Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mariners vs. Rays

I guess it was the advent of the tracer that made us all aware of where the strike zone really is, opposed to where the middle aged umps are guessing at it's location. All season, I've been yelling at my TV, which of course is an affliction of us aged ones.

Still, tonight's plate umpire should be canned. His number, I think is 29. I say that because wisely, he never turned his right shoulder toward the camera. His inability to recognize the borderline strike zone kills precision pitchers that like to hit the corners, of which this incompetent couldn't find with a seeing eye dog.

One pitch was almost dead center in the strike zone, but with a submarine pitch he got fooled right along with the hitter.

He couldn't find high or low, nor could he find in or outside pitches that hit the black. His only saving grace, was that he screwed both teams equally.

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