Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dan English, County Clerk

We have had in the last several years, a very smooth running County clerk's office. The clerk happens to be our token democrat, but wait. This guy is good. He's dedicated and the offices under the clerk are running smoother than ever. This year, for the first time, Dan English has a challenger. A good man, a republican and former Post Falls Police chief.

Now I know that Chief Hayes is a good man. Running a police department is also a place where administrative skills are needed. It would appear that the chief is more into have credibility, will travel, than a driving ambition to run the clerk's office. That is, unless he is thinking after the debacle of the Coeur d'Alene City council contest, one that rivals the last Bush election in Florida, he can swing stuff to his GOP buddies.

This of course, is surmisal on my part, not news, not fact. just a dirty little suspicion as to the motives. Lately, I've been cringing in a corner, ashamed of those in my own party that in many cases have lost their senses. In an atmosphere that doesn't seem to brook any disagreement or honest debate, the extreme right is trying to hijack our county, our city.

While I don't support many democrats, it is for the same reason I'm disenchanted with my own party. It is spelled cranks, left and right wing extremists and office seekers that wish to further polarize our political system. It isn't just here, it is endemic across our country

As I did last election, I support and endorse Dan English as the best County clerk we've had in a long while. He serves as a non-partisan office holder. I remember an occasion that a service member was shipping out to either Iraq or Afghanistan and wanted to marry his sweetheart before he left. It was a Saturday and the county offices were closed. They called English at home up on Twin Lakes with the problem. He drove down, met the lovers at the administration building and personally issued the license.

I am firmly of the belief that regardless of political affiliation, Dan English is a great County clerk. I support his without reservation. I have to apply one of my most important principles here. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

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Anonymous said...

I agree whole-heartedly with you on this topic Herb. Dan English is a fine man, and an excellent public employee.
I do not know The former PF Police Chief personally, only by reputation. And the friends of mine that DO know him, say he is a good man. I wish he would run against the county commissioner from PF in 2 years. Maybe that's his plan? Get a little name recognition for the next go-round?