Thursday, January 28, 2016


In choosing to skip the Republican debate tonight, the press has given Trump many times more press than if he had attended. Donald Trump may be a Narcissistic Joke, but he sure do know how to generate attention.

I, as many other mainstream Republicans, sincerely hope that when the dust settles, we don't have a ticket with Clinton vs. Trump. Or for that matter, a president that turns out to be a Canadian citizen.

I keep hoping that our electorate will allow common sense to prevail.But then I look at Burns, Oregon and realize that not everyone has any. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Winning The Battle, Losing The War

My party, the Republican party, has a history of valuing principle over winning. This of course is fool hardy. You cannot apply principle unless you are elected. Ergo, we can win the battle, but lose the war.

Both parties are drifting more and more to the right and left every election cycle. The Wackos on both extremes simply work harder for control than those of us who have a life and career outside politics.

Unfortunately, with roughly 30% hard core right wing, and another 30% hard core left wing, it isn't the doctrinaires that win elections, it's the 40% in the middle, sometimes called the silent majority. These voters, will either pick a candidate that match their views the best, or at least is most likely to beat the other party.

These people middle of the road, or moderates. Why we continuously select the most doctrinaire candidates, which will and cannot stand a prayer of winning, is a puzzle to me. In Iowa, which hold it's caucuses in a week, the candidates are sparing with who has the most hard right qualifications, when they should be looking at who has the charisma to woo the electorate.

Originally I was for Carson, but when he, along with the fool billionaire threatened to bolt the party if the convention is brokered, lost me right there. Cruz is confrontational, insulting and doesn't have an ounce of charisma.

Of the two that could ably lead the country, Rubio and Bush, Rubio does have that charisma that will play well on television, Bush does not.

For these reasons I am backing Rubio. Please join me.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Winter Is Retreating

While the East is reeling under a blizzard that hit about 2:30 ET, our winter is retreating. Yesterday marked the first over 40 degree temperatures since before Christmas and the big snow. The long range forecast is for rain and grey skies, but mostly above freezing except at night.

My brother and sister-in-law winter in the Tampa, Florida area and are experiencing severe thunderstorms, while the eastern seaboard is expecting storm surges bringing ocean front flooding, exacerbated by a full moon which brings higher tides.

While I prefer 80 degrees and sunny, considering what others are putting up with, I'll take the rain. You don't have to shovel it. Just hunker down with your favorite beverage and partner. It's snuggle time.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Missing Dog, Maverick

Hello Herb,
I'm the grandma of this pup, and the mother of the owner, Marisa. We are heartbroken about our missing Maverick. He has been out, on the move for 17 days now and we are all exhausted! I'm asking a big favor of this flyer for your viewers to see, that's all. My daughter Marisa, the owner of Maverick, is a living kidney donor as of June 24,2015, she selflessly, at the age of 23, gave a kidney to her father to keep him off of dialysis while finishing her degree as a registered nurse.  This fur baby means everything to her and us. Unfortunately, New Year's Eve he ran off due to fireworks from our house in Rathdrum. We have been driving in circles for hours each day in hopes of running into him with no luck. An occasional sighting causes a fleet of vehicles to rush to the area but by the time we receive the call and travel, he is long gone. We need help in spotting our Maverick since he seems to move around so often. Please post this flyer in your blog , as I know how many locals follow you.

Nola Watson

Sorry I couldn't copy and print the poster, since it is a png which blogger doesn't accept. I assume you have checked with animal control. Keep checking regularly. Dogs go missing every time fireworks are exploded. Never let a dog stay outside when this is happening. I wish you luck in finding the dog.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Bayview Tourist Accomodations

Someone has been commenting on that my 2012 post needs updating. Going back to try to find a post that old is time consuming. Here's a better way.

I'm Outraged

A story in this morning's Spokesman-Review provoked outrage on several levels. It seems Planned Parenthood, otherwise known as an abortion mill, has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

I don't know whether Planned Parenthood is a non-profit or not. If it is they shouldn't be politically active. It it is a for profit corporation, then why is it singled out for federal subsidies?

What we have here is a group that receives federal subsidies, then turns around and spends a reported $20,000,000 on a political campaign. Money that is derived from all citizens, not just Democrats.

I can't think of any other private corporation that receives federal funding. Is it just cheer leading by abortion supporters? Or is it an illegal act.  

Thursday, January 07, 2016


I have been watching debate regarding Trump and his over the top coverage. First let me say that whether it be a newspaper, a TV network or any other new/opinion source, controversy rules. Ratings are all about the need for this anomaly.

While Trump stumbles through gaff after gaff, it is obvious that many are sick and tired of the bloviating of this Narcissistic Jerk. But he is speaking to the segment of voters that are sick and tired of the old same old same crap emulating from both sides and  don't seem to care about his comportment.

I think it is time to step back and examine these candidates on the basis of would they function as good presidents, or would they blow up our system of government ever worse that our current president has. Regardless of Trump's appeal to the blue collar unsophisticated citizen that more often than not hasn't voted in years.

Angry is alright, but it must be modified by common sense. We must choose not just a man or woman that says "That's right," but a person that can calmly navigate the complicated issues that govern us.

Being a guy that resonates with the dissatisfied voter, if in fact they vote at all,  isn't enough. I haven't picked a candidate yet, though I do have some ideas. I supported Ben Carson right up to the day he threatened to leave the party if a brokered convention were to evolve. Committing suicide as Republicans unfortunately is a tradition,  and destroying the Republican Party is not a rational way to go and would lead to the unraveling of our constitutional system.

We already have an inexperienced, unqualified Demagogue as president. We do not want or need another who wants to play outside constitutional government. Another could cause a constitutional emergency. 

Tourist Accomodations

I received a comment on a 2012 post concerning Bayview tourist accommodations. The comment suggested that I update this information. OK fine, but no input. If anyone wants information to help the blog's accuracy, then you need to give me feedback. I can be reached at