Saturday, October 15, 2011

Two great Developments

Two really great things happened Thursday, October 13. One was a successful cataract surgery done on my right eye. I checked in at the V.A Medical Center in Spokane, Washington where they started to play musical chairs with me. Normally, same day surgery is done on the sixth floor. That floor, however was undergoing a total remodel. So I checked in with my Daughter-in-law, Jennifer Huseland who would subsequently pick me up after the procedure.

Shortly thereafter I was moved to the 4th floor for pre-op prep. After a period of time and several eye drops plus being stabbed in the back of my hand with an IV pic. I was then moved to the 8th floor for the actual procedure. I chatted with John Givens, the RN anesthetist. I related to him that I had been taught to administer IV's through a pic-line, which is a semi=permanent pathway to the bloodstream where an IV can tap in.

He started to look at me kind of strange, then said, "do you live in Bayview?" I replied that yes I did. He then asked "Do you know Yvonne Wallis?" I gain replied in the affirmative. Then he related that he is an Elder at the Real Life Church in Post Falls and that he met Yvonne one night when a neighbor brought her for prayer. She told him the whole story from beginning to end about the attack on her and her Son, Daughter-in-law and Grandson. The daughter-in-law, Patricia Heath did not survive the attack and Yvonne is still facing more surgery. It is indeed a small world.

The other great thing that happened on that day is that the IV regime was over and she no longer had to be treated every twelve hours for infection.The pic-line was removed and Peace descended upon her household at last. Yvonne will have to return to Seattle at least twice more. Once for pre-operative planning and determination of what type of plate would be emplaced in her head to permanently close the medical side of her treatment, hopefully.

At some time, probably in December or January she will have to go back to Seattle for that procedure. The trial for the attacker, Larry Cragun, is set for January 3 of 2012. I will keep everyone posted as developments occur.


HucksOnline said...

'tis nice to know that good guys and gals catch a break occasionally ...

Anonymous said...

So when are you going to write about the Bayview Water and Sewer meeting today. Chuck Whaler had his bulldog was harassing and calling people names. He needs to go. $140,000 for 2 meter readers and a Chamber of Commerce employee.. plus $25,000 a year for health insurance. Wow guess we must be suckers for these clowns to rip us off. Chase em out of town or rather to Lewiston.
Bill S

Bay Views said...

Well Bill, I did at about 6:46. I thought I would have dinner first then collect my thougts. Thank you for asking.