Sunday, June 03, 2007


Recently, Dave Oliveria received an award. This award was for the best Web Blog, which if I'm not mistaken, and many times am, should be Web Log. This is indicative of the wonder that Print Journalism in general thinks of us rank pretenders. We that aren't professionals. Us Slugs that always have our facts/opinions wrong. Guess what! He won anyway.

This award reminds me of the meeting of potential bloggers that met at the S/R building, lo these many years and months ago. Ken Sands presided, with DFO holding up the other end of the table. When I asked Dave what would they do to control the Ants after creating this Ant Hill, he replied," pour gas on them, like usual."

Well, He didn't do that, although it might have been the smartest thing he could have done. Instead, he encouraged us. Even some times the aggravating Idealogs that haunted the web. He got me started when I barely knew how to find the on/off switch to my computer. Now I am uploading/downloading, sending pictures, I am truly out of control. For this, you have DFO to thank. I survived the Ant Hill cure, much to the dismay of many of you. Oh, and it wasn't just DFO. It was, and I'm sure I'll forget some names, but how about Cis, Mari,Toni.Then there is Backwoods Bob and his life mate, Stebbijo. Then all the interruptions when I called Bill McCrory, never would he complain. The list goes on ...

I am rich ... I have the best of friends.

Thanks, Boss ...


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