Monday, June 27, 2016

Market Panic

The markets around the world panicked Monday. This wasn't news. World markets revolve around panic, rumor and guesses. There is no logic to the fire drill attitude that investors exhibit.

This is tradition, folks. Traders, the world over, try to stay ahead of the market. Ever heard of this? "The trend is my friend.?" In every day language, this is called second guessing information that hasn't yet developed into reality.

Wait two or three weeks and the market will rebound to where it was. Why? Because it was never really harmed in substance.

New free trade treaties will bloom, panic will subside and Merry England will once again  be the world's oldest democracy.

The Common Market has bloomed into a world government cheering section in which individual countries were being coerced into a European one world government that would have eventually destroyed democracy and the merit system that has made us great.

That Great Britain led the way is a good thing, since we in this country are forgetting out history, our roots, and our traditions. Lest we forget the slavery issue, we inherited it from England, which promptly ceased the importation of African Slaves, which were captured by Arab traders, and or hostile tribes who sold their enemies into slavery.

Our past isn't perfect, but those Millenniums that would wipe the board clean of those historical accomplishments that we achieved are driving this country into a place that is being dug by know  nothings.

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