Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nosin' The News

North Kootenai Sub Area Town Meeting:

On June 28th at 7PM there will be a North Kootenai Sub Area Town meeting
to be held at the Athol Community Center. It will be a public forum
regarding the North Kootenai Sub Area Plan Draft and discussion with the
Kootenai County Planning Commission representatives about the process of
amending the County's Comprehensive Plan. The Commission will use the
information in the amendment of the Comprehensive plan. The meeting is
open to all property owners and residents in the North Kootenai Sub
Area.(This is what happens when you cut and paste a press release)

Henry Netzer, Director of the Naval Acoustic Base in Bayview is retiring effective July 3. No new director has been appointed as of this date.

A new band, made up of old hands, well, except for one, has formed locally. RattleTrap, a Honky Tonk Boogie Group plays next Saturday, June 23 at the Linger Longer in Spirit Lake, with an afternoon gig starting at 3:00 PM lasting until at least 7:00 PM. An unusually large band for around here, this six piece group is made up of Lead Vocal, Shayne Edwards, Ray Gibson on drums, Tim Jones playing lead guitar and vocals, Clint Darnell, playing darn near everything, Bill Kasperson on fiddle and featured on bass and vocals, 19 year old Conor Yarbrough, George & Jeanne Bruner's son, proving once again, the old adage, that the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.

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