Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Boaters endangered on Pend Oreille

Boaters on Lake Pend Oreille are urged to watch out for logs and other floating debris after a log boom failed at the Clark Fork Delta’s drift yard. A debris field about 100 yards wide and a quarter mile long has been spotted near Memaloose Island in the lake, according to the Bonner County Sheriff’s Department. Additional logs have been spotted from the Clark Fork Delta to Hope, Idaho. Lt. Ed Jochum of the department’s Marine Division was planning to fly over the lake Wednesday afternoon to get a better idea of how large the affected area is. “It’s moving into the heavy boat traffic area,” he said. “All of it’s a hazard. We’re doing our best to mark it through flagging and solar lights, but it’s going to be impossible to mark every log.”

The boom that catches woody debris flowing out of the Clark Fork River and into Lake Pend Oreille was broken for six hours Tuesday. The breach was discovered around 3 p.m. and a temporary fix was put into place around 9 p.m., said Bill Dowell, a spokesman for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which operates the drift yard. During that time, logs and other debris escaped from the drift yard. Some of the logs with big root wads are easy for boaters to spot, but other material floats just underneath the water, Jochum said/Becky Kramer, SR.

Most likely, the drifting logs will head for Priest River outlet, but don't slam the pedal to the metal in any part of the lake. Having the bottom ripped off is a quick trip to the bottom. Wear you life jackets and slow down

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Should the city re-double its effort to find lifeguards for Coeur d'Alene's City Beach?

Bayview Daze Activities

The biggest weekend of the year is upon us. Bayview Daze will feature six bands, Food galore and enough beverages to sink a battleship.

A change this year for fireworks, switched to Sunday night, with the parade Saturday morning. The street Fair will be Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

Starting with the Patio, a full bar both at lake level and upstairs. Cranked music. Kitchen open except Sunday where a BBQ will take over. Closing will whenever the traffic dictates.

The Buttonhook will be open for fine dining from 4:00 pm and will cater a BBQ at Mario's along with a full bar. In addition there will be a beer garden in front of the Buttonhook.

JD's will feature 2 bars and a BBQ all week end. Music by Phil and the Prescriptions Friday pm, with Innersanctum Saturday and Sunday nights with Tru-Tones Sunday afternoon.

The Captain's Wheel will serve from a limited menu so that fast service will hopefully prevail. Music provided Friday and Saturday by Cary Fly with Last Chance Sunday night.

Hopefully, I got the spelling right on the bands. I don't like to take information over the phone since I'm hearing impaired and can't hear too well either. Come on down have have a blast Starting Friday night through Monday.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Market Panic

The markets around the world panicked Monday. This wasn't news. World markets revolve around panic, rumor and guesses. There is no logic to the fire drill attitude that investors exhibit.

This is tradition, folks. Traders, the world over, try to stay ahead of the market. Ever heard of this? "The trend is my friend.?" In every day language, this is called second guessing information that hasn't yet developed into reality.

Wait two or three weeks and the market will rebound to where it was. Why? Because it was never really harmed in substance.

New free trade treaties will bloom, panic will subside and Merry England will once again  be the world's oldest democracy.

The Common Market has bloomed into a world government cheering section in which individual countries were being coerced into a European one world government that would have eventually destroyed democracy and the merit system that has made us great.

That Great Britain led the way is a good thing, since we in this country are forgetting out history, our roots, and our traditions. Lest we forget the slavery issue, we inherited it from England, which promptly ceased the importation of African Slaves, which were captured by Arab traders, and or hostile tribes who sold their enemies into slavery.

Our past isn't perfect, but those Millenniums that would wipe the board clean of those historical accomplishments that we achieved are driving this country into a place that is being dug by know  nothings.

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Friday, June 24, 2016


Given the loss of sovereignty, I'm surprised it ever got off the ground in the first place. This has gone much further than sharing a market place.

From the first, I didn't think a common currency would work due to the diverse economies involved. I Think the entire program will unravel. All these countries can go back to what they did before joining the union. The lack of control over unchecked immigration set it off. Those countries saw and are seeing France and Germany lose their identity due to open borders.

The countries involved need to dust off trade treaties no longer in use and reactivate them as needed.

Exiting the Common Market is not plowing new ground. Europe has ruled independently for centuries.  A new world order is undo able and was doomed to failure. As I understand it, other countries are on the verge of following Great Britain. We are living in interesting times.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Other Side Of Bayview Blog

Most of the folks around the Bayview area know there is another blog here called The other siade of Bayview. Siince 10 months ago, when Blogger, Norma Jean Knowles upgraded her computer, she has been locked out.

Recently, she started it over adding a numeral 2 to the end of the name. You can now access this blog by going to: http//

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Hours in Bayview

Most businesses in Bayview are either at full staff and operating on Summertime schedules or about to.

The Mercantile has extended their hours to 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Ralph's Coffee House is serving dinners now Wednesday through Saturday up to 6:00 pm, in addition to their usual breakfast-lunch hours, starting at 8:30 am.

The Floating Patio is open 7 days per week from 11:00 am t0 9:00 pm.

After opening last week-end, the Button Hook is currently operating from Wednesday through Sunday, 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm for dinner.

The Captain's Wheel is currently open 7 days from 11:00 am to late evening, depending on volume

The weather is supposed to be Summery from now through August, so come on down..

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Friday, June 17, 2016

What If ... Trump Wins?

I recently read an article that looked forward to a possible Trump win in November. I learned several things I didn't previously know or at least remember.

First, the convention is not obligated to select the nominee's choice for Vice President. Historically it has, as a courtesy, gone along with the nominee's choice. So then, the party establishment could pick a seasoned statesman to run with Trump.

As far as a cabinet goes, the senate always has to vote on appointees, but could go further by sending the president a list of qualified cabinet choices.

Another possibility that occurred to me, is that some of Sander's supporters might switch to Trump.One interesting possibility is since the Democrats abandoned labor unions and other blue color workers, for the ecological extremists, perhaps Trump will bring them into the Republican Party, in a polar shift.

It's kind of hard to imagine the Republican Party as the new champion of labor, but stranger things have happened. After all, according to Bernie, Clinton is controlled by Wall Street. Hm?? 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mariners vs. Rays

I guess it was the advent of the tracer that made us all aware of where the strike zone really is, opposed to where the middle aged umps are guessing at it's location. All season, I've been yelling at my TV, which of course is an affliction of us aged ones.

Still, tonight's plate umpire should be canned. His number, I think is 29. I say that because wisely, he never turned his right shoulder toward the camera. His inability to recognize the borderline strike zone kills precision pitchers that like to hit the corners, of which this incompetent couldn't find with a seeing eye dog.

One pitch was almost dead center in the strike zone, but with a submarine pitch he got fooled right along with the hitter.

He couldn't find high or low, nor could he find in or outside pitches that hit the black. His only saving grace, was that he screwed both teams equally.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Bayview Daze Changes

Bayview Daze has some changes. Typically, we have the parade, street fair and fireworks on the Saturday nearest the 4th. This year, because the 4th falls on Monday,  The fireworks display will be Sunday night.

The iconic restaurant, the Button Hook will open next Friday, June 17. The initial hours ill be 4:30 through the dinner hour, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

This will alleviate the over crowding that occurs during  the summer months at the Captain's Wheel, which currently is the only full service restaurant operating in Bayview, Idaho. This blog supports all Bayview businesses equally and without compensation.

Friday, June 03, 2016

I Told You So

For those of you that missed my post of last week where I pointed out the incongruity between opposing both the Canadian pipeline and also the long trains full of Bakken crude, your ship has come in.

When a contest between trains and pipelines carrying oil to the world market places collide, a situation in the Columbia Gorge  occurs. Radical   ecologists, or want of a better term I call Eco-nazis, the point is that blinded by the fervor  stop all carbon fuels, they have lost sight of the marketing of said fuels.

The issue isn't whether we stop selling coal, or oil to the orient. It is whether we, or some other producer does. So the bottom line is convince the Chinese to use smoke stack filters like we do, of like lemmings, protest the transportation industry to stop doing their job.

Coal, from Wyoming and West Virginia will find it's way onto the world markets regardless of opposition from the Sierra Club and their fellow travelers.

Today, several Union Pacific Oil cars are burning furiously in the Columbia Gorge, shutting down Interstate 84. Will you fervent interlopers never learn? You are merely opposing interstate commerce, not the burning of carbon fuels.

First, find doable alternatives, before tearing down current markets.