Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Changes Acomin'

Within a few days, the Bay Cafe will reopen under new management. Henry and Sheryl Dean, now operating the Buttonhook and Floating Patio, have leased the cafe and after the hood is cleaned, in probably 3 to 4 days, it will be opend for Breakfast, Lunch and dinner. Breakfast will be available from 6:30 am. The plan is to remain open all year rather than seasonally, such as the Buttonhook.

Live music at the 'Hook was so successful recently, that the Bells will be invited back again at least twice. Labor Day Weekend they will play outdoors on the north lawn, weather permitting.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Wheel Turns

This Saturday night, from 8:00 pm to midnight, the Captain's Wheel will feature live music. The Larry James Band, featuring Larry on guitar and vocals, George on lead guitar and some vocals, the ever popular Daveana on bass and vocals, along with hubby, Kevin on drums will sir up the local scene with great music. Oh I almost forgot Rick on Keyboard. Together they represent the best in local talent and appear in other incarnations with a mix of the above.

Don't miss this one. It will be another hoe down like we used to have in Bayview.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Blogfest Review

L-R Herb and Dave Oliveria
photo courtesy of Stebbijo.

For those of you that don't follow Huckleberries on line, a Spokesman-Review blog headed up by the Blogmeister, Dave Oliveria, none of this will interest you. For the rest of us in this tight knit group of divergent opinions and personalities, yesterday was a blast. Bent's BBQ hosted the event along Steve Widmyer of the Fort Ground Bar. For those who don't know him, Steve is the consummate host.

Professionally known around the area, Bent has done gigs in the Silver Valley, as well as at the Fort Ground. His BBQ is fantastic.

As usual, folks from all walks of life and community standings were present, bound together with the commonality of blogging and/or visiting and commenting on Huckleberries on line. I was captivated by a young lady of four, named Zu, as well as a few older ones.

Missing were some that most of the time manage to attend. Cindy Hval, fellow correspondent for the Spokesman-Review, was absent, due to her father-in-law's untimely death. There were others as well. Meghann was there, crime reporter for the S/R. Cis and Mari, bloggers from the beginning as well.

Area notables, Dan Gookin, Councilman Kennedy of Coeur d'Alene, Duane Rassmuson and many others were present as well. Spencer showed up, braced for the next windmill tilting exercise. The important thing though, was regardless of how much some disagreed with others normally, none of the animosities were exhibited this day, as everyone basked in what has become a timeout of sorts between some that battle with each other politically. Oh and yes, I brought potato salad.

Here are some photos the event, as published today on HBO:

Saturday, July 23, 2011

North Idaho Veterans Standdown

A one-day Stand Down for Veterans who need help or are homeless, “A hand up...not a hand out!”
This event was designed to bridge many of the barriers between service providers and recipients. Primary emphasis is placed on the creation of an event in which homeless veterans are treated with respect and given the opportunity to relax, interact with peers and volunteers while receiving much needed services.
Saturday, July 23.

Saturday, July 23, 2011
Kootenai County Fair Grounds
4056 N. Government Way, Coeur d’Alene, ID
8am - 2pm Opening Ceremony @ 8am
Brunch served 8am – 1pm
Medical assistance, dental, service providers, military surplus, clothing, food/fresh produce, haircuts, veterinary services, bike repair.
On City Link bus route.
Robert Shoeman
(208) 457-8789, Ext. 3993
Brandia Young
(208) 457-8789, Ext. 3998

Contact Info:
You must have your DD214, VA Card, or Military ID
Attend the
North Idaho Fair

Friday, July 22, 2011

History Repeats Itself

A few years ago, the cafe north of Careywood, known as, "Stop & Eat, " burned to the ground. Sited just 100 feet or so from the Careywood Fire Station, part of the Sagle Fire District, there was no water available at the station to fight a fire with. Firefighters chopped through the ice at Cocolalla Creek to access water.

Last Tuesday afternoon, the nine year career of Sue Bourguignon, know by all as Sue B for obvious reasons and her friend and partner, Judy, came to a fiery end as a propane heater fell over while Judy was dozing, causing the van she was in to catch fire. She got out without injury, but the van along with a pickup truck was destroyed. The Jerky stand was rescued by a passerby disconnecting it from the burning pickup truck.

Lost was a substantial amount of cash, Judy's purse and other valuables. No assistance was received from the unmanned fire station. One wonders that if structures , etc. can burn with impunity within sight of the station, what luck would folks have when further away?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Well, we dodged the early one but caught the late one big time. Right down the alley.
Lightning, thunder and rain, oh yes,rain. It came down in sheets, like Niagara Falls. The streets ran with water as rivers. In fifteen minutes it was all over, as it is most of the time with thunder storms.

Peace has fallen upon Bayview, once again, as the angry weather turns toward Montana, where it seems to feel more at home. Perhaps a late thunderstorm may hit again, later tonite. Oh well, I don't have to water my tomato's this week.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Bizarre Week

Bizarre is hardly the name for this week in Bayview. First the dead man that called me yesterday, then the sudden appearance of an Egyptian sarcophagus on the roof of the Bayview Mercantile. Scott Bjergo noticed something different when he headed in to work Saturday morning. Perched majestically on the roof of the building was a bright golden Sphinx.

Someone, somehow, managed to scale the building during the night and install the replica without anyone the wiser. The fact that Saturday was the fifth wedding anniversary for Scott and Jeanne probably played into the plot. Bayviews has a strong suspicion as to who the culprit or culprits are, but without a confession, no way of proving the case is apparent.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back From The Grave

Just when I thought today would be like any other Sunday, I found I was wrong. What started out as a normal morning reading the Sunday paper turned bizarre as the phone rang.

I picked it up hearing a familiar voice. Not having my hearing aids in yet, I at first had trouble understanding who I was talking to. I plugged in my ears in and lo and behold, it was Rhon Holm, former Bayview resident. It seems that the rumor had it that Rhon was deceased. His wife, Dee even received a sympathy card.

The call began with Rhon saying, "hello from hell. Why aren't you here with me?" I explained that I had woke up alive this morning and wasn't scheduled to visit hell quite yet.

It turns out that Rhon and his lovely bride, Dee are living quite alive in Spokane, Washington. I asked him how his funeral was. He replied, "I didn't show up." For any of you that still believe he met his maker, Don't pay any attention. I recognized his voice. Now of course, he doesn't dare to die as nobody will believe it. Thanks for the call, my friend. Incidentally, what were the long distance charges from Hell?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Captain's Wheel Still Making Changes

Several changes have been made at the Captain's Wheel since it re-opened here in Bayview, Idaho. First was the addition of Dean Knowles, previously at the Bay Cafe. Starting Friday, July 15, Dean will be preparing your favorite breakfast meals. He will be open at 7:00 am.

Several other familiar faces are present as well. Shawna in the kitchen and Carly behind the bar are old 'Wheel hands from the previous incarnation. Heidi, at the Buttonhook last year, is tending bar during the day shifts. Other returnees may appear in the near future as well.

A happy hour has also been established. From 4-6 pm weekdays, canned beer and well drinks at $2.00. With the Wheel back in business and under new management, plus the Buttonhook returning to the upscale meals that they were known for in past years, along with Ralph's Cafe, a full slate of choices await the visitors to our village.
While BYOB will continue for a while during the week, banquet permits have been obtained for Friday, Saturday and Sundays allowing liquor to be sold at the Buttonhook.

The Bayview Whitecaps Babe Ruth team recently received a generous donation of $500 from Chan Karupiah, owner of Scenic Bay Marina and others.

On a sad note, Don Reynolds, a long time resident of Bayview passed away in his sleep just prior to the July fourth celebrations here in town. Long crippled up, he didn't get out much any more. The sign on his front porch used to read, "Mayor." Hiz Honor is gone and the sign removed.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Ingenuity At Work

Ingenuity is a word that denotes exceptional effort and exercise of original ideas. Such was the case recently at the Buttonhook Restaurant. Faced with an exceptional delay in the issuance of the liquor license,Chan Karupiah, owner of Boileau's Marina along with other properties, he arranged with J.D.'s Resort for three day banquet permit for the Buttonhook so that they could serve alcoholic beverages during the biggest week-end of the summer, Bayview Daze.

When the week-end was over, as usual, the town died down. Not to be defeated, Henry Dean, new proprietor of the Buttonhook, sans liquor licence found another way. Checking with the authorities to make sure he was legal, he advertised BYOB. It turns out that if no employee touches the alcoholic beverage brought in by a customer, pours or in any other way serves the beverage, an unlicensed restaurant may permit patrons to bring their own.

Many eyes opened wide at the invitation on the reader board. BYOB. Of course be ready to pay a corkage fee or pay a reasonable sum for set-ups, but that is only fair. After all, if drinking an alcoholic beverage is done on price only, everyone would drink at home. It's the social gathering place that allows people to pay twice the retail price for the privilege of drinking with their friends.

I salute Henry and Sheryl Dean for their imaginative way of staying open. Stop off at the Bayview Mercantile for a bottle of your favorite wine and haul yourself over to the 'Hook.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Why Bayviewites Don't Do Vacations

I almost jumped out of my knickers last night as I watched the sun set. The last few days of weather have been fantastic. Not to forget our long winter, but it's helping. Light breezes, 85 degree temps and clear skies just can't be beat.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Sound Of Silence

It never ceases to amaze me how the day after fireworks and the week following are so deathly quiet. Today, Wednesday, there is one RV nearby, with the occupants gone off somewhere. I spotted a lone sailboat over toward Bernard Peak earlier, but no boats at all in Scenic Bay. The Sun is bright, the temperature 79, winds calm. In other words a perfect day.

This compared to the madhouse of thousands over the weekend is shocking but welcome. For those of you that like peace, quiet and tranquility, this this the place and now is the time. The restaurants are stocked back up, beer deliveries are in progress and Bayview has room for you folks that don't like large crowds.

The sound of fish swimming by is the loudest noise on this day, the second after the 4th.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Bayview Fireworks Show

A rousing cheer went up all over Scenic Bay as echos of the Grand Finale ended the 25minute show. Sponsored by MacDonald's Resort with help from local citizens and visitors, it was a tremendous success as always. It doesn't seem that a little village like Bayview could put together a show any better, yet every year exceeds the last. As quiet sank over the darkened sky, boats which had surrounded the barge,(at a safe distance) began to scatter as if fleeing from danger. Cars, choking the local streets as they always do, began to disperse as well. One more in the books. With the parade scheduled for Saturday and fireworks on Sunday, it appeared that dividing the crowd may have had an unintended benefit. Crowds that appeared for the parade dispersed, and came back together for the Sunday night spectacular. This spread out the action for local businesses, rather than flooding them for one day. Better service was experienced as well without the five deep lineups at local bars. Many visitors that have attended the Coeur d'Alene shows indicated thy liked ours better, and when leaving town do not experience the hour long traffic jam that occurs down town Coeur d'Alene. Tomorrow winds down festivities here as just the street fair remains until about 2:00pm Monday. All restaurants will be open through Monday night, as weary employees crash. Local businesses wish to thank the visiting people for their interest and support. Bayview has been but a shadow of it's former self during this long Great Recession. Now all venues are back in business. Neither the Buttonhook, Floating Patio or Captain's Wheel were really ready to open, but open they did. Please excuse the shortages and in some cases lack of help. The will get organized given a little more time. Please come back in the coming weeks while we still have Summer.