Sunday, October 02, 2011

Bayview Water & Sewer

Several people have contacted me regarding a recent substantial rate increase. It may well be that the increase in totally necessary, but no local notification of the meeting or the agenda was given.

While it is true that posting a legal notice in the Coeur d'Alene Press is all that is legally required, one does wonder why a greater effort to inform the community was not made. We are not a big city. We are a close knit village of few, where informal notification would have been in order.

I believe that our commissioners are honorable people doing a thankless job. Nevertheless, I am hearing from some that by posting just the legal necessity, it was an attempt to circumvent the customer base. Perhaps a special meeting could be called to more thoroughly explain the whys involved, this time with better notification. It would also serve to placate those who are of a suspicious nature.


Anonymous said...

Do they really need to pay two men to read each meter? Looks like a one person job to me.

Anonymous said...

Suspicious - it is a understatement. I think we need to request the attorney general to audit their books and the open meeting rules and record. Mr head commissioner himself manipulates the water district, the community center, the chamber and gets his name put on a road. Wow go figure.
God bless

Bay Views said...

To be fair, there is a lot more than meter reading involved. Repairs and installations, routine maintenance on the pump house as well as the spray field on the mountain, etc.The Water & Sewer Department is a non-profit organization owned by it's customers. Making a profit wouldn't benefit anyone, unless there were criminal issues involved.

Robert Vogel said...

The Board of Directors decision to raise rates so drastically smells of the worst kind of government. In America, we like decision making to be a product of thorough debate and discussion but it seems the directors wanted none of that. It begs the question: Why? On a side note, one of the functions of media is to act as a watchdog of the government. I'd say it's time for a "humble muckraker" to step up and rake the muck.

Anonymous said...

Did they even look at cutting general costs, or employee costs?
Couldn't Neil Peck be on call when needed? I think he has been training Reed for two years now. Do they really need two men during the winter? Also, but not sure, Linda the secretary works half day on Friday, so why not just cut Friday.

Anonymous said...

Don't suggest that a mistake has been made on those reading. You'll be treated as a criminal. I never did re-cupe the money from the error made on mine. Incompentent bookeeper.

Anonymous said...

My foot - what do you mean by being fair - Lets start with the wages and benefits the employees are being compensated. We can request them under the public info request and I bet they are higher than the private businesses pay the equivalent skill. That secretary who is the chamber front for head commissioner probabily get paid by our water and sewer income to do chamber business.
My god - have you seen the Kubota RTvs these clowns drive around... diesel RTVs. These are the top of the line RTVs for a small community water & sewer system. Who is in charge managing the non profit organization - spend like a runaway government and raise rates. Why are these guys not driving around 2 wheel drive small Ford rangers or Chevy which gets 30 miles a gallon rather than the top of the line RTVs. What kind of gas mileage does the RTVs get?? We need to fire the current commissioners and elect tea party type members who are concern about budget and small government. This is no country club for the good ole boys.

Bay Views said...

Tere are two comments that I will address. First, to the person that usggested I can't read, I don't publish putdown to myself. If you don't like my reasoning then don't use my blog as a place to spout off. To the seoond, the anonymous comment was to the effect that as a serious muckraker, I should start raking. I felt that by publishing the problem, that all of you could articulate your opinions as citizens, rather than have me think for you.

Anonymous said...

It boggles my mind that two long-time water board members would pull this shenanigan on Bayview without any public input, at the same time they are soliciting community support for an expansion of the Community Center. So much for good communication, trust and openness -

Anonymous said...

Time to throw out the old goons and bring in new blood at the community center. All they do is play games and feel wanted and important. Time to put them out to pasture. I bet you will raise hell alot more money if these people are removed from the community board.

Anonymous said...

Can't help but wonder if some of those anonymous comments are not all from one person or maybe two or three.HMMM wonder who they might be.

I don't Linda needs to have pot shots taken at her.

I know many times that I have received help from both Neil and Reed. I truly do not care what they drive around.

This matter should have been handled differently.

My question to all is everyone current on their water bill?

The lady with the rose colored glasses.

Bay Views said...

What boggles my mind is that out of the total of comments, only one person signed their own name The rest slung arrows from behind a rock. Personally, I sign all of my opinions, and respect only those that do likewise.If you really want to make a difference in Bayview, then tell us who you are, before spouting off with insults to both myself and the board members who also can't remain anonymous.I don't necessarily disagree with any of your comments, only that you were too cowardly to sign your name to them.

Anonymous said...

I did Herb, I am the lady with the rose colored glasses!
You know me.

My apologies, this is Norma Jean.

I think I am really tired of the negativity.
Could the water board have handled the situation better, probably but I sure am not going to line them up and take pot shots at them


Sheryl Puckett said...

Can you get the word out that Tuesday, October 18th, at 3:30 p.m. Bayview Water & Sewer is holding their monthly meeting at their office in the mobile home behind the fire station. If you're concerned please attend this meeting and come with questions.
Starting January 2012 the water bill will reflect the rate increase. Sewer charge will go from $20.00 to $26.00 and basic rate will jump from $11.00 to $21.00 each month. Thanks