Monday, January 31, 2005

In The Spokesman-Review today

U.S. Fish & Wildlife co-ordinator, Ed Bangs in an interview. "You can classify Wolves as anything you want but predators"...Duh? How about wildlife disposal units?...

An excited Iraqi after voting yesterday...Hamid Azazi, 57 said, "Even if I was dead, I would still participate!"...Hamid, are you sure you don't live in Seattle?

In Huckleberries..."I left my dollar for salami home". My mariner heart fluttered, until I realized he was not talking about grand-slam homers...

Psst! Based on chapter 24, of "Undaunted Courage", a book by noted historian,
Stephen Ambrose, Toby, or "Old Toby" was the nickname of an old Shoshone that guided the expedition through the Bitterroot Mountains...

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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Fish & Game

I fell into a hotbed of very spirited opposition to the new/old Farragut firing range yesterday.

While recreating, several people came up to me with comments on the subject of my recent blog, re: Farragut State Park. There is apparently a great deal of emotion on this issue on both sides of the question.

Those folks living on Perimeter Road, adjacent to the firing range feel strongly that the quality of life will seriously deteriorate with a new access directly off Perimeter, and enhanced facilities.

Many comments follow a similar thread here. State Parks are nice for camping and nature studies...Keep it that way.

Acoustical Engineer, retired, George Guedel, formerly Superintendent of the Naval acoustical research station, has declared the noise studies that Fish & Game claims to have done are "Worthless". Others wonder about lead contamination from World War Two basic training on through the current and future use.

What has become obvious is that tempers are flaring, and friendships are becoming divided over this issue.

The feeling here is that the Parks Department and Fish & Game have become the proverbial giant gorilla.

A town meeting will be held in the Bayview Community Center February 8, at 7:00 PM.
We understand that KXLY will have televison coverage, and I would suppose we can depend on the folks at the Spokesman-Review for coverage.

Much more, I am sure, to follow...

(I have learned that people have tried to comment on these issues and are having problems accessing comments. So am I. I'll try to learn how & will pass it on)

Friday, January 28, 2005

Farragut State Park

Recently, a great deal of controversy has erupted, over the modernization of the existing rifle range, once used by the Navy during World War Two. Farragut State Park, once a World War 11 traingin base, was deeded to the state of Idaho in two parts. One, mostly the southern portions are park and the northern side of the highway, is reserved by deed as a wildlife protection area, administered by Idaho Fish & Game.In a telephone interview with park manager, Randall Butt, here are some of the park's position on the matter:

The first phase consists of modernizing the range itself, but not enlarging it. Safety improvements such as concrete barriers between ranges, fencing to keep people and animals from wandering onto the range unintentionally, and direct access from Perimeter Road.

The second phase will include a building housing a hunter safety program. The current footprint of the range is about 300 yds by 600 yds.

The current use includes national guard, sheriff and police practice, swat teams and action shoots, such as fast draw and black powder events.

It is anticipated that the concrete walls surrounding the firing pits will mitigate sound travel, but Ranger Butt said, "there is no way we can accurately assess the extent of that".

He also emphasized that the property is not State Park land, but is deeded to fish & game. No tax dollars are used for that department according to the head ranger, and no General Fund taxes will be uses for this improvement.

It appears that from my standpoint, having heard only one side of this is that meeting with and getting neighborhood involvement would have soothed many feelings. The single issue that seems to pop up is that noise levels and frequency of use combined will alter the quality of life in Bayview.

A town meeting is being held February 8 at 7:00 PM in the Bayview community Center, where Fish & Game will discuss the issues with interested parties. I urge those of you that read this and either disagree or agree with the Park Manager's position, to respond here in the comments section.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Bloggers anonymous

At an after hours session yesterday, at the Spokesman-Review,editors Ken Sands and Dave Oliveria attempted to council us folks that are blog addicted. This session was crafted in the hope that we would all go forth and do good in our community. We learned a lot, but honestly folks, after building this ant-hill, how are they going to train the ants...

Farragut State Park

Controversy has erupted in Bayview over the enlarging and promotion of the old Navy firing range at the park. Is this NIMBY, or is the park too ambitious at the expense of their neighbors? More on this later...