Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Onion Creek 100th Birthday

Braving the massive heat wave that descended upon us in record breaking form, I ignored the heat and traveled 150 miles and 83 years to the 100th year that Onion Creek School District has educated the area children. It was Saturday, June 27 and it was hot.

The 150 miles represented the distance I traveled to get there. The 83 years represents the time that has passed since my Mother, Nina Huseland taught all eight grades in a one room school house. Her first school was Lead Point, a mining town that like many others is now a ghost town. But still standing is the school she taught at in 1929. Her stint at Onion Creek as the school year 1932-33. But I digress.

Arriving at Onion Creek School after 3 hours of hot pavement, the campus opened up to over 100 former students, teachers and former school board members. Choosing to call their own shots, School District 30, has only one school. Still in the spirit of the plethora of the one room school, the original school building, having been added to and supplemented to by a large modernistic building next to the original, as well as a free standing office building. Even the original teacher's cottage is still in use as the Kindergarten.

An Unfortunate mix-up caused me not to be introduced, which would have then made possible for those that remembered Mom, or members of those families such as the prolific Lotze family, of which Emma Lotze taught a few years after Nina Huseland and during her one year at Onion Creek, mentored her. Gone was the opportunity for each to meet, but the confusion was not purposeful, and must be considered an unfortunate omission. But then, I won't be around for the next centennial, a missed opportunity. In a search for the ultimate rural school, this certainly would be a candidate for such designation.

Many were honored for their service to the school over the years. Current and past school board members were introduced along with several large families that produced students over the long history of Onion Creek. Congresswoman Cathy McMorris and many others sent congratulations. Unfortunately, I hadn't planned on writing this or would have done some interviews. But I did hear some disappointment that the Spokesman-Review hadn't responded, possibly because nobody told them. As a former correspondent, I felt it my duty to pinch hit.

Lunch was served on a donation basis and music provided by local artists. A great time was had by all, and the several large families that are from them thar hills had a monster reunion. In attempting to find the elusive 1933 student, I missed by only 2 years as one lady announced she was class of 1935.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Arriving in the middle of an early heat wave, people should note that even though Bayview fireworks are on the 4th, Saturday, not everything is the same. Two differences between Coeur d'Alene and Bayview are, ours are better, and the temperatures will traditionally be 5 or so degrees cooler. The street fair starts Friday the 3rd. Any last minute booth requests will be considered, by calling the Scenic Bay Marinas at: 208-683-2243.

There will be a street parade Saturday, followed by the traditional street fair that has become very popular. The will be food galore, at Ralph's Cafe, The Buttonhook, Floating Patio and last but not least, The Captain's Wheel. Both alcoholic beverages and food will be available in most locations.

For information on the parade, call Norma Jean at 683-1980 or Marcy at 683-3276

With the Buttonhook opening recently, there will be more choices for dining but with the huge crowds expected, count on delays in service. No staff, regardless of their normal good service can stay ahead of a once a year crowd that will exceed several hundred. Be patient, or arrange to eat early before the dinner rush. Last year, all hands on deck, the Wheel had to stop taking customers on their waiting list after 1 1/2 hour waits. Everyone hopes they can do better, but second guessing the restaurants is churlish and out of line. Capacity is capacity. The kitchens can serve a maximum, then you get long waits.

Early arrivals for both the parade and fireworks are the answer to traffic problems. Bayview isn't near as bad as Coeur d'Alene, but bottlenecks occur. There will be ample law enforcement to forestall those that wish to abuse our hospitality. Shooting off fireworks privately is prohibited. Shooting roman candles and the like is dangerous to the large crowds and a severe fire danger to the boats in the marinas. There are security cameras throughout Bayview and count on them being actively monitored throughout the week end.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Confederate Flag

The demagoguery that is in the news is sweeping fair minded people into believing  that all cops are racist, and America is just as bad as it was 100 years ago. Well, many individuals are, of course. But it appears that the Rabble Rousers like Sharpton and others that appear on television are actually fomenting a race war. Some of you may even think the civil war was about slavery. It wasn't. Not until well into the war did President Lincoln declare the first Emancipation Proclamation and it only covered slaves that were in Northern army hands. It was all about farm country not having anything to do with he industrial NE. The importation of new slaves stopped many years ago, after we chased the British slave traders.

Back in those days, states were battled with the new national policy that remains to this day. The states were considered Sovereign to the US Government

These so called black patriots are in fact inciting rioters, up to and including the president of the United States. The riots over burning businesses and neighborhoods. These slime balls proceeded to burn down their own neighborhoods.  Why? because it worked in Watts during the 1960's. Of course the neighborhoods never came back, as they won't in Baltimore.

I'm betting that the city police and county sheriff department are applying anywhere else for continued employment, but where they are. Baltimore police commissioner, a black man along with all the rest of the pecking order, are all black. Police chief, prosecutor, the whole bunch. Even though 3 of the six officers are also black, they have still manages to make it a racial issue.

I hate to say this, but it appears that given the great strides in equality, it has created a we are free now, (more) so we can follow Sharpton  and his demagoguery ilk for power, following that the white governments are backing off, not even prosecuting those who commit crimes, fearing the :racist"
label. (except of course)those not black.

Our cities, full to the brim with  apologetic politicians, like they themselves in the deep south, feel the guilt that has be thrown down with the gauntlet like they were there 200 years ago.

That the pride over election our first black President, is foundering under poor leadership and even the president has spoken against the police in the various venues before the facts are known. My opinion of this situation is that Obama himself will trigger a race war. Look for police officers to abandon their post and go to work under better leadership. Burn another neighborhood? No police will show up.

Back in Birmingham, Alabama, during the 1960's blacks and their supporters marched across a bridge with police and dogs to fight off the marchers. A governor blocked the entrance to a school, and at last the US government  intervened. A democratic regime. We must declare ourselves as  Supporters of Equality, not of any "except" in the language.Equal means for everyone, not just the rioters and their ilk.

The confederate flag is not a symbol of slavery,  but a part of our country's southern heritage that they living there have a right to express their state heritage as many of our states do. You don't agree? You don't have to. Our Constitution spells out the right to free speech, not with standing the war against that freedom with the left wing "politically correct" stuff that contradicts that freedom. Those of you  that do not believe this stuff, sorry, lean more into investigation. You won't it on MSNBC, nor the wacko  blogs.

There are so many contradictions of our rights, I really don't know where to start, bur let's take hate crimes. Our government's, both states an federal have codified a difference between a punch in the mouth due to a disagreement, a misdemeanor, or a white on black (it doesn't work in reverse.) which is a felony. This is bending over backward o the point of ignoring the equality portioned of our constitution.

We are slowing giving up our heritage, our freedoms by the courts meddling in our lives in an attempt to right past wrongs. Our leaders are a captive to minorities that are working hard to become the majority so they can then right the wrongs of a nation that in 200 years, they did without coddling, just hard work.

I have a cousin that lives in cotton country in central South Carolina that I visited a few years ago. They took me on a tour first, a black community that according to history started a slave quarters. My cousin-in-law was born and raised in the  south.  He was bragging about how the blacks of this area,   helped by a black Sheriff made them clean the area up. I was when informed that  but for him it wouldn't have happened. We don't see many neighborhoods here, even close to how Those homes and yards appeared.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


While hindsight is reviled much of the time, without it we would have no ties to the past history of man, of countries and of families. I have reconstructed some evidence that the death of respect for country and even for elders, with many side paths to truth.

It all started in the mid Sixties with what was sometimes called the Beat generation and sometimes Hippy culture. The anti war movement was in full swing with slogans chanting, Hell no, we won't go." Veterans of combat that returned from Viet Nam were reviled with wild charges of baby killing and many other vilification's.

By 1980, those that were adult hippies had raised their children in their own culture, breaking the string of generations past, bringing up their children to disrespect the government and authority in general. My childhood which started in 1938 and hasn't yet ended, was filled with lectures on honesty, virtue, honor, respect for others, etc.

No longer have we the formula for decent living. Kids misbehave in School and playgrounds because their parents didn't teach them different. Rules are in opposition to authority, which even reaches into our court system. A child can no longer be disciplined in school and god forbid should a teacher touch, let alone spank an unruly child.

This brings us to the present crop of adults that for three generations were not taught right from wrong. Kids stayed away from church because the education taught by their parents didn't include respect for God, Country or even each other.

When I was a child we played outdoors when weather permitted and entertained ourselves without the Internet, of TV even. Television in it's infancy was made up of wholesome family oriented situations. Dr. Weldon, the Brady Bunch, and all of this with just one channel in the Seattle area, King TV and NBC. We played cowboys and Indians based on those days, B movies with the Lone Ranger, Hopalong Cassidy and many others. We didn't hate Indians, we just didn't know any. We had cap pistols, but none of us grew up to be killers.

While there were extremists around, they lacked the support of their communities. Fast forward to the present, where gun control activists are still trying to eliminate ownership of firearms in the face of the Supreme Court ruling that ownership of guns is a constitutional right. Families have been ripped apart by divorce, or even having babies out of wedlock.

We are a society of people untrained in decency. We have explosive movies and computer games that make killing others entertainment. Our families do not dine together, or even do any family outings.

The entire detailed story is too long to tell, and those who need to read it don't read. Our children are being raised by Facebook, not parents. We have the contradiction of free speech, but under politically correct rules primarily set by leftist journalists, no ability to exercise it. Start a conversation about racial issues and you are immediately accused of being racist. None of our problems today will likely be solved. As in Rome, the British Empire and other societies, we are hell bent down hill in full destruct mode with no moral compass and religious people reviled by atheists.

I'm glad I won't be around to see the end. It all came unraveled by an unpopular war which separated the people from the government. The majority of our eligible voters don't participate, leaving the field to Wackos from the left and right. I see no cultural swing back to respect.

Tomorrow the sun starts it's journey  away from us. Just as people are deserting their heritage, It too is leaving us.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Button Hook Opens.. kinda

After liquor license difficulties, the Buttonhook Restaurant and Bar is open again. I dropped in to find the bar packed, Wednesday, only to find that the dozen or so sitting at the bar and tables were all employees.

Noting the linen table cloths, it took me back to  the last time the 'Hook went first class. It was a disaster which lost big time money. Checking the menu, I noted that Steaks ranged from top sirloins at $18.95 up to a humongous 24 ounce Rib Steak costing $35.95.

My experience at the bar was that the owners redefined the term, "soft openings." I was offered a  warm beer, not my usual brand. They were in the process of displaying various wines.  What is a puzzler, is that my sources indicated that none of the suppliers, food, beer and wine  distributors have yet to open an account or receive an order from the Button Hook.I guess that they shopped at Costco.

Anyway, the folks were friendly and promised that the beer would be cold next time I dropped in. I didn't ask the prices for wine, but my warm beer was $3.50.

As always, the people in Bayview will give them a chance, but at these prices, shouldn't expect much local support. While high food prices are common in Spokane, that isn't the case in Bayview.

The target I assume, is the out of town tourists, who are used to paying more for their food and drinks.The liquor license has not been issued yet, so food, beer and wine will be the available menu. 

Anyway, welcome to Bayview and good luck to you.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Visiting The Past

Many of you after reading my blog have noticed the picture of a woman shoveling snow. The location was Lead Point, Stevens County, Washington. The year was 1929. The woman was my Mom teaching her first year of school in a one room school house, grades 1-8

Farm communities seldom found students attending high school, but most managed to get a pretty good education from an eighth grade  graduation. My Mom taught in four different schools before she started a family, of which I was the second baby.

By that time, in 1938, My father, Amos Huseland and mother, Nina Huseland had moved to the Foster area of King County. We moved to Kennydale, in 1943, a then suburb of Renton, where we stayed through our school years.

My son Brian and I and then brother Stan toured the area of the Huseland homestead, Lead Point School, Aladdin School, Onion Creek School and finally Spirit School, just two miles from the farm where Dad &and Mom lived, having inherited the Stepfather's homestead upon the death of his mother.

All but one, Aladdin are still standing. Spirit School is now a residence, Lead Point has been used as a community meeting place and is still in good shape.Onion Creek is still a school, having been added on to and is still educating kids. The original bell is still operational. I got to ring it when I visited a couple years ago.

The reason I chose now to share this with you is that June 27 the Onion Creek School is holding a 100th year centennial, which I have been invited to. My Mom taught there in 1933 or 34.

I will try to attach some photos of these schools, plus the 1910 requirements for an 8th grade diploma. 

Here's a fun link to an 8th grade exam in Washington in 1910: