Monday, April 30, 2007

The People Roar

Only those that can't read, or live out of the area, have missed the finale. The population of Bayview, Idaho, normally a tolerant folk, roared back in anger at Bob Holland and by reference, his Company, Waterford Park Homes, LLC.

LLC means Limited Liability Corporation. This developer forms a new one each time he buys or operates a new business. Some information obtained from Arizona, and California, allegedly indicate that this man has not only Ravaged Bayview,Idaho, but has a sterling reputation in these aforementioned States for the same.

In the last three years his strategy has apparently been that fines are just another business expense to be born along with the other routine expenses. Numerous "Red Tags" or stop work orders have been issued by the Kootenai County Building and Zoning Department. These have been issued for either exceeding the scope of a permit, ignoring the permit process completely, and many other Sins of commission.

James Hagengruber's fine expose front page article in Saturday's Spokesman-Review was, it seems the last straw. Open warfare has developed between the Community and his Company over the wanton destruction of one of the last great Kokanee spawning beds on Lake Pend Oreille. The Developer brought in a tug and barge with a pile driver. After driving numerous steel pilings into the spawning gravel, Fish & Game officials sent divers in to assess damage and take pictures of the results. I have seen them and they are complete. Virtually an entire generation of the endangered fish has been killed, either by being speared with the steel piles, or murdered from the seismic shock of the pile driver, incessantly pounding and shaking the spawning gravel.

One should remember, however,that individual employees with the Company are not the villains and should be treated with respect.

What then is the answer? If the County and State Governments can't or won't prosecute this man, how are they ever going to be able to enforce any of their respective ordinances? The people cry out for justice and all they get is cowardly "We don't want to be sued" for an answer. I have no envy of wealth. But Wealthy developers should not be able to buy and sell local Governmemts, nor should they be able to intimidate them.

We, the people are the ones they represent, not special interests. It will be interesting, as future elections occur, how many votes these developers have oppossed to the rest of us. Prosecutors that only want high profile cases can't seem to be bothered with going after scofflaws such as this.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Press Release ...Fish & Game

Anglers and netters have together been making a dent in part of Lake Pend Oreille’s predator population in 2007 according to Idaho Fish and Game Regional Fishery Manager Ned Horner.

Through mid April, anglers had turned in just under 2,500 lake trout heads since January. In addition, gill and trap netting started the last week in March and in four weeks of netting, 1,029 lake trout had been removed.

“The 3,500+ lake trout removed so far this year amount to about 22% of the total taken in 2006, so we are well ahead of last year, at least for lake trout” said Horner.

Anglers are being paid $15 for every lake trout and rainbow trout over 12 inches harvested from Lake Pend Oreille to quickly reduce the predator population to prevent kokanee from disappearing. For 2007, The Clark Fork River, Lightning Creek and tributaries, Grouse Creek and tributaries and the Pack River were also opened up to harvest of rainbow trout on April 1.

Harbor Fisheries has been contracted to run deep water trap nets and gill nets to remove lake trout under Idaho Fish and Game supervision. Netters will be active through May and then all nets will be removed for June, July and the first part of August.

There will be no gill netting east of the Long Bridge during the K&K Derby to reduce conflicts with anglers. However, anglers need to be aware that there are still 10 deep water trap nets in the north end of the lake (Lee’s Point, Sheepherder Point, Thompson Point, Pearl Island, Warren Island East and West, Sunnyside, Fishermen’s Island, Bottle Bay and Sourdough Point). Watch for the orange flags on staff buoys marking their locations.

Rainbow trout harvest by anglers is lagging behind the harvest of lake trout. Between January and mid April about 640 rainbow trout have been turned in for the $15/fish reward. This includes 66 rainbow trout harvested from tributary streams, most from the Clark Fork River.

Water temperatures have been cold, so fishing should be picking up soon as the water warms. “Hopefully anglers will start targeting more rainbow trout so we can reduce overall kokanee predation before we run out of time. We’re off to a great start, we just need to step it up a few notches” said Horner.

For more information on the Angler Incentive Program, go to the IDFG web site at

Open Attachment 07March24 LPO Predator Harvest in High Gear.doc Open
Open Attachment Trap net drawing.doc Open
Open Attachment Trap Net Map 2007-2.doc Open

Spring Has Sprung

Temperatures are warming, birds are all about. The annual migration of Swallows aren't limited to Capistrano. We get huge numbers of them right here in Bayview. Just yesterday, Jan Larkin spotted what may have been the forerunner of many Hummingbirds to show up at the not quite City by the Lake. I may have spotted the same one just up the beach from Jan.

In other Spring like developments, Waterford Park is in high gear as they pound steel pilings into the about to hatch Kokanee spawning beds, on their way to creating a waterfront spa for the wealthy.

Eric Musson's mansion on the water is taking shape nicely, as he hand creates each piece carefully. Prices are skyrocketing here in Bayview, Idaho, but as I have seen in other places, booms can be followed by horrendous busts.

Bayview Chamber of Commerce has in place, finally, a standing committee of well educated former executives following the antics of both legitimate and allegedly illegitimate developers. We will watch these issues as they develop. (No pun intended)

Week-end weather in Bayview is predicted to be lows of 40's and highs in the 70's. This, I suspect will bring out many boaters and other water recreationists. Please all be aware that the Spring Fishing Derby starts Saturday, April 28, kicked off by the Chamber's annual pancake breakfast at the Wheel. For non-fisher people, please stay far behind anyone trolling. Many have long lines 100-200 feet behind the boat that will be cut if one cuts in close behind them. Good manners do not depend on which type of boat you operate.

I had conversations with both Melo Miaolie, Fish & Game biologist, and Ned Horner this morning. Officially, all gill nets that have been in Lake Pend Orielle this spring will be out of the water during the LPOIC Spring Fishing Derby, with the exception of areas West of the Long Bridge at the shallow water beginning of the Pend Orielle River. Trap nets will still be in the water, but buoys will mark their locations. I will publish a map later today of the locations of these traps.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Farragut Rocks

Rocks are just rocks, unless they mean something to someone. Last Summer, Farragut State Park piled a bunch of boulders paralleling the highway. Then came the mystery people. They started piling small rocks on top of the large ones, kind of like the ancient Indian custom.

I was going to go up there to take a picture of them, since many people had done so on their own. Unfortunately, someone, with a destructive nature, decided that they were an attractive target. Today they are gone. I was going to feature them in my next column, but unless one of the many picture takers share a shot with me, I can't.

It never ceases to amaze me, why people, usually bored young people, choose to destroy things in their path, just to either feel good about themselves, (hey, I made a difference) or just to screw with adults that have values. One can only hope that at some point in time, they will acquire the same.

Friday, April 20, 2007

New Friends

I met three very nice ladies last night at the Wheel. One, who had recently launched a large houseboat, and two others that had been pressed into hard labor, painting the aforementioned vessel.

They were great fun and showed excellent intelligence when it came out that they read "Bay Views." We hope that the parties will be continuous and great fun as we tippytoe into the Summer Season.

Repair facilities at MacDonald's Resort are, as usual, stretched to the max as boaters hurriedly prepare for Summer and the kickoff of the LPOIC Spring Fishing Derby.

Long time resident and entrepreneur, Ralph Jones opens a new business tomorrow. "Ralph's Coffee House," will open next to the Bayview Laundromat. This will not only be a community Center, but Bayview's first Internet cafe. This WiFi hot spot will be the only one of it's kind in town. We wish him great success.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Emergency Planning

Below, is a form that if you live in Bayview, or know of someone that would need attention in an emergency, you should fill out, and return to the address on the form. This is a new service that is being provided by the Bayview Chamber of Commerce. If an elderly friend is known to you, or someone with special needs, please share this.


If there were an emergency situation in our area, what would you need? Please take a few moments to let us know about your areas of concern. We want to be here for you, but we need your help to do so.

Land Slide:

Power Outage:


How could you help?

Other concerns/special needs:

We would like to know who you are in order to provide any assistance we can, in an emergency situation. This is a neighbor-to-neighbor project, non-governmental in nature. Our mission is to have a multifaceted Emergency Plan specifically focused on our community's needs. If you prefer to remain anonymous, that is OK, too.

Name___________________________________ Phone________________

Street Address____________________________P.O. Box ______________

Email ________________________________________________________

Please return completed forms to: Merc, Terry's Cafe, Bayview Liquor, Ralph's or mail to R.J. Brennan, 192, Bayview or email to

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Jackie Robinson # 42

Today, Major League Baseball is honoring the birthday of Jackie Robinson. For those that are living with sand over head, Jackie Robinson was a Super Star with the Brooklyn Dodgers, but that's not all. He became the first Black baseball player to break into the Major Leagues, back in 1947. Branch Rickey, then General Manager of the Dodgers, saw great stardom in this guy. He was right.

A star football player with UCLA, he played baseball in the Negro leagues until 1947 when Brooklyn brought him up, after a short period with a Montreal Farm Team.

The reason I am bringing this up are twofold. First, in High School,in Renton, Washington, I was a die hard Dodger fan. My Junior Year, 1955, the Dodgers went to the World Series, and again in 1956.

Secondly, after joining the U.S. Air Force in 1956, after graduation, I was sent to Texas for basic training. In January of 1957, I was sent to Casablanca, Morocco. During the week I stayed in New York City, I and a friend toured the City. We stopped at a network studio where they were rehearsing the Andy Williams Show. In those days they didn't have video tape, and the shows were live. My Friends name was Eggers, and he was from Spokane. I've often wondered what happened to that skinny tall drink of water.

The guests that week were Patti Page, the 50's singer, and my hero, Jackie Robinson.
I walked up to Jackie and asked for his autograph. He graciously did so. The following week, I shipped out for Morocco. Back then, and I guess a lot had to do with where I was raised, color really wasn't an issue.

My High School had, I think one or two black students, one or two Japanese, and one Chinese guy, that I shared a Photography class with. Both the Japanese-American and the Black guy were football stars for our school. We never really thought much about that they were different than us, just how many yards they could gain.

Back then, and I must point out that we were at the time in the Suburban Northwest, race wasn't an issue. They were just neighbors, somewhat different, but equal,than us. I still remember Kagi Yoshitomi, our running back. He was unstoppable.

I think I still have Jackie's autograph somewhere. It was the thrill of my life ...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Imus Lynched

I think most people that read my stuff know that I'm a conservative. Most people that follow Don Imus know that he is an ultra liberal. Why am I defending him? Because, even though by today's standards, he said something unacceptable, he is now a cover guy for Black Activists.

The feeding frenzy that is going on right now is news only because the main stream media made it so. He screwed up, said something that would have got laughs twenty years ago, and will get you crucified today. Imus created a stage on which every Black Activist, or Wannabe, is clamoring for face time on CNN. The Right Reverend Sharpton, Christian, who has been quoted as having called New York Jews, of which Imus is one, residents of Hymie town. New York Jews call blacks the Yiddish Svartzer.

Twenty years ago, these ethnic slurs were used in regular conversation. Those of us that were born before the 1940's told ethnic jokes, and laughed at each other's ethic background. I have a Norwegian name. I was a square head. others were Pollacks, Spics, Bohunks,Chinks, Nips and so on. Even I, after introducing all these ethnic slurs, won't use the ones for Blacks. Why? Look to your television screens.

Howard Stern is still on the air ... Imus isn't. Neither Guy will be known for their brilliant rhetoric, but I find it interesting that it is more acceptable to be a potty mouth than a bigot.

Folks this is show business. News is no longer earth shaking news that will affect all our lives. We have a media that focuses on Models, beauty queens, sluts, and druggie rappers. I find it sadly amusing that Black Activists, who apparently are really politicians, having told us over many years to apologize for the lynchings that took place in the South many years ago, are now engaged in leading the pack.

I call shame on the entire bunch of weird people that are willing to over look the great charitable contributions, the Youth Ranch he and his Brother run in
Arizona for terminally Ill Children, many, I'm sure that are Black, just for one opportunity to Lynch a good man. Apparently, Double standards are alive and well.

Sharpton! You aren't even close to being a Christian. You are just another Jerk that is getting political mileage from an unfortunate incident. I pity you, and CNN and all the others that are engaging in this feeding frenzy. Sharks would be kinder.

For Shame!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith

I have recently felt left out. Kind of cowering in the backwash of history. Based on recent lies, distortions and outright falsehoods, a Father has been chosen of this child. As a voice in the wilderness, crying out for recognition, I have repeatedly thrown my (ahem) hat into the ring, so to speak.

Since I cannot any longer fight the battle and win the big bucks, er, future of my beloved child, I have decided to opt for the next best thing.


There! hopefully, I will win if justice has a voice at all.

This should end for all time, the discussion of this Tramp that has sullied my reputation by not admitting that she visited Bayview secretly, tore off her clothes shouting gaily,"Herb, I must have you!"

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Weekend in Bayview

We had a busy, but great Easter Week-end here in Bayview. Saturday started out with traditional Easter Egg Hunts at the three venues mentioned in an earlier post. It was great fun watching the Children scurrying about chasing down the elusive brightly colored eggs.

The kitchen at the Captain's Wheel was even busier. I cut up Watermelons, Cantalopes, Strawberries, separated grapes and in general kept very busy. Up the street at the Bayview Community Center, a gigantic birthday party was going on for Jim MacDonald, age 88. There was Cake, Ice Cream, and numerous gag gifts. Somewhere between 150 and 200 guests showed up with many more phoning regrets.

All said, (we even had some Sunshine Saturday) everyone had a great time.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Letter to "Bayview Resident"

I belatedly received this comment on my "Your Reporter Speaks" Blog Post. I will print it in full.

"Does this mean you will be reporting on events and seeking and verifying the facts, or will it be more of the opinions you gather at the Wheel by the townsfolk with an agenda who seek you out. Either way-best of luck-I think Bayview has replaced its' town Mayor!! Congratulations."

It was probably a good thing that this person, (unwilling to identify themselves) brought forth these points. Point one, my blog is mine to do with as I please. It is, so to speak, my sandbox. I will continue to offer opinions that are mine. I regret that you think I am of such low intellect, that I am swayed by whomever happens by. Having said that, you will note that all of my blog posts are in my name, with my e-mail address and so far, even my home phone number. I own what I say.

I may not attend those meetings that are held by rump organizations that I don't respect. I don't have to. I will make myself available when and where I can, consistent with my schedule. If you wish to make YOUR opinions known to me, you must first identify yourself. Only Cowards hide behind anonymity.

As to my column in the Spokesman-Review, you will not find such editorializing. I am going to write about community events, human interest stories, and news of common interest. Now, Sir/Ma'am, you will not have to guess from where I come. It would appear that this person hiding behind "Bayview Resident" is the one with an agenda here.

As to town Mayor, I do not choose to lead. I will leave that to those that I write about.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bayview's Patriarch

Tomorrow, April 5, marks the Eightieth Birthday of Jim MacDonald. Long considered one of the Patriarchs of Bayview, Jim owns the family business across the bay. MacDonald's Hudson Bay Resort was established in 1948 by Elvin Collier purchased from War Assets declared surplus after WW11. Alvin and Nina MacDonald bought the small strip of docks in 1951.

Jim ran the mail boat from 1953 to 1965, delivering mail to points up the lake that were inaccessible by road. Stops such as Lakeview, a one-time Boom Town, and other smaller stops like Cedar Creek, Cunningham's Castle, Whiskey Rock, Kilroy, and Cape Horn.

The Resorts management was turned over to Jim's two Sons, Gary and Scott in 1989. Gary manages the resort now, following the Cancer Death of his Brother, Scott. One of the most popular places in town, MacDonalds features 10 rental cottages, 20 mobile home sites, 19 float houses, a store/office, and 250 boat slips. A large boat repair shop complete with a haul out crane is available and well used by the boating community.

Our entire Village will turn out Saturday, April 7 for a Birthday Party for Jim, the current President of the Bayview Chamber of Commerce. Cake and Ice Cream will be served, to be held at the Bayview Community Center.