Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wells Fargo Steps Up

Wells Fargo Bank, 204 W. Hayden Ave, Hayden,ID, 83835 has an account set up to help with expenses relating to the vicious attack upon Yvonne Wallis and Michael Heath. You may mail donations in care of those names to the above address. If there are any questions, you may contact the bank: Amanda Davis, @ 772-4022.

We all realize that just after Christmas is a tough time to donate, but it is even tougher for Yvonne and Michael. Please dig down deep and help these innocent victims. Norma Jean Knowles, finding on her return from the holidays that the guys were having a tough time finding a bank, managed to cut through the red tape in record time.

If there are any people that are still unaware of the attack, they can scroll down to previous posts for that information.

An Off Season Struggle

Today marks the end of an era and the start of a new one in Bayview. Right about now, in the lobby of the Kootenai County Administration building, an auction is taking place. It is the foreclosure auction of the Captain's Wheel Restaurant, an icon for many years, and a favorite hangout for many winter dwellers over the years. I will post what I find out, when I find out, as to the future of the business.

This last several days were filled with violent gut wrenching tragedy, as a neighbor went "postal" and attacked yet another neighbor. Armed with a hammer, Larry Cragun, sometimes known as "Crazy Larry," got even crazier as he apparently lost touch with reality. Believing he was being stalked and burglarized by his peaceful neighbors above, he according to those that had much contact with him,his behavior abruptly changed about 2 months ago. He became moody and sullen, keeping to himself.

Cragun was recently divorced from his wife, Katie and there were custody issues that I'm still not sure of, but the child fortunately was with her mother when this tragedy struck.One woman, Patricia Heath, was killed in the hammer swinging melee that occurred on an otherwise peaceful Sunday afternoon. Many will mourn the death of Patty and the serious injury to her Mother-in-law, Yvonne.

It is said that the new year brings new beginnings. We can only hope that healing will occur and Bayview will somehow grow on to be a better place.

Update: The Captain's Wheel sale did not take place today. A party or individual has bought out the SBA loan and is in negotiations with the principles to finalize the ownership picture. I am not at liberty to divulge who that might be.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Horror Week Is Over

The week that has the entire town of Bayview depressed, is over. Hopefully we can rebuild from the tragic events of last Sunday. Fund raising is in full gear. The giving is not over just because Christmas is. There are collection cans located all over Bayview and Athol. We ask that you give generously.

If you haven't already figured out that banks can be as bureaucratic as government, listen to this. The guys that are trying to set up a donation account at a local bank met with some really off the wall stuff. The most flagrant was the question: "You'll have to produce a newspaper article or some other proof that this act actually happened." As Charley Brown would say, good grief. What more proof do you want?" I will attempt to help out in this endeavor.

In addition to the donation cans, a pot-luck memorial will be held New Years Day at JD's, to honor the memory of Patty Heath. All are invited.

There are other plans as well. Judy Gullidge and Robin, of "Log Spirit B&B," are holding a fundraiser at Log Spirit Sunday, January 23 in two sessions. First is from 12 noon to 3 pm. The second is from 4pm to 7. There will be beverages, appetizers, live music and drawings. There will be a $15 donation. Reservations can be had by calling Judy at: 208-683-0941.

In addition, Vic Woolever and Paul Celeri and setting up a bank account for mail in donations. As of Today, that has not been accomplished. We will post other information as it becomes available.

A severe winter weather alert has been posted for our area. Up to 11 inches of snow from now through Thursday, with the worst coming Wednesday. This will be followed by very cold weather.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

May the LORD bless you and keep you and protect you along your path through life.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas, A Rebirth? Or are The Holidays Destructive

For most of us, Christmas whether as a religious experience, or for others, a winter pause to reflect on their lives, it is a special time of the year. While Christmas Trees or Menorahs reflect in many windows, it is a time that even when things are rough financially, people can still come together.

For others, those tormented by family problems, mental illness, flung out on the streets after losing their jobs, It ain't so great. We are starting to see many more homeless and much more shoplifting at local grocery stores. This is a rough time and in my opinion isn't going to get better anytime soon.

Our manufacturing base has been destroyed by cheaper labor off shore. Seldom, and not just at Walmart, does one see any products not made either in China, Japan, Korea or Malaysia.These conditions bring on crisis's that perhaps wouldn't have manifested themselves had times been better. Sunday afternoon changed Bayview perhaps forever.

Today, and for this Christmas season, Bayview mourns one of it's longest residents and her family as a crazed neighbor sick with insanity and God knows what else, invaded their home while they were peacefully watching TV. Armed with a hammer he snuck into the house and proceeded to flail left and right at everyone seated around the living room. Two of the four occupants escaped serious injury. The other two, Patty Heath and L. Yvonne Wallis, a long time local resident didn't.

Yvonne is still in critical condition at this time after a plate was inserted in her scull. Unfortunately, Patty expired the next day from her fatal wounds. We understand that in addition to her head wounds, she had terminal cancer and was wasting away, weighing only 75 pounds at the time of her death.

Larry Cragun, the attacker, was known as a strange guy that picked arguments with neighbors. He was on supervised probation in Bonner County from a charge of beating his former wife severely, from two years or so ago. He remarried and had a 3 year old daughter with wife, Katy. She left him several times and finally stayed away. The question of why the adult probation department didn't detect the obvious mental illness as it progressed, is a question that many will be asking, especially the families of Yvonne and Patty. Fortunately, both Larry's baby was with her mom and the Heath baby was with Grandma on the fateful afternoon.

Trusted with the protection of the public with the powers of re-incarceration of the bad people, they were satisfied with periodic drug and alcohol testing. They totally ignored the repeated calls to Cragan's residence with weird,suppositions that the neighbors were, stealing from him, stealing food, poisoning his food while in his house, and still these reports either never reached probation, or they failed to bring him in for evaluation.

Today, and on through the holiday season, all of Bayview mourns the death of a friend, and the unknown future of Yvonne whose condition has yet to play out. A fund has been started to benefit the family of whom none had jobs. Two stalwart citizens,Paul Celeri and Vic Woolever have taken it upon themselves to help out. They are distributing collection cans and are in the process of establishing a donation account at a local bank. That information will be forthcoming on this blog when available.

We ask that those who read these words, say a prayer or wish good thoughts for this unfortunate family who did absolutely nothing to provoke this mindless, murderous attack on a peaceful gathering. Please, if you can find a way, give liberally to this fund for this innocent family that has been torn apart by an insane or drugged up or both,fanatic.

UPDATE: According to the spokesman-Review, Yvonne's condition has been upgraded to Fair.

Christmas Eve: Yvonne was discharged from the hospital yesterday and is now home. She is expected to fully recover. I took a little food up to their home tonite. A family that has been thoroughly destroyed. I don't know how a family gets past this kind of thing. I guess prayer is about the only cure.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Neighbor Bludgeoned In Bayview

Just 50 feet from my back door, my closest neighbor, allegedly bludgeoned my other neighbor and her guests with a hammer. At least one person was transported to Kootenai Medical Center, apparently with survivable wounds. This happened just less than an hour ago.

He then drove down to the Bay Cafe where he called the sheriff department on himself. It is suspected that he either has been hallucinating on drugs or his mind is gone. The alleged perpetrator recently tacked up a letter to the community accusing the government of invading his mind, which upon reflection, may be the only lucid thought he has had recently.All of this happened just after I left to drive to the Patio to watch the Seahawk game. It was a real good time to not be home.

Additional information from a county deputy who will go unnamed, as he wasn't authorized to release information, said that four victims were transported to the hospital. Asked whether any were in mortal danger, he replied, "we do not know at this time whether they all will survive." A child that might have been present apparently wasn't.Though unaccounted for, the small child was apparently somewhere else. (we hope)

A relative of the victims had the baby overnight and was in Ralph's Cafe earlier, Monday. She said that she had been to the hospital and while most are improving, Patricia is in real bad shape, having had brain surgeery with some removed and is not expected to survive. All three TV stations were up here today. If anyone is interested in seeing the crime scene watch the 6 o'clock news.

New information:

The Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office reports that one of the victims of the bludgeoning yesterday in Bayview, has died at Kootenai Medical Center. Patricia Heath was pronounced dead shortly before 1:00 p.m. today from massive head trauma. Larry Cragun, 31 of Bayview is in custody on a variety of charges and is being held on $1,000,000 bond. One charge will be amended to the charge of murder based upon the death of Mrs. Heath. The investigation is on-going by detectives from the Sheriff’s Office/Major Ben Wolfinger, KCSD report.

New information suggests that L. Yvonne Wallis has serious brain injury, but is expected to survive. To what extent she will be able to function is at this time, unknown. I have been told she has had a metal plate implanted in her head, where a hammer blow ruptured her scull. These kinds of injuries sometimes take months to reveal the extent of the permanent damage, if any.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Chamber of Commerce Ship Goes down

This has been an interesting week for the Bayview Chamber of Commerce. (Ain't) Elections were held for officers and board members. In the long history of the chamber, these elections were staggered so that only two out of the six board members were up for election each year. This was for the purpose of keeping continuity. That and other bylaws were changed at an ill attended meeting two years ago.

Many in the community felt like the DAC, or Developmental Analysis Committee had grown into something not originally intended. Somewhat radicalized, more power had been concentrated in the committee which then showed a solid front, thereby obtaining total control of the body. Or as an E-Mail circulated by "George," was titled, "DAC Rules." That pretty much defines what went down. Able to split off and become an independent pressure or influence group, they chose to take over and dominate the chamber, rather than go it alone.

Such an action, though I'm sure gave a "team" victory sense to the proponents of the DAC, instead has finished off the chamber as the voice of the community. Shunning others that did not agree with their party line,refusing to let diverse opinions prevail, the so called chamber has been reduced to as they say, "preaching to the choir." While perhaps the other extreme of making the chamber an all business venture was fine for the business owners, it too was perhaps a bit tipped to the other extreme. What could have saved the chamber, sans the power play, was to redefine the group with a more inclusive attitude toward businesses in town.

This leaves business out in the cold from an organization that has the word "commerce" in it, which now is a gross misrepresentation. Perhaps it is time for the marinas and other businesses to form a new group dedicated to furthering growth within the community, rather than the dead on arrival look on the streets these days. Certainly, there is the temptation for some of the business owners to retaliate in kind, since they are the victims of anti-business themes.

I, myself, saw this coming for a while now and divorced myself from the group. I firmly believe I did the right thing as have most others that became fed up with the few that want to control the many. We enter the next year with the chamber losing the one thing they couldn't afford to lose. Their identity as the voice of the entire community.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To Everything, There Is An End

I have been writing for the Spokesman-Review since The beginning of the Prairie Voice and subsequently, the Handle Extra. That, if I remember correctly, was the spring of 2007. April to be precise. In the beginning, I wrote news and features for Bayview, then included Athol as well as a few stories from Spirit Lake. At the time, I was writing at least two and sometimes more stories per week.

Then the paper started cutting back. First, I was down to two to three stories a month, then the Prairie Voice was discontinued. I then started covering a little more territory and was published in the "Handle Extra." At the end of December, the Handle Extra will cease publication, and me with it. It has been a great run. I've thoroughly enjoyed every minute of every story. Sometime in the next two weeks, my last story will publish. It will be an overview of the four part history of Bayview which published last summer. It will be the 171st story that I have written for the paper.

I sincerely hope that during this period, you enjoyed reading about your friends and neighbors and sometimes even yourself. I did the best I could, but print journalism is on it's lips and while it may survive in some form, advertising revenue has shifted to the Internet. One great success story though, is Huckleberries On Line, the S/R's Idaho blog with blogmeister Dave Oliveria. His blog will hit 2.5 million page views for the year 2010, sometime Wednesday or Thursday. That, my friends, is success. For access to any of the stories I've written, you can go online to Then click on "times" then enter herb huseland in the search box and shazzam, every story I've written is there in chronological order.

I don't know what is lurking around the corner, but I definitely caught the bug and will search out other opportunities as I find them. For a start, I'm going to sell advertising for this blog. I normally get from 60 to 120 visits per day from all over the area and even some other countries. The cost will be very inexpensive and your ad will be exposed to many potential customers. I can be reached at: or by phone 208-683-9107.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Bayview Whitecaps Are Expanding

Last spring, a loose group of kids that were unaffiliated with a league wanted to play baseball. They got together with parents and others and formed a Babe Ruth Team. It turned out like a field of Dreams thing. The team started to win and just kept on winning. By the end of the season they had won:

3rd place in the St. Maries 18 & under wooden bat tournament,
1st place Kalispel all stars 15 and under invitational.
1st place Idaho 15 & under State Champs
3rd place Pacific Northwest Regional 15 & under championship tournament.

Not bad at all for a team thrown together from Bayview, Spirit Lake, Athol and Rathdrum. This year some of the players will be too old for that division, so since they were already beating up on older age kids teams, they decided to form a second team of 18 and under, while keeping the younger team together. Unfortunately, outfitting a team with uniforms, equipment travel and administrative costs, it's not cheap to field a team. Last year, residents from the entire north Kootenai County area stepped up magnificently. We are asking that you do so again.

Please donate generously to this effort. Please send donations to the Bayview Chamber of Commerce specified for the "Whitecaps" so the money goes to the right place.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Looming Colonoscopy

I debated as to whether I should write about something this personal, then decided if one person benefited by paying attention to their own bodies, it might save their life.

Friday morning at 7:00 am, I'm checking into the VA medical center in Spokane for a colonoscopy exam. This was not routine. Periodically, the VA gives me a card in which the patient is asked for small stool smears. This is to determine whether there is blood present where there shouldn't be. There was.

There are many reasons why this could be. Hemorrhoids, polyps or colon Cancer. Of the three, obviously the big C is the scare. Polyps can be a forerunner to cancer and for that reason, they need to be removed. From time to time, I think I'm indestructible. On the other hand, I am 72 years old and subject to the body wearing out just as others do.

The preparation for this procedure is not fun. First you swallow copious amounts of a liquid that does not taste good. That is followed by 24 hours of fasting, in which starvation starts to set in. Preparation starts actually, two days before the procedure. Since they dope you up, you can't drive for 16 hours after being released.

Hopefully, this will be a minor scare, but still I'm somewhat apprehensive. But trust me, if you have black stool, run, don't walk to your doctor. It might save your life.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I'm A Racist???

Today, for the first time in my life, two people called me a racist. Why? Because I called the show off wide receivers in the NFL on their show-off antics. This happened on Huckleberries on line, where on occasion, ultra-liberal fanatics that have been brain washed have totally suppressed honest debate. This happened after hearing the knee jerk response from this comment I made:
"You can take the receiver out of the Ghetto, but apparently you can't take the Ghetto out of the receiver." Now we all know that certain ethnic groups exhibit some commonly shown traits, even white anglo-saxon types. In the NFL there are Blacks, whites,orientals and Polynesians. My comment went right to the core of the issue. It was an ethnic showoff trait that is shown on TV every week-end. Did I identify an individual race? No. This is a cultural issue that certainly does have racial overtones, but what bothers me the most is that we cannot any longer debate these issues on their own merits.

Political correctness, which has permeated our country is not law. It has never been formalized except for cases of assault, if the assault is on a minority, but then that is another discussion. To not be able to identify and discuss anti-social behavior because it might point to a racial or ethnic group is misinformation at it's worst.

This isn't about whether or not I am correct in my conclusions, it's about the right and quite possibly our duty to talk about them. It is clear to me that this country has somehow been bullied into becoming tight lipped when discussing minorities, whether those minorities are wrong or not.

We are faced with illegal entry issues on both our southern and northern borders. The main stream media calls it "undocumented immigrants." They aren't undocumented immigrants, they are criminal trespassers. Up north, it would seem the enforcement is more against anyone convicted of an alcohol or drug offense, than to actually catch smugglers, both human, drug and Islamic terrorists.

I decided, after realizing how this society of ours had changed so radically when I wasn't looking, to not take it anymore. No, I'm not a white supremacist, nor a Nazi. Just a person that has been on this earth much longer than the perpetrators of this new dogma of silence. Certainly, there will be those that will say, Look, he proved he is an asshole. Well, I'd rather die an asshole that become what our brainwashed youth has become. No longer able to debate social issues on their facts and issues, but required to tip-toe around them for fear they may offend the offenders.

I don't talk about my family much, but to make a point I'm going to now. I have four children, all adults. One of my daughters married a black man and produced seven children of which I have several half-black grandchildren. One, a soldier in Afghanistan repeatedly referred to his sister and her baby as "Niggas." I warned him once, and after he repeated the racial slur, I unfriended him, my own grandson, from face book. You see, I don't put up with real racism either.

To the two biggots that called me a racist, Kamm and Mr Bloggy, I suggest that you pull that trigger a little less often and be sure of your target. You see, on the internet, while it is true your identity is secret, (mine isn't) you really don't know outside of one or two remarks what really goes on in a person's head. Taking one statement out of context without a pattern is worse that calling a racist name itself.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Babs Christmas Bazaar

Babs is holding it's annual fund raiser at the Bayview Community center December 4, 11 am to 5 pm. No store bought food for this soiree. Homemade Soups and Breads, salads and a bake sale. These ladies put out baked goods like your grandmother used to make. Actually, many of them ARE grandmothers.

There will be an espresso bar. gift baskets, Babs cookbooks and a quilt raffle of which tickets are available. Cost? A pittance. Only $6 per adult (over 7 years old) and kids, $2.50.

Some in the community are not familiar with Babs. It is a ladies group that was formed at least 54 years ago. Babs stands for Bayview, Athol and Belmont, a community that has kind of disappeared east of Silverwood. Some, but certainly not all that this dedicated group has accomplished are as follows.

An annual scholarship sending a hyoung lady to NIC each year.

One young lady to Girl's State each year.

These are the ladies that clean garbage from the sides of hwy 54 for two miles between mp 13 and 15.

A substantial cash gift goes to the ABC food bank which serves Athol, Bayview and Careywood every year.

Donaltions to the local schools for books.

Gifts to 4-H and Hospice.

You can see that these active ladies are not just a bunch of pretty faces, though they are that, too. They quietly go about their business, letting actions speak rather than words. Please turn out for this and other events that this unselfish group holds. They just keep on giving. Oh and they just may know where you can obtain a walker if needed. They were featured in the Bayview Daze parade pictured above.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The First Terrorists

The first terrorists that hit this country were the Pilgrims. Think about it. They were extremist Calvinists that put people in stocks and threw garbage at their faces as they lay there helpless. Even worst were the times that personal grudges would be settled by turning the enemy neighbor in to the religious police. Many were burned as witches. Not because they toiled and boiled or put curses on anybody, but because they were different.

Our country was not always a haven for religious tolerance, nor anything even close. The state of Maryland was at one time, ceded to Lord Baltimore, as a haven for Catholics. After England's King was denied permission to remarry, he promptly outlawed the Catholic church.

We just finished our Thanksgiving holiday which dates back to when our pilgrims landed near Plymouth Rock. The latest rumour is that it will be renamed "Dodge Rock," since the demise of Plymouth. Thanksgiving is celebrated for the act of our pilgrims stealing all the food they could carry from the Indians, then violating the endangered species act by wiping out every turkey within miles of the settlement.

John Alden was hired to bring Priscilla together with his buddy. He was the first pimp known to the new world. Folks, these people were nut cakes. They punished everyone that didn't toe the line politically. (Sounds like our current political parties, doesn't it.) Cozying up to John, she said, "Hey big fella, how about we take a roll in the hay our selves. To hell with your friend." They did.

Bundling was in vogue at the time. This was, as we still do, a way around our regulations against unmarried sex. So they would date, (it was cold in new England winters)Lying next to each other, covered with many quilts, they had a bundling board between them, apparently to keep them from coupling. Unfortunately, many of the bundlers were carpenters that knew their way around boards.

The bottom line here, is be careful about the historical events that you celebrate. The cause might not be as just as you might think. But then nobody in schools these days study anything other than cutting out turkeys and weird hats. Black hats, if you didn't notice.

Many people are up in arms against Christopher Columbus because he took slaves. The pilgrims on the other hand, made slaves out of their own people, then spread false dogma amongst the brethren. It's just a wonderful thing that it wasn't all wasted. You see, turkey is pretty tasty.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snowy, Cold Holidays

This morning, I wrote an energy check that I couldn't cash. Faced with foot deep snow on the north side of my house, (where my car is parked)and a three foot berm where the snow plow buried said car, I decided to just leave it. My back has been acting up and I guess the aging process is speeding up, while my body is slowing down. Then while shovelling snow off of my front porch so the snow wouldn't slide down inside my sorrels while fetching my daily dose of the spokesman-Review, my snow shovel broke.

I looked around for what to do during the holiday approaching. I was thinking I needed to go to town for a whole chicken for Thanksgivings dinner. (Turkeys are too damn big for one person. Then it hit me. Every time I go to town I buy more than I can use at the grocery. Also, I am a hoarder. With my deep freeze full to capacity, I thought, aha! I bet there is a whole chicken frozen in there somewhere. There were two. On the shelf was a miniature can of cranberry sauce, along with another desperately lonely can of yams.

It dawned upon me. I don't need to go anywhere. I had no previous plans to go out during the holidays, so why not just do it myself. There won't be a large family gathering around my table, but the bird along with all of the fixin's will be on the table and with football dominating the day, I'll be just fine. Someday I'll yell for help and dig my car out, but for now, I have heat, lights and a good book. My gas mileage is always good, but parked under a snowdrift, it's even better.

You all have a great T-Day and remember the important urgency of the day. If the weather is dangerous, stay home. Already several have died because the weather coupled with inexperience and the belief that they just had to be somewhere, killed them before they could enjoy that gathering they just HAD to be present for.

Monday, November 22, 2010

January In November?

Sometimes it gets cold and sometimes it gets wet. It is when both happen at the same time that it gets serious. Today, it is timed either real good or real bad depending on whether you ski or not. It is 9:15 am and snowing. It is 20 degrees out. So far I have about three inches of the white stuff and the winter storm warning doesn't expire until Tuesday am. 4-8 inches is the prediction, but then just yesterday, they predicted about 1.2 inches. They lie to us, folks. By 11:00 I have accumulated 6inches on the north side of the house and counting.

According to "They," we are in for a cold wet winter due to something called La Nina. Looking outside, it is cold snowy and I can only find one sorrel. Gloves disappeared sometime last spring in that jumble that occupies my car on a perennial basis. The ceremony of the broken and frozen pipes is about to begin. As the heavenly orchestra conductor raises his baton, here it is, folks. I wasn't through with summer yet, either.

I would call a few friends today, but if they weren't real tardy, most of them are long gone to Arizona. The only traffic so far this morning on Lime Kiln was Hans with his snow plow. It's always ominous when Hans plows at three inches. It usually means he expects very heavy snow and wants to get ahead of it. While the weather bureau only predicts 4-8 inches, he would have waited if he believed that.

So here I am, bootless, glove less and considering how skinny the paper is on Monday, wondering if wet feet is worth the stroll to the paper box. I may just forgo my morning ritual and get my news via the Internet and of course, Huckleberries on line. Meanwhile, it continues to come down, even a little heavier than when I started this. Perhaps I've offended the weather gods.

***Weather Bulletin: The weather guessers are now predicting 5 to 8 additional inches of snow for this afternoon and evening along with gale force winds which is of course, a blizzard. Lakeland School District is still playing their cards close to the vest and will not make a decision on tommorow's schedule until the wee hours of the am. You can check at: for the latest.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Big Brother-Illlegal Search Seizure

If you are accosted by a police officer, a sheriff deputy, an FBI agent, you have certain constitutional rights. The right to silence, the right to not be required to give evidence against yourself, the right to not be subjected to unreasonable or unlawful search & seizure.

The one exception to that rule of law, is the U.S. Transportation Security Agency. TSA can xray you, force you to strip without probable cause to suspect any damn thing, and now in addition to auditioning for a job as a stripper, they can fondle your genitals. There are several problems with all of these topics but let us dwell upon the genitals for a moment.

Unless I'm on a hot date, I really don't want anyone fondling me anywhere. I do suppose though that there are weirdos out there that will go through the line numerous times for that forgettable pleasure. This has gone way past reasonable. Unfortunately, our government doesn't seem to care about strict enforcement of our constitutional rights. Like all big governments they will do what we let them get away with to protect us from Granny's, red headed, light complected, Arab terrorists, etc. Common sense needs to take hold here or the courts will.

The other down side is that where a traveller has choices, many are starting to drive or take a train, rather than suffer the long delays in line and ending with indignities. It is time for all citizens to rise up and let the TSA and their bosses that no solution is 100% safe, so stop taking our liberties from us to try. The politically correct notion that we cannot profile is ludicrous on it's surface. I'm not even sure there is a law against profiling, but just something the MSM has invented, then foisted upon the public. Profiling is the best tool law enforcement has. Taken away, we have to screen thousands of obviously innocents to attempt to catch one or two real threats. If any movement is a threat to the airline industry it is these jokers and their unconstitutional regulations.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Online Fraud

Today I had over 25 messages, all from my AOL address and were addressed apparently to everyone in my contact list. When you open the message, it is an advertisement from a Canadian pharmacy, advertising erectile dysfunction medications.

First, I doubt seriously that the firm is Canadian, or even a legitimate source for these drugs, since it is doubtful they would stoop to hacking people's e-mail. For the record, I did not send any of the messages. I have also received the same from others that are similarly affected. Since our Federal Bureau of Investigation doesn't seem to be interested in pursuing off shore law breakers, I don't know what to do about this scam.

If any of you have the expertese to stop this, or to punish them back, please do so. Here is the address on line:


Friday, November 12, 2010

Idaho-Boise State

Well it was, after all a foregone conclusion that one of the best teams in the nation would beat Idaho. That the score was 52-14 was actually a false indicator, as in the second half the Boise State coach had his 2nd and 3rd string players in the game. What wasn't a foregone conclusion, was how the Idaho defense and sometimes offense refused to quit.

I had mixed feelings about the game. I am not a native of Idaho, but a life long fan of the University of Washington.I have kind of degeneratively become a regional fan. When I was younger, USC and occasionally UCLA dominated the league. UI has not competed in any demonstrative way for a very long time. Historical notes reveal that the original league was disbanded, forming the pac-ten was for the most part to dump Idaho which had never been competitive.

What this boils down to is that I am a regional fan. The day that the SoCal teams dominated the league is over. For years, USC would sign over 150 players. Not to play them, but to keep them from other teams. The NCAA rulebook forcing teams to limit rosters cost the rich colleges big time.

Now I root for first, Washington,then the other NW teams. That brings me to the present situation. While I wanted on the one hand for Idaho to do well, I also wanted Boise State to stay in the race for national champs. Mixed emotions indeed. Well, the game came out about where I was predicted to be, with Boise State pulling their first string after the first half. That was classy.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Mouth Riseth

Some weeks, especially after some real good hard news, not to mention the antics of our elected Buffoons, things just don't happen. This is one of them.I've run out of energy trying to convince people that honesty and integrity, while rare, is still a feature that voters should strive for. Bottom line as they say, is,"You deserve what you ask for."

As a result, I'm going to ramble a bit. OK so I do that a lot anyway, right? The weather has turned colder. Not blistering, frost bite cold, but after what seems to be just last week's summer, a change has occured, as it does every year. I'm too broke to follow the Arizona bound lemmings as they desert our mecca of delightful summer activities, and I'm too old/tired/lazy to shovel snow.

The weather guessers have forecast gloom and doom for this year, explaining as they do every year, the difference between El Nino and La Nina. Does anyone but me remember when the forecasters would just tell it like they thought it would happen, without studying their computer models to replace what used to be called fortune telling globes. How many times have you looked out the window and observed weather that is totally different than those weather gods are predicting from their windowless enclaves.

Alas, you may have already figured out that I have absolutely nothing worthwhile to say this time around. Hey, even the Bayview Chamber of Commerce (chuckle) held their monthly meeting without bloodshed.You need to go do something useful, not sit there reading my meaningless stuff.

A howdy to John Land and beautiful bride, Jan in merry old England. I wish you a very merry Christmas. ( I can hardly ask you to celebrate Thanksgiving, as it was in celebration of our original religious fanatics set forth upon out continent, escaping from the dastardly clutches of the Church of England.)

And to all of you snow birds that will not have to dig their cars out this winter, I would spit in your direction except it would freeze in mid-air.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

New Neighbor Moves In

I just got a heads up from Chuck Murray about a rare find in his back yard. A Western Scrub Jay showed up October 24 and appears to be settling in for a long sty. Non-migratory, their habitat stretches from Southern Washington State to Texas, preferring the dry areas south of us. The last sighting of this specie in North Idaho was in 1977 around the Priest Lake area.

When Chuck notified the Audubon Society of this bird, requesting information on it, the society lit up like a Christmas tree with excitement over the find. Large numbers of bird watchers have descended on the Murray homestead, hoping for a peek at this rare bird. While they normally travel and feed in pairs, Chuck has only observed the one.

When the bird first arrived, Chuck didn't know what it was, so he took a picture of it and sent it to the Audubon people. About a week later, there were more bird watchers in his yard than birds.

Murray has been feeding birds at his home on Cape Horn Road for 20 years and has befriended a covey of California Quail that have lived in the area for a long time. Gradually they stopped spooking when the Murrays were around, until finally in the present time, they wait under a bush in his yard for the afternoon feeding around 3:30 pm. As far as the Jay is concerned, he hit pay dirt, since a hungry bird will find a smorgasbord at this location.

Friday, November 05, 2010

The Last Dance

The last surviving original Pacific coast League team is moving. The Portland Beavers was purchased by a group headed by Jeff Moorad of the San Diego Padres. According to a blurb in the spokesman-Review, the team will play in Tucson, Arizona next year.

The team has played continuously in Portland since 1902. The original teams prior to major league teams either moving to the coast, such as the former Brooklyn dodgers and the San Francisco Giants, from New York, and Oakland or expansion teams, i.e. San Diego,Anaheim and Seattle.

Original teams that existed until major league expansion or moves, were the Seattle Rainiers, Portland Beavers, Oakland Acorns, San Francisco Seals, Sacremento Solons, San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Angels and the Hollywood Stars.

(From Portland's website)

"Beavers History
When Henry Harris, president of the San Francisco club of the outlaw California League, visited Portland in December 1902, it was the beginning of a chain of events that continue to this day. Harris convinced the Portland club to quit the Pacific Northwest League and jump to his fledgling Pacific Coast League. The two leagues went head-to-head in five West Coast cities, but the PCL won out and became a recognized league in 1904."

For us old farts, (we prefer traditionalists) it would appear that nothing in history is sacred. There is still a PCL, but none of the teams are from the coast. They range all over the west and southwest, even including Round Rock, Texas.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Thank God It's Over

It's all over except in some states such as Washington, where mail in ballot counting will go on for days. One wonders though that if Rossi overcomes the deficit now present, whether King county will mysteriously find additional ballots heretofore not counted.

Some folks are ecstatic over results while others walk away saddened with the realization that it wasn't their turn.Those who voted and are upset can at least hold their collective heads up high with the knowledge that they participated in democracy.For those that are disappointed and didn't vote, shut yur pie hole. You didn't participate and have absolutely no standing in this exercise. The Republic and it's subdivisions have spoken and as the saying goes, "It is what it is."

It is now time to put away the wrathful angry representations and misrepresentations and calm down. For the winners, the earth is not standing still and the challenges still exist. Challenges that in some cases, such as free international trade have not been adequately addressed, what with our balance of payments and industries owned by the Orient. Perhaps the conservative "free trade" mantra isn't the panacea that those disciples of that philosophy thought it was.

We will live with our choices and in many cases, perhaps most cases, good choices were made, directions were reversed and progress takes on many guises. As far as the Timberlake Fire Protection District goes, I don't think those issues are going to disappear any time soon. Long term solutions that the electorate can agree with are needed to keep the district from spinning off into oblivion. The key here is voter involvement without the appearance of dictatorial direction from the commissioners.

In any case, we have identified problems that will carry over to the next election cycle in some races that unfortunately were uncontested. Hart will probably find that this is the last election he will win by default. People are starting to become aware that honesty and integrity are more important than philosophical purity. That, hopefully will become a major issue next time around in many races.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Issues That Are Clearly Unclear

I've been watching election returns all afternoon and on through the evening. Before I reach overload, I thought it would be useful to express my thoughts. First, this election cycle reflects a massive NO to CHANGE! Now that alone isn't necessarily fatal to the democrats. It's just a massive rejection to an empty vessel. While an election might be won by slogans like, "CHANGE," and accusing the republicans as the party of,"NO, it is important to understand what this all means. Slogans are just that. Buzz words.

Essentially, it means nothing. The same demagogues from both parties will still spread crap and either distortions or outright lies to us. This is nothing new. The liberal revolution was a temporary victory as will the conservative be. ... Unless real change occurs. Nowhere in the last half century, perhaps with the exception of the Reagan years, has either party managed to govern with any degree of expertise. This isn't necessarily the fault of the candidates, since they rely on test marketing, polls and such. What is broken is the lack of intelligent participation from the voters, most of which are either rabid fanatics of one side or the other, or dropouts. Of course, being a dropout doesn't disqualify you from bitching, even though you didn't take a position, didn't vote, and didn't think your thoughts mattered. They do.

Just in the Lakeland School District election for a bond issue to establish a cooperative voc-ed campus for training for the trades and other skills requiring certification, such as health care, only won by 5 votes. Do not ever think your vote doesn't matter. It does, even if it's only a warning to the other candidate that they don't have an absolute mandate.

Until the moderate middle steps up to take charge of their various political parties, The extremes will rule. This occurs primarily through apathy. The extremists and fringe dropouts will always fight harder that the families that are comfortable in their existence. These, for the most part, are not reincarnations of Jefferson, but manifestations of their own failed, wasted lives, where they seek to justify their existence.


I don't know about you folks, but I'll be glued to my TV from about 6:00 pm to watch what is billed as a voter riot. It sure will be interesting, regardless of the outcome. Thankfully, people can return to as close to normal as they ever get. Meanwhile, I have to finish a column for the S/R, so later.

For election results in Kootenai county, go to:

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Please Vote Tuesday

Most mid-term elections have abysmal turnouts of registered voters. There are many important issues, as well as political offices up for grabs, not to mention two up for grabs write-in contests.

Two such contests, pit Jai Nelson, Republican Primary winner against incumbent, Rick Currie. Currie lost in a three way election, with the split vote. This is a classic glass half-full or half-empty scenario. Nelson claims Currie had over 60% of the voters against him, while clamimg victory with less than 40% herself. The third losing candidate, threw his support behind Currie, as a write-in.

The other contest pits Phil Hart, Republican/Libertarian/Constitution Party incumbent against Howard Griffths, who threw his hat into the ring when several integrity issues surfaced during the Summer past. I cannot remember an election season with any more drama than this one, also a write-in canidacy.

For the first time in 15 years, Kootenai County clerk, Dan English has opposition. The lone elected Democrat on the county payroll, Dan's selfless dedication to his position was unchallenged until a sore loser in a city of Coeur d'Alene council election spurred fringe operatives from the extreme right to place the blame for their guy's defeat on the election department. An allegation that was discounted by the courts.

Wherever you are on these and other issues, let's have a great turnout to celebrate our unique system of overthrowing governments. By voting.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pay It Forward

October 30th 2010 at 6:pm, the American Legion Auxiliary will host its annual
“Pay It Forward” dinner. The dinner was started as a means of collecting food items for the ABC Food Bank located in Athol and in remembrance of Ellie, who believed the way to return a favor is to “Pay It Forward.” All of the supplies to cook the meal are donated from local merchants. The price of admission to the dinner is a donation of food or cash to the Food Bank.

This dinner was started in remembrance of a dear friend. Ellie taught me to return a favor by paying the favor forward. The last year that Ellie was in Germany she left her fully decorated Christmas Tree, households goods, and bedding with Norma Jean and her family. Her only request was to pass the gift on to someone else in need.

As we move into the fall and winter season, the economy is very slowly improving. There are friends and neighbors who are in need. Pay It Forward by donating what you can."

Thursday, October 28, 2010

An Open Letter to the Timberlake Community

Oct 22, 2010
I am not personally involved in the recall efforts against commissioners Rudebaugh and Fish,however, I was a direct witness to their behaviors (both public and behind closed doors) and completely support and understand why the petitioners want them removed from office.

Rudebaugh and Fish are currently circulating a flyer that falsely states that “the only real reason the petitioners want a recall is because of a strong personal attachment to the former fire chief,a desire to have the former management structure returned, and a $500,000 permanent levy” on the citizens." These claims are false and simply represent more of the scare tactics these two men used to get elected in the first place. It is a well known fact that I am not returning and there are no plans for a levy or the return of the previous management structure.

The fire district is in very poor shape both in terms of equipment and personnel, and its future should be seriously discussed and decided by the citizens, in the form of town hall meetings supported by a community survey, which was the original plan crafted on December 16, 2009 in a work session of the entire board, including these two new commissioners. That meeting gave me unanimous direction to send out a newsletter and survey, to schedule town halls, and proceed with the commissioner supported plan to test public support for some form of levy to address the problems posed by a dilapidated fleet of vehicles. However the newsletter was halted by these two commissioners one day before it was to be mailed.

The August 2010 Timberlake Fire newsletter stated “In mid February, the chief acting on his own without Board approval, removed many pieces of equipment from service.” The board was informed that removing the apparatus was an option one week prior, and none of them objected. In fact, Rudebaugh gave specific direction to do it. Soon after that happened, he put a gag order in place, and then violated his own gag order by leaking information to a friend who called the press, and then acted surprised and strongly objected when the information appeared in the paper. I couldn’t believe it.

I would also like to confirm statements that the management contract was my idea. In March, I researched this as an option and discussed it with other chiefs since I was privately considering another employment opportunity and wanted to ensure that the district would have continuity of professional management in the interim. I brought up the idea of a “management contract” to the commissioners as one of several “short term” alternatives to help the district survive within its current funding, even though the district's long term problems would not be fixed unless we either decreased service or increased funding.

It was understood by all that this was one of several alternatives, and that what was needed was for the board of commissioners to discuss all options in a public forum and obtain feedback to gauge which options the public would support. Unfortunately, commissioners Rudebaugh,Fish and outgoing commissioner Quillin chose instead to move forward with a management contract by acting behind closed doors. All of the planning and options were supposed to be transparent and open, but it was not. It was very dirty politics and it upset a lot of people. In closing, I would just like to thank the citizens of the Timberlake Fire Protection District for two
wonderful years in which it was my honor to serve as your fire chief.

Jack Krill
Former Fire Chief, Timberlake Fire Protection District

Thursday, October 21, 2010

View From The Top

Winter hours have arrived for local bar/restaurants. The floating Patio will close Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday through Sunday, until spring.

Ralph's Internet Cafe is open 8-8 Tuesdays through Saturday and 8-4 Sunday and Monday.

The Bay Cafe is open for Breakfast and lunch from 8:00am until 2:00 pm. Norma Jean tells us that you must try the new dish. Eggs Benedean.

JD's has their regular hours, 7 days per week.

The Buttonhook will be closed for the remainder of the Winter, unless the patio closes early. The buttonhook can open for special occasions and private parties by reservation. Contact Herb for that use at 683-9107.

The Bayview Mercantile is operating on winter hours as well, closing at 8:00 pm.

Marinas are open and taking slip reservations for next year, and/or covered moorage now. Call 683-2243. Or MacDonalds at 683-2211.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wacky Election Year

This year might possibly go down as one of the wackiest ones in recent history. We have a congressman, Walt Minnick, democrat, dissing Obama. OK, not so unusual in this the avoid Obama year for dems.

Then we have two write-in campaigns in local races, both which actually have a chance to succeed. Jai Nelson, Darling of the Libertarian right polled just barely more than Curry and Filios in a three way primary race, causing Filios and Currie to team up in a write-in for Currie. None of the candidates polled more than 37%.

Then the bizarre candidacy of Phil Hart, late of the Constitution Party. Serving on the taxation committee in the state legislature. He owes a bunch to the federal government, and his own state, for which he legislates tax laws... AND, he passes the litmus test in the investigation of his conflict of interest. Plus, it is discovered that he allegedly stole enough logs from state lands to build his rustic mansion in Athol. Howard Griffiths, a man that we here in Bayview know and respect, couldn't stomach this travesty, as a republican himself, and starts a write-in, too.

Kootenai county clerk, Dan English, a thoroughly respected administrator, suddenly becomes a cause celeb from the same libertarian right that Jai Nelson springs from. As if the 15 year veteran wasn't there all along, the wackos eventually became enraged at the heresy of an admitted democrat that could actually hold office in this county. Of course many of his detractors don't even live in Kootenai county, but then that is why the term Carpet Baggers was coined, wasn't it.

For those of us in northern Kootenai County, the recall election in the Timberlake Fire Protection District. Two commissioners, most recent electees, Rudebaugh and Fish, enraged many in the district for firing a popular chief, then contracting for management with an adjoining district, ignoring that folks around here like to manage there own affairs. Local control is the foundation of conservative politics and the transfer of responsibility to Northern Lakes appears to have engendered widespread resentment.

Even local volunteer organizations are not exempt from the craziness that pervades our region. Here in Bayview, the so called Chamber of Commerce disses local businesses and caters to a special interest group that is anti-expansionist. This roiled up group appears to be spinning out of control. We hear that the coming election of officers in November,is in trouble. they can't find anyone that wants to hold these offices and many of the current board members can't wait to escape.

All in all, if in the firing line, duck, then go vote. Staying at home this year not only would be a travesty of monumental proportions, it would suggest that you just don't give a damn. That of course won't stop the non-voters from bitching, once the dust settles.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

For Unbelievers

Many people cruise out to Bernard Peak in hopes of spotting the elusive mountain goats that some think is an urban legend. Well no, it's not. We really have goats here. (permission granted if you want to download this picture for your own enjoyment,) Tom Musson & I sailed out for a tour of the south end of the lake and lo & behold, they were everywhere. The two pictured were only about 50 feet above the water. I used as much zoom as I dared, since I was on a rocking boat.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

County Clerk

This is an interesting contest, as no serious challenger has stepped up for Kootenai County Clerk in the 15 years Dan English has been there. I question the motives of Hayes who probably was a fine police chief, but has no training for the vast sub-departments of the clerk position. This smacks of pure partisanship. The very idea, allowing a democrat to hold office in Kootenai County apparently offends some of the fringe of rational politics. Or perhaps Hayes just needs a job. Any job.

I did a story a couple of years ago in which I covered Deedee Beard and the elections department. At that time, I went away in awe of the professionalism that Deedee and her boss, Dan showed during the election cycles. It pains me to see a fine public servant such as Deedee maligned for partisan purposes. Hanging the 3 vote loss to Kennedy on the elections department is the height of demagoguery at best. To send such a fine person as Deedee into retirement in the way some did is just plain awful.

As to this election, I commonly use a very simple formula for selecting whether to fire an office holder, or hire a new one. My formula is,"If if ain't broke, don't fix it." Folks, the office of Dan English and his perch as county clerk ain't broke. I urge everyone to ignore party affiliations as I have in this and one other case and vote for Dan, the best man for the job.

PS: I received a comment from Bill McCrory in which he correctly noted that I used Harris instead of Hayes. Mea Culpa. I had a brain cramp. The reason that I didn't publish Bill's comment was that he chose to use defamitory language in pointing my error out. He isn't the same gentleman that once helped me repeatedly through the pitfalls of computer ignorance that I once needed and received help with from him. Thank you for all of your help, Bill. Even the comment that you submitted, since it allowed me to correct the error. I forgive you for the anger that this issue spilling over from the litigation caused.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Two Cents

Well, the election is almost upon us and what an interesting year it is.I'm not going to cover all of the mess, but a part of it intrigues me,having never used the blank space for write in candidates in all the 50 years I've voted. That is one thing I'm changing that this year, not once, but twice.

First the race for county commissioner in Kootenai County. Three candidates ran in the primary with incumbent Rick Curry gaining 32% of the vote, Jai Nelson, darling of the libertarian movement with 37% and Chris Fillios at 32%. This was from a total of about 19% turnout of registered voters. Since the election, Fillios has enthusiastically endorsed the write in campaign of Rick Curry. This essentially means that 66% voted against Nelson and her marginal crew.

I believe that without the efforts of some extremists and had Fillios not run, Curry would have walked away with the election. He is one of the most effective commissioners we have ever had. He speaks truth, even if that truth isn't what you want to hear. He works effectively with all political affiliates and doesn't deserve to lose. What is more important, is we can't afford to turn our county government over to extremists. I urge a write in vote for Currie.

The other write-in will be for Griffiths. This is a republican that after all of the revelations regarding Hart came out, just couldn't stay out of the race. That is to his credit, a brave thing to do. To anyone that is listening at all, I need not repeat the sins of Hart. He is an embarrassment to Idaho, the republican party and Kootenai County. That his own party in the ethics investigation held to a straight party line is not to their credit either. He has allegedly stolen from the state, has refused to pay his taxes and has deeded his home and business to a living trust to avoid any responsibility. This is a man that doesn't understand morality at all.

We need to address the severe polarization of the left and right. We need thoughtful office holders that have principles and morals to represent us. I realize that a write-in vote is an uphill battle, but if I am going to represent that principle that I espouse, then this I must do. I urge every one that reads this to give these issues serious thought and vote your conscience.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lolo Pass Oil Shipments

There have been hundreds of trees cut down to tell the story of the boondoggle in shipping 175 ton half coker drums up highway 12, thence to and through Montana, which hasn't given permission yet either. Blocking off hwy 12, both lanes so that these monster loads can travel through Idaho to their final destination, the oil sands area of Calgary, Canada.

I have an off the wall suggestion that may actually work. It has been announced that many more over sized and over weight loads are planned for the future. Has anyone thought about flying over these routes rather than trucking them? No, I don't mean in a standard airliner. How about a rigid dirigible? I had read something about a new German built airship called the CL160. I even think there is one already here on the west coast.

The CL 160 as it's name implies, can carry a payload of 160 tons from point A to the end destination without touching the ground anywhere en route. True, 160 tons won't lift 175 tons, but those figures are so close, one wonders if the engineers that designed this machine hd a tolerance built in that would handle the additional weight. The airships use helium, not the hydrogen that the ill fated Hindenburg burned up with.

I urge the powers that be to look into this method of transporting extra heavy or extra large loads. How about we think outside the box just this once. Below is the source of the statistical information on these air machines.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

My Take

When a sitting Democrat in this one of the most conservative states in the union runs for re-election, it gets interesting. Add a little spin and it goes off the chart. Fact: Minnick is a conservative, a Blue Dog Democrat. Fact: The speaker of the house of Representatives is Pelosi, a San Francisco ultra-liberal. Fact: The Republican party needs to regain the majority in the house.

These are the facts that face voters, many moderate republicans and conservative democrats. I like Congressman Minnick. I like the way he talks straight. I like the way he votes, and I like the way that he tries to turn his party toward the center.

The Republican party seems to have only one major objection to his re-election. Well, two. They want Labrador, a Puerto Rican born citizen that makes a living as an attorney specializing in immigration issues. To me, that means he supports wetbacks. Note: (I don't feel it necessary to use politically correct terms that were invented on the left.) For the record, my first wife was born in Mexico and three of my children are half Mexican. This is not a bigot issue, it is whether our laws protecting against illegal immigration should be prostituted, in the ever lasting quest for new liberal voters. ... But I digress.

Illegal immigration isn't just about peasant farmers, their wives and five children. If this example can walk across the border, so can terrorists. In fact the terrorists could infiltrate English speaking Caucasians, or those that would pass for one, along with weapons as well.

The major issue with Minnick, according to pretty much every right wing conservative I've talked to, is that he is a vote for Pelosi. He has stated that he has made no decision on that matter. I expect that if it were a very close election that he would bolt the Pelosi gang. Last time up he was a congressional freshman. They are nominally told to shut up, sit down and learn the ropes.

To abandon a good man, a sound thinker for purely partisan politics, in my view, is wrong. Labrador is not half the man that Minnick is. I am crossing over to vote for Minnick, despite the fear factor. First, I believe that the one seat is not going to be a factor. This election is going to sweep many mistakes out of the House that were made in the coat tail election of Obama. Congressman Minnick should not fall victim to the throw the bastards out syndrome. It is sad that because the republican party activists control the primaries that a moderate can be elected in the general election but not by one's own party. I have a hunch that if that were not true, Minnick would run as the conservative that he is, and under the Republican party banner.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Even Doctors Spin

It must be the season during an election year. It seems even medical doctors can't resist spinning for a good cause. In today's Spokesman-Review (Saturday, October 2) Guest opinion, two prominent doctors with great intentions flagrantly spun the stats to prove their point. The article was about keeping medical schools and doctors in the less populated areas of the inland northwest. Dr's. Paul G. Ramsey and Warwick M. Bayly wrote a logical opinion piece about this retention in the community and in favor of Eastern Washington medical school campuses. The spin? Check it out.

"Where will you find your next doctor? The odds are good that your doctor is thinking about retiring in the next 10 years. There are roughly two primary care physicians in the work force in their late 50s or older for every one physician under 30. And that’s on top of a growing national shortage of physicians. The challenge of attracting doctors to hospitals and clinics will become more difficult. Among the hardest-hit areas will be rural regions such as Eastern Washington. Where will you find excellent medical care?"

This was their lead paragraph. They feature the gap between 30 year old and 50 year old physicians, suggesting that the field is populated with older doctors. This is all true, except for one thing. A young medical student graduates from college with a BS at age 22 or 23. He/she then goes to medical school for at least four more years, taking them to age 27 or 28. Then at least two years of residency or internship follows. In other words, these fine doctors have twisted statistics to make their point, which, incidentally is a valid one that doesn't need misrepresentation. The first chance a doctor has to practice medicine is about at age 30. This skews the average age factor in a huge way. Doctors, your goal is good. You don't have to spin to tell your story.

Friday, October 01, 2010

The Numbers Game

Many bloggers judge the success or failure of their blogs by the numbers of visitors they attract. To an extent, it is an accurate measure of popularity.

I have noticed this last week that my numbers are down by about 30 visits per day. This isn't due to readers being turned off, but because I haven't raised hell about anything recently. People seem to feed on controversy and opinionated diatribes. Yes, I can and have been opinionated on many subjects, but hey the sun is out, a beautiful week of weather is present and all is well in Bayview.

The Ockoberfish derby will get under way tomorrow, after tonight's auction and German dinner for ticket holders. The week-end is predicted to be gorgeous right up until Monday, when reality intrudes.

In short, things are going right more than wrong and I'm at a mellow place. No, don't call 911. I'll revert as soon as someone or some group does something stupid.

Wait! I just thought of something. It turns out that a member of the Bayview Chamber of commerce nominating committee was heard to say that they didn't like Norma Jean Knowles who is attempting to run for Board member at large. Norma Jean is administrative officer for the marinas in town which of course would be something that a lakeshore community Chamber would obviously want to eliminate. This person is, of course a member in good standing of the Developmental Action committee, a group that for the most part is anti-growth and anti-business. Look for the entire slate of proposed officers to come from that group which seems to have captured the whole of the Chamber by driving off those less controversial. There. I did it. Well how long did you think I would behave, anyway.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oktoberfish 2010

There are many Oktoberfests in many locations, but there is only one Oktoberfish. Organized by Ralph Jones of Ralph's Coffee House in Bayview six years ago, it is a great hit with fishermen and women in the area.

September and October are recognized on Lake Pend Oreille as prime fishing conditions. Coming up the week-end of October 2 and 3 is Oktoberfish. Which is a Lake Pend Oreille South Enders Derby. Now in it's sixth year, this derby with 100% payout has become quite popular in Bayview. It's not just Bayviewites though, fisher persons come from many areas surrounding including many from Spokane.

This year as last, Idaho Fish & Game is still paying a bounty on Rainbow Trout and Mackinaw as well. Either of these are worth $15.00 from IF&G if they are a minimum 12inches long. In addition, there is no catch limit on either. Just be careful about confusing Bull trout, which are protected, and Macs which are very similar in appearance.

Here's the way it works. Entry fee is $25.00 per person and you must hold a valid Idaho fishing license. The 100% payout is based on proceeds from entry fees and funds from the auction which will take place Friday, October 1 at Rusty's Buttonhook Restaurant. The derby is being sponsored by the following Bayview businesses: Ralph's Coffee House, The Floating Patio, Bayview Mercantile, Rusty's Buttonhook Inn, Brad's List and Tobler Marine.

Ralph Jones, the organizer tells us, “Come on down to Rusty's Buttonhook for the fisherman's auction. 6:00 pm, Friday, October 1. We'll auction off donated goods, including fishing gear and other valuable stuff.. Bring your goods, services and gift certificates for auction and/or raffle. A 50/50 raffle will take place with tickets available at the auction.” Derby tickets are available now at Ralph's Coffee House, or you can purchase them at the auction. After entry fees are compiled along with proceeds from the auction and raffle, a total is arrived at.
The division of prizes are as follows:

First place wins 50% for the largest Rainbow Trout. (Gerard). Second prize is worth 30% of proceeds, with 20% for the third largest Rainbow. $350 and $150 are the prizes for first and second place for a two day aggravate weight Mackinaw total. In addition, a $100 prize will be awarded for the first Rainbow weighing in larger than last year's which was 15 pounds, 7 ounces. Floating buoy prizes as well, with up to $50.00 values.

Come on down without having dinner first, because a free German feed will be available for ticket holders. T-shirts, hats, hoodies will be sold as well.
Last year, 102 entrants participated in the derby with some real nice fish caught. Oh and of course many stories about the ones that got away. Any time fishermen and women get together one can expect stories of immense proportions that some suggest stretches credibility to the limit. Enter the derby and claim the travelin' trophy.

For ticket or derby information, call Ralph at 208-683-2218 or e-mail:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Timberlake Recall Election

Well, it is official. With 468 or so signatures on a recall petition, the status of Commissioners, Fish and Rudebaugh becomes shaky. The key in this election issue is why people signed the petition. If as some claim, it was due to a false accusation of violations of the open meeting laws, then their jobs are probably safe.

My take on this though, is that the public is stirred up and righteously indignant over the transfer of management to another larger fire district. In our area, people are pretty conservative when it comes to local control. Even if it makes fiscal sense, the management contract puts control of assets and training into the hands of a department that is answerable to taxpayers from another area. This issue is going to bite the district in the butt, unless they promptly draw new district lines, allowing the higher population areas the proper amount of representation. We have a fresh census to draw on and accurate planning would go a long way toward equality.

While I have not taken a position on the recall, I certainly believe strongly that a move of that magnitude needed to go before the voters. Simply laying out what the per $1000 increase in taxes would entail in real money, rather than generalizations presented by the board of commissioners, would have been useful. While nothing can be done this year, I suspect that the commission, of whatever makeup, will let the voters choose their poison next time around.

Another related issue, is that Bayview, probably the largest venue in assessed valuation in Timberlake fire district, no longer has a commissioner. At the resignation of Kirk Quillan, a person from little blacktail, an enclave of maybe 30 families, if that,and even in another county, has been given that seat. While the law requires representation of the minority county membership, it doesn't intend to disenfranchise a population of the size of Bayview, including Cape Horn. I predict that this issue, once people become aware of it, will over shadow the other issue of management.

At this point the sides are drawn up pretty much with Bayview and Athol facing each other across a line of scrimmage, with issues that strongly differ from each other. This, of course will eventually play out, but not before a lot of blood is spilled, (figuratively, of course) Then there is the issue, of who would serve, knowing the can of worms that they would inherit. Unfortunately in these situations, thinking, principled candidates avoid, and power hungry individuals triumph through default.

The results of the November election will be very interesting. I wish the district well, but have strong reservations as to the purposes and goals of the serving commissioners.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Farragut Navy Reunion 2010

64 years ago, in 1946, Farragut Naval Training Depot was closed and deactivated. By war’s end, 293,381 recruits passed through the base. It was in fact the second largest naval training base in the country. Tomorrow, we once again honor them at the reunion of those that have survived since the wars end.

What many don't know about Farragut, was that in addition to basic training, several technical training battalions were operated from the base, as well as a camp dedicated to returning wounded. The hospital at the Base was the second largest in the country, rivaling even Washington D.C. With it's Bethesda Naval Hospital. One of the more prominent schools was that of the hospital, which trained corpsmen. The Marine Corps doesn't have their own medics and rely on the Navy for those skills.

Accompanying the first wave in the island assaults throughout the pacific, were those corpsmen. Of the many graduates that served, two were awarded the medal of honor and one, the navy cross, second highest award for valor. Fred Faulkner Lester also attended Naval Medical Corps Basic Training at Farragut, Idaho, graduating in December 1943.
Lester was a Navy medical corpsman during the Battle of Okinawa where he earned the Medal of Honor in June 1945. He trained with Company 954 at Camp Ward.

“For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity and the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as a Medical Corpsman with an Assault Rifle Platoon, attached to the 1st Battalion, 22nd Marines, 6th Marine Division, during action against enemy Japanese forces on Okinawa Shima in the Ryukyu Chain, June 8, 1945. Quick to spot a wounded marine lying in an open field beyond the front lines following the relentless assault against a strategic Japanese hill position, LESTER unhesitatingly crawled toward the casualty under a concentrated barrage from hostile machine guns, rifles, and grenades. Torn by enemy rifle bullets as he inched forward, he stoically disregarded the mounting fury of Japanese fire and his own pain to pull the wounded man toward a covered position. Struck by enemy fire a second time before he reached cover, he exerted tremendous effort and succeeded in pulling his comrade to safety where, too seriously wounded himself to administer aid, he instructed two of his squad in proper medical treatment of the rescued marine. Realizing that his own wounds were fatal, he staunchly refused medical attention for himself and, gathering his fast waning strength with calm determination, coolly and expertly directed his men in the treatment of two other wounded marines, succumbing shortly thereafter. Completely selfless in his concern for the welfare of his fighting comrades, LESTER, by his indomitable spirit, outstanding valor and competent direction of others, had saved the life of one who otherwise must have perished and had contributed to the safety of countless others. LESTER’s heroic fortitude in the face of certain death sustained and enhanced the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life for his country.”
/S/ Harry S. Truman

Robert E. Bush attended Naval Medical Corps Basic Training at Farragut, Idaho, graduating in February 1944. He then continued his training at Farragut, graduating from the Hospital Corps School on or about April 28, 1944.

Bush was a Navy medical corpsman during the Battle of Okinawa and at the age of 18, was the youngest sailor to receive the Medal of Honor during World War II.

These are but a few of the heroic sailors that went forth to do battle for what was the survival of this country. Those still living, and they are getting fewer each year, as most are in their late 80's or even 90's. Those that are with us will join together once again at the annual reunion tomorrow, Saturday, September 11. Ironically, this date has a meaning much like that of WW11's pearl harbor. 9-11 also is a day remembered in infamy.

Veterans and other interested parties are invited to attend the flag raising ceremony at 9:00 am followed by the traditional visit and picnic at Sunrise Day Use
Camp at approximately 10:00 am.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Fall Is Here

It doesn't take a pronouncement from me to tell you that fall has arrived. Fortunately for the celebrants at the Centennial country Fair, in excess of 200 people arrived and departed throughout the afternoon. Games, the registration tent blowing away, Ski entering the best leg contest, sack races, we had it all, thanks to an untiring effort by the Centennial committee who worked tirelessly throughout the year, fund raising, promoting events and then executing them.

We had the dedication of the monument entering town, Bayview Daze events including the sale of calendars, picture history books of Bayview's past and of course yours truly through the Spokesman-Review, with a four part history of Bayview. That history only touched the high points and didn't cover the whole area as Linda Hackbarth's publications do, but with space restrictions, the S/R generously donated about 6000 words carefully structured and at least struck the high points.

Like all historical works, it was a living documentary as old truths gave way to new information as always. Linda Hackbarth, unstintingly gave and then gave some more, never hesitating to donate information and pictures that enabled this chronicle to happen.

Our town is quiet today. The splatter of a few rain drops, interrupting the total absence of noise as the tourist season winds down and the town of Bayview becomes, once again, ours. This isn't to say that visitors are not still welcome. With lowered expectations regarding daytime temperatures, September can be the best month of all.

Local businesses are segueing into off season hours, but so far only minor changes. The Buttonhook, with the departure of families has reduced their hours to Friday-Saturday and Sunday, opening at 4:00 pm. The Patio is opening at 10:00 am, instead of the summertime 7:00 am. Ralph's Internet Cafe is still operating at full capacity as well as the Bay Cafe. Updates to these hours and schedules will be posted as necessary. Oops. The Bay Cafe is closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

Have a great Autumn, hunting season and fall fishing. Speaking of which, the annual Oktober fish tournament will kick off October first as always. More on that later. Organized by Ralph Jones and sponsored by local merchants, this is always a popular time for liars, er' fishermen and women to get together and trade stories about the monsters that somehow got away. (Each year the size tends to multiply.) For more on the derby, call Ralph at 208-683-2218.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Labor Day Fun & Games

One last day of centennial celebration will occur with a Country Fair Saturday, September 4. Held at the community Center from 1-6 pm, games will go on most of the day. A cakewalk will take place every half hour, as well as a new bingo game as well. Prizes and various contests will go on all afternoon, followed by the cutting of the Bayview birthday cake at 3:45. An old fashioned street dance will follow.

In Bayview, any excuse for a party is a good one. Come one, come all. It's the last splash of the season, where Summer appears to be rapidly sliding away.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Vicious Cycles

Law enforcement is stymied these days. I can only speak for my local area, Kootenai County, Idaho. Currently, Sheriff Rocky Watson is suing the County for additional funding to support an ever growing crime rate. Fines that accrue from arrests, both criminal and traffic, go to the state, not the county that collects them. This gives responsibility without the funding to go with it. Sounds like government, doesn't it?

Several factors are creating this logjam. First and most obviously, we are in a deep recession, perhaps even a depression. The idea that the fed fears a double dip is ludicrous. There was never a recovery from the first one. Just an artificial period whereby the federal government threw billions of dollars into the economy. They called it "Stimulus." It worked. It artificially stimulated the economy for a while, then the money was all used up and employment was still high.

Here and now, in the second phase of financial breakdown, we find ourselves fighting increasing crime brought on by people being broke. Many people are shop lifting, burglarizing homes and businesses and then there are the hard drug users that can't keep up financially with their addictions. Sheriff Watson is faced with increasing need for enforcement, while his budget is being reduced. There are only two untouchables in government funding. Law enforcement and fire protection. Everything after that is luxury, with the possible exception of education. The problem with education is once a two or three year reduction in educational productivity happens, those students going through the pipeline at that time will never get the missed wisdom back.

For starters, it is time for the state of Idaho to return the bulk of fines to the counties earmarked specifically for law enforcement and jail maintenance. This will take legislation that should have been presented many years ago. It is understandable to an extent that direct retention of fines tend to mirror the legendary stereotypical sheriffs in the deep South with their speed traps and other revenue producing scams.

These can be regulated by one, not returning all of the monies, and two, by carefully watching cause and effect. The other proactive thing the state legislators could do is to modify misdemeanor penalties that do not need incarceration. Arrests for driving without a valid drivers licence is not a violent crime and the perpetrators need not be separated from the general populous. Other such crimes are; arrests for small portions of Marijuana and or the paraphernalia that goes with it. Suspending drivers licences for those driving without a licence perpetuates the crime, since in our rural area, if you want to work and still have the opportunity to do so, you have to drive. Closer enforcement at the source of drunk driving starts at the bar that is over serving their obviously drunk clientele. Start fining bartenders and bar owners. People that drink at home don't get caught driving under the influence, nor do they go out and kill other, innocent motorists.

We need to tie serving the public to those at the fringes of society that most need help staying out of trouble. Our judges are not accomplishing that. Perhaps because of unfunded mandates from the legislature, but never the less, Idaho public records show a continuous list of 180 day sentences for failure to purchase a drivers license. The term of imprisonment for that is overkill and cruel and unusual punishment.

There are men that beat their wives that don't get six months.This whole scenario needs to be revisited, and soon. I don't believe we are coming out of this recession any time soon and when we do, inflation from the money thrown at the economy will be rampant, causing another downturn. This next decade is not looking good and we will have to either fund law enforcement or barricade ourselves in our homes, triple locked much like New York City.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sneak a peek at my latest post. I know, I've neglected this alternative blog for too long, but I'm all primed to talk about state and national issues on this one. Law enforcement and the judicial system is my target.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Press release from Timberlake Fire District

August 25th, 2010

Contact: David “Rudy” Rudebaugh (208) 755-3611

Joint efforts ease the crunch on firefighters and taxpayers.

Timberlake Fire Protection District (TFPD), Board of Commissioners has approved to enter into a management contract with Northern Lakes Fire Protection District (NLFPD) from September 1, 2010 to October 1, 2011.

The District has been feeling the crunch that many public services across the nation have been experiencing. Like many agencies, the District was struggling to find how to make the tax dollars provided meet our needs effectively and effectually in providing our Citizens and District Members the best possible level of service possible.

The management contract will provide for 24/7 administrative management of TFPD. This collaboration is the product of extensive research by the Board of the Timberlake District into alternatives to more effectively utilize available budgeted funds. The districts would not be merging under this agreement. Both will remain independent with their own board of commissioners.

While there will be immediate savings, the benefits will be far reaching. In the future, results include opportunities to adopt common operating policies, additional training resources, and gain from the experience of a larger, well run fire district

TFPD Board President David “Rudy” Rudebaugh says, “The Timberlake Fire Board of Commissioners had to make some tough choices, however as a result, we were able to provide day to day management of the district, ensure that our service levels were maintained, make progress on maintaining our ISO Ratings, and save the tax payers about $80,000. Further the savings that we see through this management contract will be put to immediate use in equipment and facility needs that would have not occurred otherwise.”

TFPD serves the citizens of Athol, Bayview, and the surrounding areas. NLFPD serves the citizens of Hayden, Hayden Lake, Rathdrum and surrounding areas. This management contract will allow for a consistent approach of Fire and EMS emergency response in the 189 square miles of area these two fire districts cover.

*** Comments are welcome on this blog.


KTEC Passes

The three school district cooperative venture passed in all three districts, negating the "what ifs" if only two did. Considering the state of the economy, the voters are to be congratulated for selflessly turning to our young people, even many of us that are retired without children or grandchildren in the district.

I saw a lot of activity at the polls here in Bayview. It might have just been a coincidence, but I had to wait in line behind three other voters, something I've not had to do, even during national election years. While as Sue most eloquently stated, not every student that doesn't go to college will fit into the new Voc-Tech campus, it won't be necessary for that to happen. Some will opt to enter the military services, others family businesses.

It is, however, terribly important for our local economy for industry to have a trained work force coming out of high school. Welders have to be certified, as do health care professionals. When construction work returns, and it eventually will, many now in that profession will have either gone to other jobs or retired. A carpenter can't just grab a framing hammer and begin. It takes training.

The step forward in educational opportunities is huge, for both the students and small businesses. You have shown unselfish foresight.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Irony Of It All

Somehow I feel like the young lady that jumped through the looking glass and found herself in Oz. Following current events of the Bayview Chamber of Commerce and specifically the Developmental Analysis Committee is becoming bizarre.

First, for those not familiar with this committee, they are populated with well meaning, anti-growth and anti-business types as well as sincere people trying to keep developers honest and guided by community standards. It was only when the group started to become radical that I, and many others decided they needed to be cut from the Chamber of Commerce.

For an anti-business group to be a standing committee of a chamber of commerce is likened to ... Actually, I really can't think of a parallel. In my mind, freedom of speech is a right that cannot be compromised. For a group to suggest that they are speaking for the entire community, that is misrepresentation at best. This committee started out as an independent entity and should divorce itself from the chamber to become a free standing group pursuing whatever goals they want. Just don't purport to represent anyone other than your own opinions and above all, don't ever suggest that you stand as a representative of all, or even a majority of the residents of Bayview.

Many of the members of the DAC are in favor of Bayview incorporating. There are many pluses and minuses in that goal. What the DAC apparently doesn't realize is that the fear of DAC extremists ending up as the new city's government. That association will be the kiss of death in this endeavor. Many that might favor the incorporation in principle, especially after facts and figures are presented, will not sign a petition for the above mentioned reasons.

A recent flyer has been posted in Bayview further suggesting that the group has its own by-laws and that in the interests of keeping objectivity, no business owners need apply for membership,due to what is referred to as a "conflict of interest." Why being anti-business is not likewise referred to as a conflict of interest is a mind boggling contradiction. I guess when degenerating into an extreme position, these incongruous examples don't occur to folks.

For the good of this community and any future the Chamber of Commerce may have, I beseech the group to separate from the chamber, and lacking that action, that the chairman of the chamber cancel the committee as an affiliate of the Bayview Chamber of Commerce.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bayview Centennial Continues

If you thought all centennial events were over for the Summer, you were wrong. One last day of celebration will occur with a Country Fair Saturday, September 4. Held at the community Center from 1-6 pm, games will go on most of the day. A cakewalk will take place every half hour, as well as a new bingo game as well.

Some of the wacky events include a best beard contest at 1:30, best leg contest at 2:00. We aren't sure if men are included in the best leg contest, but suspect not. For those that dislike shrill noises, you might want to avoid the best whistle contest scheduled for 2:30 pm. The final foolishness will be the pit spitting contest at 3:00 pm.

Drawings for big prizes at 3:45 pm - Everyone present will get a chance. Following the drawings, everyone is invited to sample the huge birthday cake. The parking lot will be transformed after the cake cutting, so that an old fashioned street dance can take over. Festivities will end at 6:00.

The following weekend, September 11 will feature the annual Farragut Naval reunion. Flag raising at 9:00 am followed by a reunion at Sunrise in the park.

While most tourists will depart after Labor Day weekend, remember that the sun will still shine on the very best Bayview has to offer. The month of September.

Please remember to vote, Tuesday, August 24 at your usual polling place. Important issues are to be decided in this, the world's greatest democracy.

An additional activity added:

We are having a cake decorating contest at the Centennial Country Fair
on Sept. 4th and we am looking for a few people to bake and decorate
and then donate their cakes which will be judged for a decorating
prize, then used AS prizes for our cake walk and a couple of other
contests. This will be a low key decorating contest, and cakes need
not be made from scratch, just look, and taste, decent!

Cakes should be brought to the Community Center by 12:30 pm on Sat.
9/4. They will be judged at 12:50 pm and the first of 6 cake walks
will be at 1:15 where the first one will be given away. then every
half hour after that until 4 PM
This is a great opportunity for some of our great bakers to get
involved in our last Centennial event. PLEASE HELP.
Please call K. Clark at 683-3528 to volunteer. Thanks

Kathy Clark

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Guest Editorial by Tom Taggart

There have been a number of letters, posts, comments, and emails concerning the upcoming levy election for the building of a 11th and 12th grade, professional-technical facility on the Rathdrum Prairie. Some of the critical comments have raised questions concerning the initial cost; the operational costs once the facility is open; as well as the governance of the facility. I will attempt to answer those questions as best I can.

I have been involved in local government in Kootenai County for over 28 years and I can tell you that this is one of the most amazing examples of cooperation and team work I have ever seen. We have three school districts, North Idaho College, local businesses, landowners, and the City of Rathdrum all working together to make this a reality. There have been challenges and disagreements along the way, but they have all been overcome as time after time individuals put aside their differences and focused on what is best for our children.

It was important that the property for this facility be centrally located to students of all three districts. It was also essential the property have access to sewer and water. Since the long term vision is to have a campus that includes KTEC, North Idaho College, and a High School all together, the property had to be at least 80 acres in size. The property that was acquired meets all these requirements.

The $9.5 million dollar, two year levy, will provide resources to build and equip the facility. In addition to having the 20 acre site donated, much of the equipment will be donated too. This will be a “pay as you go” project with no debt incurred. Each district is limited to levying the amount shown on the ballot. There is no situation where a district would levy more to make up for another district failing to pass the levy as some have suggested.

The KTEC facility will be governed under state law that allows school districts to join together in what are called “cooperative service agencies.” Coeur d’Alene, Lakeland, and Post Falls school boards have followed those statutes in creating KTEC. It is governed by a five person board comprised of the three school superintendents and two business representatives. Since KTEC was created by the districts, it can be changed by them, when and if necessary. KTEC will remain under the three school districts ultimate control. There will be an advisory board that will make recommendations to the governing board regarding curriculum, staffing, programs, equipment, etc. This is essential to any successful professional technical program.

The same three school districts currently operate the Riverbend Professional Technical School under the same statutes. It is a long running cooperative service agency. It is housed at the NIC Workforce training facility in Post Falls. It also has programs spread out in various areas. It doesn’t have room to grow and is hampered by the lack of adequate space. The operational budget for Riverbend will move into KTEC when it opens. This includes salaries, benefits, and other costs of running programs. It is expected that there will be increased attendance at KTEC due to the type of facility and the programs offered. The increased attendance will provide additional state funding that will help with the additional costs of maintaining the new facility. These costs will be in the thousands, not, as one letter writer suggested, the millions.

By pooling the resources of three school districts, programs can be offered that would be too expensive for any one district. It also spreads the costs out over all three districts so no one district bears too heavy of a burden.

For more information concerning the overall concept and the need for the facility, you can find excellent resources available on the Lakeland Website.

If you have any additional questions please email me at