Sunday, January 17, 2016

Missing Dog, Maverick

Hello Herb,
I'm the grandma of this pup, and the mother of the owner, Marisa. We are heartbroken about our missing Maverick. He has been out, on the move for 17 days now and we are all exhausted! I'm asking a big favor of this flyer for your viewers to see, that's all. My daughter Marisa, the owner of Maverick, is a living kidney donor as of June 24,2015, she selflessly, at the age of 23, gave a kidney to her father to keep him off of dialysis while finishing her degree as a registered nurse.  This fur baby means everything to her and us. Unfortunately, New Year's Eve he ran off due to fireworks from our house in Rathdrum. We have been driving in circles for hours each day in hopes of running into him with no luck. An occasional sighting causes a fleet of vehicles to rush to the area but by the time we receive the call and travel, he is long gone. We need help in spotting our Maverick since he seems to move around so often. Please post this flyer in your blog , as I know how many locals follow you.

Nola Watson

Sorry I couldn't copy and print the poster, since it is a png which blogger doesn't accept. I assume you have checked with animal control. Keep checking regularly. Dogs go missing every time fireworks are exploded. Never let a dog stay outside when this is happening. I wish you luck in finding the dog.


iamdons said...

Herb, PNG to JPG converters are on the web.
or, Just about any picture program (paint, paint shop pro, adobe photo shop) will open the pic. Then you can just save it as a jpeg.

Bay Views said...

Everything is on the internet if you just know how to find it. I don't. Bottom line, instead of sending it as a download, of which I can never figure out what to do with it, just send it as an attachment which I can deal with. I learned to type on an Underwood
manual. Everything after that was uphill.