayview is the finest restaurant for miles. It has enjoyed some ups and downs since Sandy Fiscus gave up the reins but that is about to change.

The menu while still featuring fine dining, will cover all price ranges with quality in every bite. It is possible that we may open the bar a week before we're ready to go in the kitchen. Stay tuned. Anyone that lives fairly close to Bayview that is interested in working there, should call me at 208-683-9107 or e-mail me at Be prepared to bring a resume or job application already filled out. As soon as a firm date is arrived at, I'll shout it out. As I said, we can probably open the bar a little quicker than the kitchen, which has to be restocked from scratch, a daunting chore. The name will be slightly changed. It will be, Rusty's Buttonhook Inn with all new people.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Phoenix Rises From The Ashes

Many of you have Read of the trials and tribulations of Howard White and the Saddle-Up Cafe in Athol. It burned a couple of years ago which I covered both in the blog and in the Spokesman-Review. Fortunately, the kitchen survived, with just the dining area destroyed. Howard can be seen daily rebuilding the dining area, plus adding a basement and a second story for a banquet room. It would appear that there just isn't any quit in Howard White. Currently, he is working out of his pocket with no loan funds.

The funding of this effort is coming from the Friday-Saturday benefits. He is open for takeout with smoked pulled pork, burgers, hot dogs and many other things and there aren't any prices or menu. He is serving this food for donations only. Some underpay, but Howard doesn't mind. He said,"people that are not doing well financially, will not drop much in the bucket, but then I would help those folks anyway." Others, recognizing the need overpay, which he sez is kind of making up for the ones that can't afford much. Who says Horatio Alger Jr is dead anyway. If this isn't a sequel to one of the master's book where Pride and Pluck matter, there just aren't any. Folks, this is North Idaho at it's best.

You can find him bent over the smoker Fridays and Saturdays from 11:00 to 5:00 pm feeding those who drop by. Make sure you are one of them.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm Pumped

Well, my first big journalistic effort since the mail boat story was delayed a week due to an illness in my editor's family. It will definitely appear this coming Sunday. The first segment of my four part series on the birth of Bayview. Part one roughly (very) covers from about 1860 through 1910. Editing may change that, but anything cut from this segment will appear in the next. This, the pioneering days of Bayview. The second part will cover from that period to about 1940. The third will cover primarily the navy and the interaction of Bayview with the huge basic training base at Farragut. The fourth will cover the beginning of the post WW11 years up to the present.We will not attempt to editorialize about the recent years of development, but to put it in perspective, as a wonderful little town that finally got discovered by developers. Something that of course was a sorry end to the past and the beginning of an uncertain future.

* * * *

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wine Tasting A Smash Hit

First photo, is Jan Larkin next to the official centennial flag. Jan is a great example of the heart and soul of Bayview.

Busy hostesses at the sign in desk: Jan Larkin, Kathy Ellis and Melinda Ely.

The third is a shot of the hors douvres being served.

The first big event planned for this the centennial year of Bayview, sponsored by the Bayview Centennial committee was held Saturday afternoon. Typically,
dick and Shirley Hansen made the B & B, Dromore, available for the event. Daughter, Cami Duclose,manager of the facility turned out a magnificent party. The real heros and predominently heroines of this bash were the tireless ladies and guys that put this all together. I don't have a list of all participants and surely I'll catch hell for missing some key people. Having said that, We can't leave out key folks like Tom & Jackie Lloyd, Melinda Ely,Linda Hackbarth, Kathy Ellis, Kathy Clark, Bonnie Hulstrand, Luarie Maurer, Jim Wilkuski Zak and many others made this whole event possible.

More than a year ago, plans began to form for the purpose of honoring Bayview's Centennial year, 2010. A number of summer long events are planned starting with this the first one. Over 70 guests were present to sample good but not expensive wines that were selected by the wine steward for Fred Meyer Stores.

Much, but not all of Bayview's finest were present wither as guests or of the sponsoring committee. Community leaders from far and wide, including some very interesting folks that away from their official duties, tend to have just as much fun as most of the rest of us, in spite of the images that are necessary to keep up. Those will go unmentioned. Please e-mail me with any corrections or additional names that I have missed.

Memorial Day week-end will host some additional events with a walking tour of Bayview's historical landmarks. A BBQ will be held at the Bayview Community Center as well, topped off by a dedication of the new Bayview centennial sign at the entrance to Bayview.

Above are some photos of the event.

For those that I informed that the first installment of my Spokesman-Review history of Bayview series would appear Sunday, April 18, I was unintentionally sandbagged. My editor assured me it would appear on that date, but a serious illness in the family apparently short-circuited the effort. Hopefully, we can straighten this out next week.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dan English, County Clerk

We have had in the last several years, a very smooth running County clerk's office. The clerk happens to be our token democrat, but wait. This guy is good. He's dedicated and the offices under the clerk are running smoother than ever. This year, for the first time, Dan English has a challenger. A good man, a republican and former Post Falls Police chief.

Now I know that Chief Hayes is a good man. Running a police department is also a place where administrative skills are needed. It would appear that the chief is more into have credibility, will travel, than a driving ambition to run the clerk's office. That is, unless he is thinking after the debacle of the Coeur d'Alene City council contest, one that rivals the last Bush election in Florida, he can swing stuff to his GOP buddies.

This of course, is surmisal on my part, not news, not fact. just a dirty little suspicion as to the motives. Lately, I've been cringing in a corner, ashamed of those in my own party that in many cases have lost their senses. In an atmosphere that doesn't seem to brook any disagreement or honest debate, the extreme right is trying to hijack our county, our city.

While I don't support many democrats, it is for the same reason I'm disenchanted with my own party. It is spelled cranks, left and right wing extremists and office seekers that wish to further polarize our political system. It isn't just here, it is endemic across our country

As I did last election, I support and endorse Dan English as the best County clerk we've had in a long while. He serves as a non-partisan office holder. I remember an occasion that a service member was shipping out to either Iraq or Afghanistan and wanted to marry his sweetheart before he left. It was a Saturday and the county offices were closed. They called English at home up on Twin Lakes with the problem. He drove down, met the lovers at the administration building and personally issued the license.

I am firmly of the belief that regardless of political affiliation, Dan English is a great County clerk. I support his without reservation. I have to apply one of my most important principles here. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Weather Or Not

Well, today was/is breezy. Actually, quite windy. Here in Bayview, the storm pruned a few trees but no fallen ones. Having high ground on three sides helps alot when the wind comes from the West. Power has been uninterrupted too.

Boaters are starting to tentatively head for the water in preparation for real Spring. The restaurant situation is bleak right now in Bayview, as both sit down full service restaurants are closed. Chan Krupiah is working hard to get the Buttonhook open by the first of May. We wish him good luck, since it doesn't appear that the Captain's Wheel will survive the melee between owners. As usual in these matters everyone ends up losing.

Toblers Marina is close to opening their boat repair facility at JD's and will probably be open by the first of May, also.

My column in the Spokesman-Review will publish this Sunday with a family picture of the Haddon's. Bayview's first settlers were Elmer and wife Ozelia and eleven kids. Jessica who lives in Bayview, is the great-great-granddaughter of Elmer & Ozelia. The first installment of the four part series on Bayview's centennial will publish on April 18, God willing and the creek don't rise.

Speaking of the centennial, most business owners have stepped up with nice sized donations, joining over fifty caring citizens of Bayview to fund centennial activities.

Monday, April 05, 2010

News Flash From Farragut

During the weekend of April 9th through April 11th the Idaho Army National Guard will be holding a training exercise at Farragut State Park. The purpose of the training is to prepare those members of the Guard that may see active service oversees with field exercises that will mimic the dangerous situations that they may face. Normally such training exercises would be held at the shooting ranges, but due to the judicial closure the park will be accommodating the Guard with the Scott Field area.

This training is not open to the public, and does include the firing of blank ammunition and simulated ied’s. Visitors to the park over the weekend can expect helicopter use in and around the Scott Field area, numerous military vehicles on the north side roads, and to see fully outfitted members of our military around the Scott Field and adjacent areas.

Randall Butt
Park Manager, Farragut State Park and Coeur d'Alene Lake Parkway
13550 E. Highway 54
Athol, ID 83801
208-683-2425 ext. 23
fax 208-683-7416

Friday, April 02, 2010

News N' Stuff

Easter weekend is here and the kids will find plenty of goodies in the grass in Bayview. Starting at 10:00 am at the community center will be the little tykes of 6 and under. 10:30will be for over 6 to 12 at the Scenic Apartments lawn on Main St.

Athol will have an egg hunt too. The American Legion Auxiliary is sponsoring the hunt which will be held at Athol city park.Ages up to 12 are invited and will be separated by age groups. 1:00 pm for Athol so the ambitious can hit both events.

Kicking off the centennial year celebrations will be the "Taste of Bayview." This is a gourmet wine tasting party featuring the wine steward from Fred Meyer Stores. Daniel Park picked out the wines and food (hors d'oeuvres) Daniel will give a talk on wine and food pairing of which both will be present for sampling. Seven wines from Europe, south America and the USA were selected for this event.

Everyone will receive an etched Centennial Keepsake Goblet as they enter the manor to use throughout the tasting venue as well as a menu listing the wines by name and characteristics with an area for note taking. You will be able to experience each wine cleanly and at the end of the tasting, each guest will be able to select a full glass of their preference from the tasting menu. Oh, and you get to keep the etched centennial goblet.

Tours of the Dromore B & B and grounds including the historic Washington Brick & Lime house next door to the main building which at one time was a post office. Special Thanks to the always community supporters, owners, Dick and Shirley Hansen, and daughter, Cami Duclos for donating Dromore for this event. All proceeds will go to the Centennial Committee for centennial events this Summer. For reservations, call Melinda Ely at 208-683-0936 or e-mail: