Friday, May 27, 2016

Coal Trains

I am about to enter the rant zone. I've had it with the lefties bouncing from one anti people issue to another, while trying their best to destroy the human race, so they can more efficiently return our globe to whatever it's natural state was. probably without dinosaurs, though.

These issues are a scam to disguise the real purposes intended. First there was the spotted owls. These silly jerks didn't give a rat's ass about owls. They just wanted to make logging stop. They succeeded in the national forests.

Then there was the pipeline from Canada, connecting existing pipes to the short connector that was to cross the border. There again, it wasn't about how oil is transported, it was and is about stopping the use of coal, oil and anything that burns.

So now the pipeline is dead, Canada is building it's own. So now the howl goes up about the dangers of coal and oil trains passing through Spokane. That is a Trojan Horse as well. These extremists want at all costs to stop the use of carbon based fuels. Folks, you can't have it both ways. You kill the pipeline, more trains. You kill coal ports, Mississippi barges will take their place.

I was born in the late thirties and spent a childhood in the forties watching most everyone burn coal in their cook stoves or heating units. More coal was burned in this country during that period by many times than is used in today's power plants. We had a coal bin with home delivery. The entire foothills of the Bellevue to Puyallup was coal mines back then. Towns like Black Diamond and others were the gifts god created for us.

Many things in life are dirty. Disposing of human waste is dirty, but they haven't figured out a way to stop us from pooping, have they?

It wouldn't be so bad if these philosophically blinded had a substitute, but they don't have one, except nuclear plants, which they oppose as well. Allowing a misguided few to control our future is blatant insanity. You people have created your own  situation. Live with it.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Egypt Air Flight 804

I have some, though not all answers to this event. First, I am a pilot with many hours. Not an airline pilot, but aerodynamics are the same with a Piper Cub and a Boeing 747. Just the applications differ.

At 38,000 ft, where the air is very thin, it's  unstable. The higher the plane flies, the faster it must go to avoid stalling. A severe 90 degree roll to the left would immediately stall the aircraft, which probably caused a snap roll, which is to the opposite direction. That would have resulted either in a spin, or what is called a tight spiral, neither of which would be recoverable in a high performance aircraft.

There are absolutely no jet pilots that practice snap rolls.I have. One scenario, is an electrical short in the rudder control electronics. Remember, these aircraft are fly by wire, which means they use electronics rather than cable and pulleys to control the rudders and ailerons. Or in modern planes, ruddervators and flaperons. If the rudder votes hard left, the aircraft is immediately out of control, resulting in a stall and most likely a fatal spin.

The news programs are pretty much talking about terrorism with very little discussion on flight control malfunction. If, and this is purely speculation, the auto pilot had a glitch causing the rudder to slam to the left, it would have resulted in my scenario seen above.

This doesn't eliminate the terrorist theory of course, but it offers a credible alternative.

The news media, as usual, has jumped too far, too fast at the terrorist theory.

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Annuals Invade

This is the annual weekend of the Annuals, a loose group of men that started coming to Bayview well over 30 years ago to party. Eventually most got married and had sons who now come with Dad to this bachelor extravaganza.

Since an unfortunate meeting with a law enforcement officer two or three years ago, Marie Streater has provided a shuttle between the encampment at Farragut and the Marianas in Bayview, protecting everyone from DUI's.

This is  a fun loving group that is well behaved and welcomed by all here in Bayview, Idaho.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Rest In Peace

Two huge memorial/Celebrations of lives occurred Saturday, May 14. One for Lorraine Landwehr, held at Farragut State Park near Bayview, Idaho, and one for Roger Kellmer, held on the patio of J.D.'s Resort.

I was only able to attend the second one here in Bayview, honoring long term resident and good guy, Roger Kellmer. Standing room only was the situation as more than 100 old friends both from Bayview and those he grew up with and worked with from Potlatch and his tire shop in Wallace, Idaho.

I'm told that half the town of Bayview attended the event at Farragut. The other half was at J.D.'s. Many old friends that no longer live here in Bayview, came out to say goodbye to their old buddy, the "Tire man."

Roger excelled at fishing and playing pool. Every Winter he would appear during pool league, and back when he had a ride, on the lake, where "Tire Man" was his marine radio handle.

Though mourning his death was the occasion, I got the impression that it turned out to be more of a joyous party. He would have liked to be host, and maybe he was.

His two daughters, one living in Post Falls, Idaho and the other trekking in from Tennessee, were on the scene, alternatively laughing and crying and many people spoke of their experiences with Roger. It would be nice if they would attempt to visit us in Bayview in the future.

Many remember Mike Dotson, alias Airline Mike. He was unable to attend, since he now lives in West Virginia, sends best wishes to all. He was a good friend of Roger's.

With Liz Justus, Lorraine  for many years ran the Chamber's Bayview Daze activities. Especially the parade. They both will leave a hole in the fabric of Bayview. This has been a year of many of our leading citizens leaving us.The old guard is fast disappearing.


Friday, May 13, 2016

County Council

At the top of the list of qualifications for a commissioner, is integrity. By deliberately cheating on his building permit, Stewart has shown he doesn't have any. He built a beautiful pole barn with a barn like exterior, but in reality it was a luxurious house on the inside.

As a result, he violated building codes and cheated on real estate taxes. Areas that as a councilman he is charged with enforcing. For that reason I am voting for Chris Filios.

The 2 year term is a no brainer. Duane Rasmussen, a moderate Republican attorney is my choice.  You may have other choices, but above all, participate. Bitching about county policies without voting is absurd.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Roger Kellmer Funeral Arrangements

There will be a Memorial Service followed by a Celebration of Life
for Roger Kellmer on Sat. May 14th. 2:00 at JD's (out back on the patio overlooking the lake) The service will be performed by The Athol American Legion. Following the service JD's will host a Celebration of Life and Potluck. Please join us in honoring our dear friend Roger, he will be missed by all who knew and loved him. R.I.P. Our friend.
Additional Info Avail. @ JD's 208-683-9958

In addition, Lorraine Landwehr's life will be celebrated at Farragut State Park starting at noon, also Saturday.

Friday, May 06, 2016

Roger Kellmer R.I.P.

I first met Roger in 1994 when I brought my boat up to Bayview. I moored it at the Captain's Wheel where Roger was day bartender. I then moved to Bayview the next year.

Roger's nickname was the "Tireman." An avid fisherman, that was his handle on the marine radio.

I last saw Roger at the Bayview Mercantile just a few days ago. He was discovered dead in his home when a concerned friend went to check on him. He was a friend to all. He leaves a big hole in the social fabric of Bayview. He will be missed.