Sunday, June 10, 2007

Local Folks Hitched

Angela Faye Lay and Kenyon Lewis Workman Haskins got hitched just moments before a rainstorm hit the outdoor ceremony Saturday. Over fifty guests attended the wedding of these popular local residents. The after ceremony eats were fantastic, with Jeff the Chef doing a Texas Brisket BBQ. Oh, and yes, Herb's potato Salad was present, of course.

After the ceremony, the groom was heard to say, "I just couldn't pass up a great Lay."


Anonymous said...

Congratulations BSM!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Angela and Kenyon!

I am very happy for you both!

I also have news. The Moose and I married 9-16.
I am now Mrs. Fred Gilbert and living happily in Lakewood, Washington in our new home. I will be retired as of the 31st of August.

Life is good and getting better.
I am sure it will be for you both too!

Many many best wishes!
Kate and Moose Gilbert
(Kate is my husbands nickname for me)

Tamera Kelly said...

Kenyon, Kenyon, Kenyon,

Glad to hear you took the plunge and got married.

Congratuations to all of you!!!!!

Hope to hear from you John called you and left a message.

We are happy for you and are happy you have found happiness.

Your friends in Port Orchard

John (Leon) Tami, Jabian, Shanelle, Trent Kelly
Jeff Wilson