Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I don't know about you folks, but I'll be glued to my TV from about 6:00 pm to watch what is billed as a voter riot. It sure will be interesting, regardless of the outcome. Thankfully, people can return to as close to normal as they ever get. Meanwhile, I have to finish a column for the S/R, so later.

For election results in Kootenai county, go to:



Anonymous said...

Hey herb.... how will we find out results for recall? And when?

Bay Views said...

I wouyld guess midday tomorrow. I'll post anything I find out. as soon as I find out.

Bay Views said...

For those that haven't heard yet, both Fish and Rudebaugh will be retained as the recall election failed.

Bay Views said...

I just deleted a comment aimed at this post. It was inflammatory and unsigned. If you wish to have it published, sign your name. Making war on your neighbors by hiding behind a tree thrwoing rocks is unacceptable.