Friday, June 29, 2007

The Male Ego

It just occurred to me that I am paying probably $5.00 more than I have to for a haircut. Why, you ask would I do something stupid like that? Simple. I get my hair cut by a pretty lady. If you think I will inform her of my age, when she thinks I'm too young for the discount, get real. Ain't going to happen. That started me wondering about other issues of that sort.

Do women buy clothes that are deliberately shown to be a size smaller than reality dictates? Some probably do. Recently, I heard (through my above mentioned hair cutter) of a guy (anonymous) that got his back waxed. In the mean time, don't anyone tell these ladies what my real age is. I intend to live in my fantasy world as long as possible.

If any of you have ideas, stories, etc. along these lines, feel free to comment, with the exception for comments relating to my age/looks. After all, I do have a male ego.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Governor Replies

C.L "Butch" Otter
June 25, 2007

Herb Huseland
Bayview, Id 83803

Dear Herb,

Thank you for contacting me about Kendra Goodrick. I appreciate the opportunity to respond.

A member of my staff has been in contact with Olivia Craven, executive director of the Commission of Pardons and Parole, and Kevin Kempf, Community Corrections chief at the Idaho Department of Correction. about this case. Unfortunately, Ms. Goodrick's case is under the jurisdiction of the court. As governor, it would be inappropriate for me to get involved in individual court cases.

I encourage Ms. Goodrick to seek qualified legal representation as she goes through this process.

Once again, thank you for voicing your concerns. Please don't hesitate to contact my office with any other questions pertaining to state government issues.

As alsways_- Idaho, "Esto Perpetua"

C>L> "Butch Otter
Governor of Idaho

I received this letter today. Either the Gov is confused, or I am. I thought that the issue was that the courts no longer have jurisdiction. Now the Governor is saying he can't or won't act while the issue is in thre courts. Can anyone tell me what is real here?

Pajama Party

In my print column that published today, the date for the event at the Captain's Wheel was somehow edited from what I submitted, to Today. To clarify, The Wheel will host it's second Pajama Party Saturday, June 30. The featured band will be "The Keep." Live music will be performed both Friday & Saturday.

Prizes will be awarded for three categories. Originality, funniest and sexiest. I offered to come in my sleep costume, but since I sleep nude, my entrant was rejected on the basis of not fitting any of the categories. It was also pointed out that they would call the Cops.

The first Pajama Party held at the Wheel was a gas. It was held St. Patricks Day of this year and was such a success that management felt the need to do it again. Music starts at 8:00 pm, and since the weather is expected to be warm, those showing up in their skimpies should feel comfy, at least as to body temperatures.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blessed Idaho

When you think life has dealt you crap,just remember the last time you looked at this.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Open Letter to Governor Butch Otter, Idaho

My son, many years ago was hooked on Meth. He finally beat the addiction when he realized that if he didn't quit, he would lose his Son. Kendra Goodrick, like many others, didn't succeed in her first attempt. She apparently achieved victory after getting what appears to be a third chance from Judge Mitchell,here in Kootenai County. In what appears to be either a legal technicality, or a problem between the Prosecutors office and the judge, a straight Kendra is heading for prison.

With all of the coddled criminals that seem to be using the penal system for a swinging gate as repeat offenders, I'm appalled that in this case, a person that has exhibited recovery is still going to what is a vastly overcrowded prison system. I urge you to commute her sentence to probation, as recommended by Judge Mitchell. It is time for you to decide the direction of our criminal justice system.

Are we imprisoning people for punishment? Or are we sending them up for rehabilitation? In my mind, rehab has already taken place. I feel this is wrong, and that further, the discredited County Prosecutor should be taken to task for this and many other missteps.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Adventures in Bayview

I experienced some good things today, and some bad things. First and foremost, I must cover my embarrassment. I received a call from a normally reliable source telling me that Waterford Park was defying the stop work order requiring them to not do any more work on the marina except to replace "A" dock, for safety reasons. After 30 minutes or so, I received another call from the same source telling me that Jim Brady had received a letter from Steve Wetzel, attorney for Waterford Park Homes, (Multiple LLC's) stating that they were going to go ahead with the entire project, disregarding the permission to just replace the one dock.

I thought I was misinformed. Rather than follow up on this, since my informant had already blown the whistle, so to speak, I drove over to the Marina, where I walked down to the aforementioned dock. I met a very nice young man, Gordy, who is known throughout the town as Holland's construction Superintendent. I said hi, and he said, You are going to cost me my job!" I of course asked why he thought that. His phone rang and he walked up on the shore to answer it. Shortly thereafter, a thoroughly steamed Tina Arendt, manager of the Waterford Park Marinas, was observed running toward me pointing a finger at me. She then yelled, "You are on private property... Go Home!

Well, of course, I left. After all, how could a gentleman resist an invitation like that. Unfortunately, she meant alone. Having been evicted, legally or not, I did decide that since she did have perhaps the authority to evict me, she didn't have the right to sent me home. Confident in my righteousness, I headed for the nearest non-Holland owned bar. After all, it was Happy Hour.

Friday, June 22:
A postscript to this experience, was that after the crew from the Spokesman-Review interviewed everyone, they told me nothing was going on that wasn't already approved. Friday Morning, after reading correspondence from Wetzel, Waterford Park's attorney, to the Idaho Department of Lands, the S/R exposed the real intent, which is to defy the State, claiming that the permits they already have, covers replacing the docks where they originally were, and furthermore, were going to drive more pilings. The battle looms, oh, and my usually accurate informant was not misled, but was right on!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nosin' The News

North Kootenai Sub Area Town Meeting:

On June 28th at 7PM there will be a North Kootenai Sub Area Town meeting
to be held at the Athol Community Center. It will be a public forum
regarding the North Kootenai Sub Area Plan Draft and discussion with the
Kootenai County Planning Commission representatives about the process of
amending the County's Comprehensive Plan. The Commission will use the
information in the amendment of the Comprehensive plan. The meeting is
open to all property owners and residents in the North Kootenai Sub
Area.(This is what happens when you cut and paste a press release)

Henry Netzer, Director of the Naval Acoustic Base in Bayview is retiring effective July 3. No new director has been appointed as of this date.

A new band, made up of old hands, well, except for one, has formed locally. RattleTrap, a Honky Tonk Boogie Group plays next Saturday, June 23 at the Linger Longer in Spirit Lake, with an afternoon gig starting at 3:00 PM lasting until at least 7:00 PM. An unusually large band for around here, this six piece group is made up of Lead Vocal, Shayne Edwards, Ray Gibson on drums, Tim Jones playing lead guitar and vocals, Clint Darnell, playing darn near everything, Bill Kasperson on fiddle and featured on bass and vocals, 19 year old Conor Yarbrough, George & Jeanne Bruner's son, proving once again, the old adage, that the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Stuff Happens

A spy has reported to me that some unknown vagrant managed to tape Taryn Brodwater's cubicle with a, probably illegally obtained yellow tape. This tape suggests that because this is a crime scene, no one should cross. While I can't think of anyone that would be so crass as to stick the Cops/Crime reporters nose in it, especially when her nose isn't doing so well,(can you spell allergy attack?)

After questioning all of the reporters and editors present, none offered an explanation. One wag suggested that perhaps the little people did it. Personally, I suspect the night janitorial crew. You know, the ones without green cards?

I chatted with several possible suspects, but all remained mute. The news editor was missing, (which does not bode well for this weeks news) The photo department was dark. Obviously they were out attending a Ukulele concert by Jesse Tinsley. I can only surmise that lacking any other evidence, it must have been an Associate Editor,you know, like the one that hung around shabby chicks last weekend.

Since the editorial staff at the Spokesman-Review is busy preparing for the e-mail sexplosion from the prosecutors office, we will just have to wonder ... Say, what happened to my mentor. You know, Wondering. The very nice lady that named me "Sweet Herb." A woman with an obvious talent for...well, talent ...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bayview Daze

While it is still almost three weeks off, we have to start thinking about Bayview Daze. Unlike most years, no flyers were passed out at Car-d-Lane, or Lost in the fifties. No matter, this twenty plus year old event will happen anyway. With some of our long time stalwarts retiring from active participation, great new folks are stepping up to fill their shoes.

The parade will be as usual, requiring those people who are entrants to arrive at around 9:30 AM to get registered and in line. Classic cars/floats and such should go up third street to get in line. The actual parade starts at 11:00 AM. Don't be late. All roads into Bayview will be closed from 10:45 until the parade is over, around 11:30. This year as every year, Bayview Daze picks the nearest week-end to the Fourth of July. Since that falls on a Wednesday, either week-end would work. The Chamber of Commerce picked July 6-7-8 for the three day event, with the Parade and fireworks on Saturday the 7th.

There will be no boat parade this year. Fireworks are when dark occurs, usually around 10:00 PM. Speaking of Fireworks, unlike some communities with businesses with deep pockets, the funding for this extravaganza comes entirely from donations. During Bayview Daze, there will be volunteers walking about with decorated cans and sashes, to signify that they are official fund raisers. Please, if you are going to enjoy our celebration, help support it.

Our semi-annual raffle is being held to fund the fireworks, also. A $20 donation gives you a 1 in 100 chance at a $1000.00 prize, matching the other half, which goes into the fireworks fund. Tickets are available at local businesses, but they go fast. The drawing will be held in front of the Mercantile at 12:00 Noon.

Other attractions are the street fair, where craftsmen/women sell their wares every year. There will be live music all over town, schedules to follow. We will do profiles on the various bands and locations as we approach the 7th ...

Friday, June 15, 2007

Two Sweethearts

I met two very sweet ladies the other day while researching a story I will write soon. Pictured above are R-L Marie Allen, age 93 and Joreen Bohn,age 74. Joreen served as Fire Chief in the 60's and Marie, as Asst. Chief, drove the rig. Both served on the Athol Fire Department, as well as members of the Athol City Coucil. For more, you will have to wait 'till next Thursday for the story which will appear in the Your Voice Section of the Spokesman-Review.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Monster Yard Sale

I have been informed that a monster yard sale will take place in Bayview tomorrow, June 15 The location of this extravaganza is 32930 Spruce St. in Bayview. Information at 683-0601 and 683-1817.

Ralph Jones, of Ralph's Internet Coffee House has recently been interviewed by KREM TV in regard to his no-Bob T-shirts. The TV station got curious about the Bob Holland vs Bayview saga and showed up to find out what was going on.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Local Folks Hitched

Angela Faye Lay and Kenyon Lewis Workman Haskins got hitched just moments before a rainstorm hit the outdoor ceremony Saturday. Over fifty guests attended the wedding of these popular local residents. The after ceremony eats were fantastic, with Jeff the Chef doing a Texas Brisket BBQ. Oh, and yes, Herb's potato Salad was present, of course.

After the ceremony, the groom was heard to say, "I just couldn't pass up a great Lay."

Big City Trippin'

To understand what I'm about to write, one has to have lived for a long period of time in a rural area. I am a Hick. Living in Bayview, Idaho, U.S.A. Rural living, especially in a beautiful area like mine has it's drawbacks, however few.

Last week I had to drive to Spokane, Washington. Did I mention that we Hicks get nervous when encountering more that three or four cars? Oh, and to complicate matters, we have only two seasons here in the Inland Northwest. Winter and Construction. We are, for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, in the Construction Season now, which in a circuitous manner, brings me finally to the point of this story.

Heading for Spokane, Washington is bad enough in normal times, if we ever experience those again. Driving there without the aid of Interstate 90, takes some imagination, a good map and a crafty mind. You see, it wouldn't do to take a route that everyone else thought of, would it? Again, I digress.

Armed with map, two cups of coffee and great determination I set out for the V.A. Medical Center on the other side of Spokane. No breakfast, as I was not just scheduled for an eye examination, but lab tests too, which required fasting.

Sneakily, I eschewed the freeway in favor of Hwy 53, which turns into Trent, which ends at Division. Smooth sailing so far, that is if you like to drive at 35 MPH. Turning North on Division, I somehow managed to find Francis Street, amongst the hundreds of cars around me that were obviously trying to find a way to injure me. Turned left, turned right on Assembly. I was there. Got my Lab test in which a nice Young Lady proceeded to draw blood, and draw blood, and draw blood. Finally, I stood up, needing a transfusion and started to walk toward the exit. The Nice Young Lady then smiled at me, showing two rather pronounced teeth. Kind of like ...Fangs! Yes, they were Fangs. Suspicion confirmed. While I had to miss Breakfast, obviously she was not going to have to.

Staggered over to the Eye clinic and collapsed in the waiting room. Had a very nice exam which produced two results. Found out I was getting free glasses, and that my prescription wasn't that far off what I already had, excepting the start of Cataracts, which were just infants and nothing to worry about. Asking about how long I had to wait until I could drive, having had my eyes dilated, the nice young lady told me "when you become comfortable." She gave me those throwaway plastic sunglasses just in case, although she pointed out that it was a cloudy day.

I walked out toward my car, blinded by the clouds that were awfully bright. After a few minutes I discovered that I could see people and other cars, and even stop lights, which according to Doug Clark, (Spokesman-Review Columnist) aren't used by the locals much anyway. I proceeded with "The Plan." If I remembered correctly, although in the entire city of Spokane, there were only two operational entrance/exits to the freeway. "The Plan" came unwrapped.I had remembered wrong. Eastbound Maple Street on ramp was blocked off. I sailed a ways east, paralleling the freeway, when finally I decided to try for Trent again. Missed it, but went East on Mission which eventually found it's way into Trent. As I passed through the Gonzaga University Campus, I noticed some really loud tunes just ahead. I saw something I had never witnessed before. The trunk lid of the car ahead of me was flexing to the beat of something not of this world.

Well, I made it back safely, although I do have some unsolicited advise for those of you that have had your eyes dilated.You will not be able to read street signs. Such is a day in the life of a Hick from Bayview.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Scooped 'em Again

May 30, I posted the announcement that Waterford Park Was selling the Trailer Park that had been purchased a couple of years ago. I then wrote the story for my column in the Spokesman-Review, which published Thursday, June 7. The News Department at the S/R followed up with a story, but it didn't publish today as expected.

Along comes the Coeur d'Alene Press, after reading my column, wondering if they could get into the action. The Press printed the story today, June 8. Nine days after the story happened. "Way to keep your nose to the ground Guys." Maybe they will start to read my blog now.

The expected listing of the Scenic R.V.Park didn't occur, as Waterford Park had second thoughts. Originally, and mentioned here, the plan was to list both. Activity at the Harborview Marina is still at a standstill, as Fish & Game, Idaho Department of Lands and others, ponder the work needed to mitigate the damage previously caused by sloppy construction practices.

Vista Bay Marina plans to kick start the Summer Sunday June 17, with a Dad's Day Brunch,from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

I need local help discovering interesting people and events for my print column. Anyone that knows of a coming event or occasion should call me with details.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Realtors Heard From

Good Morning
We have the listing on the Bayview Trailer Park.
We are interested in what the community would like to have done with that site?
Do you have knowledge as to what would be appreciated by the local residence?
You know that the highest and best use for the site will be decided by the Residence, the County and the Developer. It is our desire to bring the correct project to your town.
Please let me or my Partner Wayne Burton know your thoughts

Seasoned For Service,

Paul G. Scott
Commercial Realtor
Coldwell Banker Commercial
Schneidmiller Realty
(208) 661-6144

The answer to your first question is easy. The current residents do not like the displacement of the 32 Mobile Home owners. They would prefer that it remain in the present use. We also would like to see a moratorium on the eviction notice given to all residents last fall, until a new owner can decide the future of the project.

This town is in a very anti-developer mood, since your client has screwed with the town so much. As to the highest & best use, and using current rents and the 10 times annual income rule, the value in it's present use would be around 1,287,000. While you might get the 1,600,000 that is the rumored price, it would undoubtedly come with a great deal of passionate, aggressive response.

Having said all this, I have had recent conversations with some of the residents and have encouraged them to form a co-op for the purpose of buying the park for themselves. I don't know if this is a direction you want to take, but if you need my assistance in contacting some of the principles, give me a holler. It wouldn't be so bad for Holland to do something that fits this town, either.

Herb Huseland
Retired Realtor/Mortgage Banker

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Recently, Dave Oliveria received an award. This award was for the best Web Blog, which if I'm not mistaken, and many times am, should be Web Log. This is indicative of the wonder that Print Journalism in general thinks of us rank pretenders. We that aren't professionals. Us Slugs that always have our facts/opinions wrong. Guess what! He won anyway.

This award reminds me of the meeting of potential bloggers that met at the S/R building, lo these many years and months ago. Ken Sands presided, with DFO holding up the other end of the table. When I asked Dave what would they do to control the Ants after creating this Ant Hill, he replied," pour gas on them, like usual."

Well, He didn't do that, although it might have been the smartest thing he could have done. Instead, he encouraged us. Even some times the aggravating Idealogs that haunted the web. He got me started when I barely knew how to find the on/off switch to my computer. Now I am uploading/downloading, sending pictures, I am truly out of control. For this, you have DFO to thank. I survived the Ant Hill cure, much to the dismay of many of you. Oh, and it wasn't just DFO. It was, and I'm sure I'll forget some names, but how about Cis, Mari,Toni.Then there is Backwoods Bob and his life mate, Stebbijo. Then all the interruptions when I called Bill McCrory, never would he complain. The list goes on ...

I am rich ... I have the best of friends.

Thanks, Boss ...



It's hard when the weather is so nice, Summer has arrived and I get lazier, to keep biting Bob Holland on the Ass, so I won't today. Boaters are plying the waters of Scenic Bay, checking out the dock parties and shore loungers. My Tomatoes are growing like mad, and, Oh, I almost forgot. My friends are beseeching me to tell some lies about Bayview, lest I attract more residents. Just remember that when I say nice things about our little town, I'm lying.

I may have to slack off my blog posts a little, as my retirement has been somewhat interrupted by my column in the Spokesman-Review. This is a gig that I am enjoying for a number of reasons. One, I find myself getting way more involved in the Community than before. Two, my creative juices are flowing again after a long hiatus.

I started out doing a semi-monthly column of Bayview news and stories of interest in the area. That changed to weekly, and now expanded to Athol. I'm also working on a story about a very special person that recently passed away. I'm having a great time.

July 7, marks the Bayview Daze parade and street fair. I will have two reasons to enjoy that event. One, my Brother and Sister-in-law from Indiana will visit. Two, I was chosen to be the parade master of ceremonies. I'm sure that will be a memorable week-end. To top that off, sometime in July, my Youngest Son and family are moving to Spokane to accept a teaching position at the Northwest Christian School. They have been in England for 4 years. It's good to have Grandkids within reach again.

Well, enough of this drivel. I'm going to hit the Wheel for a brew ...