Monday, October 31, 2011

Captain's Wheel

The Wheel is planning to maintain the 7 day schedule through the winter. Live music will occur every Saturday night, starting at 6:00 pm. This is not a misprint. The music will start at 6:00 pm. Saturday November 5th will feature music by Pauli, with Moore music November 12. As more bands are booked I'll attempt to keep up with listing them here.

Donation cans will be at most locations in Bayview to help with Yvonne's expenses. Please donate what you can.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Great Depression two

Friday, October 28, 2011

Unbelievable Generosity

Unbelievable Generosity took place at Scenic Bay Marina in Bayview, Idaho yesterday. Hearing that Michael Heath had no place to sleep or park his old motor home, Chan Karupiah, owner of Scenic Bay Marina and RV park, donated an RV space next to his mother's trailer for the off season to Heath.

Many of you remember Yvonne Wallis and her trials after the dastardly hammer attack last December, But Heath lost more. His wife was killed in the attack. Yvonne, still awaiting yet more surgeries to her head, has only Michael as her care giver. He cooks for her, cleans house, does her laundry, takes her to doctor appointments and much more. With Yvonne's mobile home having only one bedroom, Michael has parked his motor home on an old forest service road for the summer.

Chan is to be congratulated for his generous nature. Many things he does for others fly under the radar, as he never publicizes his acts of kindness. Chan also assisted in covering some of the expenses of our last trip to the Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Heath will only have to pay for power he uses.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Team Yvonne

Friends and neighbors have set up a fund raising site where you can purchase "Team Yvonne" T-shirts and Sweatshirts on line. By visiting the e-address listed below, you access the company that sells them. All proceeds will go to Yvonne.

I urge you to show your support for this unfortunate victim of a criminal attack. Ten months downstream she still faces more surgeries on her head.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lunch On Us

Hobart Jenkins, Jackie and Tom Lloyd have put together a meals program named Lunch On Us (LOU) to be served every Wednesday at the Bayview Community Center beginning December 7, 2011. It will be open to those in need and in particular to seniors in the low to moderate income bracket; however, no one will be turned away. Lunch is free but contributions will be gratefully accepted.

What we are asking of you is to spread the word to those who could benefit. If you know them personally perhaps you could just say that a lunch program is starting in Bayview and “needs” participants in order to apply for current and future grant money. We don’t want anyone to feel embarrassed or have their pride hurt. We just want to help at this dire time in so many people’s lives.

A head count for the first few meals is needed so we can plan on the amount of food to buy. Please call or email and let us know if you will join us for the Community Thanksgiving Dinner at the Center on Thursday, November 24th at 2 pm or any of the following Wednesday lunches beginning on December 7th at noon.

A generous donation from Carl and Wendy Costello has been received as seed money specifically to be used for this project and to cover the Community Thanksgiving Dinner as the kick-off.

Hobart Jenkins, Tom Lloyd and Kathi Ellis will continue to follow grant money. We hope to receive enough donations and grant money to make this an ongoing and viable project. Your tax-deductible donation (earmarked for LOU) can be sent to:

Bayview Community Center Foundation, PO Box 493, Bayview, ID 83803.

The volunteers starting this program are willing to do whatever is necessary to get it going and keep it going. However, we certainly could use more volunteers.

We appreciate you getting the information out.

For questions, call Jackie or Tom Lloyd at 683-1680; e-mail:

Thank you,

Lunch On Us
A Bayview Community Center Foundation Program

For questions and information call: 683-8040 or 683-168. On line at :

Monday, October 24, 2011

Heading Back To Seattle

I just confirmed the next appointment for Yvonne Wallis as November 16. We will trek across Washington state yet another time. I'm a bit fuzzy as to the purpose of this visit, but it is in preparation for the final trip which will be more extensive and require several days unfortunately during mid-winter.

With the unprotected gap in her skull, Yvonne has to wear a football type helmet when walking or traveling. It is very uncomfortable. We are all looking forward to having all of this in the rear view mirror.

This will be a quick trip over stay one night and back the next. Yvonne wishes me to thank all of you that have donated for the expenses incurred from these trips to Seattle and back.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Not Ready For Sainthood

In today's Spokesman-Review, a comprehensive review of the events surrounding the attack on Yvonne Wallis, her son Mike, grandson Jed and Mike's wife, Patty. The story, by Allison Boggs hit the front page above the fold for those of you that understand journalistic language.

In that discourse, I was praised for jumping in and attempting to do what I could to help. Initially, it was covered dishes and moral support. Eventually it became known that Yvonne had an infection surrounding the plate that had been inserted into her scull following emergency surgery.

After consulting with Yvonne, and considering her fears and lack of comprehensive skills following her head injury, I determined that Angel Flight wasn't an option for several reasons. First of those was flying her over to Boeing Field, turning her over to a cab driver and dumping her off at Harborview Medical Center wasn't going to work. First, she was afraid of heights and flying. Secondly, she was obviously not capable of dealing with the various bureaucracies that proved to be daunting even to me.

After considering these options and rejecting them, it was clear that she had to be transported by car with a companion along to smooth out the bumps. Rolling that one around in my head, It came clearly to me that I was the obvious choice. First, I'm retired and had the time. Secondly, I had family and friends on the coast that I could stay with while she was hospitalized.

That is what we did. She had two days of pre-op interviews in which I was an observer. We stayed in a non-profit motel ran by the Hutchinson Cancer Center for three nights, followed by the unbelievable course of events that followed at Harborview. I will cover those in another post.

Eventually, she was released and we beat feet back to Idaho. For Two weeks, she had to stay at Life Care Center, which proved to be everything they claimed. The Cadillac of Nursing homes.

She was finally released in an unconventional way, which again I won't go into here.

Now to the title of this post. Most of my life I have been a self centered egotist that looked out for myself sometimes at the expense of others. I am sure that reflected in the multiple marriage failures I Went through. As one ages, if you are lucky, one learned from mistakes made. Sometimes through wisdom, sometimes through God given opportunities that tend to be accidental.

The incident with Yvonne was the later. Suddenly I could do something useful in helping others. It worked for both of us. I, for the first time in a very long time felt good about myself. Truthfully, I think I gained much more by helping than Yvonne received of my assistance. I have many warts. I'm thankful that before I go, I will have done at least one good thing for someone other than myself. I just wish it hadn't taken 70 years to figure it out.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I have hesitated to write this post fearing the ladies would think I take breast cancer lightly. I don't. My sister died of that disease a few years ago and I have friends here in Bayview that have suffered and survived.

Still, how about equality here. Us guys, including yours truly, suffer from Prostate Cancer, but does anyone hold a month long celebration of prostates? Not even. I would wager, (without the facts of course) that as many men die of prostate cancer as women with breast cancer.

I finally figured it out. First, breasts are cute, and boy howdy, visible. Prostates on the other hand, hide in the background, occasionally, when faced with an appropriate situation, spit a little. Sometimes it is in an inappropriate event, but today we won't go there.

To sum it up, while a prostate never shows it's face, if in fact it has one, breasts are proudly displayed for the world to see. Some, more than others. In summing this up, I think I've lost my own argument. Vive le Tetons, may they dominate forever.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Water & Sewer Open Meeting

Several lessons were learned this afternoon, as the public learned to pay closer attention to the Bayview Water & Sewer Board meetings and the board learned some things about accountability.

A mostly hostile crowed of over 30 rate payers packed the audience after the board announced rates were going to double for the next year and beyond. Two problems were evident. One, the sticker shock with the sudden harsh increase, and the casual do what the law requires regarding notification. Chairperson, Chuck Waller seemed to feel all citizens should pour over the legal notices, just in case it affected them. That was an ill advised lack of judgement in my humble opinion.

He constantly referred to state regulations. What he didn't or wouldn't admit is that those state notification rules are for minimum participation, not maximum. Still, as the meeting proceeded, it became clear that the board members were sincere in hearing every one's concerns. The end result is that the board will, in the future do more to publicize important events.

My observations, which aren't necessarily that of others, is that the openness of the board to hear complaints until the crowd had at last, two hours later, wound down. Some showed up with recall on their minds, only to realize that the board made decisions as they were elected to do, and where some would have acted differently, they didn't run for office. It was noted that directors have six year terms, one board member thought is was only three.

Disarmed and satisfied that the electorate had it's voice heard, it is my feel that things will calm down, the board will make sure that not just the bare minimum legal notice is observed, where elections and rate adjustments are discussed, that widespread notification takes place.

What we saw today was democracy in action at the grass roots. It isn't always comfortable, but always necessary.

On an entirely different subject, it seems that a potbellied pig has been hanging around the post office and environs.Word has it that a couple owning a pig as described felt it necessary to flee Bayview in disarray from their home on 5th street recently. It would be a kindness if someone were to capture the pig and call animal control. I'm sure there are several people enamered with potballys that would either adopt the animal or eat it. Either way, it won't survive the cold weather coming.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Two great Developments

Two really great things happened Thursday, October 13. One was a successful cataract surgery done on my right eye. I checked in at the V.A Medical Center in Spokane, Washington where they started to play musical chairs with me. Normally, same day surgery is done on the sixth floor. That floor, however was undergoing a total remodel. So I checked in with my Daughter-in-law, Jennifer Huseland who would subsequently pick me up after the procedure.

Shortly thereafter I was moved to the 4th floor for pre-op prep. After a period of time and several eye drops plus being stabbed in the back of my hand with an IV pic. I was then moved to the 8th floor for the actual procedure. I chatted with John Givens, the RN anesthetist. I related to him that I had been taught to administer IV's through a pic-line, which is a semi=permanent pathway to the bloodstream where an IV can tap in.

He started to look at me kind of strange, then said, "do you live in Bayview?" I replied that yes I did. He then asked "Do you know Yvonne Wallis?" I gain replied in the affirmative. Then he related that he is an Elder at the Real Life Church in Post Falls and that he met Yvonne one night when a neighbor brought her for prayer. She told him the whole story from beginning to end about the attack on her and her Son, Daughter-in-law and Grandson. The daughter-in-law, Patricia Heath did not survive the attack and Yvonne is still facing more surgery. It is indeed a small world.

The other great thing that happened on that day is that the IV regime was over and she no longer had to be treated every twelve hours for infection.The pic-line was removed and Peace descended upon her household at last. Yvonne will have to return to Seattle at least twice more. Once for pre-operative planning and determination of what type of plate would be emplaced in her head to permanently close the medical side of her treatment, hopefully.

At some time, probably in December or January she will have to go back to Seattle for that procedure. The trial for the attacker, Larry Cragun, is set for January 3 of 2012. I will keep everyone posted as developments occur.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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Bayview Water & Sewer Meeting

This from Sheryl Puckett:

"Tuesday, October 18th, at 3:30 p.m. Bayview Water & Sewer is holding their monthly meeting at their office in the mobile home behind the fire station. If you're concerned please attend this meeting and come with questions.
Starting January 2012 the water bill will reflect the rate increase. Sewer charge will go from $20.00 to $26.00 and basic rate will jump from $11.00 to $21.00 each month."

It is unfortunate that the monthly meeting will fall during normal working hours precluding attendance by those in the community that are concerned with the rate hike. If the board really desires community involvement, an evening meeting would be more appropriate, as all other community organizations do.

Monday, October 10, 2011

More Help Needed

We are looking for anyone that has a set of 215/60 R16 snow tires. Yvonne Wallis, victim of the hammer attack last December, has to go to several medical appointments, plus physical therapy. Soon the snows will fly and here tires are wore out. It there is anyone out there that sold a car but still has this size snow tires, please contact me by either or by phone 208-683-9107.

We think we have enough cash to make the trip back to Seattle for her surgery, but now it appears that it will take two trips. We'll hope for the best on that one.

***We have a pledge for $200 for the tires. We need just $200 more to solve the problem.

Friday, October 07, 2011


photos courtesy of the Onion Creek School.

Using the analogy of streets, at the risk of getting Doug Clark started again, I'd like to address aging. First, there is no training for this. One day you are lively, svelt and full of piss & vinegar. Liken to the four seasons here in North Idaho, the following day you are old.

My face in the early years started out like a smooth newly poured sidewalk. Soon I turned into an average street. Later, my countenance became more like a blacktop street with a chuck hole here and there. Now, it's more like a washboard gravel road, leading nowhere and becoming slightly overgrown. As I age, I'm more compelled to chase my family's past. We'll leave out the part during prohibition where my Dad, an uncle and cousin cooked up some suspicious remedy for what ailed the folks in the area.

In a recent post, I mentioned the school my Mom taught at, the Spirit School in the area north of Colville. Spirit doesn't exist anymore. It used to sit on the Colville Northport highway, referred to as the Aladdin Road. Aladdin doesn't exist anymore either. The original Spirit lay athwart the Y just north of the Blue ridge mine. According to folks I've made recent acquaintance with, there was a store, gas station and post office.

Since finding that school, I found the school my Mom first taught. It is the Onion Creek School, that sits on the side of a mountain between Colville and Northport. According to some of my sources, the local economy is driven by agriculture. Some of that is allegedly kind of not legal. The noise level in the area is raised by DEA helicopters blanketing the area. I would guess they aren't growing carrots and tomatoes up there, but I digress.

The older I get the more interested in the past of my family. Next summer, I will trek with my son, up to Onion Creek for a trip down nostalgia street. The Onion Creek School is not just a school. It's also a school district all it's own. They currently have 43 students and the original school is still standing, along side of the teacher's cottage.

According to Myra who is either the school secretary, or maybe district administrator, they still use the little school my Mom taught at as a rookie first assignment teacher. That would have been around 1927 or so. Pictured above, are the school and teacher's cottage.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Oktoberfish 2011

Oktoberfish, a fall fishing derby on Lake Pend Oreille is sponsored by Ralph's Internet Cafe and The Captain's Wheel Restaurant and Lounge. This year was a good one. 109 contestants set out to capture the wily Rainbow Trout. Lake Pend Oreille, if Idaho Fish and Game weren't so picky, holds the state and national record at 43 plus pounds. Unfortunately the Gerard strain has been disqualified for that honor.

This year;s winners are as follows:

1st prize went to Cory LaRue at 14 pounds seven ounces. Cory has shown up before in the winner's circle.

2nd prize was won by Randy Vanerkolk with a 13.2 trout.

Edging out Nellie Bell who held 3rd until Roy Stokes showed up was edged with Roy's 11.4 Rainbow.

Pictures above, show the winners in reverse order, R-L
Second picture shows Ralph Jones awarding the Traveling Golden Trout Trophy to Cory.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Bayview Water & Sewer

Several people have contacted me regarding a recent substantial rate increase. It may well be that the increase in totally necessary, but no local notification of the meeting or the agenda was given.

While it is true that posting a legal notice in the Coeur d'Alene Press is all that is legally required, one does wonder why a greater effort to inform the community was not made. We are not a big city. We are a close knit village of few, where informal notification would have been in order.

I believe that our commissioners are honorable people doing a thankless job. Nevertheless, I am hearing from some that by posting just the legal necessity, it was an attempt to circumvent the customer base. Perhaps a special meeting could be called to more thoroughly explain the whys involved, this time with better notification. It would also serve to placate those who are of a suspicious nature.