Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Restaurant Capacity

A couple of years ago the Captain's Wheel Restaurant received complaints about slow service. This was due to hundreds of visitors in town with only one full service restaurant open.

This could happen again this year with the Buttonhook closed. Limited menus are available at Ralph's and the Floating Patio, but I advise folks to dine early before the rush.

The unfortunate result with the Buttonhook, is a small group of anti-business left wing people who especially resent Chan Karupiah, owner of several marinas including the Buttonhook.

A recent hearing by the road district in response to an easement request by Karupiah, was faithfully attended by this anti-everything group. They are not just harming the Buttonhook, but also the community. The negative impact on tourism will soon be felt if we don't have enough dining facilities to handle the crowds. Without this easement connecting the Buttonhook with Harborview marina, no resort liquor license can be obtained.  

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Summer Time

Many of you might wonder why the dearth of blog posts. It is simple. It's finally warm out and instead of writing I'm experiencing. Today and Monday we are supposed to exceed 90 degrees.

Bayview Daze is approaching fast. The parade, street fair and fireworks will be on July 1, Saturday. Come on down. This year the combat veterans will be honored.

Kick back and enjoy.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Horrible News Coverage

As I went on line this morning, I found it fascinating that the news media couldn't let go to the shooting at the Congressional baseball practice. Sure it was newsworthy, but not for three news cycles.

Before noon today, it was announced only on Accu-weather, did the story of a blimp crashing into the golf course at the U.S Open. Rather than depart from the mock congressional baseball game, they ignored it.

Finally, around 7:00 pm a runner, below the main story, mentioned that this happened.   What should have been a headline news story got  erased by another political one.

In this day and age, I suspect the Hindenburg disaster would be ignored, if an juicy political story was unfolding. God, where is 24 hour news when you need them.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Double Standards

As I watched coverage of the Gay Pride Parade, It got me to thinking of the irony. First, why take pride in deviant  behavior that up until a few years ago was criminal.Sodomy probably still is in many places.

What would the media do if we heterosexuals organized a straight parade. Certainly, since we provide though our guy/girl orientation, the wherewithal to repopulate our country.

How about the Congressional Black Caucus. Again, the media would have a stroke if a white congressional caucus emerged.

The last straw was the new commercial by  Jack-in-the box, using a gay wedding to sell burgers.

While you revisionists are probably blinded by your reverse racism, and your promoting a gay life style over heterosexuals. Nevertheless, Neither you nor they are right.

Sodomy is the root cause of the Aids epidemic. Sure it can be transmitted by normal sex, that is not why it raced to epidemic status. It is past time that we call a spade a spade and not be afraid to speak the truth for fear that inevitably we will be branded heretics and worse, political correctness is a   term and philosophy that was developed by the media and nurtured by them.

Our country is being torn apart by denying our heritage and Christian standards. So go ahead. Call me names all you want. I would rather care about the majority of us that still follow the rules.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Paris Accord

If  we look back over the last twenty years, we find that an unelected group headed by the Sierra Club has taken over a large segment of our economy.

In the name of fighting pollution, preserving water and ceasing the use of fossil fuels, they, not elected to represent anyone, have negatively influenced our economy.

The Obama administration and their fellow travelers, have in every way they can think of, stifled industry.  What once was the industrial heartland of this country is now referred to as the rust belt.

We have caved in to every nonsense ruling since the spotted owl controversy. The courts have taken over legislation, rather than interpreting existing law.

Hopefully, the Trump administration will find a balance between intelligent conservation and extremism. Many court decisions will have to be appealed, but thank God, we preserved the rule of law by appointing a conservative justice.

Sometimes it takes a jolt of reality to realize how far left we have gone. Detroit shouldn't be a ghost town like it is today. Some think President Trump is insane. Not me. He is the hope of middle America and the rest of us in reversing this judicial overreach.