Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bayview Daze

While it is still almost three weeks off, we have to start thinking about Bayview Daze. Unlike most years, no flyers were passed out at Car-d-Lane, or Lost in the fifties. No matter, this twenty plus year old event will happen anyway. With some of our long time stalwarts retiring from active participation, great new folks are stepping up to fill their shoes.

The parade will be as usual, requiring those people who are entrants to arrive at around 9:30 AM to get registered and in line. Classic cars/floats and such should go up third street to get in line. The actual parade starts at 11:00 AM. Don't be late. All roads into Bayview will be closed from 10:45 until the parade is over, around 11:30. This year as every year, Bayview Daze picks the nearest week-end to the Fourth of July. Since that falls on a Wednesday, either week-end would work. The Chamber of Commerce picked July 6-7-8 for the three day event, with the Parade and fireworks on Saturday the 7th.

There will be no boat parade this year. Fireworks are when dark occurs, usually around 10:00 PM. Speaking of Fireworks, unlike some communities with businesses with deep pockets, the funding for this extravaganza comes entirely from donations. During Bayview Daze, there will be volunteers walking about with decorated cans and sashes, to signify that they are official fund raisers. Please, if you are going to enjoy our celebration, help support it.

Our semi-annual raffle is being held to fund the fireworks, also. A $20 donation gives you a 1 in 100 chance at a $1000.00 prize, matching the other half, which goes into the fireworks fund. Tickets are available at local businesses, but they go fast. The drawing will be held in front of the Mercantile at 12:00 Noon.

Other attractions are the street fair, where craftsmen/women sell their wares every year. There will be live music all over town, schedules to follow. We will do profiles on the various bands and locations as we approach the 7th ...

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Bob said...

Don't forget the Peacock roast that will happen if the owner of the two peacocks that started camping out at my house, don't show up and save them.
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