Saturday, June 23, 2007

Open Letter to Governor Butch Otter, Idaho

My son, many years ago was hooked on Meth. He finally beat the addiction when he realized that if he didn't quit, he would lose his Son. Kendra Goodrick, like many others, didn't succeed in her first attempt. She apparently achieved victory after getting what appears to be a third chance from Judge Mitchell,here in Kootenai County. In what appears to be either a legal technicality, or a problem between the Prosecutors office and the judge, a straight Kendra is heading for prison.

With all of the coddled criminals that seem to be using the penal system for a swinging gate as repeat offenders, I'm appalled that in this case, a person that has exhibited recovery is still going to what is a vastly overcrowded prison system. I urge you to commute her sentence to probation, as recommended by Judge Mitchell. It is time for you to decide the direction of our criminal justice system.

Are we imprisoning people for punishment? Or are we sending them up for rehabilitation? In my mind, rehab has already taken place. I feel this is wrong, and that further, the discredited County Prosecutor should be taken to task for this and many other missteps.

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Kendra said...

Thank you so much for your support and in contacting Governor Otter. I feel certain that with the support of the community, who've proven time and time again they can rally around and help for a worthy cause (example: the Groene catastrophe), and although I'm not even going to compare my little ordeal with their tragedy, it would still be incredibly unjust to separate me from my son, and I think that the average North Idahoan recognizes that.
So again, thank you for your time.