Monday, June 04, 2007

Realtors Heard From

Good Morning
We have the listing on the Bayview Trailer Park.
We are interested in what the community would like to have done with that site?
Do you have knowledge as to what would be appreciated by the local residence?
You know that the highest and best use for the site will be decided by the Residence, the County and the Developer. It is our desire to bring the correct project to your town.
Please let me or my Partner Wayne Burton know your thoughts

Seasoned For Service,

Paul G. Scott
Commercial Realtor
Coldwell Banker Commercial
Schneidmiller Realty
(208) 661-6144

The answer to your first question is easy. The current residents do not like the displacement of the 32 Mobile Home owners. They would prefer that it remain in the present use. We also would like to see a moratorium on the eviction notice given to all residents last fall, until a new owner can decide the future of the project.

This town is in a very anti-developer mood, since your client has screwed with the town so much. As to the highest & best use, and using current rents and the 10 times annual income rule, the value in it's present use would be around 1,287,000. While you might get the 1,600,000 that is the rumored price, it would undoubtedly come with a great deal of passionate, aggressive response.

Having said all this, I have had recent conversations with some of the residents and have encouraged them to form a co-op for the purpose of buying the park for themselves. I don't know if this is a direction you want to take, but if you need my assistance in contacting some of the principles, give me a holler. It wouldn't be so bad for Holland to do something that fits this town, either.

Herb Huseland
Retired Realtor/Mortgage Banker

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Anonymous said...

"appreciated by local RESIDENCE"? "decided by the RESIDENCE"? aren't you talking about RESIDENTS???? i hope it's people you are talking about, not structures. spelling 101.