Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Confederate Flag

The demagoguery that is in the news is sweeping fair minded people into believing  that all cops are racist, and America is just as bad as it was 100 years ago. Well, many individuals are, of course. But it appears that the Rabble Rousers like Sharpton and others that appear on television are actually fomenting a race war. Some of you may even think the civil war was about slavery. It wasn't. Not until well into the war did President Lincoln declare the first Emancipation Proclamation and it only covered slaves that were in Northern army hands. It was all about farm country not having anything to do with he industrial NE. The importation of new slaves stopped many years ago, after we chased the British slave traders.

Back in those days, states were battled with the new national policy that remains to this day. The states were considered Sovereign to the US Government

These so called black patriots are in fact inciting rioters, up to and including the president of the United States. The riots over burning businesses and neighborhoods. These slime balls proceeded to burn down their own neighborhoods.  Why? because it worked in Watts during the 1960's. Of course the neighborhoods never came back, as they won't in Baltimore.

I'm betting that the city police and county sheriff department are applying anywhere else for continued employment, but where they are. Baltimore police commissioner, a black man along with all the rest of the pecking order, are all black. Police chief, prosecutor, the whole bunch. Even though 3 of the six officers are also black, they have still manages to make it a racial issue.

I hate to say this, but it appears that given the great strides in equality, it has created a we are free now, (more) so we can follow Sharpton  and his demagoguery ilk for power, following that the white governments are backing off, not even prosecuting those who commit crimes, fearing the :racist"
label. (except of course)those not black.

Our cities, full to the brim with  apologetic politicians, like they themselves in the deep south, feel the guilt that has be thrown down with the gauntlet like they were there 200 years ago.

That the pride over election our first black President, is foundering under poor leadership and even the president has spoken against the police in the various venues before the facts are known. My opinion of this situation is that Obama himself will trigger a race war. Look for police officers to abandon their post and go to work under better leadership. Burn another neighborhood? No police will show up.

Back in Birmingham, Alabama, during the 1960's blacks and their supporters marched across a bridge with police and dogs to fight off the marchers. A governor blocked the entrance to a school, and at last the US government  intervened. A democratic regime. We must declare ourselves as  Supporters of Equality, not of any "except" in the language.Equal means for everyone, not just the rioters and their ilk.

The confederate flag is not a symbol of slavery,  but a part of our country's southern heritage that they living there have a right to express their state heritage as many of our states do. You don't agree? You don't have to. Our Constitution spells out the right to free speech, not with standing the war against that freedom with the left wing "politically correct" stuff that contradicts that freedom. Those of you  that do not believe this stuff, sorry, lean more into investigation. You won't it on MSNBC, nor the wacko  blogs.

There are so many contradictions of our rights, I really don't know where to start, bur let's take hate crimes. Our government's, both states an federal have codified a difference between a punch in the mouth due to a disagreement, a misdemeanor, or a white on black (it doesn't work in reverse.) which is a felony. This is bending over backward o the point of ignoring the equality portioned of our constitution.

We are slowing giving up our heritage, our freedoms by the courts meddling in our lives in an attempt to right past wrongs. Our leaders are a captive to minorities that are working hard to become the majority so they can then right the wrongs of a nation that in 200 years, they did without coddling, just hard work.

I have a cousin that lives in cotton country in central South Carolina that I visited a few years ago. They took me on a tour first, a black community that according to history started a slave quarters. My cousin-in-law was born and raised in the  south.  He was bragging about how the blacks of this area,   helped by a black Sheriff made them clean the area up. I was when informed that  but for him it wouldn't have happened. We don't see many neighborhoods here, even close to how Those homes and yards appeared.

The they took me to a cotton museum. I learned that the term "fair to middling," came from. It was a grade of cotton. Then I took the tour. It seems and they had the very cotton gins that his man was a genius at building. He built most of the gins in that area. He was black and once a slave. It turns out that he bought slaves for his factory, and died a rich man. Two surprises that you don't see in the media. The one, black slave freed then became a slave owner, would not fit the image that the the black/white population were still be oppressed.

These people were genuinely proud of the accomplishments. If you don't believe this, contact the Bishopville, South Carolina museum. It is unfortunate that the press either doesn't know about this bit of history, or it doesn't fit the image they wish to purvey.

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