Friday, June 03, 2016

I Told You So

For those of you that missed my post of last week where I pointed out the incongruity between opposing both the Canadian pipeline and also the long trains full of Bakken crude, your ship has come in.

When a contest between trains and pipelines carrying oil to the world market places collide, a situation in the Columbia Gorge  occurs. Radical   ecologists, or want of a better term I call Eco-nazis, the point is that blinded by the fervor  stop all carbon fuels, they have lost sight of the marketing of said fuels.

The issue isn't whether we stop selling coal, or oil to the orient. It is whether we, or some other producer does. So the bottom line is convince the Chinese to use smoke stack filters like we do, of like lemmings, protest the transportation industry to stop doing their job.

Coal, from Wyoming and West Virginia will find it's way onto the world markets regardless of opposition from the Sierra Club and their fellow travelers.

Today, several Union Pacific Oil cars are burning furiously in the Columbia Gorge, shutting down Interstate 84. Will you fervent interlopers never learn? You are merely opposing interstate commerce, not the burning of carbon fuels.

First, find doable alternatives, before tearing down current markets.

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