Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tribal Ties that Bind

In every in depth story about Afghanistan, Libya, well any country ending in stan along with sub-Sahara Africa one common denominator is the word, "Tribe," Did I mention Iraq?

Any region that is driven by tribal loyalties and power cannot sustain a central government unless the leader is a Saddam Husein type dictator. Remove the leader and bingo it reverts back to tribal politics leaving the entire country divided into tribal enclaves.

When European powers collectively pulled out of Africa and the middle east, it left a vacuum of tribal warriors with little or no education to try to form a government. If any of you can name one that succeeded, I sure can't.

So here we are, attempting to build nations from tribal domains. Ain't gonna happen, folks. Then throw in religious differences and you have the classic anarchy waiting for the first hungry neighbor to feast on them. We need to rebuild and redefine Kurdistan. They are the only power block that can stand in the way of ISIS or Iran.

Iraq is no more. The president of the United States is throwing it's Arab partners under the Iranian bus. It now is too late to unscramble the Syrian mess with several different sides fighting each other for few if any results. Iran is poised, with it's army already in Iraq to take everything south of Baghdad. North will be ISIS vs. Kurds, with the middle belonging to the savages.

Leaders that only control neighborhoods, are tribal leaders. Nothing good ever came of government by rabble.

Monday, May 25, 2015

20 Years, A Bayview Resident.


 Picture courtesy of the Spokesman-Review                                                             

It was 20 years ago this Memorial Day weekend, that I uprooted from Dalton Gardens and moved into my elite single wide mobile home. I call it elite because very few trailer trash get the view I have. Chan, when he converted back to RV's was kind enough to allow me to live out my days here on the hill.

For me it is amazing that it happened so quickly. I suspect to others it passed to slowly, but hey, you can't be everything to everybody.

My first experience with Bayview was a summer commute to Coeur d'Alene. As I returned home that day, I found a long line of RV's stopped at the Kiosk which still stands at the entrance to Farragut State Park. The other lane was coned off. When at last it was my turn the bright young blond girl  greeter had charmed three tourists. Unfortunately it was at my expense. Here it was happy hour at the Wheel and I was late.

Having an extensive background in both Real Estate Sales and Mortgage lending, I immediately knew that the Park was in violation of several laws, the most serious being blockading a state highway. Now it is legal to do that temporarily for street  repairs or emergencies. I pointed this out to the young lady, who promptly said, "Not in a state park it isn't. I promised her she would hear from me soon.

The following day I called the State Police office in Hayden to file a complaint. The area commander was at the time, Captain Powell, now commandant of the department. Always the politician, he did the guppy thing and finally said you'll have to put this in writing, so I can forward it to Boise where they will address the problem.

After lunch, I typed out a criminal complaint charging the park manager with a deliberate crime. I then suggested that the park was no better than an individual and that it was blatantly illegal to block a state highway.  When I submitted it that afternoon, I asked how long he thought it would take for this matter to be addressed. He wisely allowed for Government sluggish habits, and promised at least 2 weeks.

The next day, sitting in my office, the phone rang. It was a conference call which included Captain Powell, the Boss men at IDT and the parks department. It turned out that when the captain faxed the letter to Boise, a sh*t storm happened. The competition between state agencies was in full swing and I had given ammo to the Highway Department.

These worthies immediately asked me what it would take for me to back off. I thought about it for a few seconds and said,"keep one lane open for through traffic at all times."They quickly agreed. That afternoon, a little sign painted black with white letters and arrows pointed to park lanes and through lanes. The sign was painted in the  ITD maintenance shop that afternoon. The paint couldn't have been dry long.

The thing that hit me was apparently a couple of state legislators had appealed to the park's better nature. They don't have one. Here I was, a resident in Bayview that essentially knew nobody in town and I was making decisions that really I didn't have the power to make. However I was the nail that was sticking up and they accepted my lead. Later they rerouted park traffic to where it is now, leaving the highway clear. Afterward, I called a spy in the transportation department who told me, "The Parks Department thought they had more horsepower than us. They were wrong."

The parks department tried to hedge on this but I insisted that they state in writing that they would never block the road again. I got a hold of one of the officers of the Bayview chamber, and gave them the letter for safe keeping. It is still filed under 1995 documents.

Not all of my 20 years have been so interesting, but hey, what an introduction for a new resident. From time to time I take issue with things, but by and large, I just try to live my life, not others'.

Here is the story by Susan Drumheller:

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

M & M wins

No, sorry, the Mariners are not part of this story. What is, is that for the first time since the Bayview Water & Sewer District board of directors were formed, have defeated appointees. Meyer & May have won.

This was a victory for democracy and unfortunately the appointees that ran as incumbents were beat. Not because they weren't worthy, but because they were the victims of a totalitarian cabal that was Chuck Waller's private domain.I encourage the defeated candidates to run next time on their own merits, not Waller's.

Waller, consistently claims that the board satisfied the law by publishing election notices in the legals at the CDA press. If any of you know of anyone that reads the legals Outside of  Title Insurance Companies, I'd be amazed. This however is the minimum requirement of the district under state law.

So then, could it be that the electorate became pissed off that they weren't given a fair chance at running? Bet yer ass it did. Other than the minimum requirement, no effort was ever used to clearly inform the community of an upcoming election. That will change as neither board member elect will allow another secret election where the board appoints members.

There were allegations that Chan and Spencer had a surreptitious role in this election. First, Spenser is a joke. Secondly, I doubt that Chan took an active part, and certainly Spenser didn't. This was a last minute red herring thrown into the mix in the demagogic tradition. To take a thoroughly discredited business person like Spencer and throw him into a totally unrelated role was mud slinging. Something that was beneath the slinger.

Just to clear the air, the allegation that in order to build condos from wall to wall around the bay, was actually either misinformed or deliberate attempts to draw Chan into the race by playing the developer card.

I investigated this slander by going to the source. It turns out that one, Chan could have just bought out James Darling, but it was unnecessary. Either the Water &and Sewer Board doesn't keep track of ER's or the forgot that those ER's that Holland had reverted to Chan He doesn't need any more than he already has.

It is sad that untruths in this small community are taken a face value by no growth people, even when apparently they are blatantly lies, either by the board or the persons that believed and wrote these untruths.   Misspent  loyalty has a price, and those that spread these rumors will eventually pay that price.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Water & Sewer Election

Tuesday, May 19 will be an election. Voting will take place as usual, at the community Center It is non-partisan, so political parties or affiliations are not germane. What is though, is your participation. For the first time since the department was formed, an open election is being held. This was brought about by two alert challengers to what is a wholly appointed board of directors. Both incumbents are fine people. So are the challengers. Whether you recognize the need to over turn he status quo, or favor the incumbents, at the very lease use you vote to send whatever message that you feel the need for. But please, in the interests of democracy, cast your ballot. Protect your right to elect the board members rather than leave the choice to others.

I want to go on the record that I have no argument personally with the current board members with one exception. On a board that is supposed to hold open elections, All are appointees. We must break that cycle.  If good people loose the election it is a small price for openness and democracy.

Already an e-mail has been circulated throwing Chan and Spencer into the mix. That frankly smells. I do not believe Chan has invested either money or other support for any candidates. To link Spencer, an extremist Right wing guy with candidates that are possibly left of center is ludicrous.

It appears to be a panic reaction to the possibility of wresting control of information  from Chuck Waller. If either challenger are elected, no future election will be held in secrecy. That alone  warrants a change. It is worth while to take what borders on corruption out of play.

During the candidate meeting held at the Community Center, both incumbents refused to answer any questions regarding their personal views. That to me smells of a gag rule by the chair, which is for starters, illegal and shows the contempt some members have for the community at large. All individuals have the right at all times to offer their opinions.

This isn't about personalities or even qualifications. It is a vote for openness and transparency.


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Meyer for Water & Sewer Board

The following is a letter to the Spokesman-Review Opinion Editor. I am submitting this to my blog with permission from it's Author, Connie Hammell.

May 14, 2015 in Letters, Opinion

Meyer for Bayview board

Sharon Meyer is running for a board position in the first election ever for the Bayview Water and Sewer District board.
Imagine a public utility raising prices 90 percent, and no one in the small town knowing until it is too late. Imagine asking for information and being told to fill out a Freedom of Information Act form. Yep, that’s our Bayview Water & Sewer District. It reminds me of “The Da Vinci Code’s” Priory of Sion secret society.
Meyer has been a member of the Bayview Water and Sewer district for the past 37 years. She has served as secretary for several years for the Cape Horn Water Users Association, where she gained knowledge about how such a community water system works, and what is expected of those who serve at the head of it.
Her professional experience in business education, records management and customer service covers 40-plus years. She has been attending Bayview District meetings on and off for three years now and knows firsthand that change is needed.
Vote for regular treasury reports, timely audits, customer service, a newsletter or website and transparency. It’s time for a public utility to serve the public.
Connie Hammell
Bayview, Idaho

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Today, yet another surface transportation accident happened in the eastern U.S. This times, an Amtrak commuter train derailed. Ir is too early to speculate, except  the one comment from passengers that they were entering a curve. Recent experiences have noted  that such derailments were caused by excessive speed while  in a slow speed warning. That doesn't form a conclusion, just pure speculation.

As I write this, no meaningful information has come forth, nor has any information being disseminated about the train crew, and what they thought might have occurred. So far, 5 passengers have been confirmed dead.

As the crews work through the night, it has degenerated into using the jaws of life to extricate the last passengers, which could raise the casualty count.

This brings up a salient point. Not one common carrier, except the airlines, not only do not require seat belts, they do not even offer them to passengers the option to buckle up. I have never been an activist about belting up except for children.

This brings up another critical point. While parents are transporting their children to a school bus stop, can be stopped, cited for transporting a child without the use of restraints , the school bus has no seat belts, either mandated, or even available.

It this is not a double standard, tell me why. Is a bus load of young students less valuable than an infant or child in a private car? While I do not advocate universal seat belt laws for adults, I find no difference between family cars transporting small children, and School and common carrier buses.

Friday, May 08, 2015

Bobert Diemler R.I.P.

We lost a friend last week. Bobert was having dizzy spells and fell, hitting his head hard. A blood clot formed causing a massive stroke. He was flown to Harborview in Seattle where doctors determined that he probably wouldn't recover. He died four  days later.

His wife, Debra, is back in town and doing quite well. She has scheduled a "Celebration of Life" to be a pot-luck at J.D.'s Saturday, May 16 at 4:00 pm.

Thursday, May 07, 2015



The closure of the first world war brought on some momentous changes. The enemy was conquered, and the vast majority or these territories that lay from North African to the Dardanelles. It was called the Ottoman Empire. All of the middle east including Israel, Syria, Iraq, Transjordan and  of course Turkey, the headquarters of the former empire. But Dictators, that lost wars never had control over the spoils.

The two on the winners side were France and Great Britain, both empires that owned or controlled many colonies, divided up North Africa and the aforementioned middle east. They redrew national boundaries, not to their natural locations built upon the tribes that resided there, but for political purposes.

Kurdistan, the once powerful nation that was led against the Crusaders, wasn't Arab, he was a Kurd. Al-Saladin chased the European powers out of what later became the Ottoman Empire. Some of you remember the film about the British officer that led them.

The Kurds were a war like collection of tribes that were dismembered by the spiteful British.

The reason for this history lesson has it's purpose. With several countries disintegrating in the Area, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and the other tribal areas of historical Kurdistan, this might be the perfect time to right a wrong.  Reestablishing Kurdistan would put opposing forces on the borders of Syria, Iraq, Iran and eastern Turkey, which would form a buffer against these countries that seem to have a problem getting along.

There are other factors. We hear daily in the news of this or that tribe in Iraq or the countries having tribal difficulties. Any time I hear tribal, I know that that area is not ready for a central government. This situation exists in all of Africa, many middle eastern countries as well. Tribal Jealousies, rivals and centuries long  feuds cancel out any hope of a central government. Where they exist you will find a Saddam Hussein, Assad, or a religious Junta that is trying to take over the world.

At seventy seven years old, I won't be around for the finish, but the younger generation, those that have dropped out of any interest in the bullshit that passes for government. They just don't feel empowered and just give up. Colleges consistently teach extreme liberal agendas , like they really work.

These solutions that I have listed, of course will not take place. It would probably create war with Turkey and Iran fighting back. Still, with a world in flames could the west, would the west impose what was wrongly imposed in 1920.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Jihad, Texas Style or Trolling For Jihadis

Events that occurred Sunday evening in Garland, Texas brings judgement to the table, good and bad. I have criticized censorship and reminded those that insist on political correctness that our constitution guarantees freedom of speech.

But freedom of speech isn't total. It is against the law to yell, "Fire" in a crowded theater. It is also against the law to incite a riot, though some radical ministers seem to get away with it.

The Jihadis in Garland, Texas attacked a cartoon convention that was featuring cartoons aimed at the Prophet Mohammed. What strikes me, is that though these jerks have the right to make fun of Mohammed, is it smart to grab the tail of a lion? This where the right of free speech comes in contact with deliberately baiting the known radicals that predictably retaliate.

It would seem that a small radical church showing up at funerals to debase our fallen military, is doing the same thing. One wonders how bad judgement will be viewed.

The first thing I would do for those obvious taunting groups, is yes, tell them have the right to be stupid, but they would need to post huge bonds to protect the community, in addition, hire private armed guards, rather than have a community that isn't necessarily  in agreement with the Dutch jerk who incidentally needs to be put on a no fly list, to bear the cost, which when the Police, FBI, County Sheriffs, ATF  are done, be huge.

Along with freedom comes responsibility. This situation needs some close looks at what in Moslem terms is in fact shouting fire in a packed theater. We have enough rabble raisers domestically, without inviting a predictable outcome at public expense. Freedom, yes, but with judgement applied.

For those of you that question my spelling, I spent 18 months in Morocco before the media changed the spelling to Muslim, which I think started with the American devotees that as many athletes have, adopted Arabic names and a version of the religion. Followers of Mohammed were also called Mohammedans. Webster acknowledges both spellings are correct.

Unless we form guidelines with programs as predictably spots of religious taunting, need to bear the cost in security, and the results of their folly. Pouring flammable liquids on a fire is not smart, legal or not.

Unfortunately, the middle aged Dutchman will not have to answer to anyone. It will be our young men and women who will go to battle for those that stir crap. Such as it always is, the older politicians that create the need for our youth that will go to war. Anyone other than perhaps Obama, that doesn't think we are hell bent speeding into WW111 just aren't paying attention.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Profound Quote

This profound comment was posted to my post on the Water & Sewer Board election. I just had to share it with you.

We love Quail Creek said...
"Great job! and this is only the half of it. It gives meaning to the phrase Good Old Boys Club.
Chuck Waller is shaken in his boots. The cat is out of the bag. Sorry Chuck all good things must come to an end and hey, you had a 35 year run to your kingdom."

That, I think says it all.