Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Issues That Are Clearly Unclear

I've been watching election returns all afternoon and on through the evening. Before I reach overload, I thought it would be useful to express my thoughts. First, this election cycle reflects a massive NO to CHANGE! Now that alone isn't necessarily fatal to the democrats. It's just a massive rejection to an empty vessel. While an election might be won by slogans like, "CHANGE," and accusing the republicans as the party of,"NO, it is important to understand what this all means. Slogans are just that. Buzz words.

Essentially, it means nothing. The same demagogues from both parties will still spread crap and either distortions or outright lies to us. This is nothing new. The liberal revolution was a temporary victory as will the conservative be. ... Unless real change occurs. Nowhere in the last half century, perhaps with the exception of the Reagan years, has either party managed to govern with any degree of expertise. This isn't necessarily the fault of the candidates, since they rely on test marketing, polls and such. What is broken is the lack of intelligent participation from the voters, most of which are either rabid fanatics of one side or the other, or dropouts. Of course, being a dropout doesn't disqualify you from bitching, even though you didn't take a position, didn't vote, and didn't think your thoughts mattered. They do.

Just in the Lakeland School District election for a bond issue to establish a cooperative voc-ed campus for training for the trades and other skills requiring certification, such as health care, only won by 5 votes. Do not ever think your vote doesn't matter. It does, even if it's only a warning to the other candidate that they don't have an absolute mandate.

Until the moderate middle steps up to take charge of their various political parties, The extremes will rule. This occurs primarily through apathy. The extremists and fringe dropouts will always fight harder that the families that are comfortable in their existence. These, for the most part, are not reincarnations of Jefferson, but manifestations of their own failed, wasted lives, where they seek to justify their existence.

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